36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-13-22

  1. Good morning, all. It is indeed, my birthday. Sixty five at last! To celebrate, I started laundry early, will deliver meds to daughter and take her shopping for groceries, do school with the younger two, hang lots of laundry in the smoke, and watch a video on planting grapes. Full day!

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  2. A beautiful day here, though no sign of the sun even with the roosters crowing. Appears to be quite smoky with clouds mixed in. In house temp is about sixty seven so I must have remembered to close the windows!

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  3. Happy Birthday, mumsee! Medicare!

    I spent a rough night, the smoke alarm in my bedroom decided to go off right as I turned the lights out. No fire, but something set it off and it blared all night long (you can stop it by using a pole to punch the center button but it only stays stopped for 10 minutes and then starts up again.

    Cat flipped out every time she heard it, it was ear-shattering.

    I moved the ladder into the bedroom at around 1 a.m. but just couldn’t get past my reticence to use it to snatch the alarm off the ceiling (and stop it altogether). Between my knee which is still weak and realizing I’d have to climb up to the third ladder rung (I’m short), in order to even reach the ceiling, I just couldn’t go there.

    So I had an all-nighter with the smoke alarm. I would have gladly taken a sledge hammer to it if it weren’t so high and unreachable on the ceiling. Infuriating.

    Neighbor just said he can come over and take it down this morning (he did that for the other one in the hall when it misbehaved in the same way — so this is the 2nd out of 3 alarms that has gone haywire — a piece of dust? A moth? who knows, the one in the hallway was constantly being set off by steam from the shower; but these seem to be really high maintenance gadgets.)

    I realize smoke alarms save lives, but these that I bought just several months ago seem to be so overly sensitive they are driving me crazy, I just want them OUT of the house (and then preferably crushed into tiny bits!).

    Looking online it does appear that this brand has complaints about over-sensitivity setting them off. But they were well rated and not cheap, so I figured they were good. (Just had to get up and use the walking stick to poke the center to silence it again — for another 10 minutes.)

    Argh. I’m exhausted and have PT in about 2 hours. After that, I’ll probably just sleep, assuming the smoke detector is gone by then.

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  4. Happy Birthday Mumsee!!

    Dj may you find a nap in your day today! …and quiet

    Garden phlox up there and mine has the most gentle scent.. the color is almost iridescent ❣️

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  5. BEEEP.



    The shrill sounds of my morning.

    I keep trying the ladder but get to the 2nd step and just have both a mental block and a real physical concern re the knee about going to the much higher third step.

    And I had to finally cancel PT this morning as neighbor hasn’t come over yet and I can’t leave the alarm just blaring if I leave.

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  6. We were into the story of Mary and Martha for a few moments this morning. It struck me today that Martha did not stop to ask Jesus how she might serve Him, she just complained that Mary was not working ‘her’ plan to serve Him that she thought He would appreciate. I never thought of it like that before. How often do people rush into helping with what they think is best instead of asking what someone really needs? She was trying to control Mary, to fit her into the Martha (Stewart) perfect presentation. One of the other ladies in our group had thought along the same lines in answering the same question in the study guide. Another lady suggested Matha wanted help to hurry and get things done so they both could sit and listen to Jesus. Interesting thought, too.

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  7. Martha had a bit of a dilemma, I think. On one hand, the most important thing was to listen to Jesus. But on the other hand, serving guests properly was a must in that society and time. Of course, we know which option she should have chosen, but it wouldn’t necessarily have been obvious to Martha at the time, especially if she did have what we now term a “Martha personality”.

    I’ve always felt bad that she’s gotten a “bad rap” for her trying to do what she thought was best, and then getting flustered with not getting any help from her sister.

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  8. I just called Art at the office and told him I have an ice pack under my arm and a cat in my lap. He said that if you have your front to the stove and your back to the open refrigerator then you are at a comfortable temperature😀Yes! That.
    Hopefully I will soon be done with a bag of frozen peas under my arm.

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  9. Yes, it does in some ways seem like Martha got all the work dumped on her by her (lazy) sister, Mary, doesn’t it? I think that this story is taken in so many different ways depending on which character ladies identify with. Is there any equivalent story regarding men?

    I am thinking how David shirked his soldier duties, stayed home, and got himself in a pit of sin. But that had a totally different result because his focus was clearly not on God. Mary was intent on focusing on God.

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  10. Very wise of you, little brother, to learn from the older and wiser. (Mumsee)

    She’s the older. I’m the older and wiser. Or you could say I’m the wise guy. Take your pick.

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  11. Mary and Martha: I think both were doing what they were given to do, until Martha started resenting Mary. We do not get to decide how others serve. Eight billion people, bound to be some differences.

    In my own home, I often catch myself trying to drag husband out of the kitchen to visit with the guests. He is a servant and it is what God has made him. Who am I to remake him?

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  12. DJ—a friend whose job was checking fire alarms recounted to us on Saturday that a spider or even an ant crawling through can set them off.

    Ours was an ant (of course). Our friends had a spider.

    If the electronic eye sees anything blocking it (steam, which of course, looks like smoke), it alerts.

    So sorry.

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  13. Mumsee – That’s the best explanation of Mary and Martha that I have ever heard (or read, in this case 🙂 ).

    Janice – What Art said reminds me of something my dad would say. Dad cautioned us against giving too much weight to averages. He would say, “If you had one butt-cheek on a block of ice and the other on a hot stove, on average, you’d be comfortable.” 😀

    Another of his lessons that comes to mind is that you can do something correct a hundred times in a row and not really know why it is correct. But once you make a mistake, and learn from it, you then know how and why something is done in a certain way.

    Okay, I worded that in a really clunky way, but Dad said it more succinctly. Wish I could remember his wording. But you all get the picture, I hope.

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  14. Californian, yes, I’ve read that, too — and I am still battling moths which could easily be a culprit.

    (Just putting a new round of moth traps up tonight, one of my goals while I was going to be off recovering was to get some closure on this moth issue I’ve had in this house for several months now. So moth traps galore, they seem to be very effective (and helped by the fact that I can keep the back sliding door closed now that the dogs are no longer with me and needing that door to stay open a good part of the time — pretty sure that was the start of the indoor migration).

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  15. Last year when we had that big pantry moth problem, I had read that in addition to traps, we would have to thoroughly clean off all the shelves in our pantry and get into the corners and crevices and all that.

    But the Dr. Killigan pantry moth traps we bought did the trick! I did put some out again this spring when I thought I saw one, and it did look like a couple more were caught, but that was it. We haven’t seen any since then. Needless to say, I was very pleased to not have to have that big cleaning job to do.

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  16. I have some of those traps and similar sticky traps for clothing moths as well — I’ve caught moths in both so not sure if I have one kind or another. they’re small.

    But the best traps I’ve found are Moth Prevention (on Amazon), apparently recommended by exterminators to those wanting to tackle the issue on their own.

    They’re a little more expensive but they work by attracting just male moths, shutting down the breeding cycle. Not an overnight solution, but it really seems to work, something on those sticky traps really attracts them quickly. And I’m not seeing nearly as many in the house as I did a few months ago.

    Making progress.

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  17. Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. It has been a lovely birthday. Topped off with a nice visit with daughter and a good Bible study with the church women in town. But I also received a text from the worker who is supposed to take over for sis in law tomorrow morning. She won’t be in until twelve and sis in law has to drive down to Boise tomorrow. So we will probably get up early so we can fill in at eight. Life does not slow down.

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