58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-19-22

  1. Good morning (to grocery shop)!

    I hope everyone is having a good start to the day.

    I posted on yesterday’s thread about the discussion this morning on our Fox local news about their “hot” online debate concerning indoor thrmostat settings. Some like 80° and others like lower 70°s. Our setting is on 68°.

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  2. Morning
    We keep ours at 68 and it goes down at night to 62…I have a heated blanket on the bed 😴
    Heading to Cracker Barrel to meet with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a couple of years. She texted last night and wanted to meet. Spontaneity 😊 ☕️ and blessing

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  3. Good morning.

    No thermostat here and currently in the low sixties. It is whatever.

    I remember my parent’s used to set it at seventy two in the day and back to sixty eight when Carter was President. My dad’s house is warmer these days.

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  4. I remember that time well, mumsee. I was living in an apartment that was way too hot. Apparently, we were first off the furnace, according to the landlord who lived in the house, as well. I put aluminum foil over the register in the kitchen to try to keep cool. I finally would open the window (in the winter!) to try to get cool. I felt bad about the waste of heat, but that was not my choice.

    My husband would love 72. I try to be patient but trying to work at that temperature is very difficult for me. He is usually cold. The bedroom is cooler, and we have layers of blankets so I can throw them off when I get too warm.

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  5. We keep the thermostat set at 70-71 in the winter. That’s about as chilly as Dad can stand. I’ve also been known to crack open the back door leading to our bedroom to snag a little fresh cold winter air at night.We keep all the registers in our bedroom and the living room covered until time for us to change over to air conditioning in the late spring or early summer. Then we raise the thermostat to about 75-77 and uncover the registers in the living room and our bedroom, and we cover the registers in Dad’s rooms. We have developed a system of sorts that has worked so far.

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  6. Though not everybody lived in tents. Some lived in caves (we saw those in Greece) and some lived in houses made of stone or wood and had some sort of stucco as we learn in the law.

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  7. I turn the hater off at night so mornings can be a little chilly. Otherwise, thermostat is at 71 but I often turn that off during the day and evening also, depending on the weather.

    The cat threw up on one of the floor registers a few nights ago (she likes to sit on top of those when the heat is blowing through). Got it cleaned up but sort of a mess.

    Stage cue for mumsee — so again, what was the cat doing in the house?

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  8. 62 is the setting on the thermostat here, but it’s warmer than that.

    I have cast iron hot water radiators. While the furnace may shut off when it reaches 62, the radiators continue to heat the rooms to 68-70 depending on the room.

    It’s a balmy 34 degrees outside.

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  9. My old dogs also need some warmth in the house with their arthritis issues, says the vet. But I still flip the heater off overnight and they seem to do OK, house is usually in the high 50s by early morning which isn’t horrible — and I turn the heat one early, when I’m up around 6 a.m. to feed the “starving” cat and let the dogs out again.

    Neighbors got home around midnight last night, it was a hernia that had popped out and they said it wasn’t justified to keep her overnight. I’d worried when the car was still gone at 11 p.m. when I was going to bed, worried she wound up having surgery or something. Her husband said she’s still sleeping, so that’s good. They’ve had so many challenges in the past year.

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  10. Espn sleeps everywhere. But now and then she lays on the hearth by the fire. Not for long, just enough to toast and then she moves across the room onto the tile. Yes. She is a dog and she is in my house. How do these things happen?

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  11. Fun to sit here and listen to fifteen playing the piano! He and fourteen have gone the farthest in music of any of them and all on their own. It has been fun. Several of the others had teachers and probably better technique but for just pure joy of playing, these win.

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  12. Glad you have that enjoyment of their piano playing. It was the same here. Wesley had a few lessons and I later go him a basic book to learn from, so he taught himself and loved his time at the piano when guided to it by himself. No, “Go do your lesson.” That would have removed the joy of it for him.

    I have not found more of the Cascadian Farms plain O’s cereal so I decided to try the Publix Greenwise and they are just as good. The box is about twice the size of the Cascadian Farms box. I use the Greenwise Old-Fashioned Oatmeal, too.

    I am trying to decide what to wear to church tomorrow. It has been so long since I have had that consideration (except for last week).


  13. Chas, we miss you and know you’d be with us if your sight allowed it. I know from experience as my sight dwindles what a difficulty it can be. I had to turn down a request to review a Christian author’s book this week and it really hurt to do that. She understood and said her mother had the same issue. The author suggested that loss of physical vision may be compensated by gaining greater spiritual insight. Hmmm . . . I hope that happens for me!
    And, yeah . . . we walk by faith and not by sight, etc. That takes on new meaning with lessening visual acuity.

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  14. I had a cat friend who ran into my driveway to dodge a car on the street when I went out walking. It continued to hang around in the yard and on the porch as I walked. I was out on the street a few houses away when a white car pulled up. With the passenger’s side glass rolled down, a guy said something in a low voice. Since it was dark out and darker inside the car I did not get a good view of him. The car pulled up a little ways and some people got out. I was already headed back home and naturally felt concern. One never knows. Maybe Saturday night walks need to be cancelled. I resumed walking rounds in the driveway and talking to God about Him being my protector.

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  15. I miss my piano players. All my daughters played. I miss the music my husband and daughter used to do together. I am glad many of the grandchildren are learning various instruments; one is even studying to be a music teacher at the university now. What a blessing music is!

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  16. I went to Target for maybe/probably the first time in ages — I may have been there before during the pandemic, but not remembering that I was (and I still had the $20 gift card from work to use that I got for Christmas 2020).

    I picked up some storage boxes. It felt strange being in a real store like that again. I didn’t quite how to just wander and browse (and it didn’t seem as fun, either — everything’s just changed somehow).

    Then it was grocery shopping where a guy sitting at a table inside was selling subscriptions to the LA Times and stopped me as I walked by. I told him I already had a digital subscription to the Times, so then he asked if I’d like to donate to have the Sunday paper sent to a battered women’s shelter. Sure, I said. I got a $10 gift card I was able to use at the check stand, gave him $24 for the Sunday gift subscription (but really $14 minus the gift card I received).

    I got some laundry done earlier today and just took Tess on her short walk to the end of the block and back again on the other side of the street, then brushed her out, her fur’s a mess right now and she’s shedding something awful.

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  17. DJ – Heidi is always a mess, because she is so shaggy. Her fur also tends to be wavy, and even curly on her legs. She’s my little scruffy ragamuffin, and I think she’s adorable just the way she is. 🙂

    When she gets her hair cut short a couple times a year, she looks like a different dog – and smaller!

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  18. So I was last to comment last night, and first this morning?

    My friend Christine will be picking me up for church this morning, since Cindy’s road is too icy, and she will be watching from home. Christine said she would pick me up at 9:45.

    At 8:45, I got a text from her saying that she is here. I looked at the clock, then checked the text from last night to make sure I didn’t misread it. Then I dashed outside to tell her she’s an hour early.

    As the church secretary, she had been at church early this morning, and thought it was later when she left to come get me. She was wondering where everyone was, since people start to come in sometime after 9:30 or so.

    We had a good laugh about it. I was prepared to dash back in and quickly finish getting ready, but she said she would be back at 9:45. (The church is less than five minutes away, so it’s not too inconvenient for her.)

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  19. I am back from a lovely church service. It was a communion Sunday and at this church before each communion a church covenant is read that is very thorough in the scriptual activities that members will engage in or not engage in. Before taking communion there is a time of reflection. I loved the seriousness, the reverence, and attitude of the body assembled. I am more impressed the more I see.

    I think I met the couple Kare prayed for. Thank you, Kare. New like me, they asked me to stay for the potluck, and the pastor asked, too, but I chose not to stay this time since I did not bring my special diet food. I said I would be staying for a future meal for those thinking of membership.

    I did not wear a mask today so of course that alone encouraged more friendliness with people. I feel blessed by God’s leading. I found out that this church is 160 years old. Amazing. Grace. Abounds.

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  20. Sounds like a good church, Janice.

    Our communion, observed weekly, is open to all who are members of a Christian church so one doesn’t have to be a local member to partake. But we also are careful to “fence” the table, explaining that those who haven’t professed faith in Christ and been baptized should now participate. Scripture is read, we are reminded that we are also to examine ourselves.

    I’m still having problems with the back strain from 2 weeks ago. While much better overall, mornings are really hard and I am shuffling and in pain initially (not helped by the knee which also is extra stiff in the mornings), until I move around a bit and take the prescription Motrin. After that, everything is better and I feel mostly normal through the rest of the day.

    I took some time today to fill out the check-in forms in advance for tomorrow morning’s mammogram appointment at the hospital — I was there 2 years ago and don’t remember getting this invite to “check in” (virtually) in advance in order to expedite all the clerical paperwork tomorrow. But I’ve done that with other doctors more recently and it helps to get that taken care of before you go and they hand you those clip boards with 15 pages of information to fill out in the waiting room. Ugh.

    Still, it took a while online, you need to add photos of your insurance cards, front and back, which I guess is what took the longest time, and answer the usual slew of questions, providing work info etc.. But now that should all be in their files when I go tomorrow morning.

    After that, it’s off to the eye doctor to check on those cataracts and how my new glasses are working.

    Fun vacation day, right?

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  21. Kizzie, my dogs seem to “blow” their coats once or twice a year where it just comes out in handfuls and loose chunks. Tess seems to be in that stage, her fur usually is so shiny but now looks dull and is just overly heavy. We need a mobile grooming appointment soon, but I’m trying to use those blade tools to get some of the loose stuff out of there (and she’s also itchy again now so she doesn’t fight it).

    I think she’s also gaining weight now that both dogs are on hamburger dinners — the only thing Cowboy will really eat these days, and he’s also gained wait but desperately needed to; he was way too skinny there for a while. He’s still thin but more normally thin, not ribs sticking out thin.

    But I may have to start adjusting Tess’s amounts or put her back on canned food in part, just mix in a bit of the hamburger going forward.

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  22. Another couple from our church is moving to Texas, it’s become contagious.

    Interesting, too, I spotted a news story, NPR, about folks who are moving to parts of the country that match their political views. Both liberal and conservative families were featured, but I was surprised to see an old college friend in the mix.

    We’d dated a bit in college — and he’d contacted me more recently, probably 25 years ago now though, when he and his wife were going through a rather unpleasant divorce. We had lunch, he asked if he could call me, I said yes but let’s wait until after the divorce is final (it was for infidelity on her part — he said — they had a young teen daughter). But he was Christian so I wanted to leave the way open; just didn’t feel right about seeing him while he was still, after all, married — even though on the way out, presumable. (But I also always think it’s best of folks reconcile and that’s much harder if their are third-parties involved as distractions.)

    Anyway, he never called, I’d assumed (hoped) they reconciled, but soon afterward I noticed on FB that he was married to someone new, seemingly someone he’d known a while through his work as a journalist. He was a nice guy, he had a bit of a crush on me in college but I was more seriously seeing one of our mutual journalism classmates.

    He wound up working as an editor for a large Orange County daily (now part of our news group) but is now retired.

    So they were interviewed in this article for their recent relocation to conservative Texas, they sounded happy as clams.

    See? I could have been in Texas by now wearing cowgirl boots.

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  23. Sunday in our neck of the woods is a warmish day and this snow is melting…just in time for the remainder to freeze with a new layer of snow on top! Enjoying the day out there while we can…dogs are taking naps right now after wrestling around and getting soaked to the bone…smell like wet dogs in here!
    Went to church…sermon given by our looooong winded elder. It was more of a church history dissertation on wives submitting to husbands….he will have part two next week citing scripture in 1Peter….


  24. We have had sun, sleet, hail, and snow so far today. Expecting more snow and temps to drop into the single digits again. Must be almost spring.

    What holiday do we have, Jo? President’s Day maybe? I don’t keep up. We just do school work.

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  25. Yes, Presidents Day tomorrow — not a day off for us, but I’m on a vacation/med appointments break so I’m off anyway. I’m thinking only government observes this one as an actual “holiday.”

    I talked to my neighbor, she sounds pretty beat up. She said the hernia, which she’s had for a long time, popped out for the first time Friday and she was in a lot of pain which was what prompted the ER wagon to show up; I could hear her screaming as they were bouncing the gurney outside their back gate and over onto my driveway.

    Hernia bulge was the size of a fist, she said. It’s back in now (morphine was needed to do it manually at the hospital), and she feels pretty beat up and discouraged still, two days later. Seems like one thing after another, she said. She’s hoping to connect with our mutual GP tomorrow to see what suggestions she has.

    I really feel for them, first her knees were getting so much worse anyway — and then the stroke.

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  26. Yes, interesting followup, were there specific do’s and don’ts?

    So many possibilities! Does it take a long time to list them? lol

    Or more just a general caution?

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  27. I am copying and pasting the link to the service on Facebook. I paused it at the 1:26 mark which is about where the Communion service starts with the reading of the Church Covenant for those who are interested. I loved it, but I have no idea how others might understand it. If it starts at the beginning of the service, move the bar to 1:26.

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  28. The stringed instruments were special for today. I loved them! And the words spoke to my heart and made me wonder how long it has been a tradition to read that Covenant since the church is 160+ years old.


  29. And communion is too often given short-shrift in Protestant churches, sort of an afterthought done 4 times a year.

    Our church loves the weekly observance, our pastor often says it will be the closest we come to Jesus in the entire service.

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  30. The pattern of the early church seemed to be that it was observed every time the church gathered.

    The argument for observing it less often is that it will be experienced more intently, it will be more special. Observing it more often makes it too “routine.”

    But I don’t think our church ever views it as routine, it’s a definite highlight of the weekly service, always.

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  31. I do not know how often communion is observed in this church. Our Methodist church did it once a month and early on we went up and knelt around the altar to be served by the pastor. That was very meaningful to me too. They later took those furnishings out and no longer did communion like that.


  32. Well Chas I thought I posted just a few minutes ago and it’s not there…so you aren’t alone with “missing” posts?! I am rather certain I hit the “post” tab…hmmmmm
    Anyway it is good to see you and I hope your days was lovely….

    We have communion every Sunday….

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  33. My last Presbyterian church observed it quarterly, which I thought wasn’t near often enough. Interesting that when I transferred to the sister church they’d already determined to observe it weekly there.

    And Chas is right, our hearts and minds need to be engaged (which for us humans is sometimes challenging when it comes to our own personal discipline and minds that too easily wander).


    Just got back from the brief walk with Tess, it’s rather cold out this evening. I heard on the local news just now that we may have some rain coming our way, yay.

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