22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-12-22

  1. Morning! I have a feeder just like that one…mine is empty…bad friend to the hummingbirds!

    The fawns came through in the middle of the night. They enjoyed a treat of my two rose bushes and johnny jump ups in my garden bed by the front of the porch! They obliterated those plants! Grrrrr Bambi

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  2. Good morning. That hummingbird has no wings that I can see! The wings are moving so fast that they disappear.

    I actually felt a touch of fall in the air yesterday. This morning the weather person mentioned the same fall feeling for all week as we will not get above the eighties. Amazing difference.

    I am trying to decide on a sweet treat to make or buy for Wesley’s birthday. I love strawberry shortcake. Long time no make. Then again chocolate beckons . . . with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    And now I feel a hot flash, one of the many expected side effects from this new med. I was thanking God for the side effects preferred over effects from other treatments.

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  3. I vote strawberry shortcake for Wesley’s birthday. Easy, light and fresh! So happy he will be with you for his day of celebration!!

    Thankful along with you for those “minor” effects Janice. And praying the tumor to “be gone”!

    Yes Aj my thought exactly and I mumbled to myself that they were probably laden with ticks too!!


  4. It’ll be only 73 and cloudy today — I was actually chilly last night when I went out to water at around 6 p.m. with just a T-shirt and sweat pants on, should have grabbed a sweatshirt. We continue to have a mostly very cool summer here for which I’m grateful.

    I get humming birds here around the bougainvillea, Mexican sage and the hanging potted flowers. It’s so much fun watching them when I’m on the porch reading and they come by to buzz and “hum” the bright blooms.

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  5. Our weather, but for a couple or so hotter days, has mostly been in the upper 70s and low 80s. Even better is that the humidity has mostly remained on the low to low-ish side, which makes a huge difference in how it feels.

    So far, my new kitchen AC and my new living room fan have kept the living room comfortable. The true test will be when the humidity comes in, and the 90+ degree weather we get at times. The way things are going, I don’t think my living room wall is going to repaired this summer, so I am relieved that those two things working together are such a help.

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  6. It is eighty here, expecting ninety. We are just in from working in the gardens. It looks so much better and hopefully, they see, when we all pitch in it can make a difference very quickly.

    Good morning, all. How far are you walking these days, Jo?

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  7. Just ordered a stationary bike I’d been watching on Amazon — price dropped 15% due to this being “Prime Days.”

    Those are one of the best exercises for knees.

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  8. I had asked on the prayer thread for you to pray for AJ, Annie, and Sullivan. Sullivan got to go home with her daddy, and they are staying with her grandparants. Annie was doing better yesterday and able to urinate on her own. Kidney functions were better and she tested positive for Covid. This family has been through it. Please continue to pray for them.

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  9. Oh. I am doing fine. Mr. P had a good visit with family. His sweet sister sent some jewelry to me that his mother (her stepmother) had given her. There is a women’s “pocket” watch necklace and two pairs of earrings. One pair is really pretty. They are gold squares on posts with a light blue stone in the middle and a drop pearl at the bottom. She also sent a small painting she had painted.

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  10. My friend introduced me to wordle the other day. Interesting. And worldle and quordle and octordle and dordle.. Anybody else playing those? Am I the last person signed up?

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  11. She tried to get me fixed up with it on the phone but neither of us were able to figure that out (I don’t use my phone for internet) so I got it on my Chromebook.

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  12. Oh I just heard Chas in my head saying “I don’t know nothing about that Mumsee”!!

    I see friends playing Wordle but I know nothing about it. One friend tried to explain you get 6 chances to guess the word of the day? But then it posts publicly and I think I might be embarrassed by how many times I would fail at the guessing game!

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  13. I think I might enjoy it but haven’t tried it yet. My ‘girls’ all enjoy playing it. Isn’t it funny they are my girls when the youngest will soon be forty? Yikes!

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  14. Yes, Wordle posts only if you tell it to. You have to press a Share button to copy it, and then you have to past it into Facebook or wherever. So no worries about being public if you don’t want to be.

    Another one I’ve enjoyed is WorLdle. It shows you the shape of a country and you guess what country it is. After each guess it tells you how many miles away and in what direction you have to go to get to the right country. Like Wordle it gives you six guesses.

    Sometimes it’s super easy, like when it shows the United States or Japan. Sometimes it shows you tiny island territories you’ve never heard of. It’s been interesting to me to discover that some countries I would have thought would be easy are not if you see only that country without context. An example is Portugal, which I found unrecognizable without seeing Spain surrounding it.

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  15. Wes and I played Upwards tonight and Miss Bosley sat on the floor nearby upon a tote bag (her mat). Somehow she managed to get the tote bag looped onto her tale. She carried her tale straight up so the bag followed her. We laughed so hard that my eyes burned with salty tears. We all need such good laughs more frequently.

    We also hiked the boardwalk again. My knee felt it to start off but then got back to less stiffness. This new med can affect joints and muscles. This was my first test after starting the med. My energy was not as high either. We walked a mile and a half but more slowly than before.

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  16. I tried Worldle today, but I never saw the map so it was just put out a random guess and follow the arrows and distance from there. My friend had also told me it provided a map. Still in the learning stage but enjoying them all.


  17. I only walk a mile as that is how far around this block. Later today I was experiencing dizziness, not sure what from, but it was a really hot day.
    Got my newsletter printed at church and then sent out the dozen that go by mail. I went and got some food and then went to a store to look at beds. I tried a temper pedic and that was it. I have never been so comfortable. However my house is not ready so I will have to wait. Looks like it will need interior painting. I went by today and no one had been there. Still can’t figure out what the large pot of congealed grease is on the wood stove. It also kind of smells in there. I think that all of the carpeting needs to go.


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