38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-8-22

  1. Morning all! What’s that duck sitting upon? A lifesaver? 😊

    I voted last week and received an email stating my vote had been counted….hopefully for the people and issues I actually marked on my ballot!!

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  2. The last week (Wednesday?) I noticed my alarm clock had somehow been reset an hour slow. I left it since I’d have to reset it again Saturday night.

    Last night it seemed it had reset again since it was an hour behind Mrs L’s alarm clock. When I got up this morning I thought it was 7:00, but came out to the living room and all the clocks said 6:00. It turns out Mrs L hadn’t turned her clock back yet.

    Life is wonderful when you don’t really need an alarm clock.

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  3. In other news, I pushed myself all day yesterday, kept moving, even ironed! so I wouldn’t fall asleep before a reasonable bedtime.

    7 o’clock seemed like a reasonable bedtime–and I fell asleep within seconds.

    I woke at 4, but told myself I HAD to stay in bed until 6.

    So, now I’ve prayed, thought, listened to a teaching, and am up and drinking coffee.

    I have a big writing project to do and complete today–the one thing I didn’t finish before we left on our trip.

    A lot of things ride on this one–I’m writing with four others–and we have interest, great interest.

    Pressure . . . go!

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  4. Good morning, all. The sun is up and the day is glorious. A lot of the snow has melted and we are headed to the deep freeze. The ground prefers a little snow cover. Off to medicate daughter in an hour and can vote then.

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  5. I see my Christmas package from Christian Book is taking the scenic route,

    Massachusetts to Connecticutt, Ohio, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon….

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  6. My last order from CBD has been backordered from early October to into December now.

    We went to Sam’s Club yesterday and I noticed there were absolutely no frozen potato products. We didn’t need any, but it is still strange to see these shortages.

    I thought a tree was blown over yesterday but went to take a closer look and realized it was just huge branches off a big pine tree. It was in the exact spot my SIL just moved another tree that had fallen over. I told my husband he maybe shouldn’t have planted all those trees!

    Don’t you just love when a businessperson tells you they will call you when an order is in and then no one bothers?

    The weatherman said if the area gets enough snow to help the drought, it will be about nine feet worth. Hmmm, glad we are not quite that dry right here. I don’t think that will happen, although we are supposed to have a ‘normal’ winter.

    Peter, my husband particularly liked your observation about voting. πŸ™‚

    We will go vote and then visit the business that did not bother to call us.

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  7. Quite the storm here. I am ready! I actually opened some of my hanging bags of clothes that I haven’t seen for two years. I found my full length LL Bean raincoat. It is only a short walk to church, but it is pouring out there.

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  8. In the next week I will have three flooring deliveries. So they should call or text me the four hour delivery window. It is at least a 20 minute drive to my house, so it would be good to know when to expect things.

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  9. Our snow has not melted. It is here to stay. And… we got another 8 inches over night. That changed my plans for a trip to the city for a Chiro appointment – now I have to wait until next week.

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  10. We do need snow soon and are expected to get it soon. Good insulation.

    Our old radio alarm gave out quite a while ago. We could not find anything like it, so bought one of the new types. I gave up trying to even use it as an alarm clock. It was supposed to automatically reset the time but didn’t. That was, no doubt, error on my part. I did manage to get the clock set at the right time again. I know realize why my mom hated to monkey with new technology. It just should be that difficult. πŸ™‚

    I am grateful for every clock that changes automatically or easily. Our car radio is so easy to reprogram. Blessings!

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  11. Peter @8:56 lol

    Yes, it’s Election Day! Despite some of our differences here, we’re (probably) mostly on the same page in looking to the results tonight — or whenever they will be known. Some of these tight races could take a while. Then again, who knows, sometimes polls say a race is tight and it’s not so much when the votes finally get tallied.

    Then, let the cheers and tears and arguing and wailing and the gnashing of teeth ensue, as it always does. And it’s on to the next election. Grateful for the system of “common man (and woman)” participation that we have.

    The house is still cold. When the President yesterday(?) suggested we’ll be relying now on “wind and solar” for our energy sources, I thought, better keep those winter jackets and mittens handy. πŸ™‚

    It rained some during the night here, but the sun is peeking through this morning. We have something like a 100% chance of rain starting up again in the mid afternoon and going through the at least the early-morning hours tomorrow.

    Off to make some coffee and take a hot shower to warm up. I start my day shift shortly, really hoping it’ll be extra quiet out there today — because it’ll all fall on me if it isn’t. Virtually everyone else comes in to work at 4 and will be slaving away until around 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. Glad that’s not me this time. It’s a hectic, brutal shift.

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  12. I got the sticker. It took longer than usual as, once again, a new system. They are printing the ballots on demand so not wasting so many but when I first arrived it was not printing correctly. I went back to medicate daughter and returned. I had to stand in line! There were three people ahead of me. And I think we all chose paper ballots rather than the machine. So, pencil in hand, I made my x’s and accomplished my civic duty. I had to ask husband what I thought on a couple of the propositions but he could not figure them out either. So he researched how others were voting and got back to me before I went in. Before I went through my discussion on the need to be an informed voter with my children.

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  13. Our weather report: 70Β° at 8 a.m. and going up to 76Β° today, almost summer; later this week tropical rains, so a fallish event; end of week, a blast of winter. Exercising the wardrobe offerings. From sweat to shivers.

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  14. Pouring here and we’re so happy. Fire season is officially over.

    Now to fill the reservoir–which is at the lowest ever.

    If leaving for 17 days wasn’t hard enough, having to figure out what to have the kids take in case of fire was a nightmare.

    I finally told my second son to take my car–which is 12 years older than his–and if his burns up, he can have mine and I’ll buy a new one.

    I told the kids to take the lock box, the computer, and anything they wanted off the walls. I’m simply out of caring for possessions after fleeing twice.

    Weird to feel that way, but it just has become too much.

    But, now we’re free from it all for . . . seven months.

    Writing coming along. πŸ™‚

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  15. It’s a chaotic day, my punishment for getting the day shift on Election Day.

    A record-breaking Powerball winner story to chase on top of county election reports to update.

    I also created a new term for these breaking stories when every editor seems to be jockeying to grab the story you’re frantically trying to update on one of their orders — Slack-a-Mole. (Slack is an internal texting system that companies, including ours, now rely on.)

    Glad fire season is over, M. We are having mud slides and evacuations now, however, in some of our LA/Orange County hillsides. Always something.

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  16. Good Bible study this morning. Most folks didn’t come so we combined all of the groups into one. Great discussion.

    It was snowing when I left so I was walking on the slush very carefully. Now it is time to head for my home and see if I need to pay anyone. Got my homework done first.

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  17. It has been a chaotic day. Working from home, cancelled my chiropractor appointment due to another 8″ of snow, puppy piddling all over, tired and exasperated does not help puppy behaviour. Tomorrow will be better.

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  18. I’ve been bouncing between two competing editors and a reporter in the field on 2 stories today, both of which needed many updates. Argh!

    And both of which involved many numbers, never an easy task for someone like me. But then both the county registrar and the lottery spokesperson told me they aren’t “good with numbers” so at that point I knew we were in huge trouble!

    Hoping I’m morally snow

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  19. “Morally snow?”

    I, on the other hand, cannot apparently think straight or write a proper sentence.

    I have no idea what I meant to say …

    Can’t wait to read that story.

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  20. I went and paid the plumber. Painters should be done tomorrow.

    There is supposed to be a delivery tomorrow, but perhaps not. The email says tomorrow, but when I go online it says Friday. Which makes sense as another order is also coming on Friday so why not combine them?/

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  21. It could be in the alley. They should make one of those “Find Your Phone” apps for our minds.

    It’s been a rainy but uneventful election day out here in LA, one polling place lost power early this morning, in Sierra Madre which is a ways from me, but it was back up and running quickly thanks to some generators.

    At another place a local candidate decided to test the laws against polling place electioneering by setting up a chair with materials to hand out near the entrance.

    Polls don’t close here for another 3 hours, though.

    We’re mostly watching the mayoral race which is very close, according to the polls.

    Meanwhile, a good reminder:

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  22. It’s midnight and our Republican governor won over Stacey Abrams, thankfully. The Senate race is 49% to 49% with 2% for the Libertarian. A long, long night for those peeps. I am Zzzz . . .


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