39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-24-21

  1. Am I the first one here this morning?
    I’ve been up, had breakfast and coffee. And prayers
    Prayed for all of us. When you have TV on most of the time, all you see is evil in the world. Some good.
    Motly bad.
    Lord, leas us and them through these times.

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  2. That is why ‘they’ say that those who watch the most television seem to be more fearful and worried. That is why it is good to sometimes turn to a good old classic movie, Hallmark movie or variety/music show.

    It was fun to read the Sift Email from World this morning and see Michelle mentioned. She was recommending bringing trees to Thanksgiving. Maybe she was thinking of Dj? Oh, family trees! 😀

    No steer in the yard this morning. I think it may have been corralled again. The deer are back enjoying the few crabapples or whatever they are finding under the crabapple tree. Hunting season for them is over. We will enjoy showing them to our little granddaughters tomorrow morning, perhaps.

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  3. We are on the plane for Barbados!!!!!!!!!!

    Now for the reason we didn’t make it yesterday. Amos. Amos takes medicine that make him hungry all the time. He also eats special food because he has developed tummy issues.
    Yesterday morning when BG fed them, she fed both out of the container of Lou’s food. She has to come back in the house and found Amos eating all of it.
    When we got home his tummy was swollen and hard. I had to rub it and take him for a walk because we all know dogs want to poo in someone else’s yard. I was a good neighbor and took a bag. I got him to go and his tummy softened some.
    Last night I gave BG even more details on how to feed them.
    Had we not gone home no telling what shape Amos would have been in. It would have at least been a trip to the vet.
    George has “medical POA” on Amos. He even called BG yesterday to check on Amos and see if he can attend Thanksgiving.
    Now we are soon to be off.

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  4. Good morning. Interesting header, birds in flight. What kind are they?

    Glad Kim and Mr. P are in flight and Amos got what he needed.

    I had cornbread for breakfast. And you can guess what the rest will be used for.

    Someone my ladies group has prayed for got off the ventilator and went home in time for Thanksgiving!

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  5. AJ- I just sent the Pigskin email.

    FYI- The first game is Friday night, so if you want to participate, get your guess in early, once AJ posts the list.

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  6. The psychiatrist says she is aware of only one facility in all of Idaho that is up to daughter and her challenges. Hmmm. We still want to keep her free as long as possible but the time is fast approaching.

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  7. Regretful / Michelle? (from yesterday) – Chickadee had been still childsitting with me for the first few months after Hubby’s death, and then we settled into monthly visits. She always seemed to have a good time when she was here.

    This year, something is up. I guess it is possible that it could be a delayed reaction to losing her father, but my gut feeling is that it is something else. I just don’t know what that something else might be. I do suspect that the influence of the McK sisters may have something to do with it.

    Speaking of them, I think I may have mentioned that I saw a photo from one of their friends that had been shared to YA’s Facebook page, which showed them all at this past summer’s ConnectiCon (a smaller version of San Diego’s ComicCon). I was curious about the friend – Max – who shared the photo, so I went to his page.

    Well, Max is a female who has changed her name to Max, says she is non-binary and bisexual, and used male pronouns, but also has recent photos of herself looking very feminine (dresses and make-up). She (sorry, Max) is also “in a relationship” with Chickadee’s Best Friend (CBF, the younger McK sister, who is a lesbian).

    What a messed up world we live in, with so many confused young people being led astray in so many ways! May God have mercy on them all! (I often pray for a great move of the Holy Spirit throughout the LGBTQ-etc. community, to bring them to salvation and healing.)

    And recently, YA shared something on Facebook saying that college campuses are not really far-left, they are only left of center. That just goes to show how far-left YA has gone.

    Those two tidbits give more of a look at the influence that Chickadee is under. Not to mention the very un-biblical views on Jesus by the one who claims to love Him so much (YA).

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  8. Btw, although Chickadee may not have gone into specific grief counseling, she has been seeing a therapist, so I’m sure they would have talked about that.

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  9. Janice – re: your comment yesterday about your brother’s party for your mom’s 80th birthday. Sorta-kinda related, but flipped a bit. (Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before.)

    Recently, I finally got around to reading a couple journals that my mom wrote during the time she was dying from ovarian cancer. (She died in June, 2010.) In one, she was writing about her treatments and how her days were going. She didn’t keep it up for the whole time, but she did continue it through the months of having chemotherapy once every three weeks, for about six to eight hours for each appointment.

    I would accompany her to those treatments, to keep her company, and I brought along snacks and reading materials. We would sit and chat for quite a while, and then when she was tired, she would nap and I would read. As I mentioned above, we would be there for six to eight hours.

    In her journal of that time, she mentioned a few times when my brother and sister-in-law came over to her house, or had her to theirs. In her references to her chemo appointments? Not one word about my being with her. Not one.

    I couldn’t believe it. She would always gush about whatever nice thing my brother might do for her, but seemed to take me for granted.


    I believe it was because (due to certain circumstances of his younger years) she was a bit insecure in her relationship with him. But I was always close to Mom.

    Mom and Dad (when he was still alive) would even complain about how selfish Brother was, and that he and his wife barely had time for them. They knew that I would always make time for them/her, and that I was very appreciative of everything they did for me. But Mom did seem to favor him anyway, or at least to make a big deal out of anything he did that was positive towards her.


  10. Morning! As near as I can tell those are Canada geese preparing to land maybe? (“Wheels” down on the one!)
    So happy for you Kim…it is 33 degrees here this morning..that’s our high for the day…

    Kathaleena we have an injured buck roaming around our neighborhood and the wildlife guys just say they will monitor the situation. So many neighbors have called with some being told the wildlife division is understaffed and others saying that is not the case. But this poor guy is limping around with an arrow through his hip and is bleeding. He was on our property the other day and it was heartbreaking. He was with the herd and another very large buck was watching over them all…

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  11. Deer are amazing. We had one out here with a broken leg. Fish and game came out and said he would be fine, the leg would just fall off. True. Then we were out camping and saw a three legged range cow. I speculate the same thing happened to her. She broke a leg out in the wild and it eventually fell off. So, when we had a kid go through the same thing, we let it happen. Sure enough, the lower leg fell off and she was fine. God’s design is amazing.

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  12. Wow, Kizzie. Your comments explain so much. From what your comment about Chickadee suggests, my thought is that she might feel shame for being caught up in the lifestyle of her friends. She knows it is diametrically opposed to your faith. I know as a Christian that you can forgive her if she has crossed boindaries, but since she may not be capable of knowing the depth of forgiveness available in Christ, then this might be her new hangup that has happened this year. Keep praying for all their salvations.

    I am glad you had that special time with your mom. It is easy to take for granted the love of those who give it consistently. It’s wonderful how you pour yourself out for others as an instrument in God’s hands showing love in this world.

    I think if you make plans to find ways each month to shower Chickadee with unconditional little love mementos without expectation of reciprocation that it would go far to show you love her as much as ever no matter what.

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  13. I think things for the moment are better with my brother. It seems we are both working at keeping the peace. He loves holiday get togethers so will try to make the most of it. We won’t be under the stress of dealing with a big box truck. I’ve made it known we will be listening to a book on Audible, the memoir by Phillip Yancy, and that he can find something else to do during travel time if he does not want to engage with that. We will be busy, busy, busy all the way home!

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  14. Families can be so complicated. “Thanksgiving” at a restaurant with the cousins should be very low on drama, which is one of the up-sides to not having a big family to wrestle with.

    Glad to see you’re off and running, Kim. I completely understand about Amos, of course. 🙂 Stop the plane! Dog emergency!

    I tossed and turned last night, just could not settle into sleep, which is unusual for me. I don’t think I really dropped off until around 4 so I’m bleary-eyed and fuzzy-headed today, I feel exhausted, and we have very early deadlines, we need to turn everything in by noon. (Laughter). That’s 2 hours from now. A couple folks I’ve tried to reach this week are just now getting back to me this morning.

    My one story is almost finished but I have several photos to process and attach to that still and a couple other contacts to talk to; the other story is easier, but I’m waiting on a news release, it’s something light on the town’s holiday parade and concert coming back this year.

    Apparently the LAPD is weighing in on “best practices” for organizing community parades following the incident in Wisconsin. I’m guessing that means bigger barricades, primarily. The Wisconsin thing was such an aberrant incident, but still, they want to make sure it didn’t give anyone else “ideas.”

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  15. low clouds and fog here. Just a regular school day. My aide is on a trip for two days so I need prayers for extra energy and creativity. Also trying to get assessments done for report cards. They have changed our curriculum so much that for the next two weeks I will be making up my own. Not sure if that will work.

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  16. I was in Steve West’s post yesterday about Thanksgiving traditions–it came in via my email.

    Third time they’ve come to me in the last month ., . . .

    In my commentary on today’s episode of The World and Everything in It, I’m putting Christmas lights on the trees—for the children, you know.

    Sometimes a Thanksgiving tradition can be broken in favor of a family-honoring detour. One reader, Sam, told me his family of nine gave up turkey and mashed potatoes at grandma’s house last year and decamped to the beach. “I think we’ve started a tradition that won’t stop soon,” he wrote.

    Michelle asks, “Why not bring a family tree to Thanksgiving?” It’s a great time to learn some family history, she writes: “A family tree gives us something to focus on that transcends our differences and reminds us of what we have in common.”

    I am thankful to have been able to write for WORLD during the last three years and to be a subscriber for the last 35 years—since the magazine’s first tentative issue. Its great writers, editors, and other staff members make it a pleasure. And you make it possible by subscribing, supporting, and reading. Your notes of encouragement, suggestions, and gentle corrections make it all worth it. Thank you.

    Spread the word: Share Liberties with your friends by forwarding this email to them and suggesting they sign up. Better yet, make a gift of WORLD this Christmas.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

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  17. It looks like just 3 from my family will be at Mrs L’s extended family gathering tomorrow. One of the grands has an “illness”, so D1 and her brood won’t be there. D2 and hers weren’t planning on being there, and D3 is staying home since she was exposed to the “illness”. So, Mrs L and I will pick up our son early in the morning and head for Iowa. He can’t drive right now because of cataracts in both eyes.

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  18. My mum remains covered. Maybe tomorrow it will see the light of day to celebrate!

    We made a beautiful family tree project for one of Wesley’s preschool or kindergarten classes. That really stood out as memorable to me. All the children’s projects were on display for family night at the school. I may still have that hidden away somewhere in a file not opened in years.


  19. I put the Christmas wreath on the door early this year.

    It’s almost shocking to do so before Thanksgiving, but several neighbors already have outdoor Christmas lights brightening up these dark nights.


  20. I finally turned in the story I’ve been working on for 3 days. I missed the very-early deadline (noon today) by about an hour.

    I still have something to turn in, but I it doesn’t have to run until later during the weekend or even early next week — so the fact that there’s probably now no editors around shouldn’t make a big difference. They wanted to let everyone “loose” early today, which is nice but also winds up making for a chaotic half day.

    We could definitely go to the beach this Thanksgiving, it’s supposed to be about 75 here tomorrow.

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  21. So meanwhile, I’m just “loose,” but trying to get that holiday story done.

    I suppose I should get into the garage and get my outdoor wreaths and battery lights hung on the front of the house sometime this weekend.

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  22. We have a really big family reunion at a state park at a lake in the summer. They used to tack up on long strings all the giant family tree with each family on a note card. It really got too big over the years. My brother is in charge of the big ToDo. He keeps up with all the family branches and attends many funerals feeling it is his duty, I suppose. He went to a funeral this week. He typically gives me a detailed update on everyone he saw. He said two people asked about me this past week. One of them I do not even remember, sadly.

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  23. Mumsee (6:03), yes it is and I like just saying it.

    I’m going to get into the garage ….

    I’m going to go inside the garage …

    I’m going to get the holiday decorations out of the garage …

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  24. Holiday story done.

    Was going to make a quick grocery run just to pick up a few things, but realized … um, it’s the night before Thanksgiving. Guess not. Good thing I’m not actually out of anything.

    Seems so strange to be “out” for this long from work, looking forward. But 5 days will go fast. I hope I can at least catch my breath (and make more progress on the home office mess), it’s been such a whirlwind few months.

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  25. They are talking anoub “transgender” being taught in schoools, or, not notifying parents of transgender activity

    This is the way to ruin a life. You can’t go throughg this world without being one or the other. A man is well equipped to me male. Female + female.
    Any atrtempt to changege it, results in disaster.
    No other way around it. Onl one way works.s

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  26. A few nights ago, I thought that Heidi might have died. I was calling her to come get her peanut butter. She gets a little dab each morning and each night as a treat – a leftover habit from when she was on medication for a long time.

    Usually she will wake up when she hears those magic words. I repeated it a couple times, even from the doorway of the living room. No response.

    “Oh, great,” I thought. “I am grieving about what’s going on with [Chickadee], and now my dog dies.”

    So I went over to her and gently shook her. She groggily lifted her head, then perked up at hearing “peanut butter”. 🙂

    It seems that she is sleeping more deeply now that she is getting older. She really zonks out!

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  27. Both my dogs have mostly lost their hearing, also, on top of sleeping more deeply. I’ve incorporated some hand signals that work — and they still hear a loud whistle. I still talk to them, but it’s sad knowing they don’t hear much anymore.

    That’s a sad post to end the night, huh?

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