27 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-11-23

  1. We don’t know the US adverse reaction rate because the govt refuses to tell us. They’re hiding the military numbers too.

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  2. The tweet is comparing apples to oranges; i.e. adverse effects (undefined) to death. Adverse reactions usually include soreness, redness, fatigue and high fever. Most vaccines have a similar adverse reaction rate. For example the yearly flu shot has about a 33% adverse rate – mostly minor and goes away after a few days. High fever is found in about 15% vaccinated. In comparison 1 in 355 adverse reaction rate is about 0.3% – perhaps adverse needs to be better defined — or at least translate the Swedish document.


  3. Drbra,

    Oh the left is gloating and so am I. But I do think the point needs to be hammered home – the FBI has always been political and police, in general, have a political bias. Reminds me; my provincial district will have a by-election soon (special election in US parlance). It’s the most socialist riding in the province and probably in the top three nationwide. The socialist (NDP) are running a black Muslim disabled woman (checks all the boxes) who led the defund police protests and is further to the left than her party. In response, the conservatives who never get more than about 15% of the vote here are running an active police officer. Just to confirm the bias in the city that cops are conservatives who are on the opposite side of the neighbourhoods they patrol.

    As for debt – you are correct; bankruptcy should be an option for student and medical debt. An 18 year old can’t rent a car or purchase a drink in the US due to youthful immaturity yet the banks have no problem loaning 10K to an 18 year old. Right now, student loans are a guaranteed profit and exploit an age group Americans don’t even allow to have a drink or rent a car.

    Of course, eliminating student debt anr/or make schools tuition free eliminates the greatest attraction to the US military. Several Republicans have admitted their opposition to free tuition is based on the lack of the military to attract young people when tuition is free to everyone.

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  4. It may also be, HRW, that parents must sign the surety with the kids for college loans.

    I’m not sure about that, but when I was a budget counselor in the Dark Ages, we warned parents to be very, very careful.

    In fact, don’t do it.

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  5. A good question, however, is why is college so expensive?

    I’ve told the story before about touring a University of California where our college student tour guide boasted the gym had the “newest and most modern kiln and climbing wall west of the Mississippi River.”

    I asked him who paid for it.

    “It’s free!” He cried. “Everything is free.”

    “No,” I said. “Somebody has to have paid for it.”

    He shrugged his thin 19-year-old shoulders. “The parents, I guess.”

    I’d also like to note that the University of California system has not put aside any money to retire its PROFESSORS.

    I can scarcely believe this. You have Noble Prize-eligible economics professors at UC Berkeley, and they’re working for a system that has not funded their retirement.

    My experience in life says if you don’t work for it, it’s not meaningful for you. That’s part of the problem with the exorbitant borrowing system. IMHO.

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  6. HRW @10:47 ” Oh the left is gloating and so am I. But I do think the point needs to be hammered home – ” Hammer away, buddy, because I’m all for getting rid of corruption. :–)

    But then, you had to go and say this: “Just to confirm the bias in the city that cops are conservatives who are on the opposite side of the neighbourhoods they patrol. ”

    I’m not sure where you get that. Local policing usually reflects the views of their locality. Unless they are corrupt (and I’m sure there is plenty of bipartisan corruption), police are on the side of upholding the peaceable order of the neighborhood. It’s really a shame when that is considered a ‘conservative’ stance.

    I think defunding the local police is a loopy idea, especially since negative situations that arise with local police can be monitored more easily and quickly rectified locally. It certainly doesn’t help the poorer neighborhoods, and we’re already seeing the results where it has been tried. Shoplifting and looting go up, and essential businesses either lock up their goods which inconveniences the law abiding in the neighborhood, or they move out of the area entirely. And people who settle their differences by shooting other people, feel free to continue doing so. It’s lose lose all the way around—well, except for the criminals.

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  7. Unfortunately, our federal government is deeply corrupted and infested with traitors. They are putting American patriots in jail when it is they themselves who should be there.


    “Federal prosecutors on Feb. 10 asked U.S. District Judge John Bates to have January 6 defendant and police beating victim Victoria White jailed because she met with GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

    Judge Bates did not order White to be taken into custody. He did bar her from appearing at the U.S. Capitol or the congressional office buildings unless she gets advance permission from the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA).

    Shortly after arriving at the United States Courthouse in Washington D.C. for a status hearing on her criminal case, White learned that prosecutors were seeking to have her jailed because her visits to Capitol Hill earlier in the week violated her terms of pretrial release.

    The PSA reported White’s visits to Capitol Hill to the court as a violation. Prosecutors then asked for her pretrial release to be revoked, White’s attorney, Nicole Cubbage, told The Epoch Times.

    White visited Capitol Hill as part of a group led by Micki Witthoeft, the mother of slain January 6 protester Ashli Babbitt, and Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy Reffitt, the first January 6 defendant convicted at trial in 2022.

    The group met with U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.). Among other topics, the discussion was on possible U.S. House investigations of the long pretrial detention of dozens of January 6 defendants, and the deaths of Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, and Benjamin Phillips on Jan. 6, 2021.”

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  8. Michelle;

    The success of the student loan program may be part of the problem. Once student loans were shielded from bankruptcy, private banks in Ontario started to get involved -it was risk free. More money equaled more demand equaled higher tuition. Take bankruptcy protection and banks would be far cautious and demand would decline. According to some accounts, student loan debt is now in the same range and ratio as mortgage debt in 2008. Its unsustainable.

    Once the universities adopted the Harvard business model in the late 90s, tuition rose even more. Presidents, chancellors, deans etc started to pay themselves CEO salaries and middle management positions ballooned (typical private sector problems). Education became a product and the student a customer. Universities have always accepted about twice as many students as wanted for a program – some didn’t show up and others would fail within 1 or 2 years. Now the number has increased. And private institutions have jumped into the game. Online universities and fly by night training colleges.

    The amenities of some US schools are definitely an issue. My American brother was discussing college dorms, fitness centers, etc at the colleges and universities he toured with his kids. Canadian universities have dorm space for freshmen only and the gym is functional not extravagant. I never lived in the dorms nor did many working class kids who quickly realized it was far cheaper to leave in the student slums around the school and live on rice instead of an overpriced meal plan. And then there are US college athletics. Although many schools claim football pays for itself, what it really pays for is the amenties used by all athletes and other sports.

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  9. Debra

    In smaller population centers, you’re probably correct – local cops reflect their locality and can be regulated easily by the county. However, in larger cities (mine is 500,000) police are paid well enough that it’s extremely rare for them to live in poorer neighbourhoods. And I wouldn’t blame them for living away from their work. I do the same. The policeman running for the conservatives here does not live in the district, he lives in the suburbs. He doesn’t represent where he works or campaigns. My facebook feed has been inudated with conservative ads – almost all of them with slogans that are more appropriate for the suburbs.

    Police tend to be conservative simply because conservatie parties tend to be the party of law and order, throw away the key, support the thin blue line, etc. In addition, police lobby for more funding from political bodies which makes them political. And of course, police unions endorse conservative candidates.

    Interestingly, when New York City police went on a work to rule campaign. Crime actually went down. In some cases, charges like “resisting arrest”, “interfering with an investigation” etc are charges police use to racquet up the pressure. Without these types of charges, the crime rate went down.

    My police chief was using the “fear” card when asking for a raise in the budget yet crime is actually down; what is up is disrespect for police. His solution was more cops. The other issue was “mandate creep”, he needed more money because police are doing things best left to others – social workers, housing and shelter workers, clean injection sites, etc. Defund or cut the police budget and earmark the savings for housing etc. In the long run crime wil go down.

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  10. Tychicus,

    Americans who broke the law are in jail. You may think they are patriots because you agree with their political stance but they did break the law. Are they being treated more severely because of the political associations with their criminal acts – of course, politically motivated crimes are always treated more harshly. The anti pipeline protesters are being jailed for trespassing – crime usually treated with a fine. This isn’t due to corruption or traitors; it’s due to gov’ts not willing to tolerate political dissent outside of recognized and approved channels. It’s only when this standard is applied to Trump supporters that the Republican party notices.

    White broke her bail conditions. Prosecutors asked for bail to be revoked. This is fairly standard. If you break bail conditions, expect to be jailed. The only thing not standard is the fact she wasn’t jailed. Unusual treatment given the circumstances. Not sure why she’s being treated so leniently. She seems to think she can ignore the law. This could have been avoided if she met with the politicians outside the Capitol. How hard would it be to meet at a decent restaurant. Boebert could even bill the gov’t; rather poetic and ironic if she did.


  11. The next variant of TDS.

    Left out of the headline…..

    “It gets cut off in that tweet, but Redfern highlighted a line from the article reading that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement “did not request the venue restrict weapons at the direction of the Governor or campaign. Security decisions are made by the FDLE,” according to agency spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.”

    Same clown that falsely attacked Amy Coney Barrett’s church during her SC confirmation. Lying is what she does..


  12. Once again, Dems and their “witnesses” lie under oath and no one bats an eye.

    Keep in mind this particular “expert” was a US Marine Col, relieved for inappropriate conduct.

    This is impossible. None of this “expert’s” testimony on this is true, and worse, he knows that! I say that has someone who has fired numerous weapons in my 10 military career. I’ve fired everything up to an including tanks. Even a tank mounted full auto .50 cal would be hard pressed to accomplish this. Yes, it’s a deadly weapon, and yes it can kill you. But this is lying under oath to advance a narrative and it denigrates the entire process. It shows those involved aren’t to be trusted.


  13. I have questions….

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  14. The high altitude intrusion of objects has become the latest way for Dems to seek to divert public attention away from their ongoing corruption and continuing violations of public resources.

    Don’t be surprised when they ask for yet additional funding to fortify high-altitude monitoring and tracking systems and upgrading radar systems, all to exploit American taxpayers and support the US Military Industrial Complex.

    The war against the globalists is about to intensify…

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  15. Racists make everything about race.

    Well…. yeah….

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  16. An inconvenient truth….

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  17. More truths, again, the inconvenient kind….

    Yet people ignorant of who he really is continue to vote for frauds like him, and wonder why nothing ever changes in their communities.


  18. The DeSantis article was an attempt at satire – a rather poor attempt, as it was far too obvious and just not funny, good satire usually makes a reader think twice. Although Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal was quite good. No need for DeSantis supporters to even notice it or worse tweet it – giving it the coverage it doesn’t deserve.

    Guns are almost always banned at political events – DeSantis didn’t have to directly ordeer it but its fairly hypocritical to support unlicensed open carry when knowing open carry won’t occur when you are in public. The best of course is NRA conventions in which firearms are banned because of hotel policy.

    NORAD is a joint US-Canada series of early warning radar stations across the Arctic. Nationaly sovereighty is respected so Trudeau gave the order but the US can militarily respond given it’s almost impossible for a population the size of California patrol the Arctic. If Americans don’t want to help out, they can leave but then they will have a massive gap in their radar coverage of the continental US.

    This whole UFO/balloon etc farce is amusing. Perhaps China is trying to expend the US military by sending a balloon/drone worth a few hundred and have the US spend a million to respond.

    I note the response to the Black athlete study also mentions race, gender and even hair color. Describing the professor as a blonde white female was a gigantic nudge nudge wink wink – the white girl wants to study black athletes; “study”.”research” – hilarious. Why include her picture in the tweet? Why mention she is a blonde?


  19. If the retired Colonel is lying, I’m sure a counter expert can testify. My guess is he’s not and I’m sure it depends on the gun barrel, the rifling, the bullet type, etc. As an “expert” and a retired member of the military, you don’t lie under oath especially if it’s as easy as some claim to prove false. A quick read tells me that an AR15 creates cavities in the human body destroying entire organs and bones.

    The Turkish earthquake is getting a lot of coverage here. Depends on what news source you follow I suppose. Nobody is ignoring it because it doesn’t fit a narrative. CBC has several news stories on its front page. Checked US news – ABC, CBS, NBC had some coverage – mostly about the arrest of building contractors. CNN only mentioned Israeli rescue teams leaving because of a security threat. FOX had nothing. FOX and to a certain degree CNN was fixated on China and the flying objects plus the Super Bowl. So is FOX ignoring it because it doesn’t fit a narrative or they don’t want to admit nature and death is beyond our control as the tweet suggests?


  20. I thought conservatives and Republicans didn’t want to discuss CRT and Black History? A whole tweet storm to remind us what we already know. Glad to see the right wants to remind Americans of its not so pleasant recent past. Will DeSantis allow this to be taught in Florida schools? Or is this a case of only discussing CRT and black history when it discredits a Democratic politician?

    The Violent Crime Control Act which led to the extreme incarnation rate was a bipartisan bill. Biden was in charge but Hatch helped him. Included in the bill as the Violence against Women Act and the Assault Weapons Ban. The Black Congressional Caucus voted for it. The problems with the bill and the anti drug bill wasn’t obvious at first. The Anti-Drug Abuse Act was also bipartisan. Are the Republican supporters now admitting they made a mistake? The imbalance on the crack vs powder sentencing has never been corrected – if the Republicans view its existence as racist; why haven’t they pressed for a change? Many Democrats have. The ratio was created in the middle of a crack panic – an example why laws shouldn’t be created in a panic.

    All of this is CRT in action especially when you look at legislation and the legal system and its effects on marginalized people. Glad to see it endorsed here.

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  21. Show the proof that it’s ever happened at least once HRW.

    You won’t, because you can’t, because it never has.

    Not. One. Time.

    The Col. is a liar, under oath. Just another faux “expert” from Dems to advance their agenda.


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