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  1. This is a political rant. Baltimore is so blue that the media is consistently referring to the winner of the Democratic primary as the new city State’s Attorney.

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  2. The Clown King continues to say stupid stuff.

    “White House forced to clean up Biden’s comments AGAIN after he said ‘we’re going to free Iran'”


    “The White House on Friday was forced to clean up President Joe Biden’s comments after he appeared to say he was ready to intervene to help the country’s protest movement.

    At a campaign event in San Diego, California, a day earlier, Biden said: ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to free Iran. They’re going to free themselves pretty soon.’

    His words triggered speculation that Washington was preparing action to support growing protests, as well as scornful remarks by the Iranian president, who accused Biden of being ‘absent minded.’

    A day later, one of his top national security aides was asked what he had meant by his comments.

    ‘The president was expressing our solidarity with the protesters as he’s been doing, quite frankly, from the very outset – even in the well of the UN – making it clear that we stand with the men and women of Iran who are peacefully trying to protest … policies that they find are violating their basic civil and human rights,’ said John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communication.

    He added that there had been no change.”

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  3. This is great, if they actually keep their word.

    So a 50/50 chance.

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    This is a disgusting abuse of taxpayer dollars, and an assault on common decency.


  5. Antifa and pedophiles have a cozy relationship.


  6. Huh.

    I’ve been assured vote fraud is a myth and Antifa is just an idea….. that burns cities, loots, riots, and vandalizes.

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  7. Oh and note that one of the pedophiles above should have been in prison instead of abusing children. But yet another Soros funded DA let him walk from an attempted murder charge.


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  8. This is abuse.


  9. Like

  10. They just can’t quit him. 🙂

    “Keisha Lance Bottoms Blames Trump For Rising Crime”


    “Senior adviser to President Joe Biden, Keisha Lance Bottoms, said Thursday morning on MSNBC that former President Donald Trump is responsible for the rise in violent crimes.

    Bottoms joined “José Díaz-Balart Reports,” where she was asked how the White House responds to criticism that the administration is not doing enough to talk about issues that matter most to voters, like crime.

    “Well, the president has been out on the road and if anyone has been paying attention they heard him speaking to the issues that are facing the American people and I also want to remind the American people that this uptick in crime was experience in 2020, this is when this began and the people know who was the president at the time,” Bottoms said.

    “So, Keisha, you’re saying that the uptick in crime is due to President Trump?” host José Díaz-Balart asked.

    “I am saying that I served as mayor in 2020 and we experienced this uptick in crime in 2020. This is where it began, but that being said, it’s not to place blame on any one person, but it is to say that there are many challenges facing the American people. The president’s very aware of that but to lay blame at his feet for one challenge or another is I think really unfair.”

    Voters consistently ranked the issue of crime as one of their main priorities, with a Gallup poll finding 49% of voters rank the economy as their top priority, followed by abortion at 42% and crime at 40%. Republicans lead Democrats in both the economy and crime in terms of handling the issues.

    Crime is on the rise nationwide, with 64% of Americans blaming “woke politicians” for the issue, according to a recent Harvard-Harris poll. Fifty-two percent of Democrats, 75% of Republicans and 60% of Independents blamed “woke politicians” rather than “other factors” for the nation’s historic increase in crime.”


    Now what was happening in 2020 to kick it all off?

    BLM and Antifa riots, along with Dems defunding police, but sure, blame the bad orange man.

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  11. Linda, once I looked into US politics more intently I was surprised by the lack of opposition in certain districts. In the mid term 36 districts have virtually no opposition 24 republican and 12 democratic candidates are basically acclaimed. Gerrymandering of course helps this. Canada does have districts that are similar but the other parties still run candidates. Alberta rural seats are always conservative but liberals and socialists still run candidates whereas Montreal and Ottawa are almost always liberal but the other parties still offer a choice. My district is one of the very few that are almost always socialist but the other parties still campaign here. Both the Republican and Democratic parties need to campaign where they have very little chance of success. Choice is good for democracy and in the same reasoning its why gerrymandering is bad for democracy.

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  12. Never forget how these frauds lied and deceived to hide the truth of their complicity in the pandemic.


    “Journalists and scientists routinely dismissed the lab leak hypothesis as a crackpot theory and even as “racist,” up until the summer of 2021 when science journalist Nicholas Wade published an influential article, and a viral rant by Jon Stewart pushed it into the mainstream. Until that point, social media platforms had been removing or throttling posts that took it seriously. Anthony Fauci, who didn’t respond to our interview request, said it wasn’t worth even considering the possibility that COVID could have originated in a lab.

    More recently, emails made public through the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that Fauci, National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Francis Collins, and other prominent public officials took the possibility of a lab origin far more seriously than they were letting on.

    “Top virologists, sort of giants in this field, were looking at the genome and freaking out, basically,” says health reporter Emily Kopp, who works at the nonprofit U.S. Right to Know, an organization that has obtained thousands of pages of official documents and correspondence, some of which reveal an orchestrated effort by scientists to downplay the lab leak theory. It’s also extensively analyzed emails obtained via a lawsuit by Buzzfeed’s Jason Leopold that reveal the huge disconnect between what health officials were telling the public and what they were saying in private.

    “A really central part of this entire story that maybe is not talked about enough is the fact that so many mainstream publications have completely overlooked really key pieces of evidence in this story,” says Kopp. “We see a lot of health editors and health reporters prioritizing a tidy narrative about Anthony Fauci over providing the truth to their readers.”

    U.S. Right to Know is devoting significant resources to its “COVID-19 Origins” research with the mission of “investigating the origins of Covid-19, the risks of gain-of-function research and mishaps at Biolabs where pathogens of pandemic potentials are stored and manipulated.”

    Kopp has assembled a comprehensive timeline that lays out substantial evidence that Fauci, Collins, and a number of influential scientists misled the public. Whether or not the lab leak theory is correct, it’s now clear that these public officials concealed their conflicts of interest with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and minimized their own roles in providing government funding for unsupervised gain-of-function research that may have led to the pandemic.

    Among other things, Kopp’s research has revealed that virologist Kristian Andersen, who didn’t answer our interview request, wrote privately to Fauci that he and three other scientists thought that the virus that causes COVID-19 looked unnatural and “inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” Just four days later, after participating in a series of teleconferences with Fauci and Collins, Andersen called the lab leak theory “crackpot.”

    Other emails revealed that Fauci knew that his agency was funding gain-of-function research with SARS-like coronaviruses in Wuhan by late January 2020, yet he publicly denied it before Congress 18 months later, claiming that the research didn’t meet the U.S. government’s technical definition of research that aims “to increase the ability of infectious agents to cause disease by enhancing its pathogenicity or by increasing its transmissibility.””

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  13. So US policy is not to free Iran?? Of course the US wants to free Iran i.e. regime change. At no point did Biden say how. The fact Iran, Russia, etc cite Biden as absent minded or having senior moments is evidence that the authoritarian regimes are following the Republican cues. The Republicans and the authoritarians of the world have the same narrative.

    Florida’s shape has always been banter for comedians. I’ve never heard of this show or host but was anybody taking this seriously? If MSNBC fired a host for this incident then it has higher standards than FOX.

    Not sure what I missed in the Pelosi story. Sounds like she cares about her husband nothing more. Although I haven’t seen or heard her speak in awhile and I’m not a fan of ageism she really needs to pack it in and spend more time with her husband and grandchildren. The Democratic party would do some much better if the boomers retire and they let the millennials take over.

    The Republicans must be getting desperate – they are resurrecting Antifa. I remember Andy Ngo from the Portland stories a few years back. He was almost always wrong.

    Fetterman and Oregon are right – decriminalization and/or legalization is the way to go. Too many Americans are in jail for simple possession. For the most part drug addiction and mental illness correlate. It’s time to treat drugs as a health problem not criminal.

    I mess up my words all the time and f and s is quite common. Am I unfit to teach English. Mocking someone for speech issues after a stroke is pathetic.

    Amused that Republicans are upset with the use of personal cells and emails by govt officials. Trump was famous for using his out of date Android with no security features. Ivanka and Jared almost always used personal devices. Besides Jim Jordan complaining about lack of transparency and reporting is a bit rich.

    The Republican wish list for investigation is amusing – nothing will come of it. And they’ll discover nothing except of course the right side of the internet will continue to claim their “truth”. If the Republicans actually win both houses, do they have a platform or do they wish just to invesitgate their oponents?


  14. Garbage creates more garbage.

    “The return of “fake but accurate”: The NYT’s weird DeSantis hit piece”


    “How do we know Ron DeSantis will run for president in 2024? For one thing, he’s about to clobber Charlie Crist in a gubernatorial re-election in one of the key Electoral College states. For another, we know DeSantis will have close to $100 million in his war chest after the midterms, which isn’t going to just sit on the shelf until 2028.

    How do we know that the media knows that DeSantis will run for president in 2024? They’re already ginning up ridiculous hit pieces, such as this one today at the New York Times which looks at DeSantis’ one-year teaching gig at a private school twenty years ago.

    DeSantis was a cocky jock at 23 in the year between his Yale undergrad studies and his Harvard Law admission, the Gray Lady informs us. He partied with students, although we find out later that the incidents apparently took place after graduation, when DeSantis was heading back to the Ivy League anyway. And he might have been passively racist, says one former student, although the evidence there seems pretty thin:

    Danielle Pompey remembers Mr. DeSantis, a Florida native and recent Yale grad, being an outsider like her, a New Yorker with a thick accent to match. But Ms. Pompey, who is Black and was on an academic scholarship, said she felt that Mr. DeSantis treated her worse because of her race.

    “Mr. Ron, Mr. DeSantis, was mean to me and hostile toward me,” said Ms. Pompey, who graduated in 2003. “Not aggressively, but passively, because I was Black.”

    “Like in history class, he was trying to play devil’s advocate that the South had good reason to fight that war, to kill other people, over owning people — Black people,” she said. “He was trying to say, ‘It’s not OK to own people, but they had property, businesses.’”

    So DeSantis allegedly used the Socratic method and a dumb argument — yes, it’s dumb, even if somewhat common — as a rookie teacher at 23, two decades ago. …And?

    Well, wait! There’s a video, the New York Times helpfully informs us. Except that it’s not a video of DeSantis, but — I kid you not — it’s a fake video by an unhappy student that was meant to satirize DeSantis:

    Another student who requested anonymity because he feared repercussions for his job said Mr. DeSantis’s takes on the Civil War were the subject of so much talk that students made a satirical video about him at the time for the video yearbook.

    The video, which was reviewed by The Times, includes a short snippet in which a voice purporting to be Mr. DeSantis is heard saying: “The Civil War was not about slavery! It was about two competing economic systems. One was in the North. …” while a student dozes in class. (A student voiced the role of Mr. DeSantis, because students did not have any actual footage of him, according to a student who helped put it together.)

    I’m not sure which is more damning — the fact that the NYT reporter thought that this faked video was worth “reviewing,” or that the editor of the news section decided to keep it in the article. It’s not a recording of DeSantis. We have no idea whether it’s even an accurate recollection of what DeSantis argued, and neither does the Times. It’s a literal example of “fake but accurate.” It would be as if 60 Minutes II had admitted up front that they faked the Killian memos but presented them anyway as evidence of what George W. Bush was really like decades earlier. (As veterans of Rathergate will remember, that ended up being Dan Rather’s fallback position.)”

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  15. This man is unfit for the Senate, church leadership, and pastoral duties.

    “Brutal Murders, Rotting Corpses, Broken Elevators: Inside Raphael Warnock’s Secret Low-Income Apartment Building, Vol. 2.”


    “A maintenance man charged with brutally murdering a tenant. A sex offender who slept in the hallways. A dead body left in an apartment for days, found covered in flies.

    These are just a few disturbing tales of the living conditions in apartments owned by Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D., Ga.) church, gathered from interviews with residents and hundreds of pages of Atlanta Police Department, Fire Department, and court records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    Atlanta police and firefighters have been called to Columbia Tower and the Columbia Senior Residences at MLK Village in Atlanta hundreds of times since 2020, the records show. Responding officers have been met with corpses and people trapped in elevators, as well as fights, burglaries, and car thefts. Both buildings are owned by the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Warnock serves as senior pastor.

    The Free Beacon also learned that Columbia Tower management hired a convicted murderer now charged with killing a female tenant who lived with him at Columbia Senior Residences, which is just across the street from the apartment building.

    “They hired a guy who killed his girlfriend. He was the maintenance guy who was living in the senior building and he had a record already,” a resident told the Free Beacon in October. “Why would you hire a person like that who has keys to the building? I understand second chances, but this person already had a background in murdering someone, and you give him keys to our apartment?”

    The records could pose problems for Warnock, who is seeking to defeat Republican challenger Herschel Walker amid rising crime. Crime is one of Atlanta voters’ main concerns heading into next week’s midterm elections, polls show. Homicides have increased in Atlanta by at least 60 percent since 2019, according to 11Alive News, citing Atlanta Police Department crime data.

    Warnock has advocated for softer crime policies, including ending cash bail. He has criticized the American prison system as a “scandal on the soul of America,” and called to end “mass incarceration.” Warnock has also championed safe housing during his time in the Senate, saying earlier this year that “housing is dignity.”

    But records tell another story. Police have been called to Columbia Tower and the Columbia Senior Residences over 150 times since January, in response to allegations of larceny, fighting, and criminal trespassing. The Fire Department has been called to Columbia Tower 153 times since January 2020, sometimes to rescue people trapped or stranded due to broken elevators.”

    More here…

    He’s perfect for the roll of slumlord, but not pastor or senator.

    “‘Highly Hazardous’: Warnock’s Apartments Hit With Housing Code Violations Over Rats, Mold, Electrical Fires”


    “Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D., Ga.) church-owned low-income apartment complex has been slapped with multiple Atlanta city housing code violations over rodent and bug infestations, hazardous mold, and overflowing trash rooms, according to city records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    Records from the Atlanta Police Department’s Code Enforcement Section paint a troubling picture of the living conditions at the housing complex—revealing that the problems date back to at least 2016 and were considered serious enough for the city to intervene on multiple occasions.

    The records raise new questions for Warnock, who serves as CEO and senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, which owns 99 percent of the Columbia Tower buildings through a shell company. Since taking office in 2021, the senator has positioned himself as a champion for fair and safe housing and said earlier this year that “housing is dignity.””


    Unless he’s your landlord.

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  16. And that’s a good thing given how biased they are.

    “The media is becoming powerless.”


    “As the Democrats on the beach are mesmerized by the red tsunami rushing in to wipe them out, one question above others will run through their minds: how did we lose control of the Narrative™?

    It’s no secret that Democrats basically own the minds and souls of everybody in the media and entertainment complex. As much as the Left screams about Fox News, only about 1% of the country actually watches it. It’s hard to see how that one tiny slice of the media landscape could become so influential that it could turn the country against the Democrats so decisively.

    ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, all the comedy channels, news outlets, Hollywood, the music industry…no matter where you turn one is inundated by messages that Republicans are Mega-evil MAGA election denying racist sexist homophobic trans-killing maniacs armed to the teeth. Our president trots out the possibility of using F-15s to hold back the hordes of AR-15 wielding rednecks who go out on lynching parties to prevent children from reading books or something.

    Republicans oppose all that is right and good and true and compassionate. They hate children and puppies, and want to kill grandma after taking away her Social Security. It sometimes seems as if electronic media was invented to slander Republicans.

    Democrats have to wonder: with all that messaging might, how on Earth has America lost the plot and decided to vote Republican?

    Simple: nobody believes it any more. Not one little bit. It’s BS and we know it.

    Now of course it’s not NOBODY who believes it. But the swing voters sure don’t. How many regret their vote against Bad Orange Man? I don’t even like Trump as a person but I voted for him because he did good things.

    Lots of people are coming to that realization too late. You may think Trump is a boor, but he was a boor on our side and did good things.

    Biden is destroying the country, and the media keeps telling us everything is just fine. A vote for Democrats is a vote for democracy.

    The growing distrust of the MSM is starkly revealed in the polls, and I think they understate the disgust that people are feeling toward the MSM. People feel lied to. They know they are being spun. With every lie comes a reminder of the constant string of lies we used to buy, but now know are false.

    Social media is corrupt. The government is corrupt. Our politicians are corrupt. And the mainstream media is perhaps even more corrupt. More people think that the media is a danger to the country than even politicians, whom people hate right now.”


    The media built this. They are the reason no one trusts them anymore.

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  17. Once again the pompous ass known as David French attacks his brethren.

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  19. Warnock’s a senator; I highly doubt he’s still working at his church. Somehow an absentee pastor is responsible for public housing held by a shell company controlled by a church. The Baptist church may be a slumlord but at least they don’t pay their girlfriends to have abortions.

    That hotair article is full of strawmen. I don’t know why anyone would take it sincerely. Although Republican canidates do hate puppies; ie Dr Oz.

    So a 17 second sound bite is enough to judge someone. I hope my career isn’t judged by 17 second sound bites. I don’t know why anyone would support coal over wind and solar. Do we want yet another generation of workers dying of black lungs? Ontario shut down its last coal electrical generating plant 20 years ago. Our pollution warning days once averaged 10-15 days a year are now virtually zero.

    As for Red Wave – the Senate race is down to Nevada and Georgia. Both are a coin toss. What I do find interesting is almost all the current polls and predictions are based on “likely” voters not registered. That is, they are using models based on 2020. I do think the model favors the Republican prediction. If the Democrats can get the millennials to vote it will be different. Of course, if the democrats win close races we will hear all kinds of silly acusations.


  20. And you’d be wrong. He is still senior pastor, and still preaches sermons. Sure they demonize whitey, but that’s what his sermons have always done.

    Oh nooos…

    Muh democracy…..

    Lol. You guys make me laugh.


  21. Being a pastor is more than preaching the odd Sunday sermon. Is he involved in the day to day operations? If a Senator can involve himself in the day to day operations then being a Senator is a part time job. I’ve never heard Warnock preach but my impression of “black churches” is they preach what Canadians call the social gospel or liberation theology in Latin American. Given poverty is racialized in America a little blame whitey will be expected but that’s not the focus.

    I thought Maher made a point. I do think it’s interesting that he has given up – he’s conceded the election to the Republicans. Moore is still talking about a blue or dodd wave. Moore thinks millennial voters are underrepresented in the polls. Both Moore and Maher said Trump would win in 2016 and he would refuse to concede in 2020. Here they differ so it will be interesting who is right.

    Maher is also right that Fascism wins elections by promising stability, traditional values, nationalism, etc. The Vichy regime in France promised work, family, fatherland as opposed to liberty, equality and fraternity. In the modern era we see the same thing in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Turkey and India. Through media manipulations and electoral manipulations and sometimes straight intimidation the elections have become a show in each of these countries. Will the Republicans do the same in the US is a valid question. The anti-immigrant, anti-woke, anti-urban rhetoric of the Republican party echo almost every fascist party’s rhetoric. Franco came from the countryside, allied with the church, landlords and military to fight the urban socialists centered in Barcelona. Mussolini’s walk on Rome similarly espoused rural traditional values against the decadence of socialist urban areas. And on and on it goes.

    Conservative parties always represented rural traditional values but rarely have they questioned results and have always allowed the peaceful transfer of power. Demographic change in the US which is increasingly become urban and diverse will lead to electoral changes. The Republicans can delay it with the overweighed rural vote (Wyoming vote is worth about 20x a California vote) and gerrymandering but eventually the party will be continual losers unless it changes or it refuses to allow change. Its rhetoric already borders on fascism, will it cross the line and not allow a peaceful change of power. It seems they have already made up their minds. Don’t change the party change the rules or just don’t follow the rules.


  22. As the kids say…

    Cope harder.

    The left crack me up. Ya’ll would like us to believe that going out and voting is somehow an attack on democracy, but only if your side loses.

    It’s democracy at work, and the left fears the outcome.


  23. MTG lays down some truth on Liz Cheney.

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  24. As always, with tons of links….

    “Democrat Panic on Display Week at Legal Insurrection”


    “No one knows for sure what’s going to happen in the midterms, but things are looking very good for Republicans.

    New Poll Shows NH GOP Candidate Don Bolduc Leading Incumbent Maggie Hassan
    New Poll Finds Democrat Patty Murray Only One Point Ahead of Republican Tiffany Smiley in WA State Senate Race
    Arizona Senate Libertarian Candidate Drops Out, Endorses GOP Candidate Blake Masters
    More Good News for GOP: Cook Political Moves Wisconsin Senate Race to Lean Republican
    The GOP is positioned for a big win.

    Cook Political Moves 10 House Races in Blue Districts in Favor of the GOP
    Poll Finds Massive Shift of Suburban Women to Republicans in Midterms Due to Economy
    Latest RealClearPolitics Senate Forecast is Gloom for Democrats, Great for Republicans
    Possibly even in blue states.

    ‘Failure of Leadership’: Oregon’s Lifelong Democrats Explain Why They’re Voting GOP
    It could be epic.

    Joe Rogan Thinks the Possible Midterm Red Wave ‘is Going to be Like the Elevator Doors in ‘The Shining’”
    A lot is at stake.

    National Police Association Calls for New Congress to Investigate 2020 BLM/Antifa Riots
    Report: DHS Still Trying to ‘Police Disinformation’, Pressure Big Tech to Play Along
    U.S. Media Awakens to Nation’s Looming Diesel Fuel Crisis
    Democrats are acting out in full panic mode.

    Biden Midterms Closing Argument: Trump And “Extreme MAGA Republicans” Are “Un-American”
    Historian Michael Beschloss: If GOP Wins ‘Our Children Will be Arrested and Conceivably Killed’
    The Democrat Circular Firing Squad Begins Ahead of Anticipated Midterm Election Drubbing

    Their supporters are also unhinged.

    ‘Mutilate and Kill’: IL Man Faces Felony Charges for Allegedly Threatening GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey
    Gunshot Into NC GOP House Candidate Pat Harrigan’s Parent’s House Lands Close to His Sleeping Children
    GOP NH Senate Candidate Don Bolduc Claims Man Tried to Assault Him Before Debate”

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  25. As with this case, early reports of various happenings are often filled with misunderstandings and missing or mistaken information. But that doesn’t seem to stop people from drawing conclusions and disparaging people’s reputations (also known as “bearing false witness”). Let’s be more careful, please.
    This article gives fuller information than earlier reports.



  26. Sure Kizzie, but no one has been bearing false witness, unless you mean the media who has already had to walk back several false reports. If the media posts false info and folks believe it, blame the media, who put it out there.

    For what really happened, get back to me once the release the video they’re hiding.

    They wont, because they dont want the truth known.


    Doesn’t that seem strange to you?

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  27. And doesn’t it bother you that you’re always so quick to buy what dems and the media tell u, even though it usually turns out false?

    Discernment is key, maybe stop believing everything they tell u.


  28. Also, bearing false witness is an intentional act. It’s lying.

    Mistakenly posing a news story that turns out to be false doesn’t meet the definition.

    You do see the difference, right?


  29. Sharing something that disparages another’s reputation without knowing for ourselves that it is true – or that is has been verified after serious investigation – treads on that commandment. Some theologians go so far as to say that even if we believe a report like that is true, it is still wrong/sinful to share it with others. God takes reputations very seriously.

    Considering how much you distrust the media, I would think that you would also be cautious about sharing that kind of thing or defending those who do. (I can’t remember if you shared any of those salacious stories, but I know that someone else here did.) As I said, God takes what we say/share/etc. about a person very seriously.

    If a story we share turns out to be false, then it is up to us to retract our comment or post, and take responsibility for it. On Facebook, if I learn that I mistakenly shared a false story, I will make another post about that rather than merely commenting on the first post. (By then, people are not going to see the comment anyway.) And I make it a practice to not share stories that disparage people for various reasons. That’s not news.

    (Full disclosure – I am not sure if I have, but I may have shared a few things like that in my earlier days on Facebook, but I have grown more in my understanding of how and what Christians should communicate.)


  30. As for discernment, it tells me, along with mere common sense, that these stories are not going to be full and correct right off the bat. We need to give these stories time to be more fully investigated, especially before sharing anything that would cast someone in a bad light.


  31. You missed my history lesson.

    Let’s keep it short. The “left” never wins but respects the vote. The Democratic party in the US should win almost every time. The last time the Republicans won the popular vote in a presidential election was 2004 and prior to that would be 1988. The Republicans benefit from overweighed rural vote and gerrymandering. This isn’t about voting and losing; it’s about structural inequalities. However, given the demographic changes, unless the Republicans change its core principles, it will become the losing party. Will the Republicans accept this? 2020 suggests they will not. Remember the peaceful transition of power was violated only once in over 200 years and it was by Trump and the Republicans party. Everybody else respected the vote.

    You have to stop trusting biased websites like legal insurrection. New Hampshire will be Democratic — it will be close but Hassan will win. The poll they cite is Trafalgar a Republican pollster. Subtract 3% anytime you see a Trafalgar poll. 538 gives Hassan a 70+% chance and RCP says Hassan is ahead by 1% in the polls.

    In Washington State, Murray is ahead in the Trafalgar Poll by 1% but the RCP average is 3%. 538 gives Murray a 91% chance to win. It’s a done deal.

    Kelly in Arizona is ahead by 1%. 538 gives hime a 66% chance of winning. Not a single poll has his opponent ahead.

    Wisconsin was always Johnson’s to lose. According to Trafalgar he’s ahead by 3%. Other polls have him ahead by 1-3%. I don’t think the Democratic party seriously thinks they can win here.

    There’s no panic in either party. It’s going to be close. Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania are three seats in question.

    And I still think the pollsters are underestimating the young female demographic. It’s hard to guess whether it will be enough but it will be the determining factor and it may surprise some.


    You may disparge the source of this article but the stats are there; young female registration has increased and abortion rights is motivating them.


  32. Our “instant post” news cycle has created all kinds of chaos and destroyed the truth and reputations all too often. Wisdom says it’s better to wait, but that’s another topic where the Bible has much to say as well.

    There’s pressure to breathlessly post “The Latest!” and it’s often bogus with many websites we have today, including Twitter.

    I heard someone say the Pelosi story quickly turned into something of a political bias Rorschach Test, with the right believing (to their death, apparently) that it was leftist politics that spurred it on (if not something more salacious with no basis in truth); the left, including the President, rushed to point fingers at all conservatives, insisting that those politics were what prompted the attack.

    I’m sorry to see the US spiral downward into all of this, a trend that’s been going on sadly for some time. I don’t expect it to change anytime soon. It’ll be a two-sided, vicious battle that will likely not satisfy anyone.

    We know how better to deal with this as believers, right?

    Instead, we wind up getting caught up in the ungodly, anger-fueled mess as much as our unbelieving neighbors.

    On to Tuesday.

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  33. The point in the news thread is to determine what is true in current events in our local states and country and the world. Different sources have different angles on that, and some are more accurate than others on any given story. We’re supposed to be able to discuss and investigate HERE, comparing notes and determining what is accurate and true.

    If everyone is expected to use only sources that pass my or Kizzie or DJs inspection or else be accused of serving 2 masters or violating the 9th, (both strong accusations) then the thread seems kind of pointless to me.

    Truth is extremely important; it’s important enough to dig for. And sometimes communication and sharing is necessary to uncover it. Just a thought.


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  34. I watched the first news conference about the Pelosi story and was thoroughly confused. The police themselves gave ‘facts’ that were not true. That happens and stories do change. I do not think it is sinful to repeat what you have heard from all others. After all, if we are only going to repeat the ‘facts’ about every news story, we will have to be the one it is about. How do I know the ‘facts’ are all true in Kizzie’s link?

    I do think it is wise to wait to hear all the details before making a judgement about it all. I also think it is foolish to think the worse because we don’t like someone’s politics or personality or whatever.

    People do go online to find out what others have heard about situations. I don’t think every time those things are shared (for instance with us with each other) it is bearing false witness.

    I still think the situation is weird. There is probably a reason for that and not necessarily something bad about Mr. Pelosi. The worst, IMO, is the lack of security at the house. One would think someone as wealthy as the Pelosi’s would have a very secure home. Of course, I am assuming from the news media they are wealthy. I have no real way of knowing.

    It also seems that the media fixed on the perpetrator in a way that is false. Neighbors seem to give a bigger picture that MSM give. Talk about bearing false witness.

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  35. Kathaleena – My concern with what some people were sharing (here and on Facebook) wasn’t merely a matter of some points of information turning out to be false – that happens quite frequently after all, but the rush to insinuate that Paul Pelosi was having a sexual thing with DePape. That kind of thing should not be shared or passed around.

    It is the same as sharing salacious rumors that may go around one’s workplace or neighborhood. Even if we might believe the rumor to be true, to share it is to disparage someone’s name/reputation, and the Bible tells us that a person’s name/reputation is very important and not to be treated lightly.

    A dear Christian friend shared a video of some guy I had never heard of (but apparently is somewhat popular on Facebook and maybe elsewhere) from a day or two after the attack. Not only was he strongly insinuating that something sexual was going on (“I mean, this is San Francisco after all,” he said at one point), but he was snickering and laughing “knowingly” and even, I must say, salaciously. (I have never used that word so many times in such a short period of time, and hope to never have to again.)

    It turned out that this man, whom I found very off-putting, is a Christian, and is known as such on his page. That was so disappointing to see a Christian man not only spreading this rumor, but laughing and snickering at it the way he did. It was disgusting.


  36. Debra – Unfortunately, articles from sources that DJ or I might share are often or usually disparaged and dismissed outright.


  37. That’s putting it mildly, I’m afraid, @9:11.

    There’s one source I won’t (feel I can’t) even dare link to anymore as it gets a beat-down. I don’t need the extra grief, frankly. A few of us generally stay clear of this thread for those reasons. I suspect there’s more of a mix of views on the blog than we know about typically.

    A few of us like to throw out and discuss some other ideas and views on things but it’s generally not well received.

    It’s fine to disagree but I’d like to see it done respectfully without the personal put-downs. Really leaves a bad taste.

    As for the Pelosi “story,” I do think we as Christians should be careful about sharing any or everything we hear on social media that really pretty much disparages and trashes someone’s reputation. It shouldn’t matter if that person is a political figure we like or don’t like.

    We’re believers first. Our politics and discussions should reflect that.

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  38. And Kathaleena, sorting these stories out takes time and yeah, they often have conflicting pieces to them. The cops know some of it, but it gets put together in bits and pieces and at least reputable media sources don’t — or shouldn’t — just shoot things out into the stratosphere with no substantiation. Social media, not so much.

    Eventually, more facts come to light. But really, is there more we really need to know at this point?

    I think the story, at this stage, seems pretty clear.

    The perpetrator had mental problems, was here from Canada illegally, was far left and then far right. And he seriously assaulted an 82-year old man with a hammer. He’s been arrested and charged. Pelosi is home recovering, thankfully.

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  39. Just because it takes time to piece together what happened, doesn’t mean people are “hiding” something. Any cop reporter will tell you that the facts take a while to sort out and sort through. Media relies on those sources for that information.

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  40. The sources for my initial information on the Pelosi attack were NBC, Fox News, and the police press conference. All my sources were on youtube and are entirely mainstream. Sometimes the content of a story can be sexual, and that tends to be particularly distasteful for some people. But sharing that information and information from other sites, even if it later turns out incomplete or inaccurate is not a violation of the 9th commandment. And claims to that effect are not helpful in the discovery of truth.

    I am sorry if anyone feels that their source or contributions are not taken seriously. There are sources that I no longer take very seriously, particularly if they pertain to certain issues or to issues that have become partisan. And that is usually because these sources have conducted themselves in a way that has deserved to lose my trust. Over time I do reconsider if I see change or balance or credibility increase.

    We have the privilege to post here and be heard, but no one has the right to be agreed with. And that is not even the goal. The goal must be truth and reality. Unfortunately those are becoming more and more rare as our culture degenerates and it becomes harder to know who is trustworthy.

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