40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-13-23

  1. Good morning, all!

    Great header capture. Amazing!

    I have not read the article on tipping, but if tipping is industry standard then it is right to tip because it gives the workers a living wage. If service is poor or rude then the tip is one way the customer has to make that known through withholding. I have heard that Christians, when able, should tip above the norm as a part of witnessing, especially when they have engaged with the server about Christ.

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  2. Agreed, Janice. But many restaurants now pool the tips so each server gates an even split, especially if you add the tip to your credit card. So I try to have cash to tip and leave it at the table. like in the olden days.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Kare! I hope it was happy yesterday and that it continues to be a Happy Birthday Week! And what a relief to have your husband’s stressful testing behind y’all so you could celebrate that, too.

    I hope those grandsons are doing well these days with less concern over health issues.

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  4. Why do we think everyone needs a living wage? I don’t understand this anymore than I understand the reverse racism that seems to be A-okay with so many these days. I suppose these are topics for the political thread, but it was brought up. Our servers (in MN) get good wages for a job that needs no education. It can be a difficult job, of course. However, it is not as difficult as many jobs, nor does it require the training of many jobs. I am not putting the job down. There are states (some that border us) where the wages definitely need to be padded by good tips. I believe in and give good tips. Some of the servers are college educated but choose to serve for different reasons.

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  5. Morning all…fantastic photo in flight!!!

    Taking Lu to Vet for shots and husband for treatment …the offices are within walking distance of each other. It is a beautiful day to drive into town😊

    I tip generously and like to leave cash for our server. I leave a tip in the counter jar at my favorite coffee shoppe because I want them to stay open! I do not like the suggested tip screen when just picking up an item to go.

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  6. Where Wild Roses Bloom, Heart of a Mountie, a,Canadian romance novel by Angela Couch is on sale for .99 for Kindle. I have not read this but read another by this author that I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Thought of Kare, especially, on this one!

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  7. God morning, all. A beautiful day here, snow expected as the day progresses. Son in law is off to their house down south, to pick up some items and make progress on getting out of it. He has a job interview tomorrow morning so it is a fast trip. Seven hours there and then seven back does not leave much time.

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  8. Nice photo!

    I usually aim to be a generous tipper. Those aren’t easy (or high-paying) jobs.

    Mondays sure do roll around (too) fast.

    I was a little taken aback by this morning’s reports of the violent reactions in Philadelphia over yesterday’s narrow Super Bowl loss. I’ve seen folks “riot” when they win, we’re big on that in LA; but somehow this was a little more disconcerting to read about. I’m sure it’s not a first, but it did somehow strike me this time as so symbolic of how heated our culture as become — over just about anything or everything.

    Don’t you sometimes feel as if we’re all sitting on a national powder keg that could erupt with just the “right” (or wrong) set of circumstances?

    So much anger out there right now.

    Lord, have mercy.

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  9. Jo from last night: Chiefs won by a whisker. Philadelphia really mad.

    That sums it up.

    Good game, and there were a couple cool dog commercials. And an epic one (which I missed) featuring Ben Affleck selling Dunkin’ Donuts at a drive-through.

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  10. Another day of adventures for me. We left before 7 to get to the tire place where Art’s car stayed over the weekend (where he got his new tire). They were closed on the weekend and he could not make it to the shop by 6 on Friday. I could not see to drive at 8 because of glare from early morning sun so I waited at BoJangles in the car doing Bible study until the sun had risen enough to lessen glare. When I got home I found Art, too, who after getting his car, had stopped at the same BoJangles and bought himself a breakfast buscuit. I asked if he got me one? He had not since he thought it would take me longer to get home. So I made a fried egg for myself and Miss Bosley. I really had expected to be more delayed by waiting for the sun to rise higher so I totally got it as to why Art did not get me a biscuit😀 But still . . .disappointed.

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  11. … (re: game) and, to be fair, there also was a controversial Ref call with just 5 minutes left in the game — that favored KC.


  12. Kosher Kroger, late morning, when I checked out: The bag guy picked up a mystery bag of items right before the cashier started to check me out. He held it up in wonder like who did this belong to. The cashier said, “Oh, that belonged to the lady with the big order.” The guy ahead of me had had two orders in his cart so I think he may have been an Instacart shopper. Yes, they were busy. The cashier looked at what was in the bag and said it was all cold items. She told the bag guy to put them all back on the shelves in the store. If the lady came back, she would not get her items back. No proof of what she’d left behind, either.

    Then in the lot as I was about to back out, an older lady with a small cart decided to stand behind my car near my blind spot and check her phone. I cut my car off and waited. Then she moved to the other side right by my car and stood looking at her phone. I waited. Finally I opened my door and asked if she could move. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Another grace moment.

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  13. I don’t watch NFL but most family and friends do and they talk about it… a lot! So from what I understand there was a huge controversy with a ref during the playoff game with Cincy and Chiefs favoring Chiefs…who happened to win by 3. Same ref must have gotten the gig for the Super Bowl!! 🥴

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  14. NYT:

    Did a Referee’s Call Unfairly Cost the Eagles a Super Bowl Win?

    Philadelphia cornerback James Bradberry admitted he tugged on the jersey of a Kansas City receiver. But was it really a penalty? The answer depends largely on what colors you wear.


    Bleacher Report:

    ~ The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, but not without a little controversy.

    Sunday’s game was essentially ended by a controversial penalty call on Eagles cornerback James Bradberry, much to the ire of Philadelphia fans. …

    … Had the penalty not been called, the Chiefs likely would have kicked a field goal and the Eagles would have gotten the ball back with a chance to tie or win the game in the final moments.

    However, Bradberry told reporters after the game that he believes the officials made the right call.

    “I pulled on his jersey,” Bradberry said. “They called it. I was hoping they would let it ride.”

    Smith-Schuster concurred, saying that he “100 percent” felt like he was held by Bradberry on the play.

    Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni also did not blame the referees for making the holding call on Bradberry while meeting with reporters following Sunday’s loss, ultimately blaming it on a number of factors.

    “It’s not my job to make the call. … There’s so many plays that contribute to the end result of the game and today they were better than we were,” Sirianni said.

    … Despite the loss, the Eagles have a lot to look forward to in the future following the emergence of young quarterback Jalen Hurts, who saw massive strides in his development in 2022.

    This is only the beginning for Philadelphia. ~

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  15. Back from a followup with the GP, everything is on track, just need to “keep moving,” continue upper- and lower-body strengthening exercises.

    She said some cultures where people live long lives traditionally sit on the floor to eat their meals.


    In my case, that actually could help in the weight loss category goals.

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  16. Dj, my first thought was Eating Meals With the Cats!

    I had recently, well today, actually, wondered if you are at the point of taking your knee for granted without it being the focus point of your body anymore. That is what I look forward to, no longer having to direct so much energy daily to taking utmost care with one part of my body.
    And now there is Art’s toe😀


  17. Not quite, Janice — “they” say (others who have had these surgeries and the surgeon as well — it takes about 1 full year to reach that point, where the stiffness is completely gone and (as one former colleague put it) you can walk without thinking about it. Surgery now was about 6 months ago.

    Walking is coming along well, including walking at a brisk pace. SO much better than before the surgery. Steps are still a challenge. And it still gets stiff after sitting a while and first thing in the morning, but the stiffness goes away pretty quickly once you’re moving.

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  18. Dj, I guess that is logical because you had something removed and something new put in so it would take longer than I had realized.
    How is your neighbor?

    Do you ever use ginger and turmeric tea? It might ease some stiffness. And some people swear by Frankincence (sp?) Oil.


  19. I read three distinct complaints in the tipping article.

    First is the expected tip amount in restaurants going up, so many places seeming to think 20% is a reasonable default now.

    Second is that service quality is going down. I was puzzled that his experiences are so often bad, maybe even most of the time. He talks about waitstaff not looking at you, being busy on their phones, not coming back ever, etc.

    I wonder if it’s something about where he lives. Service here is not always stellar, but most of the time it’s decent, and I don’t think it’s generally worse than in some good old days. Do you see a tend of declining service quality?

    His third complaint is about tips being solicited at fast food restaurants, convenience stores, even liquor stores. I’m with him on that, no thank you.

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  20. I just had part of the meniscus and something else replaced on the inside of the knee, but the joint itself (and most of the knee) is still “original parts” — so it wasn’t as serious as a full knee replacement (only considered ‘partial’). Much easier recovery.

    Last week on the 3-hour walking/bus tour of a port terminal, for example, the walking was easy — getting on and off the bus needed some plotting and I was always looking out for stairs (I passed, for example on going up to check out one of the tall, overhead cranes because there were some stairs involved — but that was mostly of interest to photographers, anyway, and I’ve been up in one of those cranes in the past).

    Mainly stairs are the things that still need to be planned around, but walking, no.

    Neighbor is doing better but remains in a rehab center where they have the therapists and equipment she needs. Pain is pretty much controlled, I think, and they have her up and at least walking a bit.

    Her knees were in super-bad shape, she’d avoided the inevitable for a little too long, so both need full replacements, they’re pretty well trashed (according to anyone who looks at the MRIs, she told me). Her husband thought she might get home sometime this week.

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  21. Another thought on tipping. The standard has been 15% as far back as I remember, but I guess it wasn’t always so. My grandmother thought that was extravagant. (She waited tables during the Depression when my Bethlehem Steel grandfather was out of work.)

    When her vision got very bad I would take her out to lunch occasionally and she would pay for it on her credit card. She had me fill out the tip on the credit card slip, since she couldn’t see it well enough, and insisted that I make it 10%. I gave up trying to convince her that 15% was normal, but I always put my own cash on the table for the extra 5% without her knowing.

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  22. She’s been in a lot of pain with those knees for a while, but after the stroke they had to wait before they took her into surgery for that.

    Ice packs are still recommended for me, though I’m not using them much to be honest. Movement helps the most, including being on the bike or just getting up frequently and walking out to the front porch or backyard during the work day if I’m mostly at my desk. And an occasional Tylenol.

    Kevin, I don’t eat out much (especially since the pandemic) but when a friend and I went to a restaurant we have been to before this past holiday season we were surprised by how sparsely they were staffed, how slow the service was, and how the place didn’t look as spruced up as it usually does.

    I suspect some of these places may not survive, but I don’t really blame the staff — you could see they couldn’t handle even the small numbers of diners that were there, along with a take-out customer or two. I felt bad for them.

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  23. I had to cover a “state of the port” speech a couple weeks ago for one of the ports — held at the city’s large Convention Center.

    To get up to the front doors, it was 3 broad flights of stadium-style stairs. At least they had handrails. (There was a small elevator but it was out of order.)

    Going up is much tricker than coming down (which isn’t bad at this stage).

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  24. My neighbor is a fan of turmeric — I don’t care for tea, however. I know, that and Chinese food — I’m the only person I know who doesn’t like either of those!

    I also have some numbness on the outside of the knee, something the surgeon said was also normal at this stage and should clear up — but it takes time for all those nerve endings to reconnect.

    I’m so glad I had the surgery, though, much as I dreaded it! It was a journey, I told the surgeon, but one worth taking and one that ended well.

    Really liked him, too, young, tall, sandy-haired lanky guy, did some extreme surfing in his day, now delights in taking his little girl out trick-or-treating.

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  25. Thank you for the birthday greetings! It was a fun weekend with friends over for afternoon and supper on Saturday and then a surprise supper with friends on Sunday – they even brought supper!

    I am very thankful for friends and for blog friends.

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  26. You can get the benefits of turmeric in different forms, Dj. I use it to season a lot of things I make such as egg salad. Black pepper enhances its power so I use them together. I am always willing to try most anything reasonable if it will help lessen pain.

    Art will be having kidney bean salad tonight which has, among other seasonings, black pepper and turmeric. I was amazed early on how the tea eased off that pain in my arm during the first week of radiation.

    Glad to hear your neighbor is making progress.


  27. I think the nice seafood restaurant near Wes where we have gotten take-out food has often gotten a 20% tip from us because we have realized they don’t do as much business as in the past, and we love the food so want to give extra support despite not really receiving service for take-out.

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  28. Ten percent used to be the go-to tip. Then it kept creeping up. Some restaurants will have a 15%, 18% or 20% suggestion. I appreciate seeing the suggestions. Most don’t do that. Some now add a kitchen tip and give you no choice about it.

    I haven’t noticed a big change in service. Most places around here are very busy and often short staffed,

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  29. I’m a terrible tipper. It costs so much to go out and then you add the tip. Hard to budget for that. Of course PNG, Australia and New Zealand do not tip.


  30. I cut my shopping trip short today as I filled the car so full at IKEA that nothing else would fit.
    Then I had to stop at my friends to ask for help unloading

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