35 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-8-22

  1. I haven’t kept up on the news the past couple days but yesterday I heard something about this on the radio. Then I watched a piece on the evening news while reporters tried to address this with Biden…he was running away from them. I was quite surprised he could actually run! (Was that a stunt man?)

    White House officials have said the Biden administration has communicated directly with Russian officials about what kind of response using a nuclear weapon would bring. While officials have said they aren’t going to share publicly what the U.S. response would look like, they have said it would be “catastrophic.”

    “I don’t think there is any such a thing as the ability to easily use a tactical weapon and not end up with Armageddon,” Biden said at the Thursday evening speech.

    And then of course there is a little detail of which our government is stating there is “no need for alarm”!
    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says it has spent $290 million on a drug to treat radiation sickness in the event of a nuclear emergency.


  2. I’m sure the US has, through back channels, made it crystal clear what the consequences would be the first time Putin made the threat. The only thing they’ve been clear with is the response would involve conventional weapons only. Since the US response was through back channels, it would have gone through several military channels and the sensible Russian generals will probably hold Putin back. If I was to speculate, the US probably has all ICBM sites targeted, and other important infrastructure. T

    The intercontinental nuclear weapons are more or less useless. On both sides, the technology has not been modernized since the 80s – 10 years ago it was revealed that the US still used 8″ floppy disks (I just googled it, they finally switched in 2019). My guess is the Russian missiles are even worse shapes and many will not work. They’re probably a greater danger to those near the missile sites than the US or Ukraine. The wild card here is submarines with nukes.

    Battlefield nukes are a serious threat. Again, the Russian military’s woeful unpreparedness will mean they aren’t usable. Whereas NATO troops have specialized units with specialized equipment to use battlefield nukes, the Russians do not. It would be like releasing mustard gas in WWI without giving your own troops gas masks. A change in wind direction and your own troops get sick or die.

    Obviously, it can still happen which is why Germany and France are pushing for Ukraine to allow Putin out without losing face. The English speaking world, Poland and the Baltics, however, want to continue to push war until there is a regime change in Russia, and possible disintegration of the Federation. This is why Germany/France are very cautious about supplying weapons whereas other NATO nations are far more generous. In the end, Putin does need an out but no one can blame Ukrainians to push thewar to their advantage.

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  3. Yep, HRW.

    The thing is, folks, don’t bother with iodine. (And if you do, you only need to use it for about a month. The nuclear engineer explained it to me this morning).

    You’re much better off, in both the short and long run, making peace with God.

    You don’t want to survive a nuclear attack.

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  4. Daughter, reading Twitter, just pointed out the best “face saving” strategy for Soviets, er, Russians, would have been to let the referendum fail.

    “Then they could have said, ‘obviously, we misunderstood the pleas for help about Nazi occupation. Very sorry. The people have spoken. We’ll go home now.”

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  5. Debra – (re: your comment at the end of Friday’s thread) Yes, that “old book” could indeed be offensive in places. Yet most of the offensive words that were said or written were aimed at religious hypocrites or those in positions of authority (Jesus’ words about Herod), not the average sinner. Other scripture is clear about how to treat most others – with humility, kindness, forgiveness, patience, etc.


  6. I came home from work one evening late last year I believe it was, and C was watching a lecture given in 2015 at the University of Chicago by someone I had never heard of—John Mearsheimer .

    Mearsheimer was describing the armed conflict in Ukraine which I had no knowledge of at that time. Apparently, the Donbas region had been resisting the Nazi-led overthrow of their democratically elected president in 2014. The US had been advocating for Ukraine to join NATO. This would bring NATO (and through it, the US) right up to the border of Russia.

    But Ukraine had a democratically elected president in 2014 that did not want to join NATO. So that president had to go. This president ( Yakunovych?) was overthrown with the US, including Senator’s John McCain (R), Chris Murphy (D), and Lindsey Graham (R), cheering them on. How much or little and what kind of aid that was given to help in the overthrow, I don’t know.

    Because of the conflict in 2014, the Donbas region has not been able to participate in regular voting—-until 2022. Given the long term ongoing hostilities and human rights abuses under a government they had no voice in, it’s small wonder they chose to go with Russia.

    Congressional support for the war in Ukraine (and the expansion of NATO) would be the primary reason I would consider not supporting my Republican senators or (at this point) their Democratic counterparts. I really don’t think voters support spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Ukraine to prolong a war and immense suffering that never should have happened in the first place—and almost certainly wouldn’t have happened without our interference.

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  7. Kizzie, I’m just curious, who is Dana Loche(?) that we should be offended at her use of the word ‘skanks’? I’ve heard the name, but didn’t even know if it was a man or a woman.

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  8. It is an offensive term that’s certainly better not used.

    But I have no clue, either, about who “Dana Loche” ? is. 🙂 Either way, she’s not left a very good impression.

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  9. Oh, is she a he? No clue, as I said. Someone else I know to stay clear of following on Twitter. 🙂 There are many in that category.


  10. Dana Loesch is a girl and she is a bit rough around the edges so to speak. She is a professing believer. She was a Democrat but is now a Republican.
    I have watched a bit of her show on some channel (cannot remember which it was). She caused me to wince with her choice of words although what she was trying to say I agreed with. Her use of that word is rough and edgy which I think is her approach with most of what she says.

    Walker professes Christ as well. I don’t know him nor do I know anything of his personal past. I do know what I read of Justice Thomas and the attack on him from the left via Anita Hill. I would believe Loesch over any mainstream “journalist” any day. So I suppose if we are to treat others with kindness, love, grace, mercy….that should be extended to them as well….yes?

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  11. DJ, I thought Dana was a man until I read Kizzie’s post and did a quick search and saw a picture. :–)

    I don’t go on Twitter. In fact, I read somewhere [may or may not be true] that up to 1/3 of Twitter is bots. I have no idea what the real percentage is, but it’s interesting to think that we may be riled up, triggered or offended by people who may turn out to not be people at all. That’s one reason I do like to know who someone is—what’s their background generally and view of life. In a word, are they real.

    Though I am not offended by the term ‘skank’, I would not use it myself, nor would I encourage it to be widely used. That’s not to say there is not a reason for it to be used legitimately at times—probably more times than would make me comfortable. People communicate in all sorts of ways, and the terminology tends to morph faster than I personally care to keep up with. Still, I think skank would be considered less offensive than the ancient alternatives. So I have no stone to throw in that direction, nor offense to carry at this time. :–)

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  12. Oh, thanks NancyJill!. I didn’t see your post. Glad to know about Dana L.Life is short and getting more and more compacted it seems. I really cannot keep up with everyone. It’s actually refreshing to know that new players are coming onto the stage–regardless the condition in which they come. :–)

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  13. There are some worthwhile folks to follow on Twitter. Many more, not so much.

    And yes, there are some (many?) who don’t even really exist at all.

    Readers beware.


  14. Most American politicians profess to be Christian. Walker and Warnock both claim to be Christian, the latter I believe is a pastor. In all likelihood, all these professions of faith cancel each other out. I do wonder if Walker’s ex-girlfriend, whose abotion he paid for, was running for the Senate would Republicans be as forgiving. In any case, the charge of hypocrisy is not levelled at ordinary people searching for an imperfect candidate who matches their views but party elites and media stars who turn on a dime as long their “side” wins.

    Dana Loesch is a right wing radio host and podcaster, hence over the top language is quite normal for her. I put “skank” right up there with “ho” in other words not appropriate for serious adults when discussing issues that matter.

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  15. Please note that yesterday I wrote “whether or not Herschel Walker actually paid for an abortion” – I did not accuse him of doing so, as this is still being investigated.

    My point in that post was that Dana Loesch refers to women who have had abortions as “skanks”, but then let’s it be known that she doesn’t care if Walker did pay for an abortion, she would vote for him so that Republicans can gain the Senate.

    Btw, what is the horrible word for men who have sex outside of marriage, or with a lot of different women? Maybe there are some, such as “player”, but none of them have the debasing quality of “whore” or “slut” or “skank”.

    Many women in our churches have had abortions, or if not, have had sex outside of marriage. They have repented and been forgiven, but many still carry some regret and a vestige of shame. Remarks like Loesch’s (from a Christian no less?) don’t help. 😦

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  16. Christians in media should try to be Christian above all, and not seek to sound like the more worldly commentators and columnists.


  17. Dana,

    Mearsheimer is an interesting and brilliant man. He has a healthy distrust for all great powers and is not ideologically biased. Domestically he likes Bernie Sanders and believes economic inequality is the greatest threat to American democracy. In that way he’s right.

    I didn’t watch the video you posted although I have friends who cite Mearsheimer in a similar context so I’m familiar with his views. My main criticism has always been how the events of 2014 are portrayed in the west. For Ukrainians and Russians the war started in 2014. At the time, the president of Ukraine was about to approve an agreement with the EU for economic association and eventual membership. However, at the last minute he backed out and instead brought forward a proposal to become closer to Russia economically. This went against the legislature and the popular vote at the time but was popular in pro-Russian areas of Ukraine i.e. Donbass. The suspicion of pro-EU Ukrainians was that the President was bribed by the Russians (probably true) and they started their revolt against the elected president. Once he was chased all the way to Moscow, the Donbass rebelled against the new gov’t and Russia moved into Crimea.

    Yes, the west was heavily involved in the Maiden revolt. And the Azov and other far right groups were the most militant. My Polish and Russian friends were in agreement that Maiden was a modernized version of the Ukrainian far right nationalist of the 30s and 40s. However, there was very little danger of Ukraine joining NATO. To join NATO you need to be free from border disputes and have 100% agreement from current members. Even prior to the Donbass rebellion, the Russian naval base was in Sevastapol, Ukraine and thus NATO would hesitate. Furthermore its quite likely Erdogan would’ve said no to Ukraine.

    By 2022, the far right of Ukrainian poltics was much smaller and Zelensky was elected on an anti-corruption and pro-negotiation platform. He and Putin were negotiating but there was very little common ground and Putin probably lost his patience. The Donbass can hardly complain they couldn’t vote in Ukrainian elections when they declared independence and chased out the Ukrainian gov’t. The recent referendum is quite laughable. No matter the issue, no referendum has a 90% yes vote.

    There’s no out for Putin personally. The out for Russia is to oust Putin and then negotiate. Western Europe will pressure Ukraine to compromise — perhaps hold legitimate referrendums in the Donbas and Crimea, agree that Russian naval base stays in Sevastapol and Ukrainians agrees not o cut off the fresh water supply. One of the reasons Russia chose to bring troops across the Dnieper and thus allow them to be trapped is the need to control the water flow. There’s a small diversion which sends fresh water through a canal to Crimea – the Ukrainians cut it off in 2014. Hence the Russians moved troops to Kherson and allowed Ukraine to retake the Kharkiv area.


  18. What is interesting in the Walker case is that his own son, whom I’ve seen described as “a MAGA Republican”, has made some claims against him, not merely left-leaning media.


  19. Dana is not the only commentator professing to be a follower of Christ who uses “colorful” language. When I hear coarse words coming from a brother or sister I ask the Lord to show them as He would show me when I am teetering on the edge. I am certain I have said things and used words you may find objectionable….I do ask the Lord to forgive and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. May He lead us all unto repentance and pure hearts.

    If Walker paid for a girlfriend’s abortion before he found Christ is that unforgivable? Or even after? Is he lying to save face. Only our Lord knows…and Walker.
    Hey there is a lady at church who looks at me sideways now that she knows my husband and I met at a bar!!!
    And yes…there are many in politics and otherwise professing to know our Lord but by their fruit we shall know them. As a former pastor once said “some have some mighty stinky fruit”!

    As far as Walker’s son…he’s what…23? Do I suspect he is being profiting from someone to slime his Dad…kind of like Anita Hill was probably profiting off her slander against Clarence Thomas? Ford slandering Kavanaugh? Yes…too coincidental.


  20. DJ – Thank you. (But you mean 4:20, not 1:20. These numbers are sometimes hard to read correctly, with the 4s looking like 1s. 🙂 )


  21. The language used to describe “loose” women as opposed to men is a valid point and one that also made me wonder how forgiving some would be of woman who had an abortion as opposed to a man who paid for it.

    Growing up we learn our parents opinions and things seem black or white but as we grow older and encounter people outside of the community we grew up in, a little grey emerges. Abortion used to be a line in the sand for me until I met women who confided in me that they had an abortion. They had them for a variety of reasons — convenience and rape were the two I heard the most. Then you learn after a miscarriage, a D & C may be neccessary to prevent an infection so a women who just suffered a miscarriage might have to go to a clinic and run a guantlet of protesters while grieving her miscarriage. And then in my own marriage, I find I’m not genetically compatible with my wife and run an 1 in 4 chances of creating a child who won’t make it to their fourth birthday. If pre-natal testing is positive, what do you do? It’s not as cut and dried as it seemed back when I was a know it all high school kid. Luckily, my daughter tested negative and the ethical dilemma was removed. These are difficult ethical decisions for many women and somehow I don’t think the men in the legislature are the right people to make hard and fast rules. It’s a discussion best left to a woman, her doctor, and if there, her partner. Interestingly, when the decision is left to the woman, the abortion rate doesn’t change. Canada without rules has a lower rate than the US and both have a rate lower than post 1970. Let’s trust grown women to make the right decisions and lets understand the circumstances that could lead to a different or difficult decision.

    btw, Walker’s son and the rest of the family aren’t lying nor are they profiting from the stories. This was all fairly well known before Walker started his campaign and the family asked him not to run as they knew the family’s dirty laundry would be aired again and they had no desire to revisit the past.


  22. Oh, you’re right on that time stamp, thanks.

    It’s certainly not unforgivable (Nancyjill 5:12). But it would have been much better and more transparent had some of those things been aired by the candidate himself, presuming they were true and he did repent, early on and voluntarily.

    At this stage, he’s denying it from what I’ve seen so we don’t know the full story. But the accusations are disturbing.

    I take professing Christians (whom I don’t know) pretty much at face value.

    That said, I realize I don’t actually know them personally (though I can’t really know that). If their public or private behavior raises questions I realize even more so that I can’t fully know their spiritual status so I tend not to presume (one way or another).

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  23. And as HRW notes, these decisions can be complicated.

    In some situations, young women especially can feel trapped, frightened and make bad choices — sometimes (often?) encouraged by boyfriends or parents or others.

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  24. And one other cautionary note, these days politicians can think that declaring outwardly that they are a believer can bring votes and favor among the more conservative class. Politicians may be mostly scoundrels, but they aren’t dumb.

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  25. I have friends who have had from one to multiple abortions. And I have counseled with young women who have made that choice. All were for convenience sake. Some wrestled with the decision and some not but for all I have prayed.
    I don’t believe we can unequivocally say Walker’s son or family isn’t profiting unless we are personally involved. Just as I stated my suspicion I cannot say for certain.
    I have listened to politicians proclaim their devotion to God and yet have seen no evidence of it in their manner, word or deed. Only He knoweth the heart.


  26. I feel sorry even for the skinny hummingbird out in the cold, so there’s no way to not be sorry about women who feel they have no choice but to kill their own flesh and blood.

    I don’t think that killing a human being is a weight any person was ever meant to have to shoulder alone. That’s why legitimate killing requires law [God’s measuring stick] and a consensus of guilt, and when we put those two elements together we say it is just. So the weight of taking a human life is not on a single person’s shoulders. Laws that forbid abortion at least take that option off the table. Hopefully, fewer women will have to deal with the natural aftermath and regret that come with such arbitrary killing.

    Abortion, murder, theft, adultery, bearing false witness are all just a few of the more popular sins today. Part of the natural aftermath of all sin is shame. It is right and actually a good thing to feel shame when you have transgressed because it is a demonstration that your conscience is still alive and not seared. Shame and regret often lead to repentance and God’s forgiveness. Christ’s blood was shed for just this purpose, and all shame and guilt for all our sins are swallowed up by his more than sufficient sacrifice. That is the only reason we don’t have to carry the burden of our sins forever.

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  27. Debra, well said. Even the death penalty under biblical restrictions is quite demanding — two eye witnesses — and is not often met under our system which relies on circumstantial evidence for the most part (although DNA evidence now has been brought up among Christians as a question of whether that’s tantamount to an eye witness, but that’s another debate).

    It’s sad that abortion became the “law of the land” and remained so in the US for so many years. It’s now embedded in many ways which is why I think we see a rather strong pushback on the more recent Supreme Court decision.

    And yes, certainly a decision that should prick a woman’s conscience and, for the most part I’m sure, it does.

    I also knew of a young woman in college who had multiple abortions for convenience sake (birth control pills, she reasoned, made one gain weight). Unimaginable to me, then and now.

    But I’m sure others are caught in much tougher predicaments and I highly doubt they felt callous about what they believed they had to do at the time.

    I’ve often wondered if men were more supportive of abortion than women, in fact. Women, I think, instinctively know what the loss truly is all about. For men, it would seem more of a decision of “convenience.”

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  28. DJ, I think it’s probably true that many men have been supportive of abortion behind the scenes. But the public face of abortion is always women. And the current public and very vocal outcry seems to be women…..although, there does seem to be a surprisingly large corporate voice in the mix.

    The only person I have ever known to have an abortion was a 30 something wife and mother of 2. We were not close friends and she told me after the fact. She said she just didn’t have the time or energy to mother another child. Her husband was starting a new business so they were both very busy. I don’t know if he was a big factor or not. She didn’t act like it was a big deal to her, but I did wonder.


  29. Any lawyer will tell you, never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.


  30. The FBI justifies telling social media to censor certain info by calling it “national security” and ‘protecting’ elections. Yet the FBI had solid incriminating evidence concerning Hunter Biden for most of a year, and also the public testimony with confirming evidence by Tony Bobulinski. So when they engaged in this illegal censorship, they did it with full knowledge that they were protecting a politicized influence-peddling criminal racketeering organization, aka the Democrat party, and also the Biden crime family.

    They were ‘protecting’ the election by ensuring that the public didn’t have the necessary info to make a well-informed choice for president, and they also protected the fraud that was about to be launched on the USA. Wray and his traitorous minions have been conspiring to take our country down.


    “The FBI team that was in communication with Facebook before the social media company censored the original Hunter Biden laptop story has been identified, according to a new court filing.

    Meta, Facebook’s parent company, identified the team as the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF), according to an updated complaint entered late on Oct. 6.

    Meta named the team after receiving a subpoena in a case alleging the federal government pressured Big Tech firms to censor users.

    “Pursuant to the third-party subpoena, Meta has identified the FBI’s FITF, as supervised by Laura Dehmlow, and Elvis Chan as involved in the communications between the FBI and Meta that led to Facebook’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story,” the updated complaint states.

    Mark Zuckberg, Meta’s CEO, said in August that Facebook reduced the reach of posts about Hunter Biden’s laptop in response to advice from the FBI.

    “The background here is the FBI I think basically came to some folks on our team [and] were like, ‘Hey, just so you know, you should be on high alert. We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump similar to that, so just be vigilant,’” Zuckerberg said on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He made similar comments before the Senate in 2020.

    “One of the threats that the FBI has alerted our company and the public to was the possibility of a hack and leak operation in the days or weeks leading up to this election,” Zuckerberg said then. Those alerts “suggested we be on high alert and sensitivity if a trove of documents appeared that we should view that with suspicion that it might be part of a foreign manipulation attempt,” he added.

    The FBI declined to comment on the updated lawsuit, which now names the FBI as a defendant. The bureau said previously that it is routinely in touch with U.S. companies but “cannot ask, or direct, companies to take action on information received.””

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