44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-4-22

  1. Good morning! Love the bright sunshine and snow contrast, Kathaleena♡

    Time to get ready for Bible study group. Have a great cold Tuesday. Bundle up! It’s cold here, too. Brrr . . . but I have my watm almond milk coffee to clear the chill and a bonus fat lap cat heating pad. Say that fast five times!

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  2. Morning! What a glorious photo up there Kathaleena! Now that’s winter!
    We have 35 degrees here with very strong winds! This wind is making everyone kind of batty around here! The trees protect us a bit but once we venture out it is hold onto your hat! 😊

    Morning Chas…just in case you’re peeking in!

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  3. Editor is obsessed with this sewer spill (which is over with now), I have yet another story to do on it today.

    I’m absolutely hitting the wall again, I really need to get some time off, soon.

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  4. I hope this doesn’t sound too contrarian, but am I the only one who has trouble following who’s posting with all the aliases?

    I know who all the posts are from today so far, but there were some in the past few days I didn’t know. I usually assume it’s Michelle, and if she were the only one doing it I could follow, but there were a few I didn’t think sounded like her.

    Is there any reason we can’t use consistent names so we know who we’re hearing from?

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  5. I agree with Kevin. At least put a “real” name in the comment. I know it’s usually Michelle or Jo, and the context makes it clear, but there are a few of the comments that are confusing.

    Confused in Missouri

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  6. I am confused by the names at times, too, but try to see it as a brain puzzler to figure out in order to keep my mind flexible.

    Sharp As a Tack (Not)

    It is of course easier to glance and know so time is not wasted, and God tells us to number our days and thus moments, so there is that to consider for those with greater time restraints than others have.

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  7. WP can be complicated if you’re signed in on a WP platform elsewhere — it’s why I’ve given up trying to log in here unless I know I’ll be away from work for a while, otherwise, it’s a process to go back and forth to log and re-log in.

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  8. OK, I feel human again. Honestly, the first couple hours of the mornings are brutal for me, I am just not, never was, a “morning” person. And it doesn’t help when you wake up to a rather impossible story demand from a senior editor — as in, btw, it’s due today.

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  9. Upon reading the post I can decipher who it is posting. I see it as a “keep her on her toes” type of task. I mean come on, when I go to the doctor now she asks me if I know what year it is!!! (And she asks me if I know who the president is…upon which I just groan!!) 😂 ya’ll will get there one day…oh yes you will!!

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  10. Here’s a message by a “young” man we know from Columbia, MO. (We’ve known him since he was in junior high, so we think he’s young – mid 40s).

    Reasons for Optimism this New Year
    The points he makes:
    1. God does not change (Mal. 3:6, Jam. 1:17, Heb. 13:8, Ps. 100:5).
    2. God provides all needed resources (2Pet. 1:3, Eph. 1:3).
    3. God has a good plan for your life (Rom. 8:28, 5:3-5, Eph. 2:10).
    4. God’s grace covers your failings (Jam. 3:2, Rom. 8:1, 1Jn. 1:9).
    5. The Enemy is defeatable (Rev. 12:11, 2Cor. 10:3-4, Matt. 16:18).
    6. Growth is always possible (2Cor. 3:18, Phil. 3:12-14, Ps. 92:14).

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  11. DJ – I used to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings, but not so much anymore.

    Before the beginning of this school year, when the school bus route changed, I would get up a little after the time that Nightingale left for work (6:45). I would have about an hour to get ready and get going without rushing, and would fit in or begin the first of my chores for the day.

    But this year, the bus comes much earlier, so that I pretty much have just enough time to get ready (which includes some pet duties – putting Heidi out, scooping the kitties’ litter box, and feeding them all), so I cannot let myself get distracted or slow down. To help, I get up five minutes earlier than I did the past few years, but can’t get up earlier because Nightingale and Boy are using the bathroom until then. (And besides that, my body tends to not want to fall asleep when it should, so I don’t want to have to get up any earlier.)

    Next year, Boy will be in middle school (yikes!) when the bus will come even earlier, but the good news for me is that it will be when Nightingale is still home, so she will see him off. (But not actually going to the bus stop with him, just making sure he gets off to school.)

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  12. There were a couple of times over the past few days that I posted from my computer and for some reason it didn’t catch my name so I was anonymous. It is currently making me log into my WordPress account every time I try to post.

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  13. Kim, that’s what happened to me, and then sometimes it confused my work and personal accounts. I finally gave up, I just stay logged on to the work account to keep it simple.

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  14. Not for me, it takes me to the Gravatar page and there it asks me to log in.

    Well, God heard me complaining about mornings, I now have an 8:30 a.m. in person assignment on the beach tomorrow.

    So like I have to get showered & dressed and get in the city Jeep and go somewhere — at the crack of dawn, pretty much.

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  15. I get logged off every time I get on in the morning. I just click the WordPress logo (the blue W in a circle) under the comment box and it logs me on. Or, you can type your name in the name box and not worry about logging on. That’s what those changing their names do, evidently.

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