36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-16-22

  1. Happy Day Before Easter!

    Last night a concert was performed by Chris Tomlin that had Max Lucado speaking. The Good Friday event is held annually in Nashville but missed two years due to Covid. All proceeds go to help children in the Tennessee Foster Child system. The Governor of TN did a wonderful prayer for the event. It was really a fabulous God honoring evening. I received notification because of being on Max Lucado’s video feed list. If you have an opportunity to catch the replay you will be happy and blessed to watch. They are starting a new program to support those who turn 18 and are dropped from any support from the system. The new program asks for 18 dollars a month from donors to help put these who have been on average shuffled six or seven times, from home to home, with no stability. This is the first program known as 18 Tennessee, and plans are to expand it to all the other states.

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  2. Morning! It is a cold windy start here today with high fire danger …
    Today I will be gathering together all important papers and keepsakes just in case 😞

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  3. Good morning, all, except good night Jo though it is nearly time for the sunrise/ Sonrise service there.

    Cool here and expecting another one to three inches of snow here. This is the April I remember as beginning rather normal Only about one week where garden work could happen, the rest is snow or rain. I am fine with that.

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  4. We really appreciated the Good Friday service with oldest daughter and her two oldest. The two youngest stayed home with dad since they have the sniffles. I love worshipping with other congregations.

    We are enjoying visiting with the youngest and her family today. I will be helping a bit with preparations for tomorrow, but there won’t be much to do. She will make our traditional cream puff dessert (two actually). (Her ten-year-old made cream puffs this year for her annual bake off she has for her four children.) I guess there will be egg dying, since that hasn’t been done yet either. This family is way too busy. 😀

    Yum! Kohlrabi! Love that when it is small and fresh.

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  5. I have never had kohlrabi but have heard of it. I imagine it can be found at our local International Dekalb Farmer’s Market which has everything from everywhere. It serves a very multinational community with all the refugees here. I have never looked for it specifically, but now I might because of your good reports and also because of being veganish.

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  6. This article has lots of photos of the Dekalb Farmers Market (people are not permitted to take photos on the property). It is not far from us, and visiting it is like a trip to many foreign countries. That’s where I take my recycling since they have an on site area dedicated to that. Wesley enjoys going there to find loose leaf tea, etc., at a reasonable price.


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  7. I joined in for the Good Friday service at Hollywood Presbyterian last night, Carol and I attended one of their Good Friday services, which fades and ends in near total darkness by the end. Beautiful, classic church hymns and music throughout.

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  8. Janice – Wow! That is quite a farmer’s market! I can imagine Nightingale (or her dad when he was alive) spending hours in that place.

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  9. Kizzie, I first went to that market when I was in high school. It was in an even closer location to where we are now but it was not as near to where I lived at my parent’s home (seven miles ftom my home now), but a ten mile drive for them was worth it to go to that market because it was the freshest and best food around town. It was small back then. But it moved to a gigantic facility and they are still expanding. I need to tell Wesley again where it was, point out the old building, and tell him how I loved to go there in high school with my parents. We always bought too much. When Wesley was young we would sometimes watch the lobsters in the tanks there. Also, I carried him in a baby snuggle carrier when he was quite young and a lady looked at the size of his head and said she felt sorry for me having to deliver such a big baby. I informed her that he was a C-section so she did not need to be concerned, lol. Funny what we remrmber.

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  10. When I looked at the time frame mentioned in the article, I was not in high school or college in 1977 (graduated college in 1976). Maybe the old facility was bought out by new owners. I do remember there were two brothers in this business that had a split. One had a similar market north of Atlanta called Harrys. Just wondering if it was when I lived at home for a bit after college instead of in high school that I am thinking of when I went with my parents. Something to ask my brother and see if he knows. We are at the age to need memory prompts!


  11. I have been downsizing. We were set to send all of our old homeschool supplies to a group in Kamiah when daughter said she would like them. And third son wants the old Star Trek books and Isaac Asimov. I have dragged them around for years, now my children will become multi millionaires selling them on ebay. Though they will probably just read them again.

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  12. Mumsee, we had a wonderful mega church about 45 minutes from home that had an annual homeschool fair and used curriculum sale. Each year i had to tag and inventory all I wanted to sell and then we would use the money earned to get our next year’s books and materials. It was so much more economical than buying new. And we utilized the county libraries like bookaholics. It is sad when the excitement of all that ends. In some senses, at least for the years after 5th grade, Wesley had a pot luck curriculum. Whatever we found at the used sales that appeared good. Often that meant several textbooks for the same subject so if he did not like one he could use the other. We used the Calvert school through 5th grade so he always had new materials with that enrollment. I am glad you have family who wants part of the materials you used. That warms my heart.

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  13. Beautiful sunrise service in the fog with a large crowd. They reenacted the Whole day of easter from the tomb to Emmaus to the upper room. At the end we make a giant prayer circle and face inward and pray for ourselves and our community, then face outward and pray for the world.
    Of course the flowers were put on the cross.

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  14. Still battling moths, and I’m concerned the new pine tree may have a couple moth pests (saw a couple on the tree today); will contact the arborists who planted it to check in with them.

    I think I’m getting them mostly through the back door which stays open a lot for the dogs nowadays as they can’t use the doggie door.

    I have traps in most rooms that catch quite a few and one of those electronic gizmos I use at night with the blue light that attracts them (and mosquitoes and other flying insects) to the top where they’re sucked down onto a sticky trap. Brutal, I know, but developing a real hatred for moths. (I also slapped a black mosquito today hovering around my hand.)

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  15. Janice, we started with Calvert, then Abeka, now lots of things. But after the first group finished and thought we were done, we gave away all that was left. Then started over Sometimes video for the older ones (we just put them all in one grade and Abeka worked with us) and lots of trial and error with the younger four as we tried to figure out what would work with their learning styles. Ending now with lots of old books, Hillsdale College, Apologia, Abeka, Fred, and Explode the Code. Seems to be working! But that leaves us with lots of thoroughly used but not quite used up books. Not worth selling but good for people who might not be loaded with money and doing frugal. Or for grandchildren to enjoy as mommy takes a trip through her history.

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  16. Mosquitoes are, indeed, the worst.

    Some moths are known to attack young pines which is my concern. Since the company “guaranteed” the tree for a year, I’ll take advantage of that and see if they can come out just to check on it.

    Clearing out excess paperwork from the home office area, going all the way back to 2020. Harbor commission agendas, taxes, veterinarians receipts, medical receipts, knee surgery info, vaccine receipts, city Jeep stuff, old Jeep stuff, magazines.

    Meanwhile, the wind is kicking up again here; guess I won’t hang those flower pots back up just yet, but the do need a good watering.

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  17. We drove into town to attend our dear friend’s memorial service. The gospel was shared and we sang many of his favorite old hymns. When we were in our small group together he always requested a “hymn sing”….the joy upon his face while singing those hymns is a lasting treasure!
    We arrived home to find the umbrella was launched from the patio table onto the side of the house….it had been firmly screwed into the base. I suppose we should be thankful the entire table wasn’t blown away! 😮
    Moths are a royal pain! We have an invasion of those nasty things every late May/June and they poo all over everything. They fly in your face and they are just awful….I like butterflies….

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  18. Yes! Flying into your face. Ugh.

    I went out to water and it was quite windy and cold. Heard the church bells ringing around town,

    I’m close to a Presbyterian, Lutheran and Catholic church. Lots of bells 🙂

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  19. Oh, I just watched my first Easter service, the Shadow Mountain service with Dr. David Jeremiah. His wife had unexpected heart surgery this week so he showed weariness but was determined to preach his good Easter message. He and that church are so effective in preaching Jesus. He spoke about the great lengths Jesus went to in communicating with His followers after His resurrection. He told a story of being in TN back when he was only on radio and he went to a restaurant. A waitress asked if he wanted the Smoking ir Nonsmoking section. He said Nonsmoking. That was all he had to say and the waitress recognized from his speaking that it was Dr. Jeremiah. He was comparing that to when Jesus spoke the name of Mary and she knew who He was. He also spoke on Doubting Thomas and when He appeared to the Apostles.

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  20. DJ, I had a box full of magazines I was able to take to the retirement home. They have been good in the past to take what I want to donate.

    I have glass bottles and aluminum cans to take to the fire station recucling bins. I use to take glass to the farmer’s market, but the fire station is right near Publix so it is most convenient.

    Cooking sLmon patties tonight. Mmm . . . Good!

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  21. A couple weeks from today will be the delayed memorial service for my dear friend J. (As I have previously pointed out, since we often use initials for some people on here, J was his actual name. 🙂 ) We’ve been encouraged to wear blue to the service, as that was J’s favorite color.

    No surprise there! I think it is the only color I ever saw him in. 🙂

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  22. I received a copy of my father’s death certificate. My stepmother had copies made for me and my 3 siblings.

    I am reminded of the empty tomb. I can go to Tucson and see where my parents’ remains are buried. I can go to New York and Puerto Rico see where my grandparents are buried. We could all go to South Carolina and see the grave of our dear fellow wanderer, Chas. All those graves are not empty.

    But I have been to Jerusalem and have looked into an empty grave grotto. There was a body there once. But He raised from the dead on the third day and is no longer there. Forty days later He ascended into the clouds to heaven where He ever lives. GLORY TO GOD!

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  23. I’m just in from a fun Hunt for Red October watch party on a huge screen, with commentary by my in-house submariner. 20 friends attend at another friend’s house. My daughter, who surprised us by showing up with Stargazer!, commented, “It’s so fun just to be able to get together and have a party again.”

    Blessings on your Easter.

    2 Adorables are being baptized, 16 for dinner, and I have worked to do between the two services (ours at the Lutheran church, theirs at the Baptist church).

    The grandson of my friend whom I eulogized last summer in New England, is at the Coast Guard training school in our county. He’ll be joining us for dinner.

    Somehow it feels full circle, getting to feed Liz’s grandson after all the times she fed us.

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  24. Blessed Resurrection Day, Wanderers (in these parts of the world). And Jo gets to have a good rest after her Easter.

    That To Do sounds fun, Michelle.

    A friend may attend the Easter service with ne this morning. I had invited others but then got this unanticipated call. I hope it works out. It was a nice Easter surprise.

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