45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-20-22

  1. Scary tiger all dressed up in a fur coat to brave the cold!♡
    I went to Publix and took too long so Art had left without having his eggs. I had to select two birthday cards, and the store was out of some things so I took time considering alternatives. Without his eggs, Art is on a strict vegan diet.

    Now for my online Biblr study with almond milk coffee.

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  2. It’s 3 degrees and the wind makes it feel -11. I don’t want to leave this warm house, but alas and alack, I must. At least in the cave it’s 52 degrees. Sounds warm this time of year.

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  3. Sorry for those who must be out and about in the cold. It is -23 here right now and -35 or so wind chills. This is not abnormal for the time of year. Normal is not all it is cracked up to be, however. 😉

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  4. Morning! We have snowy ice and the pines are gorgeous! Winter wonderland. 14 degrees here and it might get up to freezing by this afternoon. More snow tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday…be careful watch you wish for…but I wasn’t wanting the ice!

    I hope you have a nice bowl of Cheerios and find your way here this morning Chas…we missed you but I did go over to the 17th and saw that you had indeed checked in! ❤️

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  5. The Chosen Season 1 is on one of my apps and I’ve watched all eight episodes over the last three days.

    I was hesitant at first because when I watched the first episode when it came out, it confused me with the story line and I didn’t understand.

    But so many friends loved and raved, I decided to work my puzzle and watch the other night.

    Then I watched 3 more . . . and so forth over the next two nights.

    I’ll be hunting for Season 2 tonight. Well worth the time (especially if you’re also working a jigsaw puzzle). I think you and your family would really enjoy it, Mumusee, once you all understand it’s a retelling, taking even more license than the Good News Bible, but showing God at work in splendid ways.


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  6. I saw that painting…amazing talent! Those eyes…such sweetness she was able to capture…what a treasure. I get all teary just knowing how the Lord gives to us the sweetest blessings wrapped up in fur…. ♥️ never to be forgotten…

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  7. Kare, the painting sounds so special, what a thoughtful gesture.

    I have several good photos of both Tess and Cowboy I’ll frame someday.

    For now, both are hanging in there but it’s been a difficult (and long) season, to be sure.

    Looks like someone poked the cat awake up there. Good luck with that.

    Another long work day ahead, back to port coverage, but I’m able to get a head start on the virtual noon speech I’m covering thanks to an advance embargoed copy they sent over yesterday. But I was too busy yesterday to get to it, so that’ll be my morning challenge.

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  8. Gotta love voicemail. I got a voicemail message from my eye doctor’s office reminding me of an appt that was transcribed on my phone this way: “You have an appointment coming up to see Dr. Carcass …”

    They then said Dr. Carcass would not be there on that day and could I call to reschedule …

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  9. https://corechristianity.com/resource-library/articles/how-do-we-reconcile-gods-sovereignty-and-mans-responsibility/

    Good piece on God’s sovereignty and our responsibility.


    ~ … God, speaking through the prophet Isaiah, tells his people that his thoughts are not their thoughts, and his ways are not their ways. Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, God’s ways are much higher than ours (Isa. 55:8–9). In his classic book The Pursuit of God, A.W. Tozer powerfully captures how we ought to respond when we bump into the mysteries of God. He writes, “The believing man does not claim to understand. He falls to his knees and whispers, ‘God’.”[1]

    When we approach the topic of God’s will, we have to acknowledge the mystery of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. When we face mysteries like these, we often find ourselves leaning heavily toward one side or the other. However, we do so at the peril of truth. If we lean too heavily on the side of man’s responsibility, we will crush ourselves under the weight of decisions. Without the balancing and buoying reality of God’s sovereignty, thousands of possibilities and potential consequences will paralyze us. Indeed, the overwhelming statistics of anxiety and depression gripping our world give evidence that we are leaning too heavily on man’s responsibility. Without the knowledge of a good God who, in the words of Martin Luther, sovereignly draws straight with crooked sticks, decisions can lead to crippling fear and debilitating anxiety.

    On the other hand, if we lean too heavily on God’s sovereignty, we erroneously depict God as a puppeteer. We imagine him moving the strings to do what pleases him while we sit powerlessly pulled in various directions. This line of thinking, left unchecked by the balancing reality of our responsibility as image-bearers, can quickly lead to fatalism and nihilism. … ~

    On a large scale, good to remember as we scan the day’s often distressing headlines.

    Where is our ultimate trust and hope?

    God is doing something with all of “this.” We pray, we act and serve where and how we can, out of love for our neighbor. And we watch.

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  10. When Kare says it’s -40, did you know it doesn’t matter whether she means Fahrenheit or Celsius?

    When DJ says it’s 74, it certainly matters which!

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  11. Oh my word! “That woman is so sweet”? She just hit ya with her car…or was that a truck?!! Yeah…no…that looked like a rather hard hit and perhaps that sweet reporter should assess if she is ok? Hazardous duty pay? 😳

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  12. First time I have seen Publix totally out of bananas and only one bit of brocolli in that bin, and no cans of garbanzos among other things. Oh, and no Publix brand water except two really big containers with the spouts which I got though totally impractical for my storage capacity.

    It’s dark and sounding windy now. I should go walk some but don’t feel very motivated at the moment.


  13. You can’t imagine Linda disguised as Chas.
    Ddoesn’t work
    goood evening everyone.
    Ben busy all day, but didn’t do anything
    It has been threatning snow all day.
    Nary a drop.

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  14. I can’t remember if anyone here has mentioned the memoir titled Educated? I saw a Christian author post that she liked it very much. Others did not think it was credible.


  15. Janice I hadn’t heard of that book so I looked it up on Amazon. Some great reviews yet the not so much reviews sensing she was less than honest in her portrayal of this being her real life. I don’t believe I would waste my time on this author.

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