25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-12-22

  1. Well, it was bound to happen….
    I have always maintained that my people were to poor to own slaves. This Ancestry dot com thing can burst your bubble. It seems my 4th great-grandfather in Mississippi willed his slaves to his children.
    I am not pleased with this turn of events.
    I will have to come back later to tell you about the Woo-Woo experience I had at dinner last night after the “gathering to celebrate the life of…”

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  2. Good morning! Such a lovely header photo. It could be on a Hallmark card.

    Ouch, Kim. So sorry to hear you are among the many, but even if you weren’t, you’d still be counted as if you were, simply because of your skin color.

    There are many pimps of color who hold white girls as sex slaves . . . if people think there can be justice for slavery, we can’t just look at one part of the problem.

    Jesus is the only reconciler of such attrocities.

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  3. Morning all… and that photo up there! So fresh and beautiful! A wonderful way to start out our day!

    Yesterday we were gone the whole live long day. We went to church then headed over to our friend’s home for lunch. Lunch ended up not being serviced until 4. Our host smoked pork and it wasn’t ready until 3:30. We ended up returning home at 9 last night. Our friends had their pastor over because his wife was out of town taking care of her mother. Delightful company and lots of laughter.

    I will be having lunch with eldest daughter today. I have not seen her since the beginning of July. It was kind of nice that she asked if I could meet her for lunch….

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  4. Kim-
    If we knew all the sins of our ancestors and worried over them, we would never have any peace. Your ancestor had his sins, and if he turned to Jesus, they were forgiven. If he never believed and trusted Christ, he paid for his own sins. Either way you do not have to worry.

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  5. Good morning, all. Our ancestry is nothing to be proud of or to sorrow over. Come to think of it, same with our descendants. We do what we think is our best and right but they will make their own decisions. Shake the tree and who knows what might fall out.

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  6. Peter, I just read the weekend thread. Mrs B and I climbed those 240+ steps to the Hannibal lighthouse in 2006. I don’t think we’d do it again now.

    I finally got a negative Covid test yesterday. I’d tested positive three times over two weeks. I had been feeling much better for awhile but couldn’t seem to quite shake it once and for all. I still seem to want to sleep a lot, but otherwise feel pretty good.

    Kizzie, how are you doing?

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  7. Often people up ‘north’ can be quite puffed up about not having slaves, yet many corporations used and abused their employees badly. In the mines and factories young children and women were often employed with little concern for safety, fair wages and comfort. It was so for the men, as well. There is plenty of sin to go around for all peoples everywhere and throughout all generations, including today. We all make choices, too, based on our upbringing and our culture. It is foolish to think otherwise. We are so blessed to have God’s word to help us renew our minds and think differently. The influence of that on what is right and wrong is, sadly, underappreciated today.

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  8. Glad to hear about the negative test, Kevin.

    Kizzie, report. 🙂

    Peter, well said.

    I woke up to a cool, overcast morning, a wonderful change in our recent weather. September here is prone to be overly warm and even hot, but we’re hoping for no more heat waves like the long one we just left behind. I read somewhere the last time we had one like that was in 1988.

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  9. Thanking you all for letting me know that there was an alternative to a colonoscopy. The doc wanted me to have one as it was years past time. But I knew to say, isn’t there something else.

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  10. The cool is here too. I may go to my house and do some leaf blowing and taking down of wallpaper glue.
    I got a moving account from a friend about their experience during the 7.7 earthquake. Wow, he has cerebal palsy and had to try and crawl out of a building, until someone came back to help him.

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  11. Kathaleena, we watched a NC PBS program about a bluegrass lady singer and band leader who I think is from up your way. Her name is Becky Buller, if Art got the name down correctly. I did not see the whole program since it was late, but I enjoyed the part I watched.

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  12. I am feeling better, but still with light cold-like symptoms. Taking a while to get out of my system, but getting a little better each day.

    Nightingale went in to work today to be tested, and she tested positive again/still, so she will be out until a Friday evening shift she picked up. I am wondering if I should stay home from church again this Sunday.

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  13. Kizzie, do you have tests at home or a way you can get a test first to see if you’re clear? Not that the home tests are all that reliable.

    I’m off to Best Buy in about an hour, had to finally make an in-person appt to get the laptop security system installed. I don’t know why it’s not working for me, tried a phone consult with them but the live chat person was apparently juggling several of us and I just couldn’t get a lot of help from him/her.

    So off to the store. It’ll take them 2 keystrokes and they’ll be done. But it’s been bugging me for days, my subscription was renewed but I keep getting a message on my computer saying it’s expired & I can’t seem to start over to just reinstall it, though that is supposed to easy. lol

    I may head over to the store early, maybe they can take me before the 6 p.m. appointment which is kind of late. I can reschedule for 5:30 though …

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  14. Too bad about all that smoke and the fires.

    I hope you can get the computer work done right there, DJ. Ours always seems to be sent out.

    Janice, I looked up Becky Buller. I know her name was always familiar to me when I would listen to her on the Bluegrass channel. Sure enough she won the state championship one year in the contest my husband and daughter were in for many years. It is held not too far away. I see she also has a LaPlant guitar. Those are made by another musician we know and are wonderful instruments. The maker and his family have a wonderful bluegrass festival that brings in musicians from all over. I would like to see the show. Our PBS has different times for programs and then there are always the local ones in each area.

    For some reason we cannot get RFD. I was on an online chat with Direct TV to try to finally get the station again when I was abruptly told their technicians were all too busy and I would have to come back. They did say it was something on their end. Quite irritating. I am not sure how 24/7 your technical help really is if I have to start all over. I will have to bite the bullet one day and contact them again. Not the worst problem in the world for sure.


  15. Michelle, your duel/dual experts are consistent with the CDC guidance saying 10 days is all. Five days of isolation if possible, then five more days of masking. It got complicated for me because on day 10 I started feeling crummy again, though I had no fever this time, and I tested positive again. So we reset my 10-day clock and repeated.

    Isolation was a bummer.

    Today (day 19) is the first day I felt almost normal since the relapse.

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