38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-9-22

  1. This is the day of the week when it seems like I gain on time. For quite awhile we did our ladies Bible study on Wed. so the day after was, of course, Thurs.
    Since changing to Tues. study, I still have to remind myself that the day after my group is Wednesday and not Thursday. A spot of happiness in my life as an older person!😀 And I use to could not wait for Fridays.
    Do you have a favorite day of the week and if so, why?

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  2. Papa went to pick Little Miss up from preschool. The teacher told him she had a moment where she started crying. When asked why, she replied, “I miss my Papa”. Not mommy, not daddy, not me…Papa.

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  3. Mama Ruth’s granddaughter is getting married. I am the peacemaker between her and her mother. I hear both sides of the story. I remind one that daughters break mother’s hearts and want to do things their own way and it’s her wedding. I remind the other that her mother loves her and wants to be part of this. Me? I will be doing the bridesmaid luncheon the day of the wedding. So far we will be having Confetti Chicken Salad, veggies with tomato-basil dip, fruit salad, and mock-tail mimosas. What else sounds good with that?

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  4. Sounds lovely and loving, Kim.

    I am waiting for the breakfast my husband is making for us. Bacon and eggs etc. It makes me laugh that he always knows the night before what he will have for breakfast, but if I ask in the morning what we should do for supper, he is clueless. I need to know to make sure I take whatever out of the freezer and that we have all the other ingredients we need. Sometimes, I don’t bother asking, but decide myself, of course. He could eat breakfast morning, noon and night. I would be fine with toast, fruit and nuts myself.

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  5. Best days? There are best days? All good.

    Sunday is great as a day of rest and focus on God.

    Monday is great as the first day of school.

    Tuesday is wonderful as laundry day so clean sheets.

    Wednesday is glorious as we are half way through.

    Thursday is great as it is the last evening of karate for the week.

    Friday is wonderful as it used to be visit Moscow and speech therapy.

    Saturday is Saturday morning clean up and last day of school.

    All good.

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  6. Morning! Husband had a couple of medical appts and they are now out of the way and I pray the results come out favorable. Holding my breath a bit….he wants to take me to breakfast so it may include bacon instead of Cheerios!!
    When retired I think the days become muddled at times…we are always asking each other “what day is it?”! 😂 I suppose my favorite day would be Sunday still…gathering with believers and listening to the message of our dear young Pastor…he truly is a gem. And the rest of Sunday is usually very laid back, no plans at all and peaceful. Yep..that’s my favorite.

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  7. It’s back to work for me today, speech I need to cover online kicks off in about 40 minutes. Then it’s off and running, again. I’m hoping the home office chair is kind to my back, I haven’t sat in it since last Friday before the back strain.

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  8. Alas! The Toddler Adorables aren’t coming over until tomorrow–and the bulldozer is digging up the neighbor’s driveway, right across the street, right now!

    I’ve opened the shades wide for my front-row seat. It’s always so exciting! LOL

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  9. Unfortunately, the cleaners will arrive momentarily and I have to sequester myself–still operating under C rules, so I won’t be able to sit around watching the ending.

    I took some photos. That should entertain the 3-year-old for 10 seconds.

    Unless I have to take questions, of course.

    Sort of like a press conference with a focused set of drilling questions from an Adorable with big blue eyes!

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  10. I have an Adorable playing with her Buckle Bear and asking dozens of questions. She told me today is Ballet Day and she loves Ballerina School. (She has had Buckle Bear since she was a wee one). Now we have moved on to building a crane with jumbo Legos

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  11. I think Sunday is my favorite day of the week, but with Covid restrictions and things not going so well for me at church, that favorite feeling dimmed a bit. As a child Sunday was not my favorite because it meant that just past the darkness and sleep Monday morning glared with school.

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  12. The pandemic-spawned virtual online speeches have become increasingly sophisticated.

    An annual port update today was presented to the grand background strains of Rhapsody in Blue, complete with moving background images of the working ports.

    Quite the production when you recall these affairs used to be the port directors standing at a podium at a crowded chamber lunch. Maybe there was a photo display.

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  13. Breakfast was delightful..same diner where we met up with Peter and Mrs. L….
    And I had pancakes and bacon!
    First of the results came back not so good…and that’s the one we weren’t so much concerned over….scheduling him with specialist now… 😞 …then there was another surprise with this ct scan..they will take another look at it a year…
    The other that looked not great and a retest was ordered has not come back yet…trusting Him still….. (and his reaction is to wonder how this all might interfere with his 50 and 100 mile ultra trail races this summer!!!)
    We may head out early to escape the wonky snow storm predicted for Friday…got to get it in gear to get ready for the trip! Life……

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  14. Life does happen. You can be anxious, oblivious, sad, or happy. I just had a moment of sad/happy and I shouldn’t let it bother me.
    I am taking a class on women and money. I just had to write down my earliest memories of conversations around me involving money and I had to write my own feelings about it. It stirred up some purposely suppressed/buried memories. When I was married to G there never seemed to be enough. Everyone laughs that he is the poorest man in America–just ask him. It was a struggle for BG to be in ballet and other activities, then we divorced. It seemed for a while I did better then the market crashed so the next few years were a struggle and she didn’t get to do some of those things.
    Fast forward and here I am today. I just walked in the bedroom where Little Miss is waking from her nap and Papa told her it was almost time for ballet. He then asked her if she wanted one of those sweaters the other girls were wearing to keep them warn in their leotards. They are leaving early so they can get one before class starts.
    It makes me sad for the past and happy for the right now. I feel guilty I couldn’t do it for BG, but I am glad I can do it for Little Miss. Maybe one day there will be another Little Miss or Young Master and I can do for them and make it up.

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  15. Just got hit by another password lost. Or something. Anyway, they don’t agree with me on the password. hmmm…. where did I write that one down???

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  16. Kim, I am thankful Wesley did not have so much as others had back in the day. There are trade-offs. The ones who have less are not as prone to take things for granted. It is hard to discern between what is enough and what will spoil a child. I am glad Little Miss can have the sweater because it is truly needed to keep warm, but if it is just for the purpose of keeping up with what others have then that could be setting her up for the comparison trap game in life. I know you already know all this. I just don’t think you need to feel sad about what you could not give BG in the past.

    I use to feel sad that we did not have a swing set/tree house/etc. for Wesley, but that meant we got out and explored nearby parks that had wonderful playgrounds and we made new friends. Our tax dollars paid for all that. He would have missed out only getting to be in our backyard all those days.

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  17. Sounds very wise, Janice.

    Ugh, problems writing my story today — including not saving a version that got wiped out when my computer hiccuped. And not being able to contact my port liaison for a full speech transcript and photo, but I got around it.

    It’s really warm today, 84 degrees — ok, so that’s hot, not warm. It feels good in a way as it’s been so chilly here but I’m over all the flies, static-y hair and other hot-weather side effects.

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  18. They did not have a sweater that fit her so that didn’t become a problem. I did, however, find a really cute swimsuit for her birthday or Easter basket. The Easter Bunny always brings swimsuits. I didn’t start that. My (ex) mother-in-law did.

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  19. Greeting! I am checking in from my staycation. I had big plans to do work in the outbuildings. Then, I got my skin cancer removed on Monday. It was a much bigger hole than anticipated so I have quite a few stitches. I am allergic to many antibiotics, so did not take any. I am in the house going through boxes of papers from my mom’s in order to avoid dust from outside. I ended up with half a facelift and a very swollen black eye. This too shall pass.

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  20. Kim – What you wrote about being glad to be able to bless Little Miss but sad that BG couldn’t have that blessing reminds me of my relationship with my mom, from a little different angle.

    I’ve probably written before about how my mom was kind of verbally/emotionally abusive (and I still hesitate to use that word, but that’s what it was, even if she didn’t didn’t intend it to be). Shortly before she died, she admitted that she used the fact that she could easily intimidate me against me. She also wasn’t one to want to play with me or read to me. (My dad read to me, though, and I became an avid reader early.)

    Anyway. . .when the granddaughters came along, Mom became a wonderful grandmother. She did a lot of activities with the girls (including my niece, who is eight months older than Nightingale), often having them all spend a night or weekend with her and Dad, and even taking them on vacation several times (which Hubby and I could not afford to do).

    At some point, Mom said she was sorry for whatever she may have done to hurt me. She seemed to know that she had, but wasn’t sure how exactly, or maybe didn’t want to admit it. But I told her that I forgave her, and the way she was as my daughters’ beloved Gramma made up for it. (Well, mostly, anyhow. But I didn’t say that part to her.)

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