90 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-15-22

  1. Good Morning Everyone.
    I explained to Mister Amos last night that I was tired and we were 🛌 sleeping 💤 in this morning. His idea and my idea were not the same. He had us up at 4:30. He is the 🚨 🐶.
    Why do I allow this. He came into my life in October of 2008 completely unwanted. He was supposed to be BG’s dog but it was soon evident I was his person. 2008 nearly broke me. He started healing my broken heart. He has loved and comforted me when there was no one else.
    He is my Little Old Man now and he deserves to be loved and comforted until he lets me know it’s time for him to go. He has some medical problems and wakes up coughing due to a collapsing trachea caused by a rough groomer. Anyway. It doesn’t hurt me to get up early. Half a pot of coffee, an hours worth of exercise.

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  2. So sweet, Kim, to hear about the originally unwanted Amos. That is much like Miss Bosley’s start here with us. The Unwanted became the Cherished. Every time I sit or recline she is with me. I never before realized I could be so lovable!

    We are gearing up for a winter storm, and before it even happens we have been declared to be in a state of emergency. Now to think of what all I need to do to prepare. Find those snow boots!

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  3. Morning! Sun is shining, skies are bluer than blue and we are in a winter wonderland! How glorious!

    Kim we experienced the same heart tug with Babe. She was brought to us during a tumultuous time . Her calming sweet presence in our home could have only been brought about by the hand of our Lord. A true blessing He gave to us in His beautiful furry creation. I love that He gave to you Mr Amos❤️

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  4. Snow day! Yes, when there is a blanket of snow 6 inches deep, the cave closes for the day. I have to chuckle when I see Janice and other people from warm climates talk about a winter storm. But then since I grew up in Arizona, I know that most cities don’t need or have a lot of snow removal equipment. When it snowed in Tucson, just about everything shut down.

    That reminds me of this funny video the Tucson Police Department posted a few years back after a snowfall happened:

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  5. It’s lightly raining here this morning and I see they’re telling everyone to stay off the beaches due to a tsunami advisory — we’ve had these before and the don’t amount to much, but they have to take them seriously of course.

    Read a discouraging piece this morning about coronavirus variants possibly still to come behind omicron.

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  6. My heart is hurting for a 17 year old boy that I knew in the 2004-2007 timeframe. He was 33 and killed in a construction. accident on January 11th. He was a nice, polite young man in a family of ….well I don’t know what to say about them except that I am glad I know longer have anything to do with them. Someone sent me his obituary and I saw the man he had become. So sad and my heart does hurt for his mother. She is who he got his goodness from. I have thought of sending her condolences on the funeral home page, but I just can’t make myself do it. So rather than me do that would you all join me in offering up a prayer for a mother who lost a child.

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  7. From an LA Times column today:

    ~ Column: January ennui has never felt worse than this year. We need masks. But also ice cream

    My old dog has spent the better part of the morning barking at nothing, or maybe everything, and I know exactly how she feels. Nothing has happened this morning that hasn’t happened a million times before — no new sounds, no new people, no weird smells. We did get a puppy a month ago, but for the most part the old dog likes the new one; she certainly hasn’t found him a distraction worth barking over for an entire morning.

    No, I think she has just had it, and I get that. I wake up each morning, confront my various screens and think, ”Is this fretful ennui a symptom of Omicron?” I look at my husband as he kindly (and perhaps self-protectively) makes me coffee and think, “I love you and honor this marriage but please dear God could I just go to the office for a nice 10-hour day uninterrupted by requests for a forgotten password, the location of car keys or just that I ‘come look at this’?”

    “This” inevitably being something unpleasant like puppy poop on the carpet or a really high electric bill and never something exciting like, say, a box of gold coins he found in a secret drawer beneath the sink.

    Maybe my old dog is barking because she too would like a little alone time, because things looked like they were getting back to normal and then they didn’t. … ~


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  8. But God …



    ~ As I sat atop my lofted dorm-room bed and turned the page from Romans 8 to Romans 9 in my small, tattered Bible, I went from a chapter familiar enough to be easily skimmed to a chapter that I had no recollection of ever reading before.

    Both chapters emphasized the sovereignty of God — his sovereign love and his sovereign power. At 19 years old, I had not thought much about God’s sovereignty. I believed what I’d been taught as a child — that God was in control, that he knew every hair on my head, that he had the whole world in his hands. But I also believed that salvation was a choice I had made — that God chose me because he knew I’d someday choose him.

    When I entered college, however, the issue became inescapable. My college campus swirled with discussions about whether God elected people to salvation and whether he could know the future at all. Even my theology class was getting ready to host a debate between an Open Theist (someone who believes God doesn’t fully know the future until it happens) and a Calvinist (someone who believes God knows and ordains the future, including who will believe and be saved).

    It was only by chance that I had been reading Romans 8–9 the night before this debate. Or was it?

    That night, my beliefs began to change. I read of God’s relationship with his chosen people:

    Those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified. (Romans 8:29–30)

    Could it possibly be true that this foreknowing, predestining God didn’t know the future? It could not.

    Or was it conceivable that the God who said, “It depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy,” was merely looking ahead in the future to see who would and wouldn’t choose him (Romans 9:16)? It was not. And furthermore, God declared that he was working all things together for the good of those he’d called (Romans 8:28). Could God work all things together for good if all things were not genuinely under his control?

    My 19-year-old heart began to swell with joy and relief. This God was not back on his heels, trying to figure out what to do, nor was he waiting for me to figure him out. He was bringing his good plans to pass. He called me, he saved me, and he would keep me in every circumstance. …

    … And I loved his sovereignty — in theory at least. I loved that my God was so powerful and big and in charge. When I saw others go through difficult circumstances, I sympathized with them, but I also had a settled sense that God had a plan born from his love. It wasn’t until I was up against my own difficult circumstance that the thought flashed in my mind: perhaps God was working something not good in my life.

    As a young wife and mom, I never considered the possibility of miscarrying. So when it happened, I was shocked that my own womb could become a place of death. All I knew of God flooded my mind, almost as a reproach.

    As I faced the loss of our little one, I wasn’t tempted to doubt his power but his love. I knew he could have kept our baby alive, so why didn’t he? Yet Romans 8 was there to keep me grounded, reminding me that not even death could separate us from his love. Paul’s words were an anchor …

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  9. Odd breakfast, mumsee. Sounds more like a good lunch or supper. I had a delicious lunch: a multi-grain wrap of roast beef, sharp cheddar cheese, bell pepper, tomato with spicy mustard, ketchup and pickle relish.
    Not sure what Mrs L has for supper tonight, but it’ll be good and healthy.

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  10. Our Duke stayed home all alone for the whole day yesterday for the first time. He lined his daytime bed with a pair of Tim’s big mitts, my toque and his jacket. He doesn’t chew on them (thankfully) but just has them close to him. Then at bedtime, we noticed a pair of my mitts on the window sill just above his bed. This is the window he looks out when watching for us to come home. What a sweetie. So funny. He is quite confused and really looks around whenever we say Keva’s name.

    In other news, it is above freezing outside so we went for a walk to look for wolf tracks. I thought I had seen one Friday morning just to the north of the house and wanted to confirm. After wading through almost hip deep snow we found his tracks. We’ll need to keep and eye on Duke as he’s not quite as smart as Keva was. And my new boots are awesome in the deep snow.

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  11. I could use some cheerios, but there are none in the store. It is almost the 100th day of school and we always use cheerios or fruit loops to make necklaces with 100 pieces of cereal. The fruit loops work best as I have them do every 10 in a different color so that they can count them easily.

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  12. Replying to a couple comments from yesterday:

    Kathaleena – Yes, Nightingale does have some perfectionist tendencies. As do I. But our perfectionist tendencies tend to be in different areas.

    As for me, I am a recovering perfectionist in relation to cleaning. There are things that I let slide, or do a “good enough” job on, that I used to be much more persnickety about. But there are still some areas that I insist on keeping up as well as I used to.

    DJ – Nightingale could commiserate with you about short staffing. The nursing home she works at does not want to hire any more people, so they have had to offer bonuses for people picking up an extra shift. Sometimes there are only two CNAs (the ones who do the “diaper” changing and cleaning the people up and such) for a wing of about forty patients. That means that the LPNs have to pitch in and help them as well as do their own nursing duties. Sometimes they are so short-staffed, such as when more than one or two call out sick, that the head RN or APRN or even an admin person have to help out.

    (In case anyone is wondering – no, no one was fired for not being vaccinated. The short staff is due to management – in the company that owns them, not the on-sight management – not wanting to hire more LPNs or CNAs.)

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  13. Art is having his healthy dinner of bean lomein. I had the wonderful healthy dinner of pear and lentil salad since I had bean lomein for lunch. I’d bought a really big pomegranite at Hilton Head and though it looked dried out on the outside, it was fine on the inside. The salad was excellent. And I have enough left for tomorrow if the power goes out.

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  14. I’m cooking for the dogs now since Cowboy was only finishing about half his dog food. He’s too skinny as it is.

    So I now cook up a bunch of ground beef and combine that with some of their regular kibble & wet food. Cowboy’s cleaning his dish for the first time in a while. Tess always eats everything put in front of her and then wants Cowboy’s, too.

    Looks like Buffalo is running away with the wildcard NFL game against the Patriots tonight.

    Had to spend about 30 minutes sending off contact info to our weekend breaking news team regarding a possible dockworker death today.

    Thankful to God that the hostage situation in Texas seems to have been resolved with all the hostages OK. Still not clear how the shooter died, whether he took his own life? Kind of sounds like it, but that hasn’t been reported yet.

    I also caught up on my daily Scripture reading tonight, had missed a couple days. And I’m going through Tripp’s New Morning Mercies again, one of the best daily devotionals I’ve found that really seems to speak to me.

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  15. Mrs L served one of my favorites: pork chop, rice and red beans. She also had a salad first to make sure I got my veggies. What would I do without my woman.

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  16. I think I need to go to our place for hanging out. They have a library and my friend gave them my copy of New Morning Mercies that I gave her. I will see if I can get it back again.

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  17. I have eaten up all the dark chocolate pomegranate candies I made for Christmas. One a day is a real treat. Glad that pomegranate was good, Janice.

    I used the long licorice strings and Cheerios or Fruit Loops for the girls to make at one of the many birthday parties I did for my daughters. That sounds like fun for your students, Jo.

    I have never heard of any nurse who doesn’t work in a place that is understaffed and I imagine it is all worse with all the Covid issues.

    My grandson in TN had to return to his dorm early because of snow. That is something I have never heard from them before. 😀 Hope you all stay safe down South!

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  18. I’m sitting in the church parking lot. On the way I decided to listen to Gentleman Jim. My Mama Ruth loved him and I was thinking of her daughter Sharee. She is better. Thank you all for praying for her.
    Anyway, this song came on and I started thinking about Chas and Elvera. I started to choke up because even though I know he is ready to go, I am not ready to let him go and I know others feel the same.
    Then I smiled because he is the embodiment of this song.
    We love you Chas

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  19. It’s cold here with yesterday’s snow on the ground, but the sun is shining and all 11 people in our little church plan on being there today. It’ll be the first time in over a month for all of us to be together.

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  20. Kim, thanks for the update on S. I was wondering about her.

    We didn’t go to church this morning. C and I have a mild cold, and now Dad is hoarse and has congestion. He is very rarely sick so I’ve got a time reserved to take him to the clinic today. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

    It’s coldish and windy here with a chance of snow later this evening. That’s unusual for southeastern TN, but certainly not unheard of. A couple of years ago we got a whopping 4 inches at our house. But it never stays long enough to break out the snow shovel. We have one, but I don’t think I’ve used it once in 12 years. That’s not a complaint. :–)

    Everyone stay warm and dry and healthy on this wonderful January Sunday. :–)

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  21. Thanks, Janice. I tend toward vegetarian but my oldest daughter tends toward carnivore, eating nothing but meat. Interesting to see how health advice migrates.

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  22. Virginia church was a good message on Communion. We are not attending as husband is still sleeping. His O2 level is fine, in the 90’s but he is sleepy.

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  23. The church I still belong to said that due to downed lines from fallen trees that the service would not be online. The church is about five minutes from here. We have not been aware of high winds, but I did see a limb from a taller tree fallen into our Japanese maple.


  24. 13% of the world? Does it mean you looked at 13% of the world on maps?

    Since I look at maps all the time, that number wouldn’t surprise me, but I didn’t think you did that much traveling, Janice!

    We watched the Paul Newman movie Exodus last night. (It was on Hoopla, the only place you can view it now, apparently).

    Daughter, who reads The Economist magazine and grew upon our household with all those discussions, knew nothing about what happened in modern Israel post-WWII.

    “They quit teaching history about WWI,” she said.

    No wonder we have so many loud ignorant fools in the world.

    Anyway, we’re glad we watched it again. It had been years.

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  25. Our Pastor is ill so we had that elder subbing. I took notes .. it helped 😊

    It was 10 degrees warmer in town than at our place. Ice on the side roads is bad but is beginning to melt a bit. We live in a land of freeze…thaw ⛄️ poor frosty

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  26. Popping in to say Happy New Year, Wanderers. I hope you’ve been well. Sorry to say I don’t know much about how things have been going lately with you all. Life has been crazy busy here this month.

    5th Arrow becomes an adult next month, so there are a lot of details with various agencies to take care of with his childhood-to-adult transition.

    I have one of those infrequent times right now that I’m home alone. 4th Arrow is at work. 5th and 6th Arrow went with 3rd Arrow and fiance to the place that will be catering their wedding in the spring. Hubby is on the road now to pick up 5th & 6th, since 3rd and fiance have a party to go to after going to the catering place.

    Later will be my turn to head out. The studio co-owners where I work are throwing a teacher appreciation party at 5:00pm. I am looking forward to attending that this evening.

    Homeschooling and teaching piano have been going well, and are keeping me very busy. I have three 4-year-old students now, not to mention the 2 1/2 year old I think I told you about last fall. So 1/8 of my students are under the age of 5! Wheeee!

    The oldest student turned 17 a little after Christmas. And there are lots of ages in between; all delightful.

    One of my students just moved to New York, but he is continuing lessons with me via Zoom. This boy LOVES playing in recitals, so much so, that they are going to fly back here in March just so he can play in the studio recital that month!!!

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  27. A fun coincidence. Last year a sweet orange kitty showed up at our back door. Already having two on-purpose cats and two unintentional squatters, we weren’t able to keep him. After a few weeks my sister agreed to take him. He is really a special cat and she adores him. Yesterday, which was my sister’s birthday, Facebook “memories” reminded me that it was the day he showed up here.

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  28. Our pastor also was out ill. He had Covid kind of early on but I think with the new variants one can get infected again, just as it “gets around” vaccines, it gets around “natural” immunity as well. But I don’t know that it’s what ails me, maybe it’s just the flu or something else.

    But seemed like quite a few folks have been hit, again, in our church.

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  29. I am listening to Casting Crowns on volume eight. I do not generally listen to music on a loud volume but it beats the alternative. Husband is upstairs sleeping. Youngest two are back in their rooms watching their weekly movie. Twenty is yelling about body functions. I prefer Casting Crowns. Thanks, Janice. God brings sanity to my life.

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  30. Hoopla? Never heard of that one, but I’m not sure I ever saw that movie and may want to try to find it.


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  31. I put a video on Facebook to show it is actually snowing in Atlanta. It is messy and not sticking much. An overnight freeze could make things treacherous in the morning.

    Glad that Casting Crowns is a good distraction, Mumsee!

    I have been clearing out some recyclables today and realized the garbage pickup will be delayed by a day.

    Now to figure out food for Art. I told him I havef one banana anf gave three choices: peanut butter and bsnana sandwich, fruity gingerbread, or buckwheat pancakes. He chose PB/banana sadwich. I think I have some broccoli. What a combo.


  32. Janice, not just a distraction. She does not like the message so she leaves the area. Yells a bit and then goes back to her room for doing whatever she does back there.

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  33. I have been listening to the Audivle book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. My ladies Bible study group starts the companion study guide this week. I really enjoyed chapter 4 about prayer. I did not get much from the first three chapters, but this latest chapter made up for the lack of meat in the other chapters (can a vegan say that or should I say the lack of veggies).

    I liked how he clearly made known an order of steps to be most fruitful in prayer:
    #1 Read the Bible
    #2 Meditate on the Reading
    #3 Pray as led by the Spirit using the scripture

    He also stresses having dedicated periods of time fot prayer, not just thinking you will find time for prayer.


  34. By Dobakd Whitney?

    That one is better than some of the other spiritual discipline books, I think, which can be very rigid and almost legalistic.

    For example, morning times are simply hard for me as I’m not at my best in the morning. Really. At all.

    After work, early evening has been the better time for me and i don’t always do “everything” on those “lists.” It varies.

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  35. I think I overwatered Charlie Brown 2 today, I flipped on the hose earlier in the afternoon, became distracted, read, laid down for a while, got up around 4:30 and noticed, hmm, the water was running. Oops. A river all the way out the side gate and down the driveway.

    What drought? Water rationing? Missed the memo, apparently.

    I’m be so busted by DWP one of these days.


  36. Linda – Back in the mid-80s, Hubby and I rescued a cat that had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road. The vet who treated him said that it was obvious that he had been on his own for quite a while. The vet split the cost of the treatments with us. (The cat’s hip needed to be put back in place, he needed to be neutered, and maybe something else.)

    Hubby’s mom’s cat had recently died, so we offered this one to her. At first, Stormie would hiss when approached, but eventually, he warmed up to her, and he became quite the loving lap cat. He was such a blessing to her.


  37. 🙂 🙂

    Good story on 60 Minutes tonight about a retired FBI investigator who led a team to try to determine who may have betrayed Ann Frank and her family when they were found after 2 years in hiding.


  38. Wendy was back today. Made the whole day so much easier.

    Then two, yes two, moms sent me a message that they are going out to the village and need me to prepare a village program. And one child is low in reading ability and the other is several grades above, so I won’t be sending the same thing with them.

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