Prayer Requests 2-19-22

Let’s all continue to lift Mumsee and her family in prayer as they mourn the loss of her grandson.

Anyone else have something to share?

Psalm 29

A psalm of David.

Ascribe to the Lord, you heavenly beings,
    ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
    worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

The voice of the Lord is over the waters;
    the God of glory thunders,
    the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.
The voice of the Lord is powerful;
    the voice of the Lord is majestic.
The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars;
    the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.
He makes Lebanon leap like a calf,
    Sirion like a young wild ox.
The voice of the Lord strikes
    with flashes of lightning.
The voice of the Lord shakes the desert;
    the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh.
The voice of the Lord twists the oaks
    and strips the forests bare.
   And in his temple all cry, “Glory!”

10 The Lord sits enthroned over the flood;
    the Lord is enthroned as King forever.
11 The Lord gives strength to his people;
    the Lord blesses his people with peace.


13 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 2-19-22

  1. Prayer for a friend’s husband who is in the hospital with pneumonia. No covid or flu. He has been on oxygen a couple of days. They took him off today and oxygen level dropped. They are monitoring and hope he can go home in a couple more days. Prayers for them as they are struggling to figure out what they believe. She, at least, was raised LDS but left. We have, of course, talked.

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  2. My friend Mike, Cindy’s husband, has improved enough to be moved to a nursing home for rehab. We are all thanking God for this. Thank you for your prayers, too!

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  3. Yes.

    Prayer for our church member, A, who remains hospitalized with Covid-related pneumonia. He is improving, but has been in the hospital for more than a month, I believe.

    And pray for my neighbor S, who was taken to the hospital Friday for a painful hernia bulge; they managed to get everything back in place and they got home around midnight. Her husband said yesterday that all was calm for the time being. They’ve had such a rough year, lives turned upside down.

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  4. Please pray for my friend JoAnne, who lost her husband J recently. She has been having trouble straightening out a problem with switching from her Social Security to his. Seems like she’s getting the run around. Please pray that it will smooth out for her. Perhaps someone will take mercy on her and go the extra mile to figure out what is going on in their system.

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  5. Lord, please let Your peace prevail over disorderly conduct at the Nest. Please let the blood of Jesus bring healing to the wound that keeps festering and spilling out infection to twenty’s surroundings. May the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus be active this evening to bind up the wound permanently so healing can be complete once and for all. I know, Lord, it must be in Your timing, but please let it be now if possible. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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  6. Thank, Janice. She settled some but is not back to normal yet. She has gone to bed. Not before knocking over a cabinet onto my telescope which I had moved out of the rooms she frequents several months ago. But like I tell husband, she is more important.

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