53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-30-21

  1. Good morning! I suppose Chas is getting up and getting his cheerios. AJ is bustling around with morning chores. The rest of us are starting or ending our day. Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

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  2. I was reading Kathleena’s comment about going to the movies. I don’t think I have been in a movie theater since the 80s. The last time I went to a drive in was prior to 2000. Not much of a movie goer.

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  3. Good morning, all in this timeframe. Good evening to Jo.

    I could get use to an early morning walk on the beach. A lot of people out enjoying this shock of excellent weather, especially those from the cold areas.

    So thankful to see Chas and know he is praying for us. Jesus intercesses for us all so as disciples of Christ we intercess for each other. Prayer is a high calling.

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  4. Good Morning! Good to see you Chas! I am on my second cup of coffee and will head over to the kitchen to have my Cheerios soon!

    It is to be a very windy day here and they keep reducing the expected amount of snow we will see tomorrow evening. Whatever amount falls from the sky we shall be truly thankful!


  5. Kim, I just saw the recipe and it sounds great. It will be added to my new wooden recipe book!

    Jo, thank you for complimenting me on my photos that you’ve seen on Facebook. I am very thankful for cropping and the ability to enhance through Instagram filters. I truly never know what I have got until I sit down and go through what I shot. I try to get different lighting and angles on subjects and choose the best.

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  6. My brain is returning! It’s been lovely to sleep and lounge around for two days, now back to work. 😦

    (Well, Bible study prep).

    I got a lovely email from a woman near Dallas who listened to Mrs. OC, loved it, and invited me to speak at her church in September.

    I guess the world IS getting back to a semblance of normal.

    I haven’t spoken anywhere since I saw Janice in Atlanta in fall 2019.

    Of course, the invitation to speak is one week before we’re due to be in Israel (assuming it’s not postponed a third time), so travel will be interesting.

    But, exciting.

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  7. Janice, I had it for lunch on a bed of spring mix lettuce with some extra lemon squeezed over it. I don’t know why I didn’t think to share it with you sooner.

    I have tomorrow and Saturday on this “de-tox”. The first two days were hard. Yesterday and today haven’t been as bad. Tonight I can have a “paleo” meal. I have been online looking for something for 1 person since tonight is pizza night for Papa, Little Miss, and BG.
    I am actually thinking of sticking to part of this once it is over. It has been easier this week because I have stayed home. Next week will bring more temptation because I will be in the office almost every day in January.

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  8. One of our photographers has family reservations to go to Hawaii in February, first trip anywhere, she says, in 10 years. “I never go anywhere,” she said. But she’s now wondering if they’ll be able to go with the uptick (again) in travel and other disruptions.

    I’m not sure we’re quite back to normal just yet.

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  9. Hawaii. One of daughter’s coworkers was recently in the ICU for Covid. He and his wife were set to go to Hawaii on vacation but he was required to get the vaccine, though he had had it and had antibodies. He tried to get an exemption due to allergies but was not given one. He got the vaccine and within fifteen minutes, went into antiphylactic shock and went back to ICU. He is recovering.

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  10. I felt so bad for her, she said they’ve been really hanging on to this promise of a “real” vacation for so long and thought things would be calmed down by then(now).

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  11. It is a little scary being at a resort area with people from everywhere all around us, but we are not in tight quarters with anyone. We do have to shop for groceries.

    We have not had a single meal out. We may get one takeout meal before we leave.


  12. NYT:


    South Africa said health data suggested its Omicron peak had passed with no major spike in deaths, offering cautious hope to other countries.

    In South Africa, overall case counts have been falling for two weeks, plummeting 30 percent in the last week to an average of less than 11,500 a day.

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  13. We’ve had as much as 3+ inches of rain in the past 24 hours, my phone tells me.

    My Charlie Brown trees are happy. City Jeep is clean.

    So grateful for the much needed rainfall, thank you, Lord.

    (And we’ll ask for more to come, if it be your will!)

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  14. Well we are having awful winds right now…praying for the snow to materialize tomorrow afternoon! They are evacuating towns around Boulder due to wild fire being windswept…it is gut wrenching to see the photos and know of the upheaval happening in so many lives right now…. 😞 Hoping to make a snowman tomorrow…..

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  15. Mumsee – The “feels like” temperature (or wind chill factor) is based on humidity and wind speeds. Or that’s what I was told.

    I had to scrape ice off the windshield for the first time today. We’re supposed to get snow this weekend.

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  16. DJ, when the temps are below twenty five, it may be great skiing (I do not ski) but it is lousy snowman snow. But if it was warmer when it fell and dropped temp, it is fun to walk on and collapse through.

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  17. I kind of knew that, mumsee, but thanks. Again, you didn’t say what kind of snow you all had. 🙂

    We need a fuller weather report to get the whole picture.

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  18. I just saw the Colorado fires on the news.

    Flooding here, 17 feet of snow at Lake Tahoe, mudslides and flooding at Malibu campgrounds, tornado watches in the Southeast US.

    Lots of weather going on.

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  19. Over 580 homes and 1600 acres so far. Before this our Black Forest fire had been the greatest loss by fire in the state. It is just heartbreaking to watch this on our newscasts. They believe sparks from downed power lines started this fire😢 the winds have been brutal

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  20. The utility company took down the only tree in our horse pasture a couple of days ago. The horses are despondent. It is the same tree that dropped a large branch on the line going to the neighbor’s house and laid it down across our driveway and deer fence. It is a lot of work for the utility folk to keep ahead of, actually not possible.

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  21. Just made an appointment for an oil change for my CRV. It’s only the third oil change since I bought it–before the 2017 fires! 33K miles–new cars are amazing.


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