18 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-20-22

  1. “Justice coming for the ‘Dirty 51’ Hunter Biden laptop liars”


    “One of the most galling aspects of the Hunter Biden laptop saga is that the 51 former intelligence officials who played such a critical role in suppressing The Post’s stories and giving Joe Biden cover before the 2020 election have never been brought to account.

    The “Dirty 51” lied by painting our stories as Russian disinformation in an Oct. 19, 2020, letter they signed and delivered to Politico five days after The Post exposé and three days before the final presidential debate of the election campaign.

    They used the institutional weight of their powerful former roles to legitimize partisan political propaganda designed to smear The Post and everyone associated with the story and dissuade the rest of the media from looking deeper into the laptop.

    The letter, titled “Public Statement on the Hunter Biden emails,” and signed by former CIA Directors John Brennan, Leon Panetta and Mike Hayden, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and other ex-spooks, claimed the material on Hunter’s hard drive “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” although not one of them had seen it.

    Their lie “probably affected the outcome” of the 2020 presidential race, as former Attorney General William Barr has said, describing the letter as “partisan hackery,” “baseless” and signed by “a coterie of retired intelligence officials who had lost their professional bearings.”

    Yet they have never apologized or retracted their lie. In fact, when The Post contacted the group in March, after the New York Times belatedly acknowledged the laptop was real, some, like Clapper, doubled down.”


    Being leftist liars means never admitting the truth.

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  2. This seems harsh….

    To Typhoid Mary….

    Wallace is trash, like her work product, as her show proves again and again. See for yourself…


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  3. There’s way more trash from this enemy of the people and the truth too.


    “The most blatant and shameless liars from the first term of the Bush/Cheney administration have, revealingly, enjoyed great success in media and journalism. That is because serial deceit is not a liability for a thriving career in corporate journalism but rather a vital asset — provided that the lies are in service of ruling class policies. Tawdry propagandists who helped drive post-9/11 America into a bottomless pit of lies and self-destruction have become the most highly-paid and beloved stars of liberal media. They include:

    Former Bush White House speechwriter David Frum of The Atlantic and CNN;

    Bush/Cheney CIA and NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden of CNN;

    Ubiquitous amoral neocon warmonger Bill Kristol of MSNBC and various #NeverTrump groups;

    Al-Qaeda/Saddam conspiracy theorist Jeffrey Goldberg, now editor-in-chief of The Atlantic;

    The various scumbags, con artists, predator-protectors and fraudsters of the Lincoln Project, drowning in #Resistance cash and frequent MSNBC appearances;

    Pro-war Florida GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, now a multi-million host of MSNBC’s flagship morning show and anchor of its corporate brand; and,

    Rep. Liz Cheney, long-time vocal supporter of her father and now a literal “hero” to American media liberals.

    But few Bush-era propagandists have thrived more, made more money, and developed a more devoted and swooning liberal fan base than the official Communications Director of the Bush/Cheney White House and 2004 Bush/Cheney-reelection campaign, Nicolle Wallace. Having catapulted from her work as Jeb Bush’s Press Secretary to the White House to senior adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign (working for her close friend, Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt, who recently performed one of the most public and sustained nervous breakdowns in the history of the internet), Wallace was always beloved by the DC press corps.

    In 2005, when she was named Bush White House Communications Director, The New York Times lavished her with praise, claiming that she “comes from a different mold than the small band of Texans who carry out the White House press policy” and admiringly noted that “she was once fired for being too nice to reporters.” She endeared herself further to corporate journalists by repeatedly sabotaging the McCain campaign from which she was collecting a paycheck, leaking negative stories about McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (whose selection as Vice Presidential candidate was driven primarily by liberal icons Bill Kristol and Steve Schmidt).

    As Wallace — seeing the media’s love affair with Obama — began shrewdly repositioning herself as a liberal, she claimed in 2010 that she did not even vote for McCain due to her misgivings about Palin (a claim which Schmidt repeated about himself for the first time last week during his multi-day psychological erosion). When Wallace published a self-glorifying novel about the first female chief of staff (modeled after herself) to the first female president in 2011, liberal corporate journalists including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gushed over it, while The New York Times’ reporter Ashley Parker, now of The Washington Post, heralded her as “the tough, savvy and hard-charging conservative political operator” who enjoys a close friendship with CNN’s Dana Bash.”

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  4. “Dotard Biden’s Seinfeld Trip to Asia”


    “In Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Steve Martin’s character gives John Candy’s some valuable advice: “And by the way, you know, when you’re telling these little stories? Here’s a good idea: have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the listener!” This is advice President Joe Biden should but won’t heed on his first trip to Asia as president.

    When Joe Biden goes to Japan and South Korea at the end of this week, a different popular reference should come to mind: Seinfeld. The show about nothing seems to inspire not only Biden’s trip, but also his administration’s entire lethargic and pointless approach to the Asia-Pacific.

    Biden’s visit should have occurred over a year ago, since the region is more important to America’s future than any other and contains our most consequential ally (Japan) and most dangerous adversary (China). Furthermore, Japan is the rare and exceptional ally in that it doesn’t complain about what it wants America to do for it and snivel about not wanting to take sides in the free world vs. China fight.

    Biden and his Secretary of State, who brings to mind a rumored Churchill quip about his Labour counterpart— “An empty taxi arrived at 10 Downing Street and Clement Attlee got out of it”—have been telling reporters for months that a big new policy on Asia and major rollout speech are imminent. But our ailing president and his sad and dumpy lieutenants don’t know what to do about China.

    Biden’s administration has wasted more money than any in history, but none of that loot has gone to a larger military presence in the Pacific. He has kept most Trump-era tariffs on China, but not proceeded with an expansion planned when Beijing surprised almost no one by welshing on its promises in a 2020 trade deal. Biden refuses even to press China to come clean about giving the world COVID-19 and beginning the necessary discussion about making China pay scores of trillions of dollars in global reparations for this inexcusable offense.”


    “Deep State Instructs Biden To Go To War In Somalia

    If you thought U.S. failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria would dampen the deep state’s love of playing Cowboys and Indians (poorly) in backwaters, then you thought wrong. Donald Trump exuded strength against our foreign adversaries, but declined to start new wars abroad. He was less successful in drawing down costly and distracting U.S. foreign commitments (e.g., defending wealthy Europe) but did put an end to a long and pointless U.S. military operation in Somalia.

    The deep state has now reversed this one setback to its imperium. The White House just announced that Joe Biden has decided to send U.S. combat troops back to Somalia, the most disastrous and poorly governed part of Africa, which is saying a lot.

    Biden’s officials of course didn’t call it a new war, but consistent with the maximum duplicity and misdirection of our time, said there will again be a new “persistent presence” in Somalia. As usual, it will consist only of “special operators,” which for some reason is supposed to make selling new wars easier. According to a White House official, the mission will be not only to bolster Somalia’s ability to resist local jihadists who run part of the country, but to create an “inclusive economic environment.” Some wokeness is sure to cure what ails Somalia. Maybe the professors who taught gender studies in Afghanistan can be installed by the U.S. military in Somalia.”


    It just gets stupider by the day.

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  5. “How the feds’ civil suit against Steve Wynn helps Hunter Biden . . . how convenient”

    Why it’s almost like they planned it this way….

    Because they did. The cover-up continues…


    “The Justice Department this week sued former casino mogul Steve Wynn for allegedly working as an agent for China. The lawsuit under the Foreign Agents Registration Act is bad news for Wynn, but it may be a win for another potential target: Hunter Biden.

    By bringing this action as a civil lawsuit, the Justice Department may have undercut the ongoing investigation by David Weiss, the US attorney for Delaware, into Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings.

    This civil suit doesn’t necessarily bar Weiss, but Hunter’s team can now argue that criminally charging him with a FARA violation would be inconsistent with contemporary investigations.

    I recently testified in Congress on FARA prosecutions and noted that the Justice Department had largely dropped civil actions under the act in favor of criminal charges. Special counsel Robert Mueller targeted various Trump officials with FARA, using the law to investigate, search or charge attorneys from Paul Manafort to Rudy Giuliani to Victoria Toensing.

    I testified earlier that “after ramping up prosecutions in the last decade, the Justice Department has created precedent for the criminalization of what were previously treated as administrative violations. From Paul Manafort to the current investigation of Hunter Biden, there remain questions as to whether Justice Department will operate under a single, coherent and predictable standard.”

    Some in the administration may be hoping that this charge will compel a consistent approach that would effectively decriminalize any violations under investigation in Delaware.

    The feds sued Wynn over his effort to intervene in the case of Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, a billionaire real-estate magnate and critic of the Chinese government. Beijing wanted the businessman back in China and hoped to persuade the US government to deny him a visa.

    Wynn spoke to President Donald Trump about the case, a call that carried added weight due to Wynn’s position as the Republican National Committee’s finance chairman.

    Wynn has interests in Macau, and his intervention was allegedly appreciated by high-ranking Chinese officials. The Justice Department asked Wynn to register as an agent, but he declined.

    What is most striking about this case is how serious it is, particularly compared with past criminal cases like the prosecution of Paul Manafort. Here, Sun Lijun, then the Chinese vice minister for public security, was allegedly organizing the lobbying effort in 2017 and contacted figures like Elliott Broidy, a former RNC finance chairman, and Nickie Lum Davis, a top Trump fundraiser. Both Broidy and Davis later pleaded guilty in prosecutions.

    The question is why Broidy was criminally prosecuted in 2020 under FARA, including for work on the Guo matter, yet the Biden administration suddenly decided that the Wynn part of the deals should be treated as a civil matter. This is coming at the very time a grand jury is reportedly considering charges against Hunter Biden that could include FARA violations.

    Wynn not only allegedly acted at the request of Chinese officials but was able to make direct contact with Trump to lobby him on the issue. He had no apparent interest in Guo, who would face a dire future if deported to China. But he had major financial interests in China, and the investigation yielded other criminal charges.

    A huge high-profile case like Wynn’s is not simply left to local prosecutors. Main Justice is often involved in such investigations and charging decisions. Other agencies can also be involved.

    The decision to depart from the earlier cases and proceed civilly could not come at a better time for Hunter Biden. If the Justice Department applied the same approach used in the Paul Manafort case, Hunter would be looking at the serious prospect of a felony charge.”


    Once again the 2 tiered justice system rears it’s biased, ugly head.

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  6. Not that today’s journalists will care about the truth….


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  7. Careful Robby, telling the truth about the Clintons might get you suicided.


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  8. Sure, now they “notice”….



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  9. The only Democrat that didn’t drink the Kool-Aid….


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  10. The media propagandists continue to lie about Jan6.


    He’s got a false narrative, and dang it, he’s gonna push it…

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  11. More garbage journalism….




    Print falsehoods in the headline, quietly stealth edit them weeks to months later. This is the NY Times.

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  12. Another Typhoid Mary at MSDNC.

    Psaki will fit in just fine…




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  13. More garbage from garbage sources.



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  14. https://www.theepochtimes.com/exclusive-videos-show-unindicted-suspicious-actors-attacking-capitol-on-jan-6_4468154.html

    “Bobby Powell thought someone would be interested in his video evidence showing two “suspicious actors” taking part in events on the east side of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    He was in for the surprise of his life.

    The semiretired Michigan radio journalist and podcaster has spent the past 16 months trying to get politicians, media personalities, pundits, and the FBI to view his video footage and identify the two “suspicious actors.”

    He wants to see those men charged with the destruction of government property and assault.

    Almost no one, it seems, wants to listen.

    Powell has learned that his video isn’t welcome in many places; some people view it as a threat. In Michigan, he said a politician friend suggested he take a six-figure bribe to keep quiet. When he flatly refused, he says his life was threatened.”

    (Video of the suspicious actors at the link.)

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  15. Tychixus,

    It was an FBI operation, just like the Whitmer “assassination” was.

    Most likely those are feds, hence the disinterest and threats.

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