Our Daily Thread 4-25-22

Good Morning!

This is my favorite pic from Elizabeth. 🙂

Can fish be adorable?

I think this one might be….


Anyone have a QoD?

30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-25-22

  1. Morning all and almost time to say good night.

    I was a little discouraged today when my leg was hurting and I had to take advil at lunchtime. Then when I sat down for dinner I discovered that I never took my pills with breakfast. whoops

    I got an email from my missions committee and it looks like I may be able to stay in the missions house beginning in August. That place is like home to me and I have no idea how long it will take to get some work done on my home – doors and floors.

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  2. So Janice, what kind of car did you get?
    I have been reading, just not posting as much. It has been a busy month.
    Yesterday after church, Mr. P and I went to the beach. It was windy and there was the smell of dead fish. Ugh. BUT it was an afternoon at the beach and he was happy. He took a fishing rod and reel and stood in the water casting it and pulling it in. No bait. No fish. He was still happy. Me? I did nothing.
    I was going to take a book to read but there was also an irate, irrational seller of one of my agents who wanted me to perform miracles yesterday morning. She was awful and mean to my agent. She tried to bully me and told me that she expected better communication from me going forward. Get over yourself woman. I am coming in on the back end on a SUNDAY!!!! trying to make you happy. She really worked a number on the poor agent who had done nothing wrong….anyway, because of dealing with her before we left for the beach I forgot to pack the book I wanted to read, so I was left with nothing to do buy listen to the waves hit the beach.
    Mr P also told me what he wanted to do next year for vacation. He wants to rent a house in the Poconos and have his sister and her children and grandchildren, his children and grandchildren, BG and me. That doesn’t fit my criteria of a vacation, but if it makes him happy. I did state I was not sponsoring the event, everyone could contribute.

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  3. That is wonderful, Jo. It is such a loving thing to do.

    I have more car related things to deal with now. It certainly is the seller’s market in car sales these days. It is very costly to get a car, and with so few available there are no good deals; one must be thankful to get one.

    This is an example of the ugliness in Atlanta. Right after we got the new car, Art drove it to our other car in the lot for me to drive my car home. We sat there a few moments while I tried to find my keys and then Art dug his key out. I opened the door. A golf cart sat almost by the door and two black guys were on it. One said, “You like that door, Lady?” Now they had to squeeze that cart between the parked cars and our car to position it to where they could intentionally scare me to think I almost had an accident on the dealership lot. It was so mean.

    God, forgive them for they know not what they do. They are being used by the evil one to create racial strife and to hurt people made in Your image. If they did that to me, they are doing it to others. Please bring them in line with Your ways and if not saved, please save them so they will walk humbly with Jesus. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen

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  4. Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, though it is nearly Tuesday morning over there. We have a group text like that. It is fun to be able to chat together despite the distance.

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  5. It is interesting and relevant how many times God’s word tells us to get rid of bitterness, envy, malice etc. That passive-aggressive example gives a good reason why. It is a slavery, and we are so prone to be that way ourselves. Beautiful prayer, Janice.

    That fish is the sun in water. Isn’t God’s creation just so beautiful in so many delightful ways!

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  6. We got a gun metal gray Honda Civic. It has a very thin white double racing stripe (barely noticable) which matches what we have on the navy Accord. It helps in locating a car in a sea of vehicles in parking lots. I know I can do the key fob/lock car thing to make the lights blink to locate it, but the stripe is even easier sometimes. We are interested in cars only for practicality so I guess that is why I did not mention what we got. We could have gone with another Corolla, but we personally know the new car sales top manager at this dealership so went to him.

    Art is frustrated with all the technology of the new car. We have some adjustments to make.

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  7. That is a frustration to me. The salesman assumed I wanted my car and phone connected. I did not know what he was talking about so let him. Now, I have been startled a few times when my car started ringing on my trips to Moscow. I don’t talk on the phone while driving. Even though I need only press the button on the steering column.

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  8. It was offered to us, Mumsee, to put on that phone connection. I said no because if Art is the main driver he would not want that. I have had the phone connection for a short time on the other vehicle and loved it for myself, but it got dropped off when I changed phone numbers. Art is use to a cd player and there is not one in this model but there is radio access which is what he really wants. I told him we can use that portable dvd player I got to play cd’s for trips if needed. He loves the color of the car and for years has remarked how much he likes that deep gray color. For that I am very thankful.

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  9. Morning! That is just the cutest fish! It does look like it just wants to give a kiss…fish lips!!
    Pip has been particularly ornery this morning and I just want to pinch her face! She awakened at 4:30 and husband got up with her…then at 6:30 he handed her off to me and he has just now taken over with her again. I need to get in the car and go somewhere. House is now clean and I’m outta here! 😊

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  10. Got my first email from the travel agent. Now I need to make some decisions. Only a two hour layover in Doha. So that means an eight hour flight followed by a sixteen hour flight. Not sure if I will survive, but there aren’t many choices for the unvaccinated.

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  11. Oh, the modern technologies in cars, making them so much more expensive to buy and maintain. I don’t mind the safety features, but the entertainment systems are totally unnecessary. That’s part of why I got a 1994 Toyota pick up last year. But it came with an upgraded radio/CD/etc. player but no manual, so I can’t figure out some of the features.

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  12. I’m having problems getting GPS voice over my radio speaker from my phone (car didn’t come with it). Phone calls come through fine and my phone is “paired.” I used to get the GPS voice on the “radio” but haven’t in a while.

    I know it’s an easy fix and part of my problem is just not wanting to deal with it. Next time I take it in for service I’ll ask the mechanics what the problem is.

    Busy first day of the week, had to sit through a harbor commission meeting that almost put me to sleep.

    It was hot again today (high 80s) but the marine layer returns tomorrow to cool us off by 10 degrees compared to today.

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  13. Nice visit to Moscow. They are doing well. Her daughter came by, she is doing their taxes and taking over their paperwork with her prior experience in banking. Husband went with me so we stopped in Lewiston for speech.

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  14. Sounds like a good day, Mumsee.

    I had an unusual dream last night. I was out hiking by myself and happened upon the basement of a building. I started going up in it, through a stairwell, and finally got to the top but made a way to climb up into the roof area where I discovered an area like booths at a flea market with very old ladies, each about 100 years old, with their treasues in each booth. They each looked different from others and none of their treasures were like what belonged to thrd other.

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  15. Reading a good book on prayer: “Persistent Prayer” by Guy Richard

    I’m heating up a grilled salmon pattie for dinner and have some cucumber salad to go with it, from a stop the other day at the deli. I’ve bought the cucumber salad before, it’s very good, but can be “too much” when eaten too often; same with salmon, frankly.

    After work, I took Tess out onto the front porch with me (Cowboy’s still resisting the invitation) to sit and read (I read, she likes to just look out over the ‘hood and the passing parade of walkers, some with dogs, some with babies or other children of various ages.

    It’s cooling off nicely tonight, unlike last night.


    I think my ’18 Cherokee is gunmetal gray (with black trim — but the color had a fancier name). It looks like nearly every other SUV in whatever parking lot I’m in. 🙂


  16. You might try turning off the Bluetooth on the phone. I find when it is paired with the car, that I cannot hear videos on the phone at all. I turn off the Bluetooth and I can hear the video on the phone fine. Maybe the same with the GPS?

    We dread buying another vehicle just for the reason of dealing with all the new technology. I remember my dad going through that. He actually could not even start his car after he got it home. My brother came over and helped him learn the drill. We had a horrible time finding the lights when we had to drive it after dark one night. Difficult to read the manual to find things in the dark.

    I do like the phone being paired because it can be answered right on the steering wheel for hands free. We can easily both hear the call, too. If you want some privacy, you can shut it off on the car radio.

    I love heated seats, but kind of chuckle about them down South. My TN daughter loves them there, as well, however.

    We are very below average temperatures here. The poor neighbor was trying to do something with the road in front of his driveway. He tried where it is the worst and gave up there. He has back problems and he seriously thinks he is going to hurt his back if he has to keep dealing with the horrible road. The experts say they can do nothing until the road dries up and the frost comes out. It is a problem all over the county. Amazing how subject we are to the weather.

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