7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-11-23

  1. How am I old enough that my second son celebrates birthday #40 today?

    Party at our house tonight. British Bake Off theme mystery dinner. Bring a pie.

    Surprise judges?

    Well, who else but the Adorables?

    LOL, off to clean house and bake a lemon meringue pie.

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  2. 🙂 Enjoying this new coffeemaker that Nightingale bought me for my birthday, with the Keurig attachment. It is almost funny how many boxes of different flavored K-cups I have now. It was already kind of embarrassing, and then Nightingale bought two more flavors last night when she was out shopping. 🙂

    What’s kind of funny about it, too, is that I am sensitive to caffeine, so I only have one of those special K-cups each day, as my first cup of coffee. But that’s good, because it would get expensive to go through too much too quickly, and it is more special to only have one a day.

    When the newness of my “new toy” wears off, I will pare down to not having the special coffees every day. But for now, I am enjoying them each morning.

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  3. Oh, the small enjoyments of life. Savor it, Kizzie. 🙂

    Party sounds very fun. Will everyone cater to children’s tastes, since they are the judges?

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  4. 😀 Online church

    😀 Fresh sourdough bread

    😀 I know more about wound care than I did yesterday

    😀 Warm tea and coffee on a cold day

    😀 Amazon Prime, next day delivery

    😀 Revival at Asbury College

    😀 Time with God on Sunday afternoon when many are watching the Super Bowl.

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