12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-5-22

  1. I was priced out of even the used Subarus when I had to quickly replace the Jeep Liberty, RIP.

    But the 2018 4×4 Jeep Cherokee, while it could look cooler, is plenty of car for me at this point. And I’m barely putting any mileage on it, 7,000 miles in the 2 years since I bought it? So strange. Thanks to no daily commute and the other fallout from the pandemic and in my own personal life.

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  2. Mumsee, you have so much to deal with right now. Praying it gets resolved as best as it can and you and your husband can catch your breath (together in the same house) again.

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  3. 😀 Near record breaking high temps means no heating bill

    😀 Our low gas prices since Art puts a lot of miles on the car

    😀 Excellent medical care

    😒 Necessary surgeries

    😀 50th class reunion that my friends are attending

    😀 Friends who want to see me outside of the big social affair

    😀😒 Art saw a new tax client today. It is never ending with the needs.

    😀 My hand smells like fresh rosemary since I was just removing fallen autumn leaves from the potted plant container

    😀 AJ is home and well cared for

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  4. 🙂 Just finished one of my most dreaded jobs of the season — pulling up the very heavy cast-iron floor return grate, hauling it out to the patio, removing the tiniest screws ever made to pull off the screen underneath it, peeling off literally the thick layer of pet hair and dust that gathered over the past year, trying to realign the sharp-edged metal screen so I can put the tiniest screws ever made back in — a labor intensive job which takes the better part of an hour just getting the screws aligned and back in.

    😦 Pliers were helping (to reshape part of the screen). Unfortunately, I lost the pliers and I can’t figure out how I did that. Found other pliers that weren’t as good.

    😦 Finally managed to get the screws aligned to the little tiny holes and screwed in well enough to hold the contraption together.

    🙂 Proud of myself (and surprised!) for having the foresight to put together a little “kit” for this annual chore last year — a magnetic bowl to hold the tiniest screws ever made, a little bag of replacement tiniest screws ever made as I always lose at least one every year, a small magnetic Phillips screwdriver — and all put in a ziplock bag on the top shelve of the hall closet next to the furnace floor return. And, I miraculously remembered something like that might be there. And I found it.

    😦 I am both unhandy and, by nature, disorganized. But you all knew that.

    😦 Later — I still have to cut out a new filter pad to lay down underneath it all — we’ll see if the heater (a) still works and (b) if it sets off the carbon monoxide monitor (I’m betting it does).

    🙂 Meanwhile, I have a big fuzzy throw blanket on the sofa to wrap myself up in as my Plan B.

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  5. 😦 🙂 I have only one cut on one finger from all of that work with the very sharp-edged, undercarriage screen.

    🙂 The screen and grate are clean. And I’m confident the pliers will turn up at some point, some day, one of these weeks or months or years. Hope springs eternal.

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  6. But I think this year I’ll call the gas company to come out just for the free inspections they do (at least I think they still do). I really would feel better getting the unit looked at – it’s under the house.

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  7. Kizzie, that’s a thought. It’s getting somewhat bent out of shape over the years, especially on the margins where the screen has sharp little edges everywhere. The screws and the holes need to line up with one of the tiny little holes in the screen.

    Maybe I should put a roll of duct tape in that ziplock bag for next year, otherwise I’ll forget that suggestion.

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