35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-18-22

  1. Good morning, all.
    We spent a few months living in our camp trailer along the shore of the Fort Gordon Reservoir many years ago. Beautiful area. They have water moccasins and scorpions as I recall.

    Beautiful day here. I heard another chicken get taken early this morning. Guess the raccoon trap is not working.

    We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, not as massive as in years past. Pleasant.

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  2. Good morning. The header photo was taken at Peachtree Dekalb Airport which my brother and I visited a week ago. Our family home was in a subdivision built on Fort Gorden property. We had woods we played in behind our house that had many leftover supplies in the dirt for our discovery, and there was a large round concrete structure that previously held water for horses really close to our backyard.

    Being on a roll for history today, my pastor wrote this article:

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  3. So the other thing that happened on my weekend with the girls. My friend M makes tomato jam and it is one of my favorites. One of the friends on the trip has a degree in home economics and did 4H Club until the kicked her out. I had told her about the tomato jam and wanted her to try it. My favorite way to have it is on Carr’s Water Cracker (the black pepper variety) and goat cheese.
    Saturday afternoon I went in Rousses (a local grocery store) to get it so we could have it that night. I got in the line to check out and noticed that the man ahead of me told the check out lady to put the rest of the lady ahead of him balance on his bill. She was thanking him when he looked back at me I smiled and mouthed “did you pay for her”. THEN he told the check out lady to put my two items on his bill as well. I argued for a second and then decided to let him do it. I thanked him and told him the only reason I was allowing it was because I DO believe in paying it forward and I will do the same one day for someone else.
    I also know how happy it makes me when I do something like that for someone and now I realize how selfish it would have been of me to take that away from him.
    It goes back to what I said about receiving “charity” after hurricane Sally. Sometimes it is good for the Givers in the world to receive. It gives them hope that others do it to and and it gives them a chance to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

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  4. Very interesting about that fort. That place was huge!

    So true about allowing someone to do that for you, Kim. That is something I had to learn too.

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  5. Morning all. It is a beautiful blue sky sun shiny day here with temps to reach the mid 60’s. I shall run into town to accomplish some errands.
    My husband is making me crazy…carry on πŸ™ƒ

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  6. My friend and her grandson are probably already working on my house. So nice. I have to get ready to go meet the plumber soon. He will install a new kitchen faucet, as the old one is spraying water every where. Then decide how to do the propane lines for both my stoves.

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  7. Kathaleena (re: your comment last night about going to the dentist) For many years, Hubby and I did not have health insurance of any kind. But like you, we still would go to the dentist every six months which, as you said, avoids any bigger, more expensive problems from cropping up. We had been going to that practice for approximately 20 years, and they let us have a running “tab” so to speak. Of course, we needed to pay that down when any expensive work needed to be done.

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  8. DJ – Last night you wrote, “Hmm. Sorry about that first sentence in the 2nd graph which was written so, um, creatively. Or something.” πŸ˜€

    Lately, I have had trouble getting words to come to my memory or come out of my mouth correctly. I say some strange things at times! (But I often catch myself when I am talking to someone.)

    When I am praying, I am so grateful that God knows my heart and knows what I mean even when I cannot think of the right words or phrases that I am trying to say, or when some strange combination of words comes out. πŸ™‚

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  9. Nice story, Kim. Paying it forward was a cool thing you’d see often when we still charged a toll to go over the harbor bridge, especially on holidays.

    Jo, a new kitchen faucet! Something small in the scheme of things but the can really be a nice-looking little “upgrade” in themselves. I love the dark, retro-style bronze finishes but I sort of have that kind of ‘old’ house where that works best (I think). My friend used shiny chrome for her house.

    My house probably had copper and/or brass fixtures back in 1923? I think I tried researching that but seemed like we don’t have those same finishes available now, though maybe it’s just a “style” thing and they come and go.

    And interesting markers, I’m so grateful that our history is preserved in these places and signs.

    The cat makes me crazy in the mornings, but not today, thankfully — since I didn’t get to sleep until almost 1:30 a.m.! Unusual for me.

    But normal she’ll just start bugging me endlessly, meowing and pawing at me at about 4:30 a.m. for some food. Honestly. Really? Dogs are way more polite.

    The other night I heard an other-worldly, evil, long YOWwwwwl out of her, she was standing on her hind legs peering out the open bedroom window at LiLu, her nemesis black-and-white cat from next door who likes to come up on our porch. Eeek. What sounds she makes. You could record those yowls for the next Halloween movie, seriously. I guess she figures she’s the “guard cat” of the house now with the dogs all gone.

    I have a busy day ahead, helping write up the results from an election & issues poll we commissioned, state officials visiting today to take a look at our arts and entertainment district for possible funding, a story on plans to demolish the old Star-Kist plant at the port, Sorry Charlie.

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  10. Kizzie @1:02, I just type too fast and I often make changes to part of a sentence but not the rest (so it makes sense and matches) in my haste. Pure sloppiness and being in a hurry when I text or post.

    Then as soon as I re-read it (when it’s too late), I see it! Yikes.

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  11. Poor Charlie the tuna. Loved those cute ads.

    Yes, Michelle, we ate dinner outside at a restaurant whose property adjoins the airport property. We were beside the fence enclosing the runway area. The planes were noisy as I recall when we were there.

    Kizzie, fish is brain food and eating more fish might somehow help in getting words better organized. When Wes was young it was quite noticable that when I fed him fish that he would show off his increasing vocabulary.

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  12. I’ve had salmon steaks a couple times in the past week, it’s not helping πŸ™‚

    But eating them does make me feel more virtuous.

    (These are the pre-cooked and seasoned stakes you can buy from the Sprouts deli, they have several varieties and I usually get the herb/citrus seasoned steaks.)

    So good, the skin is left on them which I think makes them even healthier?

    The cat always stalks me when I’m eating them.

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  13. But you can spear a salmon swimming upstream!

    I went to Publix late today for eggs and cornmeal, mostly, but ended up with a few more items. A lot of moms were shopping with children probably after picking them up from school. Definitely not a good time to shop. I heard on the news that there is a lot of flu in the children here lately.

    It was 41Β° this morning but felt like 33Β° with wind chill. Did I say that already? It will be colder tomorrow morning. Very brisk this afternoon with the wind whipping around.

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  14. Then I am Oh so virtuous!!!
    Last Wednesday I had salmon and Friday night I had redfish. (The redfish was not that good)

    My friend N (Janice you have had exchanges with her on FB) brought us some sort of πŸͺ with sugar crystals on top. They had a German sounding name and were πŸŽƒ shaped and two 🌸 shapes.
    I think I ate at least 2 dozen of them and brought some home.

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  15. @5:39 I doubt it, the porch was redone and kitchen was added on.

    One story finished, 2 phone interviews done, 2nd group phone call done, a copy block to go with a photo yet to finish, and, (if I can get to it, it’s doubtful now), the Star-Kist story to write.

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  16. I still feel really tired but make myself do some things. The swelling is still hanging around but lessening a little. As it draws near to time for me to take each daily dose of antibiotic I can definitely feel the need for it. Not sure it will clear with just the ten day supply.

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  17. One of the husbands of a Bible study lady was listening in with our group today. I had the priviledge of praying for him over his second go round with cancer treatments. So many are afflicted these days.

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  18. Spritz cookies! One of my favorites!

    My mom would make them every year at Christmastime. (For those who may not know, you use a cookie press to make them.) She made them in the usual shapes, but also made them in ridged rectangles that were stuck together with chocolate between two cookies, and then the end of each double cookie was dipped in the chocolate, which hardened (but still somewhat soft – the chocolate did not turn hard).

    Nightingale has started making them herself now at Christmastime, along with two or three other cookies that my mom made.

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  19. Faucet looks great and the plumber was pleased with my choice. It is one of those tall ones where the spray cord comes out of the end. He showed me that this one has three spray options, even a bubble style. So funny, cuz of course I did not even notice.

    My friends got the carpet out of the main room. Oh, my goodness, the dirt under that carpet. The plumber warned me that it could be toxic. I was going to use a shop vacuum on it, but by the time the plumber left, I was way too tired and my leg hurt.

    So I went to pay my bill for my mri and then she told me they had an order for a bone density test. So she scheduled that for tomorrow and said that medicare would pay.

    So I am spending money, but God is also sending me money. I got a California rebate this week, had no idea if I would qualify or not. Then today there was something in my account from social security. Just the encouragement that I need.

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  20. Oh, I’ll check, Jo! I don’t even know what Spritz cookies are, but I think someone explained that higher up.

    The tall faucets are great, it’s also what I have, with the sprayer (though I tend not to use that a lot).

    And glad to hear you got the MRI, that should explain what’s causing your symptoms.

    I felt very productive today, it was a good feeling. But I still miss being “off” work for all that time. Glorious.

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