Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 13

Hello Pigskin Pickers. I hope your Thanksgiving goes/is going/went well. It’s Week 13, the last week of the regular season for most teams. This is “Rivalry Week”, so most of these games are for in-state bragging rights.

Next week is the conference championships, but a couple of those could be considered as done this week. Kevin won it last week and picked the B1G 10 de facto “Championship” between Ohio State and Michigan.

Get your picks in early, before 7PM EST Friday, November 26, when the first game starts.

  1 North Carolina @ #20 NC State

  2 Florida State @ Florida

  3 Kentucky @ Louisville    

  4 #2 Alabama @ Auburn

  5 Northwestern @ Illinois

  6 Indiana @ Purdue

  7 Virginia Tech @ Virginia

  8 #13 Oklahoma State @ #9 Oklahoma

  9 Clemson @ South Carolina

10 Tiebreaker pick winner and final score: #4 Ohio State @ #6 Michigan

22 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 13

  1. North Carolina
    Florida State
    Northwestern (northwestern what?)
    S Carolina
    Michigan 28-21

    (the check is in the mail, big brother)


  2. Chas’ wild guresses

    Sorry AJ, I just can’t handle this anymore
    It has been fun. I hope all of you keep enjoing:


  3. Did not bother me at all, Chas.. I am far enough out of the loop that it does not matter! Husband does not seem to know either. Northwestern Minnesota?


  4. Cutting it close, but here it is…
    1 NC State
    2 Florida
    3 Louisville
    4 Alabama
    5 Northwestern
    6 Purdue
    7 Virginia
    8 Oklahoma
    9 South Carolina
    10 Michigan 27-24 (I’m choosing loyalty over realism here)


  5. No, mumsee, his list only looks like yours for the last 4 games, and you scores are different.

    And it looks like one of you gets the tiebreaker, since Michigan is making Ohio State look like a non-contender.


  6. It’s a tie between AJ and Janice with 6. But AJ did not pick the winner of the tie breaker, but Janice did. So, Janice wins!

    🥇ATTA GIRL, Janice!🥇

    Janice and AJ 6
    Kevin and Peter 5
    Mumsee 4
    I didn’t count Chas since his list is incomplete. Sorry, Chas I hope you can join us next week for the conference championships.

    Janice, which conference championship game do you want for the tiebreaker?
    (The USC-California game is a make-up game, not a championship.)


  7. The tie-breaker shall be #1 GA against #3 AL. We shall see what the home team advantage can do for AL.

    Mumsee, I think my sincere practice has been helpful in learning to make my picks. I have done better this year than I have done in previous years.( I’m getting better at listening to what Miss Bosley predicts! Just joking!)


  8. That Janice was just lucky.
    I’ll try again next tiee. Ienjoy thedoins, but can s CANT? see for doing it.
    No: d doesn’t make sense to me either.


  9. Janice – There is no “home field” advantage in the championships, as they are played at a neutral site. However, the SEC game will be in your neighbor – Atlanta, so Georgia will have a “home” advantage.


  10. Congrats again, Janice, you’ve had a great season!

    I would like to point out that, though nobody got very close to the actual score on the tiebreaker, mine was the closest. Not that it did me any good. 🙂


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