17 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-1-22

  1. Emergency?

    No, not really. When and if large numbers of children become infected and start dying, sure…

    But now? No. Not at all.



  2. Speaking of clowns…..

    Ladies and gentlemen, Jake Tapper….



    And yet it does….



  3. Let’s stick with the clowns…..

    Justin, you’re up!



    She means the few leftist plants that leftists always run out to try and make the protesters look bad.



  4. And not to be outdone by the Clown Prince, the media beclowns themselves even further….






  5. OK, last clown for now…..

    The clowns needed a queen, and one has risen above all others…. 🤡👑

    “Whoopi Goldberg: The Holocaust wasn’t about race because it involved two groups of white people”


    “I’ve watched this three times and have no idea what she’s getting at.

    But I bet the Nazis would be surprised to hear that the Jews whom they tried to exterminate were part of the same racial group as the Nazis themselves.

    The panel was discussing the decision made by one Tennessee school district to remove Art Spiegelman’s “Maus” from the eighth-grade curriculum due to, of all things, language and nudity. Evidently a story about people (represented in the novel by mice) being sent to Auschwitz wasn’t too mature for 13-year-olds to handle but a drawing of a nude anthropomorphic mouse crossed the line.

    A Twitter pal watched this and asked, “Uh, is she really ‘all lives mattering’ the Holocaust?””



  6. Exactly.

    “COVID Policies Are No Longer About Health, Only Punishment”


    “COVID-19 may be a novel virus, but it is proving itself a virus nonetheless by doing what viruses are wont to do — surviving. And in order to survive, a virus can’t afford to keep killing its hosts. It adapts. It weakens in ferocity as it increases in transmissibility. Mankind’s curious nature has produced many a vaccine to help halt a viral event. Smallpox comes to mind. The COVID vaccine hasn’t produced that success yet, although as this particular vaccine technology advances, it will surely get there in the future. That being said, it has been a substantial blessing that this virus is now rapidly evolving into something that is on a trajectory to become no worse than the common cold or a seasonal flu. Plenty of people are still falling ill, but the pandemic has one foot solidly in the endemic camp. We should be grateful.

    Unfortunately, even as places like the United Kingdom and Denmark are moving forward with lifting all restrictions, governments in the U.S. and Canada are doubling down on authoritarianism. The Omicron variant has moved a lot of people out of the “state of emergency” camp.– even many Branch COVIDians — and into the “Let’s just get on with it” camp. Even still, we continue to see absurd COVID punishments being handed out across North America.

    And that’s what it really is at this point…punishment. For as much as the Grand Priests of Science™ in our governments keep invoking “the data,” they seem incapable of admitting that the data is pushing us all towards just getting the hell on with life. They made promises. They swore they would eradicate COVID. They would do what that Big Bad Orange Man could never do. They would save us all.

    They failed, of course. Their plans were always doomed to fail, because you can’t hide from a virus and you can’t make hundreds of millions of people do the exact same thing at the exact same time for the exact same period. You couldn’t even get all those people to take a breath at the same time, let alone cease all movement and activity for two weeks fifteen days thirty days two years to slow the spread. It was never possible, but they convinced themselves and their fearful constituents that it was; perhaps for power alone, but perhaps in the hopes that if they could actually pull it off, they’d never lose another election again.

    So when it didn’t work, they couldn’t blame themselves. You can’t run on failure. So they have to blame you…and me…and all of us who wouldn’t get with the plan from the beginning. And those of you who did get with the plan, did your thirty days, and then demanded your right to get on with your life. And those of you who sucked it up for two years and realize the futility in letting this madness go on indefinitely. Our governments have declared an ultimatum. If you are not with them, you are against them.

    You’re guilty for not being a good little robot and the guilty must be punished.

    That’s how we get stories like this one, where a New York father was forced to confront the principal of his daughter’s school. The principal had forced the student to wait alone in a cold lobby area without access to food or water because she refused to wear a mask. The state mask mandate had been just been struck down, but the principal feigns confusion and indicates that until he can confirm human rights have been restored to his students, he will continue to deny them their human rights.

    Notice that he’s not helpful, or empathetic. He’s angry. This is a man who likes his masks (just like the union tells him to) and thinks people who don’t like masks are guilty of murder. He’s meting out a punishment, not a safety measure.”

    “Then there is the story of a Los Angeles student who is unvaccinated for COVID for religious reasons and was subjected to being “cordoned off” from other students with other unvaccinated teenagers in the name of COVID safety. When she complained and tried to join the other students, the school called the police.

    Again, there’s no empathy here. Only punishment. LAUSD’s and their corresponding teacher’s union have the same stance on COVID protocols — zero COVID or bust. The guilty must be punished.

    In the Canadian province of Quebec, the government has banned the COVID unvaxxed from nearly every corner of free society. They recently announced they would be requiring government health officers to accompany the COVID unvaxxed when they have to leave home for essential activities like grocery shopping or medical appointments.

    Our northern neighbors, despite being a trade-dependent nation, have blocked COVID-unvaxxed truck drivers from crossing the border, greatly reducing the availability of goods and fresh produce to a nation already stretched thin by a supply chain crisis. Last weekend, tens of thousands of Canadians descended upon their nation’s capital to protest those transportation bans and continuing mandates and curfews. The Canadian state-run media has described those protesters as nothing short of Baby Hitlers, doing everything within their power to paint those taxpaying citizens as traitors and white supremacists and probably Trump voters disguised as Canadians. Their government can’t arrest them all. The only punishment they have to mete out at the moment is character assassination. Nonetheless, punish, they will.”


  7. “Truckers Still Bringing Canada’s Capital City of Ottawa to Standstill in Fight for Freedom

    Saskatchewan premier lifts provincial vaccine requirements as PM Trudeau gets new nickname: Cut-and-Run Justin.”


    “Protesters against a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canada border have brought Canada’s capital city of Ottawa to a standstill for another day.

    Sadly, it appears that infiltrators may have managed to wreak some havoc on what has been a very peaceful event.

    Police have started investigations after several incidents, including the appearance of swastika flags and footage of a woman dancing on the tomb of the unknown soldier.

    Defence Minister Anita Anand said the incidents were “beyond reprehensible”.

    Ottawa police said in a Twitter post that “several” investigations were now under way into the “desecration” of a number monuments in the capital city, as well as “threatening/illegal/intimidating behaviour to police/city workers and other individuals and damage to a city vehicle”.

    Conservative media and supporting groups have been documenting these disruptions and false flag operations. Rewards for information have been posted.”


    “The Saskatchewan premier has now written a letter of support for the truckers and is demanding an end to vaccine mandates.

    In the letter, Premier Scott Moe also called for an end to the vaccination mandates for truckers to cross the Canadian border.

    “Because vaccination is not reducing transmission, the current federal border policy for truckers makes no sense,” Moe said. “An unvaccinated trucker does not pose any greater risk of transmission than a vaccinated trucker.”

    Moe stated that he is fully vaccinated and believes in the COVID-19 vaccine’s ability to “prevent people from becoming seriously ill.”

    He encouraged everyone to get vaccinated but recanted his position on the vaccination mandates, saying they are an economic liability.

    “The current federal policy does pose a significant risk to Canada’s economy and to the supply chain in our Saskatchewan communities,” Moe wrote. “This federal policy will increase the cost of living, which is now rising at a rate that is creating significant hardship for many Canadians.”

    Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now earned a new nickname after he fled with his family to a secure area: Cut-and-Run Justin.

    Disdainful media, of course, spent days warning of violence to come and searched supporters’ messages for evidence of racism. “ ‘So many angry people’: Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territory” read a CTV News headline. CBC, Canada’s PBS and NPR, called Saturday’s protest “a raucous demonstration that has police on high alert for possible violence even as organizers urge the crowd to be peaceful.” Police said that night that “no incidents of violence or injuries” were reported and no protesters faced charges.

    The elite media also paint the protesters as stupid hicks, claiming they don’t understand that provincial governments all have restrictions that Ottawa can do nothing about. But Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe told truckers he supports their “call to end the cross border ban on unvaccinated truckers” and announced his government will soon “be ending our proof of negative test/proof of vaccination policy in Saskatchewan.””


  8. They know idiocy when they hear it.

    “Hispanic kids in California struggled with CRT-inspired ethnic studies ‘brainwashing'”


    “Over at Reason, Robby Soave has a really interesting story about a high school English teacher from Salinas, California, a district with a large Hispanic population. After the start of the pandemic, teacher Kali Fontanilla noticed that a bunch of students seemed to be failing a new ethnic studies class. Fontanilla herself wasn’t teaching the class but she taught English to many of the students who were inexplicably failing. She became curious about why, so she went into the online portal where teachers kept their lesson plans to see what the class was about.

    She was shocked by what she saw.

    “This was like extreme left brainwashing of these kids,” says Fontanilla. “Critical race theory all throughout the lessons, from start to finish. The whole thing.”

    “The teacher had the kids all learn about the four I’s of oppression,” says Fontanilla. The four I’s were institutional, internalized, ideological, and interpersonal oppression. “And then there was a whole presentation on critical race theory and they actually had the students analyze the school through critical race theory.”…

    “The kids don’t even want this stuff,” says Fontanilla, noting that the ethnic studies course replaced a much more popular health class—in the midst of a pandemic, no less. “Most of them are just like, ‘Why do we have to take this class?’”

    Slides contained in the lesson plans mentioned Critical Race Theory by name. Soave notes that the syllabus for the ethnic studies class is available on the high school’s website and it’s quite revealing. For instance, the goals for the course include critiquing capitalism and imagining a “post-imperial life.”

    Critique empire, white supremacy, racism, anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society;…

    Conceptualize, imagine, and build new possibilities for post-imperial life that promote collective narratives of transformative resistance, critical hope, and radical healing.

    One of the “signature assignments” in the class is for each student to create an intersectional rainbow. The assignment specifically mentions CRT proponent Kimberle Crenshaw.

    Students will rank their various identities with corresponding colored strings to create intersectional rainbows. Gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, beliefs, nationality, ability, age,
    etc. Students will compare and contrast their intersectional rainbows with their peers, while framing their discourse within the intersectionality paradigm as laid out by Kimberlé Crenshaw.

    Other assignments include criticism of the school-to-prison pipeline:

    “Grasping at the Root” School-to-Prison Pipeline / Prison-Industrial Complex Analysis: Students will conduct a comparative analysis of the school-to-prison pipeline and prison-industrial complex by “grasping at the root” of these two phenomena. Students will examine the historical origins of these trends and survey the hegemonic structure they seek to establish.

    And there are two mock trials mentioned, which should be helpful in preparing students to join cancel culture mobs on Twitter:

    Students conduct a mock trial in which they charge various persons implicated in the crime of genocide against Native Californians. This activity focuses on systems of oppression, using the Spanish mission system as an example. Students use the language of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNUDHR) as a guideline

    There are only two scholarly articles listed as course resources and both of them mention critical race theory:

    Yosso, T. J. (January 01, 2005). Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth. Race Ethnicity and Education, 8, 1, 69-92.
    Solorzano, D. G. D. D. B. (October 01, 2001). Examining transformational resistance through a critical race and LatCrit theory framework: Chicana and Chicano students in an urban context. Educational Administration Abstracts, 36, 4, 411-568.

    All of this in a class for freshmen. So much for CRT not being taught in schools.”


  9. Do it, put the laughing hyena in charge. 🙂

    “Stunning Poll Shows How Many Want to Impeach Biden”


    “We’ve seen Joe Biden’s approval numbers in the basement now for months across the board on every issue with no signs of recovery. Indeed, if anything the numbers have gotten worse. The numbers began to plummet in August of last year after Americans saw firsthand how Biden created the debacle, how badly he handled it, and how he left Americans behind in Afghanistan. An ABC/Ipsos poll I reported on Sunday shows that he was getting rejected on a variety of issues including 75 percent thinking the Biden economy was poor, 76 percent rejecting his position of only considering black women for the SCOTUS vacancy to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, and only 29 percent supporting him sending troops to Eastern Europe over the Russia-Ukraine issue.

    Now the polls have moved on not just from being unhappy, but that they want action taken.

    In a poll from Rasmussen Reports, 50 percent of likely voters said that they backed impeaching Joe Biden over his actions regarding the border and the Afghanistan withdrawal. 33 percent strongly support it. 45 percent oppose it. Not only do half support it, but 45 percent expect it to happen if the Republicans take back Congress.

    Perhaps two of the most interesting aspects of the poll? 50 percent of black people supported impeaching Biden and 34 percent of Democrats. Those are astounding numbers.

    When they were asked what they thought about the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Rasmussen found that 47 percent believed it a “bad thing,” 36 percent considered it a “good thing,” and 16 percent said it “did not make much difference.” So more thought it was bad than good by a fair amount.

    Another thing that’s fascinating about these numbers is that this is despite a media phalanx almost constantly stumping for Biden while attacking President Donald Trump. So this is the public opinion coming to the fore despite the media narrative, not because of it.

    Multiple members of Congress have also raised the question now of impeaching Biden over his handling of the border. After the news about the leaked video from last year of the illegal aliens being flown around the country, including to New York, Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) blasted Biden.

    “This is a complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why last night on Twitter I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed. His primary obligation as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States is to enforce our laws, to live up to his oath, to enforce our border security and to tell the truth to the American people,” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., told “Fox & Friends.”

    Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) also said he didn’t think it was “out of the realm of possibility because of all of the abuses of the Biden administration.”

    “I think what the Department of Homeland Security has done to undermine American sovereignty, to open up our borders to undercut wages and jobs for American workers is probably the most egregious…and they’re open about it. [DHS] Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said it in speeches…that being illegally present in the country is no longer even a priority for deportation. They admit these things publicly.””


  10. And the other tyrants have noticed and approve. Democrats especially, Justin the Cowardly, and numerous others.

    “NY Times: China finds COVID restrictions are a useful way to control people”


    “In China, stringent rules instituted to prevent the spread of COVID have given the CCP a whole new set of ways to monitor and control people. A human rights lawyer named Xie Yang learned this the hard way back in November. He wanted to visit the mother of an activist named Zhang Zhan who had been sentenced to four years in prison for criticizing China’s handling of the COVID outbreak. Suddenly, his health code flipped to red, meaning he couldn’t travel.”

    “It turns out that being able to quarantine people is a handy thing for an authoritarian state to be able to do.

    Emboldened by their successes in stamping out Covid, Chinese officials are turning their sharpened surveillance against other risks, including crime, pollution and “hostile” political forces. This amounts to a potent techno-authoritarian tool for Mr. Xi as he intensifies his campaigns against corruption and dissent.

    The foundation of the controls is the health code. The local authorities, working with tech companies, generate a user’s profile based on location, travel history, test results and other health data. The code’s color — green, yellow or red — determines whether the holder is allowed into buildings or public spaces. Its use is enforced by legions of local officials with the power to quarantine residents or restrict their movements…

    Residents sign up for the system by submitting their personal information in one of a range of apps. The health code is essentially required, because without it, people cannot enter buildings, restaurants or even parks. Before the pandemic, China already had a vast ability to track people using location data from cellphones; now, that monitoring is far more expansive.

    The front lines of this effort to control every individual are what China calls “grid workers.” This state media article praises their effectiveness at literally checking in with every household within their grid:

    Climbing 20 buildings and checking more than 300 households in one day is a common practice for He Yushan, a grid worker in Xincheng Community, Cuqiao Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

    The grid that He Yushan is in charge of has 7 courtyards and 516 households, including 1,610 rental houses, with a permanent population of nearly 4,000 people, and the workload of investigation is heavy. After the outbreak, he was often busy until late at night, replying to hundreds of WeChat messages every day, and putting his mobile phone next to his pillow when he slept.

    Starting from January 23, He Yushan, together with community staff and other grid workers, went door-to-door to “climb the grid” every day to check for people with fever, and went to the streets to register people who had recently returned from key areas in the jurisdiction. Personnel information to ensure that the investigation work “does not miss one household, many people”.

    The epidemic is the order, the prevention and control is the responsibility, and the grid is the battlefield.

    But COVID isn’t the only thing the CCP is fighting. So turning these tools to control the movement of people with views they don’t approve seems like an obvious next step.”


  11. 🙂


  12. Remember the old days, like last month, when saying this would get you banned by the twit censors over on Twitter?


    Good times….


    This is where the majority of media is supposed to run in shrieking “fake news”…..

    And it always was….


  13. ———


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