27 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-21-22

  1. They fear the peasants….

    Pelosi and Joe are 🤡🤡

    “Capitol fence to be reinstalled ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address”


    “Security officials will reinstall fencing around the Capitol next week ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address, Fox News can confirm.

    U.S. Capitol Police are bracing for a potential “Freedom Convoy” truck protest to Washington, D.C., for the March 1 speech. “Freedom Convoy” truckers have been protesting in Canada for weeks against coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates and caused a temporary blockade of the busy Ambassador Bridge border crossing between Windsor and Detroit. “


  2. Obama rolled over and gave Putin Crimea. 🙈

    Biden is about to let Putin take Ukraine. 🙉

    But Trump, who sanctioned Russia endlessly, was the pushover for Putin? 🙊

    Sure….. 🙄



  3. Liberal ventures out from his liberal bubble, discovers conservatives are right, and that actually living under Democrat rule is dangerous for law abiding citizens.

    Congrats for joining us in reality. But I must point out, you helped build this.




    Yes you’ve seen this before, in countless Dem run cities. And also in NY under other Dems. Guiliani cleaned up, but you folks didn’t like his policies at all. Elections have consequences. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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  4. They’re not wrong.



  5. Speaking of destroying your credibility…..





  6. The fascists continue to issue threats.







  7. Victor Davis Hanson nails it again.

    “The Gathering Storm in the West

    Few are listening any more to the clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Bidens and all the toxic hypocrisies they embody.”


    “Canada is now governed by absurdism, and it is symptomatic of an ailing Western elite.

    Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week invoked martial law to arrest and financially destroy truckers on the charge that their largely peaceful protests are “dismantling the Canadian economy” that had already been dismantled for two years under some of the most draconian lockdowns in the world. The trucker “sect,” Trudeau added, is guilty of felonious “unacceptable views.” But his rhetoric still cannot square the circle of demonizing vital workers while conceding he cannot run his country without them.

    He has invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in the law’s 34-year history, even as the highly infectious Omicron variant wanes after spreading natural immunity and yet proving relatively mild in its effects. Trudeau has neither science nor good governance on his side, especially given how civil the protests have been. The truckers, who more or less work in solitary cabs, are better informed about the “science” and are themselves mostly vaccinated.

    Whether by accident or intent, the truckers have now become iconic of far larger issues. Their resistance to government vaccination mandates transcends them. And so, they are playing the role of the proverbial straw that may break the back of a once compliant Canadian citizenry, burdened by over two years of masks, lockdowns, and vaccination mandates.

    They are Howard Beales yelling, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” or the iconic Tunisian peddler Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi whose self-immolation prompted the Arab Spring, or Tank Man who stood erect in Tiananmen as an oncoming tank finally swerved around him. The truckers are saying to the Canadian people, “Watch and we will kindly show you why you always privately suspected that this prime minister and his ilk were frauds.” As in the case of earlier exasperated rebels, we do not know the exact consequences that will follow, only that the leaders who targeted the dissidents will likely end up worse than their targets.

    The North American public has endured almost daily nonsensical changes in “follow the science” state edicts, as well as vast asymmetries between those who profited and those who were hurt by the government reactions to the pandemic. On the one hand, Trudeau threatens to use his state powers to ruin financially the protestors and their supporters. On the other hand, the prime minister brags that he participated in the Canadian versions of the BLM protests in summer 2020. Here in the United States, the combined BLM/antifa riots of summer 2020 caused the greatest property damage claims of any riot in U.S. history, around $2 billion. The violence eventually led to over 35 deaths, the torching of a federal courthouse, police precinct, and historic Washington D.C. church, over 1,500 police injuries–and, mysteriously, very few indictments of the some 14,000 people arrested. Is Trudeau’s point to stress that destroying things make protestors more authentically left-wing and thus exempt, while mostly peaceful protests lose deterrence and therefore can be crushed?

    The North American Left justifies such asymmetry both in crude terms and in ideological gobbledly-gook. A Trudeau official called the truckers “Trump supporters,” as if that label has any relevance other than to justify the government’s violation of civil liberties. Does Trudeau think a “Trump supporter” necessarily polls worse than a “Trudeau supporter”? The foppish man who in his youth thought it cool to be photographed sporting blackface is quick to demonize a multiethnic and multiracial protest as “racist”?

    Left-wing administrations in Toronto and Washington feel that the supposed higher social goals of the antifa and BLM violent protests (that purportedly advance their own political agendas) warrant exemptions of every sort. More than 1,000 U.S. healthcare workers went on record in 2020 justifying street protestors’ flagrant violations of strict COVID-19 lockdowns, at the height of the pre-vaccination pandemic.

    We were lectured that curbing any BLM protest might cause mental health problems. Should noncomplying truckers and their boosters try that ruse?

    The asymmetric application of punishment depends solely on the degree to which any given violation aids or detracts from left-wing agendas. A postelection Time magazine piece by Molly Ball gave the game away. She bragged how CEOs and plutocrats conspired to modulate the pulse of the Antifa/BLM violence to ensure calm for Joe Biden’s election—and more or less summed up the larger progressive elite impulse (“There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.”)

    COVID accentuated a larger and growing cultural, political, social, and economic split in the West. Partly, the fissures were brought on by the displacements of globalization. Partly they appeared with the final dominance of a huge class of credentialed government apparatchiks. And partly the split derives from the paradox of governments inviting millions of non-Western immigrants into Europe and North America from impoverished, and dystopian societies. Their inequality upon arrival, supposedly predicated on race rather than class, then becomes political nourishment for progressive redistributive agendas that otherwise had little political support among their citizen populations.

    Again, the truckers symbolize this gap, in an age when elites do not care much for class divides, only racial distinctions as a way of demonizing the less well-off. “


  8. Huh.

    “If You Have Assets At Canadian Financial Institutions, You’re Nuts

    I don’t have any assets in Canadian financial institutions or subsidiaries, but if I did, I’d transfer them out right away. For the same reason I wouldn’t hold assets in any other lawless country run by a tinpot dictator who weaponizes the private sector to carry out his political purge.”


    “No one expected the Trudeau Inquisition. Well, almost no one.

    In 2014, at the now-defunct HuffPo Canada, Daniel Dickin wrote, Why Canada Will Become a Dictatorship Under Trudeau:

    It’s becoming clearer as the days of Trudeau’s Liberals wear on: if elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau would turn Canada into a dictatorship.

    This is the man who admitted he “admires China’s basic dictatorship.” [WAJ note – video no longer available at link, see here] It wasn’t just a sarcastic comment – he seriously said that he admires the dictatorship because they can get things done quickly.

    And it’s becoming clearer that Trudeau not only admires the dictatorship — he runs the Liberal Party like one too.

    … Trudeau doesn’t just admire China’s dictatorship — he would practice one if he had the chance….

    Now that we know that Trudeau runs his party like a dictatorship, we must ask ourselves: is there any indication he wouldn’t do the same as the leader of Canada?

    Would a Prime Minister Trudeau arbitrarily whip the vote and outlaw certain moral questions? Could Prime Minister Trudeau be trusted to make decisions for the good of the country, not just for his personal self-worth? Would Trudeau call in the police to enforce his vision?

    Let’s hope we never have the opportunity to ask those questions.

    Well, fast forward to 2022, and we found out.

    Trudeau has commanded private financial entities to freeze the assets not only of protesters, but also of anyone who has supported them, with a wide sweep of financial assets covered. If carried out, and it appears to be in progress, it will leave people without money to pay bills, buy food, or pay their loans. Trudeau also threatened to revoke insurance on trucks, cancel trucking licenses and various other attempts to destroy lives of people and their families who have not been convicted of any crime.”


    “I discussed Trudeau’s embrace of financial terror on his opponents in my post, When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

    Another good discussion is at Bari Weiss’ substack, by David Sacks, A Social Credit System Arrives in Canada:

    Trudeau escalated things further on Tuesday night, when he issued a new directive called the Emergency Economic Measures Order. Invoking a War on Terror law called the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act, the order requires financial institutions—including banks, credit unions, co-ops, loan companies, trusts, and even cryptocurrency wallets—to stop “providing any financial or related services” to anyone associated with the protests (a “designated person”). This has resulted, according to the CBC, in “frozen accounts, stranded money and canceled credit cards.”

    Banks, according to this new order, have a “duty to determine” if one of their customers is a “designated person.” A “designated person” can refer to anyone who “directly or indirectly” participates in the protest, including donors who “provide property to facilitate” the protests through crowdfunding sites. In other words, a designated person can just as easily be a grandmother who donated $25 to support the truckers as one of the organizers of the convoy.

    Because the donor data to the crowdfunding site GiveSendGo was hacked—and the leaked data shows that Canadians donated most of the $8 million raised—many thousands of law-abiding Canadians now face the prospect of financial retaliation and ruin merely for supporting an anti-government protest.

    Canadian authorities were eager to say that in particular, they were targeting Trump supporters:

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s justice minister has warned that people who donated to support the Freedom Convoy ‘ought to be worried’ about having their bank accounts frozen, saying they are part of a ‘pro-Trump movement’.

    Justice Minister David Lametti made the remark in an interview with CTV News Channel on Wednesday night, where host Evan Solomon pressed him on whether average citizens who donated to the protests should be worried about account seizures.

    ‘If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried,’ said Lametti.”


    If this clown starts coming after US donors, things will escalate yet again.


  9. Shhhhh…..

    Do it quietly and maybe no one will notice……

    “CDC quietly lowers the bar for early childhood speech development”


    “This is a story that first surfaced earlier in the week but hasn’t gained a lot of traction yet. (This is perhaps understandable given the situation in Ukraine, but also likely by intention.) For the first time in decades, the CDC has changed many of the recognized milestones for childhood development in terms of speech and cognitive functions. These markers are considered important in terms of recognizing when children aren’t progressing quickly enough, suggesting the potential need to determine if some sort of impairment is being observed and if the child may require greater medical attention. The curious thing about the changes instituted by the CDC is that in a majority of the cases, they have lowered the standards rather than raising them. I first noticed this news on Twitter, as so often happens these days.”

    “You can read the new guidelines here. One of the big changes that many critics are focusing on is the former guideline saying that children should normally know approximately fifty words by 24 months or two years of age. That benchmark has now been stealthily raised to 30 months. That’s not insignificant at all. It’s a 25% increase from the previous standard.

    The Postmillennial examines the context in which these changes are taking place. It’s hard to ignore the growing body of reports showing that childhood development has been suffering as a result of various COVID protocols, raging from “virtual learning” environments to forcing children to wear face masks.”


    But what about muh “experts” at NatGeo?……

    Oh that’s right, they’re ignoring that growing body of evidence….


  10. I read the first paragraph and knew it had to be Kurt’s work. 🙂

    “Now the Dems and GOP Traitors Want to Steal Utah for Schumer”


    “The weird thing about Utah is that while its patriotic, conservative citizens will elect winners like the ever-amusing Orrin Hatch, they are also suckers for prissy invertebrates like Mitt Romney. And now Evan McMullin, the slightly less-lumpy doppelgänger of Brian Stelter (who is a potato), has taken a break from dodging his creditors from his last Toobin Zoom call of a presidential campaign to enter the Utah Senate race against conservative stalwart Senator Mike Lee. McMuffin has got the full backing of the Lincoln Project types, though it might be a hassle campaigning when his biggest supporters can’t come within 1000 feet of a middle school.

    For reasons that utterly escape any sensible person, the citizens of Utah are the last stubborn remnants of those who respect Mitt Romney. Romney, a healthy and rich man who did not serve in the military (nor did his rich and healthy sons Skip, Scoop, Tagg, Tugg, Bongo and Fleep), was merely mediocre back when many of us squandered our vote on him in 2012. He was just sort of there, inept but inoffensive, gimp-suited up for a public S&M session with Mistress Candy Crowley. He was not a bad guy then, just a weak and kind of dumb one who thought the fact that he inherited wealth meant he also inherited skills. He didn’t. He’s a loser, a Chamber of Commerce-con on the cutting edge of 2003-era GOP decline management.

    Romney lost in 2012 because that’s what losers do, yet while we held him in contempt for his flaccid weakness, we never thought he was a bad guy. He seemed to be just a Ned Flandersy neighbor from who you can borrow sugar from if you run low. But then he got his fussy feathers in an uproar about Donald Trump, as betas tend to do in the presence of an alpha. He ran his fool mouth oh-well-I-nevering about how Trump’s unbroken track record of potent heterosexuality made the Bad Orange Man icky. When Trump won a much harder race than the one Mitt blew, Romney came groveling to the new POTUS for a Sec State gig.

    Trump, who never tried to pretend that he was a nice person, publicly humiliated Romney, and Romney took offense. That was weird, since for the Never Trumpers humiliation is a key component of the kink, but after that Mitt became a huge creep. In the manner of the insufferable Bushes, he turned on the people who had had his spine-free back for years because we dared pass him over in favor of someone who didn’t suck. He’s been sticking his former supporters ever since because he’s mad that Trump won and he’s as close to being a nobody as you can be and still be a senator.

    It was bad enough when this dollop of human Miracle Whip decided to march with BLM. Now he’s screwing over Mike Lee by refusing to back him in the primary against Evan McDeadbeat.”


  11. And in the “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” category…..

    Notorious biker gang – 1

    Antifa thugs – 0

    “Armed Portland Antifa Pick Fight With Violent Biker Gang Then Blame POLICE When Things Get Violent”


    “Gunfire erupted when violent Antifa militants appear to have picked a fight with a notorious Portland, Ore. area biker gang.

    Antifa lost.

    At least one person ended up dead and five others were injured in Portland Saturday night.

    Portland Police are still sorting things out, but what we know is that police were called on Saturday night shortly after 8 p.m to a disturbance that quickly escalated into gunfire.”

    “As Portland Police Public Information Officer Lt. Nathan Sheppard attempted to update the media on the shooting melee in Northeast Portland, two known Antifa militants took over the news conference, commandeered the microphones, and began blaming the police for failing to do their jobs to protect them.

    According to Antifa protesters who took over the presser, identified by the Post Millennial as “Hailley Nolan and Dustin Ferreira,” the previous night their comrades had gone to confront members of notorious Portland area biker gang the Gypsy Jokers. Police say at least one of the Antifa militants was armed (which they usually are).

    Nolan, who appeared to have trouble breathing, said it was the Portland Police Bureau’s fault when a woman died in the shooting melee and five others were wounded.

    “They are sending Gypsy Jokers to kidnap us,” she breathlessly announced. She pointed to Lt. Sheppard and accused the police of encouraging the violence against Antifa, saying “they are sanctioning this violence against us. We are dying. We are trying to peacefully protest and they are killing us. And I want to know if any of you care. I want to know if Ted Wheeler cares.” See the video below.

    She indicated why they took over the news conference by admitting “we are not going to let them capture the narrative and lie,” as she pointed to the police.”


    “Antifa and their BLM wingmen have done nothing but denigrate the Portland Police for the past two to three years, demanding they be defunded because “they are killing us,” according to the white woman at the presser.

    Let’s just step back for a second to observe the irony that Portland Antifa has been at the forefront of calling for defunding police. Portland’s police department has been decimated by the defunding after city commissioners and the mayor took these Antifa dunces’ word that there should be fewer cops. Forced vaccinations took another swath of cops off the job. Portland’s Antifa was part of Gov. Kate Brown’s mask and vaccine shock troop enforcement as well.

    The violent, childish Antifa came up against a notorious, violent biker gang, which, unlike police, will fight back.

    Antifa 0, Gypsy Jokers 1.”


  12. The CDC lowered the speech standards for small folk because they are getting stupider, not because masks are damaging to their ability to learn to speak.

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  13. Papers! We must see your papers!



  14. Withholding info from you, for your own good, because they think you’re stupid.



  15. ———-


  16. From a Monday morning email feed I receive:

    ~ Drawing on history, Kevin Williamson argues in National Review that we must never forget why we cherish intellectual freedom. “Free speech and freedom of mind, if we understand them properly, should be rooted in intellectual humility,” he writes. “It is possible—it is certain—that some of the things we believe are wrong, be those matters of fact, matters of moral judgment, or estimates of the dangers posed by words and ideas that offend us. Be honest with yourself: If you had been present at the trials of Galileo, and everything you knew or had ever known pointed to his being in the wrong—the evidence of your eyes and all common human experience, the views of the most learned men and trusted of your community, every book on the subject you’d ever heard of, the proclamations of both church and state—do you think you would have made the right call? And that was, in a sense, an easy question—a question of fact that could be answered with mathematics and observation. If you think that you do not have it in you to hang a witch or to burn a heretic, you’re probably wrong about that, too.” ~


    ~ ,,, One of the most important arguments for freedom of mind — the freedom that comprehends freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of inquiry, freedom of religion, etc. — is that the thought police are very likely to be wrong about things. Whether they are acting in the context of a free society or an unfree one, people who wield political power tend to reflect very strongly the prejudices of their time, their nation, their race, their class, their sex, their religion, their political party, etc. …

    The free society works on similar principles in a more general way that is not limited to economic activity as such. (Although we should not underestimate how important economic freedom is to wider freedom: Freedom of the press does not mean very much without capital in the form of printing machinery, digital infrastructure, etc. That is why newspapers traditionally have been exempted from sales taxes in the free world — censorship may be implemented easily and effectively through policy that is, on its face, purely economic.)

    We allow for innovation and experimentation in matters great and small, even when that permits or positively encourages behaviors that the majority of society finds morally repugnant: ‘Imagine, women working outside the home!’ ‘Black children and white children attending the same schools!’ ‘Men going around without any hats on!’ All of those would have been considered outside the main stream in fairly recent history. And the people who believed it was necessary to hang witches or to burn heretics were not radical outliers: They were the very foundation of respectable society. They were the experts and the leading minds of their time, and they were in the majority. … ~


  17. Did anyone catch the 60 Minutes segment last night on the Havana Syndrome? I’d read about this before, but it was an interesting piece.


  18. Perhaps NTer Williamson should practice what he preaches.


    “One Kevin D. Williamson, writing for the rabid, radical New York Times, September 13, contended, “[O]ne thing should be clear to conservatives estranged from the [Republican] party: We can’t go home again.” The title of Mr. Williamson’s diatribe is “The Trump Coup Is Still Raging.” He is identified, in part, as a “roving correspondent for National Review.” (As the identification note does not state that the views expressed are solely his own, it is not unfair to conclude that he represents the smarty-pants magazine’s distaste for the common man.)

    Including the title of this homage to smarty-pantsism (referring to the self-absorbed who regard themselves as smarter than the rest of us), I counted twelve mentions of “coup” (including three of “coup attempt,” plus, for good measure, one “riot” and one “sacking of the Capitol”). What ardor, what zeal, what hysteria.

    What is “raging” here is Trump-loathing, pure and simple, perhaps offered (and accepted?) as a tryout for a “conservative” gig at 620 Eighth Avenue. Let it be said, certainly, that the so-called “conservatives” at the Times are not conservatives, not at all. Else they could not consider themselves “estranged from the [Republican] party.” That they are “estranged,” arguably, is a term used for purpose of misinforming that they are not conservative at all — just self-absorbed aggrandizers like their counterparts on the rabid, radical left. (I refrain from describing them as “elitist,” as the term is inapposite for mere self-servers.)

    Williamson regards the events of “Jan. 6” at the Capitol as only “half of a coup attempt — the less important half.” For Williamson, the other half — the continuing half — is the “legal wrangling in states and the attempts to sabotage the House commission’s investigation of Jan. 6” (emphasis added). The writer’s anti-Trump frothing must explain his false assertion that the “Jan. 6” partisan probe is by a “commission,” not by a Pelosi-picked committee by the lady who gave the country two partisan-programmed impeachments as coups attempted against President Trump.

    Here, by pertinent example, is a Williamson assertion indicating that he roves from the truth as well as in his writing work: “In the broad strategy, the frenzied mobs were meant to inspire terror — and obedience among Republicans[.]” For Williamson, efforts are underway to “terrorize” officials “into compliance” with the next coup attempt, and, Williamson assures us, “there will be a next one.” As for the “frenzied mobs” of “Jan. 6,” how quickly they became unfrenzied and melted away in less time than a ten-inning Major League Baseball game.”


    No thanks, I’ll pass on advice from frauds like him.


  19. Yes this is the guy I want to take advice on how we refer to people and the niceties necessary for discourse….

    View at Medium.com

    “He likes calling Trump’s sons Uday and Qusay.”

    “In his chapter on corporations, he misrepresents the first amendment’s right of free speech, but gets it right later: “The first amendment exists to prohibit the censorship of political speech by the state.” But in between, he rails against any individual or organization attempting to keep things calm and civil, something not protected by the constitution. It’s another of those contradictions. He criticizes any law that “censors only ‘extreme’ speech — which is of course the only kind of speech that actually needs formal protection.” These meme games fly in the face of his criticism of memes, but when he employs them, it’s clever and entertaining. Up to a point.”

    “Possibly the most memorable quote is that Republicans think “angry white guys in moribund Rust Belt towns have an existential right to a 21st century standard of living with an Eisenhower-era culture.””

    A google search calls up all kinds of examples of Williamson being a hypocrite in the piece DJ linked above. He’s a fraud.


  20. I can agree with things said by those I might have other disagreements with. I believe it was Obama who recently stated that open borders were “unsustainable.” He’d be correct on that very practical point, in my view, and I laud him for saying it publicly.

    We should be able to see merit in comments and ideas without having to swear allegiance to everything the writer or politician produces or believes. Likewise, some folks we might otherwise like can spout of with some truly off-the-wall ideas or statements (and behavior).

    Are there things Trump got wrong? Are his supporters honest enough to acknowledge that?

    Politics in the U.S. have become so divisive and tribal — we defend our “side” when it’s not even defensible at times. That’s not a good road to go down. Both “sides” are guilty.

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  21. Good analysis in the WSJ about Putin’s goals:

    Putin’s Endgame: Unravel the Post-Cold War Agreements That Humiliated Russia

    Moscow’s military forces threaten Ukraine, but the bigger prize is restoration of Russia’s sphere of influence stretching through Eastern Europe


    ~ The world’s attention is on eastern Ukraine, where Moscow’s forces circle. Yet Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions extend far beyond. He wants to renegotiate the end of the Cold War.

    Whatever follows Russia’s large-scale military maneuvers, and the announcement Monday to recognize the independence of two breakaway Ukrainian regions and orders to send troops there, Mr. Putin has made clear he wants to redraw the post-Cold War security map of Europe.

    Mr. Putin spelled out a list of grievances Monday over the treatment of Russia by the U.S. and Europe in the past three decades. “Russia has every right to take retaliatory measures to ensure its own security,” he said. “This is exactly what we will do.”

    The hourlong speech, and the demands he has made of the U.S. in the prelude to the crisis, reveal how Mr. Putin’s vision for the future seeks in many ways to re-create the past.

    The Russian leader is trying to stop further enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, whose expansion he sees as encroaching on Russia’s security and part of the West’s deception and broken promises. He wants NATO to scale back its military reach to the 1990s, before it expanded east of Germany. The demands would reverse many of the extraordinary changes in Europe that took place in that decade. … ~


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