3 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 12-17-22

  1. 🙂 Family home and looking forward to our family Christmas next Wednesday. Having Christmas a bit early makes me rush a bit, but it is nice when all the rush is over, and I can relax and enjoy the peace of the real Christmas.

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  2. 🙂 Ready to celebrate Christ’s birth and the the reason He came down to us

    🙂 Daughter will be home for several days with her dog – hope it goes well with the two dogs and the puppy

    😦 Son and DIL will not be coming as it is a 6 hour trip without having to stop to breastfeed the baby. Who knows how long it would be now?

    🙂 We did get to see them and have a small Christmas celebration in Calgary when we were there, although that short trip was hard for them with the twins and newborn. We did plan it that way so we could be together for “Christmas” even if they weren’t able to make it out this way.

    🙂 Did some baking. Not all of it turned out. I hate when you have an old recipe and the company changes the size of the chocolate squares so you have to guess at the new amount. Oh well, the cookies will get eaten regardless.

    🙂 Daughter and I and most likely husband will make our traditional ammonia cookies together when she’s here (We use peppermint oil instead of the baking ammonia because that’s so hard to find). I should probably mail some to son and DIL.

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