28 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-13-22

  1. The video showing the preschooler hitting a police officer and calling her ugly names is beyond sad. These are the children that poor teachers have to try to teach. They are also set up to resist arrest later on and suffer consequences from that possibly. These are the children who become a problem and danger to so many. Worse is the thought of their spiritual lostness.

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  2. Like I said, the testimony from the two guys yesterday was a joke.

    They’ll sing whatever story their plea deal called for.


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  4. What do pro-lifers do for babies once they’re born they ask?

    A whole lot. And this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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  5. Say it with me now suckers…..


    I knew ya’ could….

    (Shakes fist…..)

    Darn that Putin!

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  6. Your corporate overlords know best.

    They need worker drones, and they will decide when and if you may have children.

    After you’ve paid your debt to feminist sisterhood and corporate greed of course.

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  7. Nailed it.

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  8. Oh there seem to be quite a few on “our side” who aren’t getting it either At this point, it’s willful.

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  9. They’re throwing the norms to the burn pit.

    No live testimony, only edited versions unless they say so. No cross examination by defense allowed because you’re not allowed a defense team. Or rebuttal. Or due process. Or any other such niceties that a real court requires.

    It’s yet another nakedly partisan witch hunt to get the bad orange man. A show trial, a third world production.

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  10. I read a comment this morning stating no one was arrested in the Capitol on Jan 6? I have been searching and searching and can find no reference to how many were detained and or arrested within those walls on that day?

    I realize the scene became chaotic and overwhelming and some may not want that information to be known but why not? Were all rioters/violators hunted down afterwards and arrested?


  11. Vive la France!


  12. Like

  13. You smell that?

    Smells like a fed plant….

    Because it is.


  14. Enjoy!


  15. Our next president gets it.


  16. Compelling? No.

    I think Bought is the word you’re looking for.



  17. The man who raped and impregnated that 10 year old girl in Ohio has been arrested. (So apparently the story about her really is true. I wish it weren’t.)


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