31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-7-22

  1. Good morning. I went out on the deck to see if it was snow or heavy frost on it. Heavy frost it seems to have been. There was snow north of us. Apparently, we are in the warm south. Our thermometer said it was 35 for the coldest, but it is only feet from the house and under a porch roof.

    I forgot our daughter and her family is coming for the weekend. Now I will have to run for milk, bread and whatever on a Friday. Not my favorite day to go and we could have done it yesterday when we were in town. I actually noted her coming on the calendar and still managed to forget until last evening. It will be nice to have them. Her husband is bringing his young (relatively) muscles to help out with a few things. 🙂

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  2. Good morning! That header looks like our rows for Sunday school.

    I am having my first cup of Kerig Donut Shoppe coffee. Staples had a one day online sale of 70 K-cups for 23.99 so I splurged. It was so easy to make that cuppa. Of course I may be wired all day since I have been drinking tea in the mornings and so little coffee for several months.

    My mug has a Bible verse, “This HOPE is a strong and trustworthy ANCHOR for our souls.” Hebrews 6:19 I think I found this mug one year when my one word was Hope. This year my word is Restore. Working on it! It partly had to do with changing churches. Does anyone else reflrct this late in the year about their one word and how it’s played out?

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  3. Janice, I didn’t come up fo a word for this year, but if I had to choose one it would be thankful. Last year and this year have been two of the best I have ever had financially. While money doesn’t buy happiness, it has restored my self confidence. For years I struggled working with Guy. I felt I had no other option but depend on what he paid me. Now, knowing that last year I made over X amound of dollars and that I have already done that again this year has given me confidence I didn’t have before. Believe me that when I write that check to my church, I breathe “Thank You God”.

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  4. Now for Adventures in Real Estate.https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/706-Escambia-Loop_Lillian_AL_36549_M77080-50040
    This is an adorable mobile home in a mobile home community where you actually own the home and the ground it sits on. It is more of a retirement and snowbird community.
    Yesterday I was showing it to a lady who was referred to me. She is moving to the area to be near friends as she has some health issues. She has arthritis in her right knee and some time back fell and broke her left arm above the elbow. She is a bit overweight and is currently using a walker. We had looked at several homes before we got to this one. She, her friend and I walked through it and as we were getting ready to leave she asked if she could sit down a minute. Finally we were able to get her up on her walker and head out the door. She got weak and sort of crumbled in the doorway.
    We waited a bit and her friend and I tried to help her get up. She kept apologizing. I told her please don’t and went into my if I can make you laugh mode. While she was still resting in the doorway her friend went to smoke a cigarette. That is when she asked me to call 911 to get someone to help her get up. Then we started joking about seeing of calendar caliber firemen!
    Eventually the neighborhood security guy showed up. He had heard the call go out 3 times from 911 and no one had answered the call. It is a volunteer fire department afterall. He called one of the maintenance men and they used a sheet under her arms to help her up to her walker. They got her almost all the way down the driveway when she got weak again and sent me to get the blue bench seat you see in the main photo. They sat her down in it and carried her the rest of the way to the car.
    I was very impressed with both men as they were helping her. They protected her dignity. In all of this her shirt had ridden up in the back and her pants had ridden down. Very gently on pulled her shirt down and then pulled her pants up. The entire time the other one was calling her “darlin’ and telling her “Don’t worry darlin’ I used to be a weight lifter there is no way I’m gonna let you fall”.
    There are good people in the world

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  5. Morning all! It was 33 when I awakened this morning and it is a cloudy misty cold here. Perfect day to stay indoors with coffee and a book!

    Kathaleena I think we are going to get some of that frost here next week. Time to put the flower beds under pine needles for the winter.

    Kim that is such a cute home. And you do have some exciting times…thankful you all were there for your client and hoping she is recovering.
    I’m with Aj on that bathroom though….tight! At least there is a window in there 🪟

    Janice I don’t recall having a word for the year but if I did I think this year would be “hmmm”….that’s a word right?!! 🙃

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  6. So wonderful of those gentlemen.

    We finally had a killing frost two nights ago. Husband was unwilling to pull the remaining pepper plants in the garden as there were still some small peppers on them. Now there’s no excuse! I will gather leaves while he pulls the remaining plants in prep for the fall tilling.

    We are babysitting a 6 month old Great Pyrenees for friends this Thanksgiving weekend. He. Is. Adorable. And he is huge – over 80 pounds already. He and Duke are having a riot playing together outside. This is the first dog that Duke has been able to be dominant over. It’s fun to watch. Our friends said their boy needed a dog to put him in his place a few times, so this is working out well all around. Duke corrects him and then they play again.

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  7. Kare I saw that photo of the “puppy”. Absolutely gorgeous and so cuddly
    We had a neighbor with a Pyrenees and they neglected her which always made us sad as we walked past their property. She was about 20 acres to the south of us and we believe she would watch us as we walked up our drive. She escaped her electric fence often and would always come to see us. We reluctantly returned her after we had a good ball chasing session with her. The daughter of the neighbor moved out and took that precious dog with her and we hope she found a good life…we miss her!

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  8. We had a Pyrenees at the dog park, back in the day when times were cold.

    It is sad to see dogs tapped in yards with little or no attention. 😦 Kare, so glad you took the time to play with her — and yes, hoping that the daughter of neighbors will be more attentive to a dog’s need for companionship.

    Busy day today, PT at 10:30 and an eye appointment in the afternoon. Just had my shower and am drinking some coffee.

    We’ve had a lot of fog and overcast days for the most part during the latter half of this week. It’s supposed to get up to 77 this afternoon, but cooling off by early next week (which we’ve been promised will feel more like fall).

    My neighbors have their Halloween decorations up, courtesy of help from the grandkids (who are now teens and pre-teens).

    I don’t officially decorate for Halloween per se, but will put up orange twinkle lights and I have a fall wreath on the door.

    I also have some plastic plain pumpkins in the garage that I can put out on the front porch, if I can find them. Some years I hang out on the porch to hand out candy, but not every year. The pandemic sort of put all of that to a screeching halt, so I think folks are now trying to get back to it.

    We typically get a lot of kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. It’s easier now that I work from home — before, I wouldn’t even get home from work until the festivities were all well underway, so I tended just to keep the lights mostly out and skip the candy handouts.

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  9. Just came in from another play, pee, poop session. Both dogs are flaked out on the floor panting up a storm. 🙂

    Can’t wait for our puppy, although it will be so much work – it will be worth it.

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  10. I think stairs are doing my knee in. The pain last night even after three advil would not let me sleep. Already used the ice pack this morning so it is feeling better.

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  11. When is your puppy going to be in your arms Kare?
    I thought I would lose my mind when Pip was a puppy but she is the sweetest thing….although a bit dismissive when being instructed at times. We are suffering through attachment issues…she demands to always be next to us and when we have company over it gets a bit harry. We are having a couple over tomorrow for dinner and I am hoping she behaves better than last time we had friends over! She totally plays deaf to instruction by jumping up on them and when we put her in time out she howls like a banshee!! 😳 (husband isn’t much help when he coddles her when she misbehaves like that! “Oh but she’s so cute”!!)

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  12. Good morning, all. Just finished the morning foraged salad, even had blackberries still.

    Took daughter her meds and grocery shopping. One of her workers will take her to Lewiston for thrift shopping. I had her buy candy today, in hopes she would not spend her laundry money on candy. I have been going with her to the laundry to see her put the coins in the machine, and she said her laundry was done but this past week she took three large bags to a teacher friend’s house and did her laundry there. And so it goes.

    Husband will remain in Florida for the next week. They will be moving his dad to a rehab facility to gain strength after pneumonia and covid. His step mom is still sleeping thirteen hours at a time. I did suggest a covid test for her. Husband wonders about his ability to fly home after hanging with these folk.

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  13. Mumsee, that all sounds complicated. You have a full plate these days.

    Praying Idaho Mike can make it back without flight complications — and that his step-mother can get tested to make sure nothing is going on that also needs more treatment for her. Seems like Covid could be likely considering the circumstances?

    I’m back from PT, knee and neck work. Off to the eye appointment in a couple of hours.

    Honestly, all the medical stuff really does kind of hit and multiply at some point, doesn’t it? 😦 I thought I’d be immune. Guess not.

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  14. We meet the puppies on the 15th and then we take ours home on October 27th. 🙂
    They’re all so adorable I’m not sure how to pick just one. We’ve never had a choice before.

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  15. NancyJill – As I read this in your comment – “by jumping up on them” – a song I was listening to had the lyrics – “till they bleed”. 😀

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  16. Of course, you won’t want just one. Your little pup will need a companion, how about that cute lively one over there? They will be best buddies and keep each other company when you are at work and when hunting the wolves around the place.

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  17. hmmm…. I forgot the lighthouse. But I know that right now it is stairs.

    Friend called and had someone wanting to rent my downstairs bedroom. Uh, no, not right now.

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  18. Back from the eye doctor (he’s probably 50+ is my guess) where we were chatting about the need for increased medical stuff as we get older.

    “Warranty runs out around 50,” he pronounced, “depending on individual factors and genetics.”

    “From there, ” he added, “it’s all downhill.”

    So there you have it.

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  19. Two puppies at the same time? No, thank you for me! Back when Heidi was a puppy, she had been doing pretty well on her potty training. Then we temporarily took in Nightingale and X’s puppy Stella, who was one of Heidi’s littermates. The two puppies would be so caught up in playing that they lost ground on their potty training. They would just stop in the middle of playing and pee or poop where they were and go on playing.

    That was tough dealing with that and trying to keep an eye on each one to get them outside in time. I was so glad when they took Stella back.

    Sadly, Stella ended up being relinquished to a shelter, as she had become quite aggressive with both people and other animals, and their attempts to train her out of that were not working. 😦 When I think of her, I hope that someone with more dog-training skills was able to take her in and give her a nice life.

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  20. Living alone and working full time I was never able to take on a puppy — and I don’t think I’d have the patience or stamina for that now! Young adult dogs are usually settled in more and, if you have a good rescue group you’re working with, they’ll usually be able to provide you with the back-story and assessments on their weaknesses and strengths.

    Hoping my dilated eyes get back to normal soon, watching TV is OK, but computer and other reading or any close work is tough .

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