21 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-10-22

  1. Can’t wait…. 🙂

    “Coming Soon: U.S. Truckers Freedom Convoy From California to D.C.”


    “American truckers are looking to follow the lead of Canada’s Freedom Convoy by organizing a protest against vaccine and pandemic-related mandates.

    The truckers in the United States have claimed they are eyeing March 1 as their protest date, according to a “Freedom Convoy to DC 2022” GoFundMe page, with a plan to travel from California to Washington D.C. in protest of vaccine rules nationwide. The group hopes to end vaccine mandates through peaceful protests.

    The movement is “a long time coming,” said Mike Landis, a trucker involved in the D.C. freedom convoy. Americans are tired of “government overreach” in the form of pandemic-related mandates.

    “The presence of that amount of people that show that they are unhappy with what’s going in is a good way to hopefully get their attention,” Landis said, criticical of politicians for not following the Constitution.

    Co-organizers of the D.C. Freedom Convoy Brian Brase and Jeremy Johnson anticipate that a wide range of Americans will come out to the protest to support their cause, and that the event will not be exclusive to truckers.

    The protest “crosses all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all occupations,” Brase said.

    Meanwhile, Johnson has stated that “the government needs to really take a look at what the American people want. And they don’t want mandates.”


  2. Their fear is real!

    And I can’t stop laughing at them…. 😂🤣😂


    Yeah! I mean what’s next, burning federal buildings, courthouses and downtowns?

    Oh wait that’s Antifa and BLM, who CNN approves of.



  3. The Cowardly Justin is being ignored.

    Good. 🙂


    Justin thought he was the only one who could escalate things?



  4. Are you feeling it yet?



  5. So they parked in front of Parliament. And the Prime Minister’s office. Wow. They did not burn it? Break windows? Beat people? Kill people? They just parked? The fear is real.


  6. I am all for peaceful protest, in fact, have engaged in it myself. However, I am not crazy about closing off roads and making lives miserable by blowing horns etc. I think in the long run it may be detrimental to one’s cause. I believed this when BLM closed freeways also by their marches and shouting etc.

    When ambulances can’t get through or people are very inconvenienced it can get old. My own daughter was worried about this when she had to bring her daughter for medical care in an area that was very shut-off because of protests. It is easy to support something that has no effect on you. Thinking of others is important, though.

    The hysteria and disinformation by the media is another story, as is the overreaction and posturing of government leaders. Not to even mention the hypocrisy.

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  7. Watched the video of the real fear newscaster with husband. He, a former truck driver, pointed out that he heard no horns during the newscast. Or with the gas can carriers.

    I suspect, truck drivers no better than to block roads for the most part.

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  8. According to the news report, it did not sound like it was the truckers that closed the bridge so much as the ability to wave them through. Trucks are vital to our economy as we elected to go with trucks rather than trains. It behooves us to treat them well, respect their concerns. Listen. They are not asking much, really. They live in their trucks often. Which is one of the reasons they keep their trucks running. Another is to keep the brakes from freezing. Husband’s head office put out a notice every winter:keep the truck running so the brakes don’t freeze, you won’t be able to move if they freeze.

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  9. This is newsworthy, and worthy of celebrating. 🙂

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  10. Yes please.

    Pretty please even…..



    The mere thought of it has the pearl clutchers, the clowns at DHS and the FBI, as wells as drama queens in media swooning… 🙂

    Here’s one that’s 3 outta 4 (pearl clutcher, drama queen, and garbage media) of those listed showing you what I’m talking about.

    Says the BLM supporting clown…..


  11. Don’t believe the media.

    Again, 3 outta 4….




  12. ——


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