46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-14-21

  1. Morning! It is light outside but I don’t see the sun yet. Second cup of coffee close by, husband leaving to have his weekly breakfast with friend, and the dog is leaning against my chair wanting a scratch.

    The piano movers will be here this afternoon thankfully ahead of the approaching windstorms. We continue to pray for moisture and at these temps it would be rain in December! 🌧 ⛄️

    Rk hoping you are getting rest between shifts! How are the numbers at your hospital?

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  2. Good morning. I’ve been to Publix and got to see a lot of workers out on my street. Mystery Enviro truck and others along with maybe some diggong and putting in pipes or something. Never know what may be happening around hete. Art ordered a blue recycle bin from the county yesterday and lo and behold, that truck was there, too. The truck parked and sat by my drive, why, I don’t know why, but I rolled doen my window and asked if he was here to leave a bin and he said yes. I told him to leave it in the carport. When I got back it was by the mailbox. I guess I was incoherent.

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  3. I did get some rest. We went to a White Mountain Christmas on Friday evening. The music and meal were good and the company even better. I went to a funeral on Saturday and ended up staying all day. It was the mother of one of girl’s best friend. Church on Sunday. I had picked up an extra shift Sunday night.

    Miguel went to his mother’s to stay a few days so his sister could fly back east to visit her son and grand baby for her birthday.

    Sunday afternoon we had an ambulance call with a rollover. It took quite a while to get him out and then flown to the trauma center. I think I am too old and out if shape to be crawling in and out of upside down vehicles on my belly. Thankfully, we had him stabilized by the time the helicopter got there. Then, I worked my night shift, stayed late for a coworker, and attended an EKG training. I stopped at Aprils to get Trey and napped for an hr. We came home and did chores. I lay down about 3.30 and slept until 4 am. I went back to bed and slept until 6. That was over 14 hrs if sleep. Excellent for me.

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  4. As far as hospital covid #s, they ebb and flow. We were down to only a couple one day last week, but are back up to around 8 currently. I have not had time to look up statewide.

    With the booster mandate, we are seeing lots more adverse vaccine reactions. I continue to test weekly and follow PPE protocols.

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  5. Good morning. Beautiful morning here. Wish I could send you a picture. We got another five inches of snow last night. Looking out the window before the sun had risen, the indoor Christmas lights were reflecting outside which made a beautiful winter picture.

    Then I noticed the turkey perched up on a pole by the turkey house. One might think they would prefer perching in the house or up a tree. Amusing.

    Husband often misses these fun events when off on his travels.

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  6. Morning all.

    It’s a balmy 50 for a high today.

    That’s good, because the semester is over, and we’re retrieving our daughter from college this afternoon. 🙂

    Isaac will join us on the 22nd and spend Christmas with us. 🙂

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  7. Rk you still amaze me! Your “boots on the ground” perspective gives me a trusted view and I am thankful for all you and your coworkers do for those in need!

    I was thankful my post symptoms of the booster were not as bad as my second shot. But then I do have days of feeling achy and “off”. Then it quickly leaves. I wonder if it is due to the shot? I guess I’ll never know but it leaves me with questions.

    There are two Abert squirrels outside my window chasing each other up and down the pines. A brown squirrel thought perhaps he would like to join in on the fun…the black squirrels commenced chasing him off! Two’s company Three’s a crowd!! 😂 🐿

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  8. Another joyful time of Bible study. We need routine fellowship with Christians to edify and enliven us, to keep us firmly standing on the higher ground. One thing the leader had us do was go around and tell an answer to prayer we’d had in 2021. We won”t meet the last two weeks so it was good to do that today. We have had many answered prayers. So much to be thankful for.

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  9. Chas, for the past week, I have been gradually putting together the exercise equipment husband bought me for Christmas. Mostly done, but I am stymied. It will please him to be able to step up and finish it for me. I am fine with that.

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  10. My oven is old and has issues, but still works at the level I need it to function. But someday … I have a Magic Chef that is a very particular size to fit into the island.

    I think I’m feeling a little better, but didn’t get up (really) until around noon today (not counting a couple times to do back-door service for the dogs and turning the heater on and off.

    It rained most of the night and is still at it, though it’s slowing down now. Good to get some moisture in these dry parts.

    One pair of glasses (I had to oder 3 this time) has come in so I’ll probably get down to the eye dr.’s office to pick those up before they close today. I went 2 years this time and really notice the change in my vision, though some of that, he said, is due to the newish cataracts — meaning the new glasses will be an improvement, he said, but maybe not as much as I would like. I think anything will be noticeable for me at this point.

    “Things” surely do get complicated with age.


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  11. Oven out? No!! Not right before Christmas!! I do hope it is a simple fix Kare stove.

    Piano is gone and is now being delivered to sweet young friend. You should have seen those three guys trying to weave their big truck and trailer through the pines to the basement door! Paul kept saying they were doing it the hard way…he told them they could drive straight back by the well on the old log road and make a left to the basement door…but no…they did it their way. And we chopped down our struggling lilac bush to accommodate their point of entry! Whew!!

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  12. Janice mentioned amaryllis the other day. You may recall, mine stayed out in the ground all summer and chose to bloom just before I was going to bring it in before frost. It bloomed nicely in September but pretty sure it is not up to another blooming this quick! Lots of good leaves though.

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  13. Chicken bones arrived. Very nice treat though not as cinnamon as I had anticipated.

    My mom used to make cinnamon candy that was pretty powerful so my taste buds are probably too far gone. But the bones are very good.

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  14. Hello, thanks Mumsee. Perhaps your prayers brought our internet back. Being so far away internet means a lot.

    Perhaps I shall go to school and do some work now.

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  15. Warm here- low 60s today. Did some painting outside of kick plates for the steps to the bedroom, but maybe should have opened the house up. Anyway, I might get the steps finished tomorrow using vinyl planks left over from the bedrooms.


  16. Thanks, NancyJill, husband managed to find a replacement part (⅓ the cost of a new stove) so we’re going to get that on Friday. And no worries, I’m not doing any cooking or baking for Christmas as the twins’ mom is doing it all! Daughter and I will be there to help though. 🙂

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  17. And I see our port congestion is now featured in TV ads.

    “Is your Christmas gift stuck on a slow boat from China?” –with a backdrop of container ships sitting in our port.

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  18. rkessler, I so admire your skills to do what you do. It is something I so appreciate in others, because it is so not what I would be good at. Thank God he made us all different!

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