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  1. Sums it up nicely….

    But no mean tweets, right?

    That’s something….

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  2. Dr. Peter McCullough – a respected cardiologist, internist, and medical journal editor with over 600 medical publications to his credit – has been ridiculed, discredited, and most recently threatened with revocation of his license to practice medicine by the WHO and agents of the Biden admin for daring to tell the truth about early, safe treatment of the Covid-19 virus. He is a true hero of the medical profession for his brave stand against Big Pharma and those who are desperate to keep us from knowing the truth about this human-engineered virus. Virtually everything he was sounding the alarm about (back in 2020) regarding misguided, misinformed, and ‘lock down’ medical treatment for Covid-19 infection has since proven to be true. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his tireless and selfless dedication to exposing the Covid cover-up.


    “Thanks to Elon Musk, the public is now aware that Twitter suppressed early treatment options for COVID-19, and vaccine safety concerns, Dr. Peter McCullough alleged in an interview that aired on Newsmakers by NTD and The Epoch Times on Dec. 14.

    Further, thanks to the Twitter Files—a collection of internal emails and communications made public by Musk—the cardiologist said there’s proof that government agencies were working against him (McCullough) personally.

    “I didn’t violate any of Twitter’s rules,” McCullough stated. “And what we’re learning is that secret emails between government agencies and Twitter were working to, in a sense, shadow-ban me, censor me, and inhibit my ability to exercise my rights to free speech and disseminate scientific information.”

    McCullough said Musk’s takeover of Twitter is a “welcome change,” especially for healthcare professionals like himself.

    “Twitter had become an incredibly biased and censored platform, where the public knew they weren’t getting a fair, balanced set of information on a whole variety of developments—including the early treatment of SARS-COV2 infection and a balanced view of safety and efficacy of the vaccines,” McCullough claimed.

    The cardiologist further claimed that he was censored and finally suspended for sharing scientific “abstracts and manuscripts,” which didn’t fit the accepted political view. Plus, McCullough remarked, he wasn’t the only doctor targeted.

    Musk lifted the suspensions of McCullough and mRNA vaccine technology contributor Dr. Robert Malone—suspended from Twitter in 2021 after criticizing the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines—after completing his Twitter purchase.”

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  3. Well the Twitter Files FBI edition has dropped.

    What frauds.

    The misinformation is coming from FBI HQ. The Whitmer fedknapping scam, an FBI op from day one, Jan6 was too, fed run top to bottom, Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinfo, who could forget their Russia, Russia, Russia scam…

    All FBI ops. The misinformation is coming from them.

    Are we still agreeing to disagree over the Jan6 farce after all of this, or are you starting to see thru their lies?

    If not, more is coming.

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  4. People here are outraged that the Biden administration has made a deal with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia to support the development of critical minerals in those countries. The US will provide support the countries to develop an “electric vehicle value chain” according to our local paper. This area has vast reserves of copper, nickel and platinum, which are all needed for batteries, but we cannot mine them here. Instead, we will use taxpayers’ money to mine them in countries with little environmental standards and child labor. In addition to that problem, we seem to have not learned our lesson about supply chain issues when outsourcing.

    My granddaughter needs Amoxicillin but cannot get it right now. Hopefully, we will have someone look into all of that and do something about it. We certainly have not for the past two years.

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  5. Just gonna leave this here….

    “Most medical professionals don’t believe the public health establishment”


    “You might be under the impression–based upon what politicians, the MSM, and the public health bureaucrats say–that there is near unanimity within the medical profession that non-pharmaceutical interventions such as masking and social distancing actually work to prevent the spread of COVID.

    You can be forgiven if you think this, because that is the Narrative being pushed on us. The Science™ says so, so it must be true.

    But remember, The Science™ is Fauci–he told us so–and not the method used to pursue the objective search for truth. It is no longer a method, but a collection of people with an agenda.

    One of my favorite Twitter follows is Dr. Vinay Prasad, who rose to prominence by being one of the few and the brave voices of reason during the pandemic. He actually benefited because the medical establishment didn’t recognize him as a threat early on–he was just another doctor and researcher who they thought posed little threat to their monopoly on Truth™. But over the pandemic he gained a following based upon his well-reasoned arguments and thoughtful analyses.

    His take is pretty much what the mainstream take would have been 5 years ago. Cautious, curious, pro-intervention when it makes sense, while recognizing the limitations of what we can actually do.

    He posted a couple of tweets that pointed out the obvious: no matter what the powers-that-be are saying, actual medical practitioners are done with COVID nuttiness.”

    “Health bureaucrats and institutions may be pushing a return to masking and lockdowns, scaring everybody with ridiculous zombie scenarios, but actual health practitioners are clearly not buying into the hype.

    Doctors may even be mouthing the words required of them–repeating what the bureaucrats tell them to say–but the truth is revealed in their actions. And their actions say that they don’t believe a word of it.

    Crowded parties, no masks, no social distancing, and even the dreaded laughing and singing we were told to avoid abound.

    I don’t see the hypocrisy that the politicians who partied in private while preaching in public–I see doctors who have been cowed by the punishments meted out to dissenters. They just want to practice medicine, and if the bureaucrats require it they will recommend what they see as harmless if useless interventions such as masks.

    Such is life. We dance to the tune of our masters.”


  6. Kathaleena,

    Albuterol is in short supply too, along with some others, including Tamiflu, which is really problematic as flu runs wild, and the baby formula shortage is no better, but the press stopped talking about it because it hurt Democrats.


    “Doctor’s offices and hospitals are filling up with coughing, sneezing, feverish patients as the U.S. contends with a wave of winter illnesses. Meanwhile, some of the medications used to treat the bugs going around are hard to come by.

    For example, an earlier-than-expected influenza surge is causing shortages in some areas of oseltamivir (Tamiflu), an antiviral medication that can help keep a mild case of the flu from progressing into something more serious. Nearly every state in the U.S. is reporting high levels of flu activity right now, and so far, at least 150,000 Americans have been hospitalized with the illness — the highest number we’ve seen this time of year in a decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    At the same time, pharmacies are running low on some antibiotics — including amoxicillin for pediatric patients — used to treat bacterial complications (ear infections, pneumonia) that can arise following a viral infection. And stores in some regions can’t keep common pain relievers in stock.

    The list doesn’t end there. Everything from Adderall to lidocaine to popular diabetes medications is in scarce supply. So are drugs used for anesthesia and fluids that fill IVs.

    “The shortages span the gamut from things that are nice to have to things that are utterly necessary,” says Megan Ranney, M.D., an emergency physician and deputy dean at Brown University’s School of Public Health.”


  7. This is why what DeSantis is planning to investigate in Florida is necessary, because the feds are complicit, gave the vaccine makers immunity, and continue to deny the obvious while pushing for more vaccines. The feds can’t be trusted.

    “Watching Football: Something Weird Is Going On”


    “Recently, though, we have grown alarmed at the high volume of injuries among the teams, rosters increasingly decimated, offensive and defensive lines spackled with substitutes, quarterbacks going down like proverbial ninepins, and outcomes determined to a large extent by who remained on the field. In a recent game between the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals, five players were assisted off the field before the first quarter was half-done, including a potentially career-ending injury to Cardinal signal caller Kyler Murray.

    Something was going on, but what? Our anecdotal impression was confirmed by a longitudinal analysis conducted by the National Library of Medicine, which concluded that “The rate of injury in NFL players during weeks 1-4 of the 2020-2021 regular seasons was significantly higher than during 3 recent past NFL preseasons and regular seasons.” The first mRNA vaccine mandate came on the market in December 2020. The regular 2021 season began in early September, by which time most of the players would likely have been vaccinated. It was bad last year and clearly worse in 2022. Stamina and resilience, muscle and bone, have clearly been impacted.

    Apart from mentioning the names of the injured and the nature of their injuries, none of the sportscasters and commenters seem willing to address the elephant in the locker room. It is known that practically all the players are vaxxed, with only rare exceptions like Aaron Rodgers. It is known that a soaring number of adverse effects have followed upon the introduction of the vaccines and booster shots, including the spiraling prominence of what is called SADS, or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, people popping off in record numbers, with no prior warning, to heart attacks, brain clots, and cancer. No one in authority, not even families who have lost “loved ones,” will mention this unprecedented medical anomaly, which is certainly not the result of COVID-19 — the “19” is long past. Autopsies have plainly shown that the vaccines are implicated, as does the timeline. Yet omerta prevails.

    SLAY Magazine reports that recent data from Germany, based on insurance tables, show that “unexpected deaths have been skyrocketing since the end of 2020… jumping from about 6000 per quarter to 14,000 currently.” Similarly, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals a 13% rise in deaths during 2022.

    A recent article in The Epoch Times compiles a large number of studies and clinical investigations dealing with the adverse effects of the vaccines. According to direct evidence published by medical pathologists at Heidelberg University Hospital, mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis via fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. Vaccinated patients suffered from autoimmune attacks on their own heart cells.

    The findings, published on Nov. 27, 2022, established “the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis.” Other original studies come to the same conclusion. Epidemiological guidelines codified by the Bradford Hill criteria indicate that the relation between mRNA vaccine and injury is causative rather than correlational. Colleen Huber’s study of the nine elements comprising these criteria in her 2022 book Neither Safe Nor Effective posits a relation between “the vaccines and human health events, including higher rates of death from all causes.”

    Interestingly, pushback is growing against the pharmaceutical cartels. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is now threatening “to hold these manufacturers accountable for this mRNA vaccine.” Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo is looking into the increased instances of cardiac arrest, the mounting number of stillbirths and miscarriages, and the failure of the medical profession to allow for informed consent among their patients with respect to the jabs. The Florida administration is to be commended for taking up the challenge against a secretive and venal pharmaceutical industry and its medical and political hoplites, though I don’t know if that will help Tua Tagovailoa regain his form or revive the Brady bunch on the field of play at this time.

    One need not consult the hundreds of meticulous and authentic reports and studies to arrive at similar conclusions. One need only spend a few months watching football to detect that something weird is happening. Players have become increasingly vulnerable, far more prone to injuries than in recent memory, and the carnage on the field consorts with the introduction of the vaccines.

    One should not pay attention to the complicit and corrupt medical authorities who, unlike Dr. Ladapo and a small constellation of his confreres, have changed their minds so often that they resemble weathervanes in a windstorm. They have, to use a common term, not only contrived to move the goalposts, but they also have performed the sorcerer’s feat of moving the entire football field. Their contestation will only lead to disaster.

    One can only hope that more and more people, as well as corporations and leagues, will realize that it is the height of folly to continue taking a significantly untested genomic substance into one’s body. We’ve had enough of this silent and often denied “mystery”: ordinary people, airline pilots, celebrities, journalists, royalty, and, yes, football players apparently succumbing to its effects, whether severely critical or generally debilitating. It’s time to blow the whistle.”


    Here’s the mentioned Epoch Times piece…


    “People Died From mRNA-Vaccine-Damaged Hearts, New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides Direct Evidence”


    And the German study….



  8. These are the un-American posers who voted to prevent re-instating fired military members who refused the vaccine.


    “Four Republican senators joined Democrats in shooting down an amendment to a massive defense authorization package that would have reinstated troops discharged for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the Senate 83-11 Thursday night, and along with it a provision overturning the Biden administration’s service-wide vaccine requirement. Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Mike Rounds of South Dakota voted no on a last-minute amendment to the bill re-enlisting thousands of troops separated for refusing the vaccine mandate, collapsing the proposal 54 to 40.”


    The usual traitors….

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  9. Being a propagandist for Democrats means never having to admit you were wrong and lied to your readers.

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  10. Shocked?

    Not at all.

    “First-Ever Emmy Awards for Children Heavily Pushes LGBT Content”


    “In the first Emmy Awards ceremony aimed at children, many of the speeches and award wins overwhelmingly promoted pro-LGBTQ content and other far-left concepts.

    Fox News reports that the Children’s and Family Emmy Awards, created by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and hosted over the course of two nights, is intended for children ranging from “infancy to age 15.” Of all the programs that received an award, one out of four featured characters or stories that involved sexual preference or gender identity.

    The host of the first night was TikTok influencer JoJo Siwa, who identifies as “pansexual;” in her opening remarks, she described herself as “a gay icon.” The opening ceremony featured young girls dancing in rainbow-colored outfits.

    One of the award winners was the Disney-owned series “Muppet Babies,” receiving the award for Outstanding Writing for a Preschool Animated Program. There was a heavy focus on one episode in particular called “Gonzo-rella,” where the male character Gonzo decides to identify as “non-binary,” wears women’s dresses, and uses “they/them” pronouns.

    The long-running children’s television series Sesame Street also won two different awards for pro-LGBTQ content. Winning the award for “Best Original Show” was the episode “Friends with a Penguin,” which featured gay cross-dresser Billy Porter wearing dresses as he sang songs. Later, the series won the award for “Outstanding Preschool Series” for the episode “Family Day,” which includes a gay couple.”


  11. Another farce.

    “Justice Department Lies About Absent Prosecutor

    Just like everything out of Garland’s department, the notion that Jack Smith is in charge and his staff is “independent” is a total fabrication.”


    “To hear the media tell it, Jack Smith, the special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged theft of classified documents and any illegal interference in the certification of the 2020 election results, is feverishly working away.

    Smith, according to a recent story in Yahoo News, issued subpoenas seeking more information related to Trump’s attempts to “overturn” the 2020 election. The subpoenas target “election officials in seven battleground states that were key to former President Trump and his allies after the 2020 election,” Brad Dress reported on December 14.

    “These grand jury subpoenas make clear that Special Counsel Jack Smith is aggressively pursuing the January 6th investigation, including the ‘fake electors’ scheme,’” legal analyst Renato Mariotti swooned on Twitter.

    Smith has “[hit] the ground running,” the Washington Examiner claimed on December 12.

    Except there’s a tiny problem—it’s unlikely Smith can hit any ground running. According to CNN, Smith is still on the mend after undergoing knee surgery last month. And not only is Smith not in Washington, D.C., to manage the investigation that bears his name, but he also isn’t even in the country.

    “Though he remains in Europe recovering from a biking accident, Smith has made a series of high-profile moves since he was put in charge last month, including asking a federal judge to hold Trump in contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena ordering him to turn over records marked classified,” CNN reported on December 11.

    But Smith isn’t making any “moves” in court. His condition also explains why Smith was not in attendance during Garland’s press conference on November 18 announcing his appointment. Garland insisted he had no choice but to name a special counsel after Trump announced his intention to run for president again in 2024. ”

    “The Department of Justice has long recognized that in certain extraordinary cases, it is in the public interest to appoint a special prosecutor to independently manage an investigation and prosecution,” Garland said. “Such an appointment underscores the Department’s commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters.”

    The stunt was intended to convince the public that Garland, a political appointee of Joe Biden, and his top aides—including Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and another Biden appointee, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves—would take a hands-off approach into the criminal probe of Trump and Republican officials who aided post-election efforts to salvage his presidency. (Monaco and Graves, the prosecutor currently handling more than 900 January 6 cases, stood next to Garland at the announcement.)

    The basis for a special counsel is to avoid any “conflict of interest” between the Justice Department and political targets of an investigation, according to the law’s language. A special counsel, both by design and Garland’s own explanation, is meant to ensure the “independence” of an investigation. So prosecutors and investigators who take the reins should be unaffiliated with the “conflicted” Justice Department officials.

    Except that isn’t the case with an absentee Smith. “A team of 20 prosecutors investigating January 6 and the effort to overturn the 2020 election are in the process of moving to work under Smith,” CNN continued. “Smith will also take on national security investigators already working the probe into the potential mishandling of federal records taken to Mar-a-Lago after Trump left the White House.”

    In other words, Smith, or someone pulling the strings, is simply transferring people from existing investigations to his team.

    And that’s not all. Thomas Windom, a close advisor to Garland, also will move to Smith’s office. Windom has been working on a vast investigation into Trump and several associates, including Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and John Eastman, since last year. “Windom has been involved in almost all the department’s other key decisions regarding the wide-ranging inquiry into Mr. Trump’s multilayered effort to remain in office,” the New York Times reported in June 2022.

    This includes organizers of Trump’s speech at the Ellipse on January 6 and Republican lawmakers who planned to legally object to the certification of some electoral votes that day. Windom has issued a flurry of subpoenas “seeking information on any members of the executive or legislative branch who helped to plan or execute the rally, or who tried to obstruct the certification of the election that was taking place inside the Capitol that day—a broad net that could include top Trump aides and the former president’s allies in Congress,” according to the Times.

    This is the exact opposite of an “independent” investigation. Garland, with help from the media, is intentionally misleading the public into believing his staff, including those already deeply involved in an obvious political prosecution, have been removed from the matter.

    Further, does anyone for a moment believe that Monaco, a longtime Obama loyalist and an architect of the Russia collusion hoax, will really step away from investigating the man she’s tried to destroy for the better part of six years? Or will Graves, a Biden campaign advisor married to the head of a radical left-wing nonprofit in D.C. who considers white women “racist” for voting for Trump? At least two other prosecutors working for Graves in D.C. will simply walk a few blocks over to the special counsel’s office.”


  12. They’re a uni-party.

    It would be nice if folks realized it.


    “Senate Judiciary Committee chair Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) described the committee with glowing words on the Senate floor: “The confirmation of highly qualified judges is one of the great, shared successes of President Biden and Senate Democrats.” There is more here than Durbin’s self-congratulating fable on behalf of an administration that has few bragging rights, especially when it comes to the quality of some of its recent judicial confirmations.

    With twenty-two members, the committee’s jurisdiction provides critical oversight of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security and has responsibility for “advice and consent” on all Article III judicial appointments. Those judgeships include the Supreme Court and a total of 870 federal judges within the prestigious thirteen Appellate Courts, which are one step away from the Supreme Court — that means five state courts, with the “lower” ninety-four District Courts conducting trials related to federal law. All Article III judges are lifetime appointments, with a current annual salary of $223,000.

    One week after Biden’s inauguration in January 2021, there were 59 Article III vacancies awaiting judicial appointment to federal courts. With full understanding of the need to dominate judicial nominations, the Biden administration began an unprecedented hustle to nominate 142 candidates to fill those federal appointments. By December 7, 2022, ninety-five federal judicial nominees had been approved by the Judiciary Committee and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, including twenty-eight circuit court judges and sixty-eight district court judges.

    With its last confirmation in the 117th session of Congress, there are currently another eighty-three pending vacancies, including thirty-two nominees awaiting Senate approval, another six awaiting a committee vote, and ten awaiting a committee hearing. Those confirmations include eighteen federal circuit judges with fourteen non-white women and fifty-seven federal district court judges with forty-two non-white women. About 74 percent of the president’s confirmed nominees are women, and about 46 percent are non-white women, outpacing Trump’s confirmed judicial appointments of eighty-five at the same point in his administration.

    With a steady stream of administrative approvals, required hearings and giving each nominee his due consideration such a massive, time-consuming task, one benefit for the administration’s high rate of nominees is the committee’s inability to conduct its legitimate oversight on the FBI, DOJ, and DHS. Each nominee requires three separate votes of the committee’s approval process: initial committee approval of the nomination followed by a cloture vote on the Senate floor and a final Senate floor vote on confirmation.

    s Democrats vote in a solid bloc, Republicans frequently split their votes, even to the point of allowing a nominee with a noticeable lack of innate judicial aptitude to pass unscathed. In the interests of dumbing down the American Judiciary, a conundrum exists when Republicans provide Democrats the necessary votes to approve some of the more sketchy candidates, who otherwise might be denied the luxury of a privileged lifetime career at government expense. Clearly, these courts (especially the circuit courts) are no place for a second-stringer.

    While Biden’s nominations have set a record for women and racially diverse attorneys, there is no assurance that ethnic or cultural diversity is a prerequisite for judicial competence or excellence, that application of “Equal Justice under the Law” will be achieved by diversity, or that a Soros devotee had not slipped through the cracks. Other considerations may arise. Should a nominee who supports use of a clerkship or a formal “recommendation” in lieu of passing the bar exam be fast-tracked to confirmation? Should thin judicial credentials or an inability to explain unsettling legal questions or obvious partisan or ideological bias or membership in a political activist organization such as a labor union be overlooked in favor of diversity?

    The difference between a 63-31 confirmation and a 42-48 vote is critical, whether that candidate will be perceived as having been approved overwhelmingly due to exemplary personal and professional qualities to assume a prestigious court position or a relatively close vote indicative of barely eking out a confirmation, indicative of a candidate who is only marginally qualified with less than impressive credentials. There appears to be little distinction among senators between appointing a circuit court judge with limited judicial experience and a district court judge’s understanding of the Constitution.

    Is this the most productive way to create a new generation of federal judges? These split votes are not aberrations. They are too frequently the norm. There is no unanimity of belief that the candidate has the highest judicial standards, professional demeanor, and expertise.

    On one vote for a district court judge, the final Senate vote was 51-43, with five Republicans voting affirmatively. Without those five Republican votes, that nominee would have been denied confirmation (46-48).

    Frequent committee votes are 13-9, with two Republicans voting affirmatively. If those Republicans voted on the basis of what might be perceived as an appropriate judicial philosophy, those votes would be 11-11. In other words, with a membership of twenty-two, a straight-line partisan vote would always result in a tie.

    Republican senators who regularly vote to confirm with the Democrats on almost every nominee are Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and Mitt Romney (Utah) — none of whom serves on the Judiciary Committee. Committee members who most regularly vote with the Democrats on judicial nominees include Sens. Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis, John Cornyn, and others, which facilitates a sketchy nominee’s path to confirmation. Derailing a nomination that needed to be derailed rarely happens, as enough minority Republicans are willing to vote with majority Democrats.”


  13. So many hoaxes….


    “I bring you this year’s group of highly anticipated and remarkably exquisite hoaxes a bit later than in the past, as I didn’t want to jump the gun (sorry, didn’t mean to trigger anyone) and miss out on any developing late-year hoaxes. Once again, there is a rich and crowded field of hoaxes from which to pick — in fact, a perhaps unprecedented number of them. It’s as if, as time seems to go by faster every year, the hoaxes seem to proliferate. So, as the late, great Chris Cuomo would say, “Let’s get after it!”

    As usual, there are a number of continuing hoaxes that deserve mention, such as the Any Number of Illegal Aliens Makes the Country Better and Richer Hoax, the Overpopulation Will Kill Us All Hoax, and the Climate Change Will Kill Us All Hoax.

    Additionally, quite a few hoaxes have taken a hit in 2022, and some may never recover, as even the more thoroughly indoctrinated and gullible Americans seem to be becoming somewhat skeptical of them. These include the Disney Loves Your Kids Hoax, the Mitch McConnell Is A Vertebrate Hoax, the Wuhan Lab Wasn’t the Source of the Coronavirus Hoax, the closely related Dr. Fauci Is a Rock Star Hoax, the also closely related the COVID Vaccines Are a Godsend Hoax, the Health Care Industry Has Only Our Best Interest at Heart Hoax, the Joe Biden Is a Decent Man and a Moderate Hoax, the Most of Those Working in the FBI and DOJ Are Good People Hoax, and the Teachers Are All Selfless, Underpaid Angels Who Love Our Kids Hoax. (Actually, the “love our kids” part might be true, but definitely not in the way a sane person would want.) Another hoax, the CNN Is a Legitimate Cable News Network Hoax, imploded in spectacular — and highly entertaining — fashion over nearly the entire course of 2022.

    Conversely, one hoax that really gained traction this year, at least among academics, is the Competence, Punctuality, and Discipline Are All Aspects of White Supremacy Hoax. Speaking of growing, the Marijuana Is Good for You Hoax is also alive and well. And, incredibly, the Men Can Get Pregnant, Too Hoax also appears to be gaining steam.

    Then there was President Biden’s Gas Was Over $5 a Gallon “When I Took Office” Hoax. Okay, that was really just a lie, but what is a lie but the seed of a hoax, you semi-fascists?

    The Elon Musk Purchasing Twitter Will Turn It into a Sewer of Disinformation and Hate Hoax still has traction among leftist pundits and mainstream media “journalists.” (Sorry, elite snobs and lowlife Antifa-types — that is what Twitter was before Musk bought it.) The No One Knows What Happened That Night at the Pelosi Mansion Cover-Up Hoax is still fresh in our minds and believed by many.

    Both the Trump Took Nuclear Codes to Mar-a-Lago Hoax and the Trump Took Top-Secret Materials to Mar-a-Lago in Order To Sell Them for a Profit Hoax were highly touted by the media prior to the midterm elections but, oddly, were debunked by the same outlets shortly after the midterm election results were known.

    One of the prevailing — and most preposterous — hoaxes of 2022 was the If the Red Wave Occurs, It Is the End of Our Democracy Hoax. Another — quite diabolical — was the “Great Reset” Is a Hoax Hoax. Only the most inattentive, naïve, and ignorant could have bought in to that one, since various heads of state and the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are all on record espousing the “Great Reset’s” necessity. (The Trudeau government’s response to the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy and the Dutch government’s brazen threats to farmers should also serve as clues.)”

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