49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-31-22

  1. Yesterday’s Psalm Reading 71:12-21. After each section there is a refrain that is sung.

    The refrain:
    Let me live long enough that I may tell of your love
    So the children unborn will know you as Lord
    Let me not give up hope, let me praise you today
    Even more than the day before

    I couldn’t help but sit there and think of Chas, and how he has lived to pray for his child’s children and their children.

    12 O God, be not far from me;
    O my God, wmake haste to help me!
    13 May my accusers be xput to shame and consumed;
    ywith scorn and disgrace may they be covered
    who zseek my hurt.
    14 But I will ahope continually
    and will bpraise you yet more and more.
    15 My cmouth will tell of your righteous acts,
    of your deeds of salvation all the day,
    for dtheir number is past my knowledge.
    16 With the mighty deeds of the Lord God I will come;
    I will remind them of your righteousness, yours alone.
    17 O God, from my youth you have taught me,
    and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds.
    18 So even to eold age and gray hairs,
    O God, fdo not forsake me,
    until I proclaim your might to another generation,
    your power to all those to come.
    19 Your grighteousness, O God,
    reaches the high heavens.
    You who have done hgreat things,
    O God, iwho is like you?
    20 You who have jmade me see many troubles and calamities
    will krevive me again;
    from the depths of the earth
    you will bring me up again.
    21 You will increase my greatness
    and comfort me again.

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  2. Good morning! I finally got the amarylis set up to start growing yesterday afternoon. I am so late doing it simply because of my poor vision. I have to use a magnifying glass to write instructions down with a Sharpie. These are very simple instructions, but just having to rewrite things luke that before I can do something makes me reluctant to get started. I hope I was not too late with it. And I hope Miss Bosley will leave it alone. I gave her a good sniff of it to get curiosity out of her system, but once she sees thar green stem take on life, she may have renewed curiosity. It will be a nice thing to watch during tax season. Maybe I should put it in the tax office, far, far from kitty claws and jaws.

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  3. I have a question for today about how to dress for events. I have guessed wrong twice lately. The first wrong time was for our writer’s group Christmas luncheon. I wore a black dress with a Christmasy looking black sweater with pearl looking buttons, rosy red flowers with some small white dots thrown in the mix for a festive look. Most of the others did not wear traditional holiday colors. Then yesterday for that late afternoon church service I dressed down in blue jeans with a darker type denin look shirt topped by an off white sweater that had a snowflake design in blue. In my current membership church it seemed many had started dressing down. But I noticed most of the ladies yesterday were dressed in business casual. At least now I have a clue for when I go to a regular service there! Sometimes I feel like if I have a fifty fifty chance of right or wrong that I usually guess wrong. Are people still dressing up for events in your area or is casual the proper choice for all occasions except weddings and funrrals?


  4. I wear business casual to events or a skirt and blouse. That’s what I’d wear to all of the events you listed–I bought one dress in December, hoping to have a winter dress.

    It’s the only suitable dress I found on or off line. Black. Great. Perfect for Christmas, right? Grrrr.

    It’s jeans or comfortable pants everywhere else.

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  5. My husband has been teaching a Sunday School class, “God’s Prescription for Government,” which some of you may find interesting. The first three are up on our church’s Youtube channel.

    Here’s the first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IOdvuDQFiI

    Yesterday’s will be up later in the week. I’ve already sent it over to church.

    (Please forgive amateur recording and little to no editing).


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  6. My daughter just attended a wake (at a funeral home and no service right now) and she wore jeans with a black knit top. She was perfectly comfortable in that. I am amazed how casually people will dress. It seems to be the norm around here.

    My parents had a greenhouse business. It started when my dad built a small glass greenhouse for my mom to start her own plants. It grew to the point that they supplied plants for Woolworth stores and the city of Duluth, MN. I worked transplanting, watering and customer service. It would be too early for most planting right now around here. If you start too early the plants will just be leggy. However, some plants are kept year-round or start by cuttings.

    My parent’s gardens were televised on the local PBS show and garden tours took place for that. My mom was also on television for showing how to make flower arrangements and she became a judge at fairs and flower shows. I remember well her studying to get her horticulture license. When she moved to Florida (at 89 or 90) she went to Master Gardening classes with my sister and BIL. She did not garden anymore, though, and thought it was much more difficult than in MN. I miss seeing her gardens.

    I am a lazy gardener myself. I just do not enjoy it as much as she did. She did have a lot of help from my dad, however, and that made a difference. She did get irritated that many people would ask my dad for advice when they were both in the greenhouse. My mom was the expert not my dad, but people made assumptions based purely on gender. My dad, of course, got a kick out of that. I miss his sense of humor.

    Good memories all triggered by that greenhouse photo. 🙂

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  7. Janice it has always been my perception that southerners get all “gussied up” for occasions. When I have attended functions where I thought I was dressed up…I was not in comparison to the other ladies! We attended my niece’s wedding years ago and I put on my best dress. I am not a jewelry type so I had a single chain necklace. The ladies in my family were dressed to the nines complete with matching earrings, necklace, bracelets, purses. Fancy shoes with embellishments…where as I wore only simple flats. We like living in CO for many reasons. One of those would be people tend to be who they are…hippie, laid back, refined, normal by their own definition. Husband does not own a suit…he hates them. I do not wear heels…my feet won’t take them. I have a couple nice dresses, dress slacks for the “non jean” events. At this age I try to dress appropriately but no longer worry so much about it all….

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  8. Dress up? No, but we try to dress clean for church and town.

    Of course, fifteen dresses up. He wears his suit to church and shopping and VFW and to Moscow to visit grandparents and to pancake feeds and to sausage feeds and to the thrift stores and car shopping…….

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  9. My amaryllis flowered last fall, before I could bring it in. It has nice green leaves but no indication of flowering again this year. We will try again with it next fall.I will try to remember to bring it in earlier.

    I like green houses. The smell, the air, the greenness. But I don’t go in them any more as I just don’t shop and don’t need anything. I will plant some seeds in a month or so and keep the seedlings on my window table with grow lights. That will be enough for my garden.

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  10. Thanks, y’all for your input on ways people dress. I was happy that once I noticed the difference that I did not dwell on it. I do prefer to conform in such things so as not to stand out and draw attention as if making a statement. The church I attended yesterday is just outside the “Perimeter” and is an area with a tad bit more small town feel. I travel that way to see Miss Bosley’s vet and also when we have auto work done. It’s only about fifteen minutes from here.

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  11. I worked for Pike Nurseries in accounting at one point. They were the largest nursery group in Atlanta. I had the joy at one point of working at the location where their massive greenhouses were. For breaks I would go inside and wander and feel surrounded by freshness and green life.

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  12. Janice, sometimes when instructions or ingredient lists are in tiny print, I will take a picture of it and then zoom in on the picture on my phone. The iPhone also has a built in magnifier as well.

    I would love a tiny greenhouse for my seedlings which I will be starting under grow lights in March. I wouldn’t be able to put them in it until May, but it would save a whole bunch of work taking them in and out of the house each day. 🙂

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  13. We have a good sized greenhouse that the neighbor’s gave to us when they moved. But it does not have heat or water. It is nice and we did try using it for seedlings but the mice and/or bees, ate everything soon after it sprouted. As I get more time in my life, with fewer children, I keep hoping to find time to work with it. But as I get older, I also lose some motivation.

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  14. Well, you folks out East got your “snow-pocalypse”. We’re getting ours starting tomorrow night. Right now the weather service is predicting 14+ inches for us. I told the college class I teach, that since most of the students are remote, that we’d have class regardless on Wednesday morning. Only 2 of the 14 students have to travel for class, so they can join the Zoom portion.

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  15. Rude Monday morning awakening, editor called to send me out on an appearance by the governor about 30 minutes north of here — but I had to be there in an hour and I was barely up and moving.

    Hard to find spot, but I was able to follow a news van I spotted at the corner when I got there but didn’t know where to turn in — it was behind the street quite a ways but no signs (they usually will put out an “event” sign to help media find these things).

    From there, our photographer was off to the So-Fi stadium, which was close by, to interview folks buying up Rams stuff at the on-site fan store.

    And just learned one of our longtime reporters who has done a lot of our religion coverage in the past (she’s from India, is Hindu, but always did a very fair job covering all religions; we used to sit next to each other in the newsroom two buildings ago) is off to cover global global religion for AP. Great assignment and move up for her.

    But we’re losing a lot of folks 😦

    Dress: Our pastor says if he visits a church in the South he knows to always wear a tie and jacket. We’re beyond casual out here in Southern California, of course, but I think “white” folks are the most casual (sneakers, jeans, shorts, T-shirts) and many people of other races tend to dress up more, especially for church.

    Anything other than sweats these days is dressing “up” for me.

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  16. My 3 geranium flower baskets hanging from the front porch overhang are blooming in spectacular ways. Bought them about a year ago and the middle one, especially, is just spilling over with long vines of bright pink blossoms.

    Spring is prettier, but we do get colorful, native wild flowers throughout the winter. Summer is hard with this ongoing drought.

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  17. Growing up, we had to change clothes before going to the grocery store. My traditional Puerto Rican parents required us to look nice. Now, as long as the clothes are clean and not holey, I wear whatever I have on to the store. Except that i don’t wear pjs or sweatpants.

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  18. Janice – Maybe this is more in my region, but I think that people tend to be more “forgiving” these days about dress, unless someone is way off-base. Your Christmas luncheon outfit sounded nice, and there may have been some who saw that and wished that they had dressed more Christmassy. (But we tend to assume that “judgments” about our dress or whatnot must be on the negative side, don’t we?)

    I tend to go for what I think of as dressy-casual for church and most occasions, but I also don’t have fancy events to go to. When I go out, to church or to a restaurant, I like to wear a necklace as well as earrings (which I wear every day), and sometimes a bracelet and ring.


  19. And my Mom would put a scarf over her pink curlers to run to the grocery…but she had a pretty shirtwaist dress on and fresh application of her red lipstick!!! 👄

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  20. To add to what I wrote above: My “dressy-casual” involves black slacks, not jeans, although others would consider jeans with a nice top and dressy accessories to be fine. I just am not that into jeans for myself.

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  21. My mom always wore red lipstick, too, must have been that generation? I remember trying to get her to try a more muted/natural shade but looking at it in the tube just didn’t seem right to her — too brown. (But after she tried it on she admitted it didn’t look bad.) Pretty sure she just went back to her red shade.

    Of course, she had to set me straight when I wore nearly-white (Yardly) lipstick as a young teen; it really was all the rage back in the mid-60s. She informed me I looked like I was dead. 🙂 Fun times.

    I agree with Kizzie, folks generally are pretty broad minded these days regarding dress. I also remember having to ‘dress up’ to get on an airplane.

    I suspect the pandemic hasn’t helped our clothing options much. Who knew you needed to have so little just to get by? I have some pullover sweaters and more summery tops to wear with black jeans so I mostly get by with that — but only if I actually have to (gasp) leave the house and will be seen by other people somewhere.

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  22. The print is larger and it has a video with Randy Alcorn talking about what happens when we die. He is a favorite author of mine. Wrote many excellent books.

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  23. Oh, I remember that frosty white lipstick. It was quite popular. And I had some very light lavender lipstick I liked, too. Those looked best on tanned faces. I suppose in some way they made it appear that the lips were sunburned and about to peel, Lol, not too appealing to consider now.

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  24. Janice – Goth was the black phase of makeup and dress. Could be something different now.

    I wore jeans to church yesterday with a creamy “fisherman’s sweater” and clogs/mules. They make me look tall. It’s 8 am and there’s only 13 or so of us there. The priest dis the wafer in the wine and hands it to you.

    I like to dress up. Today was black dressy leggings? Black suede booties with a heal and a printed pull over blouse. Who knows what tomorrow will look like.

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  25. My mother grew prize winning amaryllis. Some of the blooms were “as big as dinner plates”. The photography department at the university came
    To photograph them every year. It seems the secret was bone meal and perhaps lime (a white powder not the fruit)

    As I’ve told you before – I am the only instance in the known universe where two positives made a negative. Both my parents were excellent gardeners I know the “stuff” but fail on the application of it.

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  26. My mom was a good gardener, and also had a greenhouse that was attached to one house. (The house came that way, which was a bonus for Mom.)

    Years earlier, in Ohio, we had a large above-ground pool that somebody put a pick-ax through in the middle of one night. The pool could not be fixed, and my parents couldn’t afford another one at that time, so Mom turned the big circle of dirt that remained after the pool was discarded into a big round garden.

    I did not inherit any of that green thumb, but Nightingale is doing well with a whole bunch of houseplants. She had tried gardening for a few years, but was too busy to keep up with it, so she switched to houseplants.

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