25 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-14-22

  1. Don’t interrupt his false narrative with facts.

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  2. Enjoy!

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  3. I love it.

    It’s the Obama years again…


    Sure…. Nice to see everyone going with the White House’s script and talking points.

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  4. Dems are working hard to steal another election.

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  5. But muh narrative…

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  6. Apparently, their employer cares. When I worked the employer was the boss. Of course, these things should be worked out with everyone listening.

    Our area is in the midst of a three-day strike by nurses. There is a railroad strike pending. The employees at the paper could go on strike (no wages when you do that) or the employer could fire whoever doesn’t comply. Labor relations can be quite tricky.


  7. And the sheep applaud her lies and revisionist history.


  8. Remember this as Biden and Democrats praise and celebrate a bill that does nothing for inflation but wastes billions for more green scams.



    “Inflation: ‘Food at Home Index Rose 13.5 Percent Over the Last 12 Months, the Largest 12-Month Increase Since the Period Ending March 1979’
    Gas went down, but electric services at home increased 2.1%.”


  9. Gee, now why do you suppose that is?


  10. I’ve repeatedly been told ther is no slippery slope.

    That’s a myth…


  11. Treasonous. Seditious. The FBI was seeking to remove a legally elected president, among other ruthless acts.

    One revelation after another revealing just how much of a criminal enterprise this completely corrupt organization actually is.

    This should be the nail in the coffin for the FBI…


    “Special counsel John Durham filed a pre-trial motion in limine on Sept. 13 in his false statements case against Igor Danchenko, the primary sub-source of Christopher Steele’s dossier on Donald Trump. Danchenko, who is charged with five counts of lying to the FBI about his sources for the dossier, had earlier filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him.

    Epoch Times PhotoMotions in limine are routine motions that are used to determine what evidence may and may not be used at trial. Danchenko’s trial is scheduled to begin next month.

    However, Durham’s motion is anything but routine and contains a series of stunning revelations about Danchenko.

    Perhaps the most stunning disclosure is that Danchenko was given confidential human source (CHS) status by the FBI in March 2017. Notably, this was after Danchenko had disowned the Steele dossier in a January 2017 FBI interview, having admitted that it was based on gossip and rumors. Given the admission, there was no legitimate reason to extend the protections of CHS status to Danchenko, who no longer had any bona fide value to the FBI’s investigation into alleged Trump–Russia collusion.

    In fact, the FBI’s investigation ought to have ended as soon as Danchenko disclosed the true provenance of Steele’s reporting.

    The FBI’s goal in giving Danchenko the highly coveted CHS status appears to have been to take Danchenko off the grid. As a CHS, Danchenko enjoyed special protections and privileges. Crucially, the FBI was able to use his status to conceal Danchenko and his disclosures from congressional inquiries, such as the investigation by then-Rep. Devin Nunes led by Kash Patel. Other inquiries, such as Freedom of Information Act requests, could similarly be stonewalled by reference to the “sources and methods” justification for concealing the identity, and even the existence, of a CHS.

    The FBI had huge incentives to hide Danchenko. Although Danchenko told the FBI several lies in what Durham now describes was an attempt to reconcile what Danchenko had told Steele, the overarching message from Danchenko was that the dossier was untrue. This effectively ended any legitimate inquiry into Trump–Russia collusion. Danchenko’s disavowal also meant that the FBI’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page—which were issued based on the Steele dossier—were effectively invalidated.

    The FBI had a legal duty to inform the FISA court about Danchenko but failed to do so. In fact, they successfully applied for two further FISA warrants against Page on the basis of the Steele dossier which they knew to be false.

    The timing of Danchenko’s elevation to CHS status coincided with two major developments. First, on March 20, 2017, then FBI Director James Comey told Congress that the Trump campaign was under investigation for alleged ties to Russia. At the time, Comey knew that Danchenko had shredded the investigation’s predicate, yet he chose to forge on regardless. Second, also in March 2017, Nunes found out from a whistleblower in the intelligence community that the Trump transition team had been spied on. Nunes complained that Congress hadn’t been given that information.

    As head of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes immediately ratcheted up his own investigation into the Trump—Russia matter. That investigation would lead to the Nunes memo in February 2018. However, the Nunes memo made no mention of Danchenko or of the fact that he had disavowed the dossier. After the FBI put Danchenko on their CHS payroll, he was completely off the grid and any information about him was withheld from Congress under the “sources and methods” justification.

    The FBI’s apparent scheme to bury Danchenko seems to have worked as planned. Neither Nunes nor anyone else knew about Danchenko or his disavowal of the Steele dossier until December 2019, when Justice Department (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued his report on the FBI’s FISA abuses. Horowitz didn’t disclose Danchenko’s name and provided very little information other than that Steele had a primary sub-source whose story differed from the one told by Steele himself.

    It wasn’t until July 2020 that a group of online sleuths, including myself, were able to extrapolate Danchenko’s name from various data points in Horowitz’s report, as well as from heavily redacted interview notes published by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

    With the identification of Danchenko, any remaining credibility of the Steele dossier collapsed. Contrary to the FBI’s claims, Danchenko wasn’t a Russian-based source with access to Kremlin insiders. Instead, he was a Beltway insider who had spent a number of years working at the Democratic-leaning Brookings Institution, where anti-Trump impeachment witness Fiona Hill was his mentor.

    Yet, the FBI continued to pay Danchenko, as well as maintaining his CHS status until October of 2020. By then, Durham had already been investigating the origins of the Trump—Russia probe for 19 months. It also isn’t known when Durham found out about Danchenko’s CHS status. It’s likely that Danchenko’s CHS status was revoked after then-Attorney General Bill Barr disclosed in September 2020 that Danchenko had been suspected of working for Russian intelligence.

    That fact was known to the FBI since 2009, but Barr’s public disclosure may have forced the bureau’s hand.

    It appears that the sole purpose of making Danchenko a CHS was to conceal FBI malfeasance from Congress, from the FISA court, and from the public; that opens up new avenues for Durham to criminally pursue FBI officials. These officials include former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former head of counterespionage Peter Strzok, and Danchenko case agent Brian Auten.

    It was thought that the statute of limitations for bringing charges against FBI officials had lapsed earlier this year, when five years had passed from the time the officials took their respective actions. However, it now appears as if the time limit has been extended because the FBI continued employing Danchenko under false pretenses until October 2020. That gives Durham plenty of time to pursue FBI officials, if he’s so inclined.”


  12. A vehement Sen. Cruz vs. Sen. Murphy and Dems on gun control, protecting schoolchildren… and defending one’s positions.


  13. Do people actually take Dr Phil seriously? Or Dr Oz? Then again others take Oprah as a serious political candidate.

    The question is not whether fertilization is the beginning of human life, but that doesn’t resolve the complexity of the issue. Does life have to be viable before it’s human? Many fertilized eggs don’t implant and are never viable. For religious people and those who believe in the soul, does a non-implanted fertilized egg have a soul? It may be the beginning but is this a process or a one time event? Does the presence of a fertilized egg or zygote or fetus allow the gov’t to interfere ? Shouldn’t the gov’t stay out of health care decisions and leave it to the doctor and patient? Given the surprising amount of ignorance many male politicians have on the female body perhaps they should allow women to make their own decisions with their doctor’s advice.

    The argument based on biology missses so many other aspects of the issue.


  14. Inflation is a weird beast right now. To treat it as a problem of too much demand and a surplus of monetary savings is probably wrong but central banks are raising interest rates which is the correct response if it was in fact the problem. However the problem is supply not monetary surplus/demand. Raising interest rates is unnecessary. And even if the problem was monetary surplus, gov’ts could remove money from circulation simply by raising taxes on the rich and using it to pay down the debt (ie not for more spending which fuels inflation). Interest rates hurt the poor, taxes hurt the rich. Not a surprise which solution the central banks like.

    Helping Ukraine and increasing armed forces pay is not an either/or. Both can be done but US armed forces personnel like the civilian working class in the US have been historically underpaid. Tax the rich and pay the grunts more.


  15. I clicked the video on porn literacy but I found the information lacking. They seemed to pick and choose and with an exception to grade three, there was no real definition of “kids” “children”. Porn is occasionally raised in growth and development class but mostly to discredit it – i.e. it’s a fantasy, the story lines are not real, implausible and misleading. Porn discredits the concept of consent and “no means no”. As porn is so pervasive today, it’s important to address the problems porn creates. I estimate 2/3s of my students have had some exposure to porn. If we don’t address it, misconceptions become reality in their minds. That’s my definition of porn literacy — it would have been interesting to have a more neutral presentation of what is taught in Idaho and references to the actual curriculm, I don’t have the time to look into it but I can’t imagine it being much different than what I just mentioned above.

    As to whether we should address how porn could be helpful in a relationship – most kids can figure that out on their own.


  16. Finally, FOX News released its monthly generic congressional poll. The FOX news polling division is actually quite good and more accurate than most. In May, FOX had Republicans at +7, in June and July at +3, in August it was a tie and now its + 3 for the Democrats. Due to gerrymandering and over-weighing rural votes, Democrats need at least + 3 to stay even. In 2020, the Democrats barely won the House with 3.1% of the vote. Right now the RCP average is 0.8% for Democrats but the FOX poll numbers point to a positive turn for the Democrats.

    With Penn and Wisconsin possible Senate pick-ups for the Democrats and the House now looking like a possibility, its possible for the Democrats to emerge unscathed. Unlike Obama, Biden is campaigning hard in the mid-terms and looks like it’s helping. The Supreme Court is the pivotal point, though. Young women who usually don’t vote in mid terms may be the difference.


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