22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-10-23

  1. Morning all!! Oh my goodness what a lovely bird in the tree. Going out on a limb here (did ya catch that?!) and I’m guessing red wing black bird! 🙃

    Cold this morning and husband is off to our neighbor’s hunt club for a bird hunt. If he should get one or two he will clean them and hand them over so they can be donated to the homeless shelter in town.

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  2. I don’t think the missing ends. 😦

    I never was asked what to paint my bedroom when I was a child. My mom did paint it pink and that is not a color she was fond of, so she kept what I would like in mind, apparently.

    My bedroom has navy blue walls with a white ceiling. The half bath off it has three tones of blue, including the navy. I rag washed it. All our walls should be repainted. I have a difficult time getting the wall/ceiling line right with my eyesight, so I haven’t repainted at all. The bathroom was painted by an expert, and it looks like it. Far better job than I ever did.

    Off to jam this afternoon again. This is a very large, assisted living place. The woman who books them, says she would book them once a week if she could. You would think people would get tired of hearing the same group so much. It is the most pleasant place they play. The older we get, the more we see people we know who live in these places.

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  3. Survived the wedding, well dressed, polished, and a little sad.

    Earnest couple, relative married them without a word about God, commitment, or what really binds a couple to one another.

    Gorgeous bride, strong groom— who married two years ago to speed up his immigration. They both have highly stressful jobs in medicine and law enforcement.

    We prayed before we went, sat pretty much in silence, sat with a couple we barely knew 27 years ago, and had an enjoyable conversation.

    I sat next to another high achieving cousin of the bride and had a robust conversation about Star Wars, family, writing books, fantasy, history, and then down to the epidemiological changes that come from trauma—especially for those whose family went through the Holocaust.

    It was a beautiful, albeit cold, evening in a lovely setting.

    But without Jesus?

    Well, we prayed.

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  4. I can’t remember why my parents asked what color I wanted my bedroom painted when I was probably around 16 yrs old or so, but I believe they were painting the inside of the whole house anywayand my friend next door had just had her room painted in a sort of fun way. But I was thrilled. 🙂

    There were some definite rules, however — like nothing too crazy!

    Peter, it’s hard to lose a dad, I lost mine way too soon and still miss him, I’m sorry I never got to know him better since I was only 18 when he died. I have such fond memories of him taking me to ball games, playing catch in the backyard, going over the baseball standings in the newspaper, me sitting on his lap, being all grumpy when we went camping. lol

    As my girlfriend who came with us once put it: “Who needs to stay up late to see a bear when we have D’s dad?” My mom totally cracked up at that, she couldn’t help it. He wasn’t always “easy.”

    Long day yesterday, Today should be busy, but easier — and, of course, it’s Friday. Wonderful.

    Praying for Janice and Art this morning, hope that toe gets fixed up with no worries.

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  5. Good morning, all, another beautiful day here. We are just in from our first walk on the deck. Lots of sunshine and blue sky but a cold breeze blowing. As always, dad entered the house and said, “Oooohhh, this is nice and warm in here!”

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  6. A red Jeep …. sweet. 🙂

    I actually spotted a red Liberty for sale when I was shopping (online) but it was gone by the time I called the dealer. It was older, of course, 2012 or 2013, but I also could have spared myself a car payment (or much of one). Oh well. Popular cars.

    The newer, relatively low-mileage Cherokee I ended up with was obviously the more practical choice.

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  7. Oh, daily another adventure!

    I knew a short cut to the doc’s office this morning during rush hour; a hop, skip, and jump over there going through the nearly vacant lot of our local mall that will be redeveloped soon. It was a breeze, no traffic, until less than a mile from the destination, Art hit a pothole. We were back on regular street traffic when we heard the tire deflating.

    We made it to the doc office on the flat. We saw the fantastic doc who knew what to do for the foot.

    Again I think we lucked up (thanks to God) and got the Director of this group. Just a wonderful doc.

    Afterwards I called two different guys who have helped us with past needs but they were unavailable. Then I called my new church. My pastor came and brought a young guy who works with church maintenance to remove the flat and replace it with the spare. We were only about two to two and a half miles from the church. The pastor patiently taught the young guy to change the tire. It was a beautiful thing to witness, the skill in teaching, not only the Bible but life skills, was so evident in my pastor. At the end Art told my pastor that although they’d offered various helps during our medical issues, we’d been able to take care of things ourselves, but we really needed them today and they came through just like church family should. It all turned out splendidly. I am still hopeful Art will join this church with me.

    So then we took the car to our tire shop and left it. We probably will get it back Monday as they are closed over the weekend.

    I am resting between times of doing skin care now.

    Art has an antibiotic for possible infection in his toe that got sliced by the overgrown toenail with fungus that had gotten pushed into the other toe by the tight support stockings he wears for lymphedema. Now I have more wound care and have to be so careful of cross contamination with my issues of skin care.🙏

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  8. So, difficult though the morning was, and we’ll pray against infection, of course, you actually ended up ministering to a young man in a surprising way.

    Such an efficient God we worship.

    Computer issues continue over here, but we solved one, are working on the other and will be buying a new laptop soon.

    And, if we purchase it soon (which we must), my currently-a-consultant engineer, can write it off as a business expense.

    Honestly. Life is too crazy.

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  9. Thankful with you Janice that things are getting done and that your Pastor not only took the opportunity to minister to you and Art but he is a living testimony to this young man. ❤️

    Husband came home with just enough time to change and take off to town for his treatment. Halfway there….2 more weeks to go!

    Next week they are predicting an “Albuquerque low” for us. Lots and tons of snow for us Tues evening and all the live long day Wednesday. Husband will most likely miss treatment on Wed due to not being able to make it to town or even out of our driveway for that matter ⛄️

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  10. And I forgot to say that the young man is in my Sunday school class. One Sunday we both had arrived early, and I had made an effort to engage him in conversation. It felt a bit awkward because of age and other differences, but I had felt glad that day that I had made the effort. Today I felt doubly glad😀

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  11. Nancyjill, so glad your husband is half through. It really goes fast, even the six weeks, daily, passed faster than I thought it would. I pray he is getting good results and not having residual side effects.

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  12. and what a witness to Art. I will keep praying for his toe.

    Nice outside here. I need to get out for a walk.
    My dinner with the missions committee is cancelled again. More folks are sick.

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  13. I really appreciated that video, Dj. I know a couple who are both believers, he is white and she is black. They are wonderful people. I can not imagine them not being married. Their little daughter is so precious.

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  14. Yes, Jo, I was so thankful that Art saw this. He has never even met his new pastor. He is not attending but faithfully supports his church financially. I do get birthday cards from his new pastor and so does he.

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  15. My Aunt Janet (my dad’s older sister) and Uncle Bill married at 17 and 20, and were married for 73 years, living into their 90s (91 for Aunt Janet, and 96 for Uncle Bill). Aunt Janet died first, and Uncle Bill followed a couple years later.

    They were quite a devoted couple. Aunt Janet was the lively, vivacious one, and Uncle Bill was more quiet. Aunt Janet was the blonde, blue-eyed daughter of two German parents, but she became an excellent Italian cook under the tutelage of her Italian-born mother-in-law.

    And she was one of my bridesmaids. 🙂

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