63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-13-21

  1. Good mofning!
    Love that header. It’s got atmosphere.

    I hope everyone has a perfect Saturday.

    I have a meeting of the ladies’ minds today concerning our writings. It’s always interesting, the genres and topics.

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  2. Mernin!… that’s how my favorite weather guy phrases his morning greetings to us around here! 😊
    Husband dislikes Hallmark movies…he says the theme is always the same with different actors, different settings…plot always the same. I enjoy most of the movies though … a little escape from reality from time to time 😂 that clip is very accurate and funny Peter!

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  3. Is Chas out and about on the fine Saturday … or maybe he is eating Cheerios and drinking coffee before checking in?
    Peter that photo reminds me of the back property on my Uncle’s farm in Ohio. He had a huge apple orchard out front and in the back of his acreage there was a creek, pond and uphill climb…such sweet memories…

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  4. Saturday. Whew. Not a moment too soon.

    it’s already mid-November? The rest of this year will fly by, November-December always go so fast. It seems like a mad dash to do whatever you thought you might want to do for Christmas.

    Yes, Hallmark plots are all quite similar. But they’re a nice break, an escape, at times, provided the characters are appealing, funny and down-to-earth. Some are, others aren’t. I saw part of one the other night where the main characters were completely chilly and (therefore, to me) unappealing. Icy.

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  5. NancyJ: Chas has been here and gone. But he’s back. Wondering what happened to the previous post.
    But is was not important. Just like this.
    But I’m here
    Not much, but something.

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  6. Good morning. It’s still before noon here. I worked 2 extra shifts and now have 2 days off before the other 2 shifts I had to cover.

    We cut and docked lambs today and branded the calves. We invited some of the grands to come for the weekend so they were a big help.

    Now for a nap…

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  7. Back home from critique group. We get dressed up for it because it is at a country club. I am still amazed how it worked out for us to meet there. We may have to change venues for the new year. I hope we can still meet there. We plan to have a nice group meal out in December. The President of our group is treating us all. I feel so blessed.

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  8. Husband went to the shooting range with a friend. I need to return the friend’s Tupperware container to him as his wife had given husband a piece of cheesecake to take home a couple weeks ago. So…I am making chocolate chip cookies to put in the container so that it will not be empty upon it’s return. Did any of your parents teach you that you should never return a container empty? Mine did!! 🍪

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  9. Never had that lesson from my parents, NancyJill. However, an older friend did model that. OTOH, I wouldn’t want anyone to think they would have to do that for me.

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  10. Morning all. The plan for today is to go down the hill to church and then later to a prayer time for the Highlands translation teams.

    Sounds usual doesn’t it??

    But I have not been to church since sometime in June. They put up the powerpoint to be downloaded and then you can listen to the audio. So I have been doing that for months. not even sure that I want to go back. I absolutely hate to sing in a mask.

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  11. If you didn’t read the end of yesterday’s thread, the plan is to meet in Greensboro at Chas’ home next July or sometime.


  12. For a while now, I have had a sore spot on my left pinky toe. It just recently occurred to me that it is a corn. I have never had a corn before, and had to look it up to see if that’s what it is. Sure seems like it.

    I ordered, and received, some bandage-like things that have a circle in the center that is supposed to treat the corn, making it soften up and fall off. I don’t know how long that is supposed to take, but I’m giving it a try.

    Have any of you had corns on your toes or elsewhere? What has been effective for you to deal with them?

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  13. fJO. I didn’t know someone was planning to meet at my house.
    Sonds good.
    Only thing is: Someone else willhave to provide refreshments , , etc.
    I can’t even see to type this.

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  14. Definitely a Saturday here. Seven loads of laundry, some vacuuming and some dishes done. Also started full into Christmas decorating. I asked my husband to quickly paint me a Christmassy picture on the canvas that I had brought home just for the frame. It turned out so nice and adds a nice touch to the corner I hung it in. Now I need to take the coloured light off of one of the trees (I had thought they were white lights) and replace with white lights. Only our real tree will have coloured lights this year.

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  15. DJ – Yes (to the Hallmark question). Before there was the Hallmark Channel, there were the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies throughout many years, originally on network TV. They were on sporadically, and were generally high-quality movies. I used to love watching them when they were on, but haven’t been able to do so since they went to the Hallmark Channel.

    Many of the commercials during the movies were Hallmark commercials – you know, the ones that will bring a sentimental tear to the eye.


    As for my toe, no, I didn’t have new shoes, but now that I am breaking in a new pair of LL Bean slippers, it has hurt some more.


  16. I tried to read it, Kizzie, buy it got too long for my tired eyes. I uae to enjoy her writing, but it seemed a bit scattered to me tonight. Maybe I am overall tired anx unable to process beyond a Hallmark movie.

    I watched Dr. David Jeremiah’s Saturday night service. I was pleased to hear they have a prison radio ministry and now have programing on The History Channel and A & E.


  17. Well, I went to church, still hating masks. and every other row is roped off, so no sitting close. I sat on the end of a row and my friends sat on the other end. I finally moved to the row in front of us, cuz we were on a wobbly bench. I felt it every time they breathed. I was trying to hold still and finally just moved.
    The light was also not too good so I almost couldn’t see who was there. I think I will stay home again until some restrictions are lifted.


  18. Thanks, Kizzie, I’d skimmed that before when I saw it online but was able to read it more carefully tonight. That provides a rather stark picture of how different views and life experiences can affect how Christians see the culture and the world around them.

    I loved Hallmark stores, most have gone by the wayside here, but there is one still left — I bought some outdoor Christmas decoration bells there a few years ago that I still use on the front porch.

    And yes, the wrapping paper and ribbons are so beautiful, one can really get carried away. The stores used to be good places to find smallish type gifts, too.

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  19. Good morning. Church was good, as always. On Genesis 2: 18 to the end. Marriage. Man and Woman. Not politically correct. But definitely scientifically correct.

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  20. ““The facts about natural immunity are simple. Every single peer reviewed study has found that the naturally immune have far greater than 99% protection from having COVID-19, and this immunity does not wane. In contrast, the COVID-19 vaccine provides, at best, 95% protection and this immunity wanes rapidly. I am no mathematician, but a constant 99% seems preferable to a 95% that quickly drops. And, while the vaccinated readily transmit the virus, not so for the naturally immune.””



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  21. “How Long, O Lord?” is our sermon topic today — from Rev. 6:9-17 — as we continue through the book of Revelation.

    I may wind up live streaming today, unless I can get out of here shortly!


  22. Chas, it’s going to get up to 81 today here.

    Christmas mood? Not feelin’ it in this heat.

    (And 81 is cooler than it’s been by about 10 degrees.)


  23. As for Covid, I keep saying we’ll know more a year from now about all of it.

    I agree that natural immunity should be given recognition, but I’ve read the problem is there isn’t, yet, a universal test that’s accepted for those antibodies and that results of those tests all have proven to be really uneven (and thus are seen as, so far, unreliable).

    In the meantime, best to avoid the virus altogether when and if we can. Wisdom.

    We’re all weary of this.

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  24. The sun is shining and the gauge is reading 63 degrees right now…but I am cold! Inside we have 68 degrees and I am in my reading chair with a blanket about me.
    We grilled steak after church and the kitchen is once again clean…husband felt the need for a nap and I am going to read more of my book. I have a few projects that need to be done…but not today.
    Church was…well our Pastor did not deliver the message..one of the elders who takes over from time to time delivered the sermon. He is a very nice man but I just get antsy when listening to him…he focuses on “the Greek and how many times this is mentioned in the Bible” kind of stuff. And he becomes very repetitive…husband doesn’t mind it but me…well I just am saying in my head…”ok…get on with it! Land that plane”! Patience patience patience…..

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  25. Raining here this morning. Which is rather amusing and an answer to prayer. I get the singles van for the rest of the week, but this is the day that I walk. So I need to take each step with thankfulness.
    You see, no rain means that the rocks come up out of the road and you are walking on loose gravel and the rocks are large gravel. Rain smooths the roads out and makes for much easier walking.

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  26. I have fluffed so many trees today. 🙂 House is starting to look pretty for the coming season. I think the snow triggers the need to decorate for me. Until we had snow last week, I didn’t feel remotely like doing anything Christmassy but… 🙂

    Church this morning was difficult. Like Jo, I absolutely do not do well in a mask so we stay home. The sound for the live feed was awful for the music portion and then cut out completely during the pastoral prayer. It’s frustrating for me because I know someone who offered his time and experience to help the church get a new sound system etc and the quality of the streaming would be so much better. But they turned him down. Sigh.

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  27. We had our Sunday afternoon prayer call to pray for the church. It helped center me and adjust my attitude. It’s so good how God does that through prayer. The Psalms is full of Him doing that in prayer.

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  28. The litter box is clean and the garbage can is on the street. And the start of a new week is upon us. Getting up in high gear for the holidays. I saw someone had a giant blowup turkey in their yard this week. How refreshing.

    Time for me to cook lentils and set free the pomegranate seeds to make more of that salad. I can make a small pizza fof Art. Sounds like a plan to cover the next few hours, winding down the weekend.


  29. Most don’t wear masks at our outdoor church seating area. That could change for some of us if numbers continue going up again. Just the better part of wisdom. But it’ll remain voluntary as it is outdoors.

    The indoor service is mostly mask-free now. But covid has made a couple rounds through our church, too.

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