45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-12-22

  1. Good morning, Wanderers! It’s still cold here, at least cold by our standards.

    Watching the news and seeing clips of the Biden/Harris visit yesterday along with Kemp’s rebuttal of what they said. Now more news about the Bulldogs, so much excitement.

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  2. We are not early birds here. Too many forms we are always waiting to get and then there is some procrastination (not on my part). It always gets in on time, however. Sad how difficult just paying taxes has become. Every election we hear the promises of ‘making it easier.’ Hmm.

    We had a nice drive yesterday bringing my sister-in-law to the doctor. We were grateful for good roads and mild temperatures. It was nice visiting with her again, since we don’t see her often.

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  3. Good morning. Just made a little spicy apple coffee cake for breakfast. Nobody up to eat it so I guess I am on my own…..

    Hearing large piles of snow coming down off the roof. Must have warmed up and the ice storm missed us.

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  4. Morning…Chas jump on in the water is fine!! 😊

    We had a lovely sunrise this morning. I am waiting for my friend to arrive and then we shall head off to Elizabeth to have breakfast and a little bit of shopping. Sweater weather today!

    Those icy forms up there remind me of the “pushups” we enjoyed as children. I think they were orange sherbet though 😊

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  5. I see Fox news has been following our conversation and answered my question from yesterday on how lives lost compare with different heating systems.

    Waiting to see what Kim has to say about dadless people.

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  6. I’ve just settled in after running errands. I had to mail a package, shop at Publix, and get my glasses repaired. I have a bunch more errands, but I do what I can in the morning and put the rest off until another day.

    Art and I watched the movie Overboard on the new DVD player. There were things I would have taken out of the movie, but it has a cute storyline. I had heard it was very funny. It was not as funny as I had hoped. Next we can watch the Richard Jewell movie. I can not believe it has taken this long to get to see it.

    I am drinking vanilla almond milk coffee because by mistake I did not get the plain almond milk. It is good but I prefer the other.


  7. Fascinating header. They look like candles to me.

    Great to see you, Chas. The subject is in regards to the numbers of deaths reported according to type of heating system such as wood stove, small space heaters, gas sustems, etc.


  8. And yes, the downsides of burning wood has more to do with respiratory issues. Small space heaters are precarious. In the case of the large apartment building in NY, cause turned out to be a 5-year-old with a lighter next to a Christmas tree. That’ll do it.

    Photo above: Where’s Dracula? Shudder.

    I liked Overboard (I think it’s been remade, but the original was with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hahn. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but I remember being pleasantly surprised. Can’t speak for the remake which I’ve never seen.

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  9. We’re having a little warmup yesterday and today, with some winds, but temps will be going back down again later in the week.

    Yesterday felt like Wednesday to me. I think I may ask for this next Friday and Monday off, I’m about to cap out on my vacation time (you quit accruing more time when that happens) so I need to take some of it, but not feeling ready for a full week yet, maybe closer to spring — and I have a work anniversary personal day I can take that’ll expire in a few weeks (I’ve forgotten to take that one or two years in the past, and you lose it when that happens).


  10. I told my husband, Mr. Safety, about your experience yesterday and he commented the reason the climb was not designed for safety is roofs are not designed to have a lot of people on them–for good reason.

    He commented often the only way to a rooftop on a tall commercial building is on a ladder.

    So, be thankful you missed that adventure.

    Still, your points were well taken.

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  11. M — yes, it’s a helicopter landing pad so having any kind of protrusion would be an impediment. It’s not designed for the masses, but that does raise some issues, I think, for the port if they want to keep having news conferences up there. There may be ways to use temporary helps on the top of those stairs — or even along the roof’s perimeter.

    Either way, I think it was good the issue got raised yesterday with port staff — a couple other reporters/camera people mentioned the same concerns, said one of their colleagues refuses to go up there at all. I noticed one of the former harbor commissioners having a very hard time navigating the downward steps that seem to hang out into the air. I suspect the issue will now be discussed internally after a few of us said something.

    But yes, at least there was no ladder to scale.

    The port has used this spot for dignitaries coming down from Sacramento or Washington, D.C., as it’s about the only spot within the port — on the Long Beach side, LA has many more options that don’t require acrobatics — with a good, panoramic view of the port on the ocean side.

    Yesterday’s news conference was also live streamed and apparently we’re now being told not to go out into the field unless it’s necessary due to omicron; since it wound up being just a ‘dog and pony show’ as even one port official acknowledged to me privately, it was definitely live-stream-able.

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  12. It’s also a very large roof, of course, so plenty of room to accommodate a lot of media with TV cameras. And there is a perimeter section of the roof that is of a different material, so I suppose if you got far enough afield to step on that you might at least notice and pull back in!

    For those bothered by heights, it’s not really a fun place to be, despite the views.

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  13. When I was a teenager, we went to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There was NO railing at the top.

    I was drawn to the edge, hesitantly leaning over to look down on the leaning side.

    Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming urge to step off and see what would happen.

    My dad shouted. “Down! Now! All of you!”

    We obediently turned and marched down the slanted stairs to the bottom and outside.

    My mom was waiting. “So soon?”

    “I was going to jump,” my dad said. “It was bizarre.”

    That was one of those moments when I realized how like my father I was.

    There was something mesmerizing about looking over the edge.

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  14. Thinking about those stairs, I’m really noticing how my sense of balance is not what it was when I was younger. The stairs you described would not have given me any problem in my youth, but now they sound kind of scary. Even coming down the stairs in my house requires more concentration than it used to. And I’m not even old!

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  15. I rescheduled my heart checkup in Cleveland from next week out to April. Mrs B is happy about that. I hope things are better then.

    The clincher was the requirement for a negative PCR Covid test within 72 hours of the appointment. The place I would have it done says on one page that results are generally available within 48 hours, but on the home page there’s a bulletin that says they’re swamped right now and to allow 48-72 hours. No margin there for it to take a little longer.

    I really don’t want to drive to Cleveland without the results in hand and find out they won’t do the most important test I’m going for. I’d still get some of the other tests and meet with the doctor, but it would feel like a wasted trip without the main test.

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  16. Yes, I think the balance thing is part of it. And I’ve been having short bursts of mild vertigo lately on top of that, so I think that added to my anxiety.

    I used to sprint down the front steps to my house, once jumped onto them (stupidly) from the grass, with 2 leashed dogs — that wasn’t smart, I wound up with a really bad ankle sprain.

    Now I almost always use the back entrance to my house where there are no steps — and I’m revisiting the idea of putting hand rails next to the front steps, something one of the worker guys & I talked about when the house renovations were ongoing but never got around to doing. I think my gardeners could probably handle it, just need to find some nice black metal rails … (And it’s actually part of the city code now, to have rails on all exterior steps.)

    Glad you’re able to put of the appointment, Kevin. Seems like right now we’re hitting the peak of everything in this particular round.

    Will there be another after this?

    I sure hope not.

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  17. There were balancing exercises I did in PT two summers ago, they were kind of hard. (Standing on one foot for 60-90 seconds?)


  18. Again, Art has kidney stones to be removed. It will require going into his back and from there into the kidney. It can wait (at this point) until after tax season. Just another thing to keep in prayer among the growing multitude of things. In better news, two positions have opened up for next year where son is at so we can pray and hope about that, too (not one year positions).

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  19. When we lived in Athens, we frequently took visitors to the Acropolis and the agora. Several commented on the lack of any safety rails especially on the slippery marble steps made more slippery by millions of feet walking over them. I never heard of anybody falling off.


  20. Kidney stones and taxes sound like a horrible season ahead.

    We were all peering over the one side of the roof as the boat with Buttigieg and a throng of local elected officials and others pulled up right below following their harbor tour.

    Good thing I’m not a photographer, they kind of have to get close in those situations.

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  21. I happened to go to the Foxnews app yesterday, which I rarely do. I felt like I was part of the in group when I saw a photo of Buttgeig, sorry have no idea how to spell that, just at the top of the stairs. And the beautiful view was behind him.

    We get an inside view of the news here.

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  22. I also happened to get on our local forum to find out exchange rates yesterday and saw a post that the store had gotten in the bagels that I love. I called my friend and dashed to the car to head down there.

    I did get the bagels, but I also got a cinnamon roll. I came home and ate the roll. Then I think I was in a bit of a sugar coma. I could not think straight. I need to guard my eating.

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  23. Those bats are part of the gate. They’re much larger than any bats around here. Our bats are 2 inches long at most. Except for the baseball bats, of course.

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  24. I figured out the bats were artificial as they were both perfectly matched.

    Dracula, that’s what I think of seeing that photo.

    Just talked to my contact at port of LA, who used to be our senior editor some years ago. He said that he, too, had some real issues yesterday with that press conference location (which was sponsored by the neighboring port).

    It had been his first time up there, heights bother him, and he needed assistance just to step down on those first 2 steps hanging out in space, it really is a psychological freeze you get if heights bother you. I must have made a few passes at it before I finally sought help from one of the port pr guys (who used to be one of our reporters — it’s like old home week at those ports anymore).

    LA guy also said that as they came up in the boat below the sight of all the photographers so close to the edge above was really kind of alarming. All it would take, he said, is an inadvertent shove and someone could really fall.

    Anyway, I know others were bothered by it like I was, but nice to hear him speak up, too; I have a feeling they won’t have any more of these things there (plus with so *many* people up there, it’s just a recipe for potential disaster) — or, if they do, they’ll figure out a way to make it a safer space.

    Several of us seem to have been reduced to trembling children just going down those steps.

    Long live handrails and parapets.

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  25. Stuck at the top of those see-through metal steps yesterday made me think of the time I climbed up a bunch of large boulders at Sequoia, sat down, and immediately panicked.

    What a mess, how was I ever going to get down?

    I told my friend Linda, who came with us for the camping trip, to go get my dad, quick! I was already crying, in a complete panic.

    He came, put is arms up and rescued me.

    I thought I’d be stuck up there for all time.

    Some symbolism there.

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  26. Word press is giving me a hard time with signing in here! We shall see if this works.
    Had a lovely time with my friend today…9-4:30 we were off and running. I would describe her as someone who can “talk the hind leg off a dog”…but she is so enjoyable! 😂

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  27. We watched the Richard Jewell movie tonight. It brought tears to my eyes. Of course I enjoyed the part when he was asked about any memberships in cults and he said none unless they considered Baptists to be a cult.

    It did make me think about how the pastor at church did away with churchwide involvement with Operation Christmas Child which was Richard’s mom’s ministry project within our church. We still did OCC it in our WMU ladies group but could not talk about it outside our group as a church sponsored outreach. I suppose Franklin Graham is npt viewed as politically correct by church leadership. God is leading me elsewhere thankfully.


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