45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-1-22

  1. Good morning, Kim and all, except Jo. Goodnight, Jo!
    It’s already Wellspring Ladies Bible Study day. The first week of the month is when I have a lot of activities. Tomorrow WMU and later a writer’s group meeting. Gotta get moving! Have a good day😃

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  2. Today’s outfit (a carry over from last night) is a silk plum colored top with short ruched sleeves, my “vegan” leather pants and leopard print flats. I laugh because Vegan Leather is the new branding on pleather.

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  3. Morning all!! Up and at ‘em Chas!
    We are bracing for the snow and -10 temps…not as cold as what Kathaleena and Kare experience but cold nonetheless!!
    My close by Bible Study starts up again this morning so I must get myself in gear. Jeans, sweater and boots will be on this old body this morning..and a wool coat, hat and gloves….our Bible Study leader lives on top of the hill with no trees in sight…very windy up there….but she has a great view of the Front Range mountains, including Pikes Peak and the southern mountains.
    Peter did you get the 14 inches of snow last night?

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  4. That view sounds lovely. I think you need some Cuddle duds under those jeans. We will get that cold in a day or two. 😦 Spring is coming! 🙂 Isn’t it a blessing to be told that the seasons will continue until Christ returns?

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  5. Sock slippers, Land’s End sweats, Penny’s red v-neck shirt, and my daughter-in-law’s ancient UCLA fleece vest with zipper pockets.

    The vest may be my single favorite article of clothing— the zippered pockets are the clincher. 🙂

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  6. I have a virtual port meeting to cover in about an hour — so my outfit, I can already tell you, will be the dark gray sweatpants and burgundy sweatshirt.

    But later today I need to check in with the knee doctor so I will have to get actually “dressed” for that (but I need to wear pants that can easily slide up over the knee, of course, so options are limited).

    The past two years have been so very strange. 😦

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  7. Honey Greek yogurt for me. But also some coffee today, I think.

    Then absorbing 2 hours of discussion about the long, ongoing fight against port pollution and where the battle stands.

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  8. Since we are talking about clothes, I have on a pair of Cherokee jeans I won years ago as part of $100.00 gift certificate from a drawing at Target. I am also wearing a blue knit sweater my brother gave me for Christmas which he bought at Walmart. When I went to the store I topped those with a lined Champion windbreaker and my feet wore Saucony sneakers. Tomorrow I will be a bit more ‘dressed’ to go to WMU.

    I just tried over and over to start the mower with no luck. I will try a few more times before giving up and raking. Why do I prefer mowing over raking? I think I’m in love with the grasscatcher bag. I am a bag lady, and that’s how bag ladies are.

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  9. First I will be wearing my market outfit.. A khaki skirt with pockets and a rose colored, collared top, then later will find another skirt to wear to school

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  10. Lawnmower and grasscatcher bag finely made their 2022 debut. First mowing, 3/5 complete. I may finish tomorrow if I am able. It’s is the portion nearest the street that I left undone. I ‘pushed it’ to do what I did. I am nursing a pulled muscle or some such in my rib cage area and it has just been feeling better this week. I hope I do not regret having tugged that lawn mower cord about 100 times!

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  11. Everyone is wearing such cute clothes today, at least the ladies are! Art and I talked clothes last night based on our discussion here. He said he sure is glad that dress coats and ties got dropped from his attire. When he first worked in this office, before he became the owner, he had to show up every day in suit and tie. He is so much more relaxed about that now.

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  12. Registration day – I’m wearing a grey “dressy” t-shirt with a plaid flannel button down over top and jeans. Comfy is the word of the day for registration opening. Sadly, we’ve only had half the number of registrations as previous years. I think parents are still waiting to see what “C” does once all restrictions are lifted in a few weeks.

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  13. Some good news. I am humbled and amazed as I looked at my January statement of earnings today. I had already reached 110%, which is what we are allowed to receive. The rest goes into a reserve account for low months.

    On the last day of the month, my support doubled. I thought that I had lost a couple of supporters and still wrote them thank yous last night for their faithfulness as I am grateful for them. Then they appeared today, amazing.

    God is good.

    I trust this is not too much to share, but as I sit here in wonder, I just had to let others rejoice with me.

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  14. We are rejoicing with you J.
    Kevin, I probably won’t be having much for dinner tonight. I had a big lunch. One of the agents wanted to go to Bonefish Grill. I had Atlantic Salmon. Currently I am sipping peppermint tea. I may have a really big cup of hot chocolate for dinner and nibble on something or then again, I might not.


  15. Jo, I raised support like that for a missions organization for 12 years (long ago), so I know the blessing of those moments of surprising abundance. I rejoice with you.

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  16. Speaking of my agents…If you scroll down to the bottom of all the photos you can see one of a man in a “wife-beater” t shirt, (I can’t get him to quit wearing them) and hat, holding a fish. That would be my husband. I remember telling all of you that day that I was excited he was bringing fish home. When I got home he had thrown the fish back. REALLY????
    That’s not the point of the story. I joke about how much my husband says he likes to fish but doesn’t go and when he did he didn’t bring any fish home….So one of my agents brought me some fresh fish several months ago. I had to admit I hadn’t cooked any other fist than salmon in year, so he told me how to cook it. It was really good. He has now told me that he will take Mr. P and me out on his boat to fish this year. I haven’t been deep sea fishing since before BG was born and she is 24. I will be a complete novice.

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  17. Good to hear, Jo!

    For dinner today, we had stuffed peppers, cod, baked small potatoes. Well, I didn’t. I had some of the cod but had just eaten my mushrooms and onions.

    Later today, I also will have a nice hot chocolate. I make mine by:
    Boiling about one and a half cups of water with about a tablespoon of organic cocoa powder. I add about two teaspoons of honey and then maybe a quarter cup of cream, some vanilla, and a healthy sprinkle of chipotle powder. Mmmm mmmmm. I call it my sleep potion because when I have it, I generally sleep through the night.

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  18. I wore blue jeans with the grey uniform shirt today. I had on a black and white long-sleeved t-shirt under it, since the uniform is short-sleeved. I took that part off and now just have on the jeans and t-shirt.

    Oh, and brown/tan Merrill hiking shoes with white socks, which I changed to grey wool socks for around the house, with slippers.

    As for supper? Probably a pork chop with a salad, rice and beans.

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  19. Well we are getting the storm right now…it has just begun. They are now staying to expect 10 inches as least…that’s ok with me. Sitting here in my jeans, sweater, running shoes and slack hat…nice a comfy. Neighbor and I went for a very brisk walk before the snow started…she forgot her hat so it was a shorter jaunt for us. Our faces were frozen by the time we got back.

    Dinner tonight will be left over lasagna for anyone hungry. I too plan to have hot chocolate and maybe some cheese….


  20. I went to the mailbox and was dismayed to see that it looks like I still have half the yard to mow. It all depends on perspective. Is the yard half empty of leaves or half full of leaves?

    I just listened to a portion of a Clark Howard show about flying cars. He thinks we will see them in this next decade for the wealthy. I suppose there are good things about not being wealthy and having to keep up with the neighbors and their flying cars.


  21. I am cooking some miniature pasta shells to mix into kidney bean salad for tonight. I had a small plastic cup of cinnamon applesauce for starters and filled that empty cup with Pom pomegranite juice for a hit to the blood sugar. I hope what I read was correct that the juice can potentially help lower blood sugar. Further research is in order.

    I bought some heart shaped Reeces Cups to share tomorrow at WMU. Preemptively drinking Pom juice. I also got Art a pack for the office since Kroger had them 2 for 1.


  22. It’s supposed to be a monster storm.

    I turned my story in — a long one — and left in just enough time to make the knee doctor appointment 40 minutes away.

    But I got there only to find out that while I was on time, I was two days early — the appointment is on Thursday. Sigh.

    So I got back and now we have another sewer leak that’s closed off some ocean swimming areas. (But I think another reporter may be pursuing that, it was sent to a few of us and he jumped at it — it’s also in his coverage territory.)

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  23. Would we all like to fly at some point? Actually, a good old gospel song about that.

    I once had someone tell me they wanted a self-driving vehicle so they could get drunk, and it would take them home. I cannot imagine that being a goal. Made me sad for that person.

    We had Papa Murphey’s pizza with salad.

    I believe Atlantic salmon is all farmed. I have some yummy Pacific Salmon in the freezer. I like it grilled with soy sauce and brown sugar. I never liked salmon before eating fresh that was caught by my SIL. My dad caught salmon on the great lakes, but it had a much fishier taste. I don’t like fishy fish. I do like halibut, walleye or anything that is fresh and not fishy.

    I cannot imagine why pomegranate juice would lower blood sugar. Otherwise, I am sure it is quite good for one.


  24. I feel a little like I took the day off from school.
    A couple of new kids were pulled out to take the computer test from the beginning of the year.

    Then when I was teaching just four, the principal popped in to observe.

    After recess I decided to take the class to see the 5th grade speech contest. They loved it so we stayed for the whole thing. I had taught most of the class so fun for me to see them compete.

    After that they had library.

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