25 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-9-22

  1. Still waiting to see who controls the House and Senate., as numerous races are uncalled as of this morning.

    But in my state, my assertions have been confirmed once again. I’m surrounded by idiots who just elected a mentally and medically unfit freeloader to the Senate.

    Not surprising, but still not fun to have demonstrated yet again.

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  2. Interesting that Arizona and PA. Who had numerous issues with voting machines yesterday are both leaning dem this morning, contrary to polls.

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  3. My first guess on Wordle this morning was CHEAT!! Wrong guess on their chosen word…they must be Dems!!!

    Friends who voted yesterday have yet to have their vote counted….yep they are Republicans. Our state has become the “new” California but we continue to look to our Lord from whom our help cometh.

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  4. I’ve never seen such anger and division in our land. Both parties have lost their respective centers.

    It will be, from the looks of it, another unsettling 2 years of fierce division as we see who will rise on either side to run for president in 2024.

    God is doing something, and we may not like it much. But I don’t rule out the possibility of that being the point?

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  5. Polling isn’t what it used to be in the days of landlines. Sometimes they get it right, other times they can be way off, last night being probably an example of that.


  6. I’ll put this out there because I found it encouraging in an odd way. This is part B of a 2 part sermon by John MacArthur on 2 Cor 10:3 [for we wrestle not against flesh and blood…] . Here’s a piece I transcribed from the video (to the best of my ability, so listen for yourselves):

    “…. we walk in the flesh but we do not war according to the flesh, the weapons of our warfare are not human, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses (ideologies)
    Spiritual war = bringing down fortresses, with divine weapons
    Fortresses= speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God—- any anti-God ideas, ideologies, lies against the truth which imprisons people

    Truth is the only weapon we can destroy these fortresses/prisons/ tombs. We have to destroy these ideologies, any idea, religion, philosophy, viewpoint. We are making war against the lies in which people are imprisoned. The goal is to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

    “How do you destroy a fortification of lies? Only one weapon, what is it? Truth. That’s all you have. And the more clearly, powerfully, relentlessly, reasonably you articulate that truth , the more powerfully it affects the fortification. One thing you don’t want to do is go around the lies in which they live. You have to attack the ideology that is their tomb if you don’t deliver them. Of course you’re going to offend them….This is the spiritual war we are engaged in . It’s a war to assault lies. ..

    The premium is on how well you know… the truth …and how bold you are to proclaim that truth.
    There is an essential connection in a sinful society between sin and lies. And as long as people can sustain their lies, they can sustain some self-justification for their sins. There are eternally damning consequences for those who die in the fortress of their own lies.

    And God is warning cultures, God is warning our nation, what else can he say go to Romans 1, what else can he say? Do you see my judgment? You have had a sexual revolution. That means I have taken my hands off of you and in some way I am no longer restraining you I am letting you go the way your sins are taking you without any restraint. You’ve had a sexual revolution which is so embedded that people think it’s normal. Then you had a homosexual revolution, lesbianism and male homosexuality. And then you’ve had a revolution in sanity. So that people now think things are true that are absolutely, obviously patently clearly not true. Look at what’s happening to your society. Keep going down this road and that wrath of abandonment ultimately becomes eternal wrath.

    God has warned our entire culture. The election coming up next year is a referendum really on
    Divine wrath. All the things that mark wrath—Insanity, immorality, homosexuality are points on the Democratic platform to make sure they’re protected. Wow. So they’re trying to protect this nation from being delivered from Divine wrath. How bizarre is that. Well, some people have said that I stir up trouble. I didn’t write this I just delivered it. I’m the mailman. But I will fight, and I’ll show you why. Just one last passage in Jude [exhortation to contend for the faith]…”

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  7. Thanks Debra, good questions and thoughts. Our culture has clearly strayed.

    I’d only say judgement may also go broader than that, however, and we need to always, as a church and as believers, be introspective and examine ourselves as well (and first).

    We can probably recognize God’s judgement when it occurs, but not God’s precise reason for it, it could be multifaceted — or even just different — than we think it is on the surface. So I wouldn’t go as far as MacArthur to declare exactly what God is judging our land for, I don’t think we have access to those secret things of God.

    But if we recognize what we think is judgement afoot, it should most definitely prick our consciences and spur us on to declare God’s truth (to ourselves again and others as the occasion arises); it should prompt us to examine ourselves and the church in that light as well.

    Sin is inside the camp as well.

    If that makes sense (from she who randomly typed “morally snowy”).

    I remember RC Sproul talking about this after 9/11; many prominent ministers were declaring it to be judgement on the US and going even further, saying specifically why it occurred, pointing out precisely which sins (some but not necessarily others, interestingly) the US was guilty of as the cause.

    Sproul at the time said we can certainly recognize God’s judgement in some cases; but we cannot really “know” His secret will or purpose behind it. But it should most definitely prompt humility in all of us.

    I think of “you are the man” from Scripture.

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  8. That’s true DJ. That is one reason I thank God that he still raises up men who he authorizes to proclaim truths that so many of us are unworthy to proclaim, and thus can’t /won’t .

    I benefit much from MacArthur’s teaching, even though there are areas he gets wrong.


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  9. None of them get everything right 🙂 Or so our pastor also admits, so he always expects us and the elders to feel free to “check” him.

    I am grateful, too, for good teaching that we have in the church at large — and the ready availability of the Scriptures.

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  10. Actually I have considered that the things MacArthur mentioned as reasons for judgement (sexual revolution, homosexual revolution, and ‘insanity ‘) are themselves the judgements for things that go back even futher.

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  11. Similarly, our pastor has said sometimes things like abortion are possibly the ‘judgement’ on a people in itself, though allowing people to go their own way, as MacArthur also mentions I believe.


  12. Re the 9/11 reference–our country has been involved in the destabilization of many countries over the years. I remember the interview with John Bolton not long ago where be brags openly about being involved in the planning of many coups. One need not be a prophet to see where that leads. Judgement of God or simple cause and effect? Is there a difference? Shall he who made all and gave free will not get the credit for cause and effect as well? Evil prevails whenever God lifts his hand of protection.

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  13. But nothing comes to pass apart from God’s sovereign will.

    And back to recent politics, which are always interesting:

    (Trump on DeSantis, Nov. 8):

    ~ The governor didn’t ask for Mr. Trump’s endorsement this time and nor did Mr. Trump formally offer one.

    “If he runs, he runs,” Mr. Trump said. But he added: “If he did run, I will tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering. I know more about him than anybody other than perhaps his wife, who is really running his campaign.” ~

    Wonderful. Looks like Trump won’t go quietly.


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  14. No pressure.



    The race between Senator Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker in Georgia will go to a runoff. It is likely to decide Senate control.

    A runoff election will be held in December after neither candidate cleared the state’s 50 percent threshold to win.

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  15. Can’t say I disagree with most of this.

    “An Open Letter to Donald Trump”


    “Dear President Trump:

    In mid-August, shortly after the FBI made its unannounced, unprecedented search of Mar-a-Lago, you acknowledged America’s rising levels of anger and polarization and you made an extraordinary offer:

    “The temperature has to be brought down in the country. If it isn’t, terrible things are going to happen,” you said. “I will do whatever I can to help the country.”

    Offer accepted. Here’s how you can best help the nation step back from the precipice of civil disorder: Declare you will not be a candidate for president in 2024.

    And by the way – President Biden, who falsely cast himself as the unity candidate in 2020 and has since made a series of dark, incendiary speeches demonizing all Republicans as a threat to democracy, should step to a Rose Garden podium and make a similar announcement. Only then will the healing begin, and the risk of politically inspired violence begin to diminish.

    I’m a conservative who voted for you in 2016 and 2020 and I regret neither vote. Had you continued in office in 2021, the U.S. and the world would be safer and in far better economic condition today because you would have continued to encourage the exploitation of our vast energy resources; completed your efforts to close our southern border and stem both unfettered immigration and the importation of deadly fentanyl; ensured that law enforcement had the resources it needs to control rising crime that has all Americans on edge; and tried to slow the spread of racially divisive and sexually inappropriate materials in our schools.

    You deserve great credit for engendering a political realignment that will ensure conservative ideas remain relevant. As many U.S. corporations have tacked left, intent on imposing an intolerant “woke” agenda far beyond their boardrooms, you have persuaded increasing numbers of working people and minorities that their best interests are no longer represented by a Democratic Party drawn to fringe ideology that matters to only a sliver of the electorate.

    But these initiatives can and should proceed without you as Republicans continue to take advantage of a favorable electoral environment.”

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  16. The polls weren’t completely wrong, it’s just a matter of how they were read and which ones were read. The election is unfolding mainly as I predicted; i.e. Georgia and Nevada are the key for the Senate. It will be interesting to see the demographics of the vote – did the under 30 female vote (heavily Democrat) come out? And was the overall vote Democratic only to be beaten by rural votes and gerrymandering?

    Exit polls are completely useless in an era where over 50% vote in early polls, drop boxes or mail-in ballots. Since rural Republicans tend to vote on election day, the sample size is heavily skewed. Urban voters tend to vote early or by mail to avoid long lines during election day.

    Americans have got to start counting the mail-in ballots and advance poll ballots earlier. Start in the early morning of election day. Currently the count in Nevada and Arizona is mainly about early ballots which are Democratic heavy and as Kelly increases his lead and Cortez starts to catch up, conspiracy theories start.

    Rough night for Trump endorsed candidates. Other Republican leaders will start to make their move but Trump won’t go gently in that good night. Could get interesting. Apparently Boebert may not win; a vote for common sense there.


  17. Boebert represents a heavily red populous. If she should not win I call foul. Do I like her silliness? No. But she represents her constituents well.
    Adam Frisch moved here from NY…. And lives in Aspen…nuff said.


  18. HRW, I was thinking you were probably one who got some of the projections at least partly right before the election, but couldn’t remember specifics.

    Interesting turn of events with DeSantis doing so well. It may usher the Trump era out more quickly than we think, whether Trump wants to exit the stage or not.

    Some of us will be grateful for that, admittedly.

    So many races still very close, and another runoff coming for GA. Sigh.


  19. A few weeks back, there was some talk that local polls had Frisch in range of Boebert. Just a rumor he was close may have motivated nominal Demcratic voters who usually didn’t bother since it wasn’t a competitive seat. Although at +6 Republicans ranking, its not that overly red and is the weakest of the Colorado Republican seats.

    A few days ago, I mentioned it was good for democracy if Democrats and Republicans contested every seat. Here’s an indication that if you put enough work into a seat, you may surprise people.

    Again, it will be interesting to see voter turnout and democraphics especially in this district. Only 33% voted in Mississippi and West Virginia — imagine if people thought the seats were competitive, would that increase the vote –again gerrymandering isn’t good for democracy and especially voter turnout.

    I also mentioned a week or so ago, a discrepancy in poll results between registered voter and likely voter polls. Pollsters built a profile of a “likely voter” based in 2020 demographics and in likely polls Republicans were stronger. Registered voter polls almost always favoured Democrats and thus a higher turnout would favor Democrats and if the millennials show up, the “likely voter” would not be accurate. And it appears the register voter polls were more correct than the likely voter polls.

    Apparently the votes left to count in Arizona and Nevada are in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Kelly should be called soon and Cortez might receive enough mail in votes (56 000 left to count) to make her opponent nervous.


  20. Trump won’t go quietly and has already said he has dirt on DeSantis. Democrats are already making the popcorn to watch the Republican primary.

    Too often biased blogs and websites will tout polls that favour their point of view and ignore others. Come election day, they are surprised. But it wasn’t surprising if you read both sides of the internet.

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