117 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-16-21

  1. Good morning, Chas.

    Good night, Jo.

    And another Saturday has arrived.

    I need to work on formatting an employment application form for Art’s business. I got a sample off the internet from a bank to go by.

    My friend, K, fell yesterday and may need to go to the hospital. Her knee id damaged and she got a bump on her head, but the knee got the worst of it.

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  2. I have to review the changes made to the church budget before it gets distributed on Sunday.

    So many ways I need good vision for the things I do. Everything takes two or three times longer as I have to go over things several times that used to be done with a glance. I try to not get frustrated about it.

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  3. Morning! It’s a frosty 20 something in this forest…sitting here with coffee in hand looking out at the sky as it begins to lighten up a bit. Should be in the 60’s later on…Happy Saturday!

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  4. Nothing going on here either.
    All the folks came by to check on “dad” and left.
    Now, it’s just me and you.

    I am NOT complaining.
    I have been immensely blessed, and I know it.

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  5. Yes, Chas, in many ways, it was better than back there. But a lot of them died in the first year. But what they did, opening up a huge land for people of all races and beliefs to come and begin a new life, was pretty amazing. And the courage to do it. Perhaps they were young and stupid. But they took on an amazing challenge and set the trend.


  6. It’s getting cooler today. I need to repot a plant to bring it inside. It is too heavy for me alone to tote in the big terracotta planter. My brother has brought it inside in recent past years. I will not bother him with it, but fix it so I can do it myself. It is night blooming cirrus that Florence gave me.


  7. Or mosquitoes have had a “thing” for me going way back … I think that experience amid the Iowa summer swarm may be the beginning of all my mosquito anxieties.

    Good morning Chas and everyone else (except goodnight Jo).

    The cat is fed (only the first feeding of many that’ll follow throughout the morning). The dogs are asleep (again), they’ve already been up and outside.

    A load of wash is running.

    It’s a chilly morning but expected to get up into the low 80s today. Very, very dry, with winds, so there are concerns about wildfires. I really need to water today, too. This dry weather is hard on plants and flowers, especially with the temperature swings from high to low every day and night.

    Part of yesterday afternoon was spent trying to nail down facts surrounding a reported political rally on tap for today in one of our town’s parks sponsored by members of the PBs which has many in the community on edge. City denied the permit (purportedly due to lack of insurance); group says (correctly) that it’s a public park and there is a constitutional right to gather and peacefully protest. Counter protestors are anticipated. And police standing by. We have a reporter who will monitor today. Always something.

    The new flea meds seem to have worked (it reportedly kills all fleas on a dog within 4 hours). Tess has had a very itchy tummy lately and that discomfort seems to be gone.

    But now I have a number of new meds to sort out for them, some with food, some an hour before food, some without food … Oy. One is for Cowboy’s skin rash, they had to shave a spot on his right haunch to treat one of the sores but it doesn’t look too bad.

    Grateful for good vet care. They seem much more comfortable now.

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  8. Janice, I’m sorry about your friend’s knee bang-up. I feel her pain. (Though that most recent shot is making a difference — after two more shots to come in the series in the next 2 weeks, I’m hoping it’ll be much improved.)

    I need a new prescription for glasses filled, but my frame insurance benefit doesn’t kick in until November — I have the new prescription, just waiting to get the new glasses. But cataract surgery is in my semi-near future, I’m afraid.

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  9. We were just above freezing. We still have beautiful plants blooming, which is quite unusual. I take a whole lot of joy seeing them; knowing they will soon be gone. It is a beautiful sunny day for us.

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  10. It’s cloudy here with a lot of wind bringing in the cold front.

    I repotted the plants out of the really giant pot into three smaller pots. I wish I ‘d had gravel to put in the bottom of the pots for drainage. I had to go with what I had. Maybe when I take them back outside again I can repot them in a better manner. I am just glad I found pots that will work.

    The leaves had piled up on the driveway and in the carport so I dealt with those while outside. My newly potted plants wait outside the door while I make a decent spot for them to over winter in a room we keep shut off from Miss B.

    I repaired Art’s glasses again last night. Since I had bought an eyeglass repair kit at Walgreen’s yesterday, I was surprised at how much easier it was to repair them with the new nifty helps available now. The tiny screws are housed in tiny plastic tubing so you can get a grip and seat them right to get started. The tube can then be pulled off once the screw is firmly in place. So if anyone needs to do a repair, the kit was about two fifty and well worth it! Some things have improved over the past twenty years!

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  11. Janice – I am praying that your eyesight will improve, either by God’s healing touch or medical intervention.


    It is currently 71* with 66% humidity. It was stuffy in here this morning, so I turned on a couple air conditioners for a while. They’re off now, but may be on again later. Tonight we are expecting rain, with a cool night, and tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 60. Yay!

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  12. Should one put gravel at the bottom of very potted plant? (spellcheck wanted to say potty plant — aren’t you glad I caught that one? Not that it makes a difference now since I’ve gone and repeated it)

    My cousin has trouble with glare at night and has asked her eye dr about it, seems like there’s nothing (via lenses or coatings) that will help that. She had cataract surgery several years ago and got the perfected lenses put into her eyes, so she no longer has issues with her far-sightedness and doesn’t have to wear glasses anymore, for the most part (other than reading glasses).

    She said the new lens implants are great, but you will still have “old eyes.” 😦

    (It’s so strange to see the supply chain and ports story — which I’ve covered intensely for so long now — suddenly headlining all the national news outlets.)

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  13. At the risk of sounding “liberal”, I will say that I am conflicted about the beginnings of the United States of America. It seems that the initial pilgrims were decent to the Native Americans, but it didn’t take long for others to come along and start killing them and even trying to wipe them out. Many of the folks who came over from England and Europe fit the definition of invaders when they wanted Indian land. And, IIRC, our government broke every treaty we made with the native peoples.

    Having said that, what this nation eventually became is indeed a wonderful thing. It is just too bad that it couldn’t have been wonderful for those who were already here.

    (I imagine that some Native Americans must roll their eyes and shake their heads when they see the immigrants at the border referred to as “invaders”. If they were truly invaders, then they would be coming in with weapons, killing us to take over our land. And in that case, it would be legitimate to fight back and kill them, too. But if it would be wrong to shoot them down as they come across the border, then they are not true invaders.)


  14. Janice if you have a broken terra cotta pot or saucer that works well in the bottom of your flower pot…seems I break lots of my pots and have many terra cotta shards for drainage material 😊
    Kizzie the difference I see from then and now is that we have a constitution…and laws…which are being blatantly broken. So yes…they are lawless invaders….

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  15. More on the News thread….

    “A whistleblower employed by vaccine maker Pfizer has leaked a chain of emails by company executives discussing how to best withhold information from the public on the use of fetal cell lines derived from an aborted baby in the development of the Pfizer vaccine.”


    “HEK stands for Human Embryonic Kidney, and 293 is the number of experiments that were needed to obtain the cell line from the kidney of the aborted baby.

    Gelman wrote that Pfizer “[has] been trying as much as possible to not mention the fetal cell lines.”

    The last sentence of her email said, “The piece in yellow we have tried really hard not to share unless it’s strictly necessary and mission critical.” The sentence highlighted in yellow was, “One or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program.”

    Sarah Weiser, a Principal Scientist at Pfizer also joined the email conversation and asked for clarification about whether the full text should be used in reply to enquiries, including the part highlighted in yellow. In response, Gelman emphasized that the highlighted part should not be included. “No,” she wrote. “I would prefer we do not use the text in yellow [emphasis in original].”

    When prompted by O’Keefe to comment on why Pfizer would want to keep that part secret from the public, Strickler replied, “They don’t want to have to deal with people who are upset, because I think people can use religious exemptions for this, and they don’t want that.”

    “I think they want nobody to have an excuse to not get it … and they’re denying all religious exemptions at Pfizer,” Strickler added.

    Many Christians are opposing the abortion-tainted vaccines and have asked for religious exemptions, which are frequently denied.”


  16. Kizzie, yes, it was ugly. From ugly times. That is how expansion usually works. When people want a new place to live, they generally drive out or slaughter or enslave the current residents. The early settlers saw the land through their own eyes: a land flowing with milk and honey and no king. They saw the opportunity to get a fresh start. They certainly did not see things through the eyes of the Native Americans.

    But the Native peoples also had wars and rumors of wars. They participated in the same sort of thing to get their lands. Sacagawea comes to mind. She was stolen from her tribe in Idaho area and taken back to North Dakota area when she was about eleven. Sold or married to Charbonneau as one of his many wives. Then brought back with the Lewis and Clark expedition when she was about seventeen. Because she and her two month old baby were part of the party, it was not seen as a war party. She guided the expedition through the territory she had known as a child and was able to communicate with the tribes. And probably died at twenty four.

    A rather ugly beginning that God appears to have brought to good. And that is repeated over and over in history. Like with slavery. We tend to think of the whites as the bad guys but slavery knows no race. The blacks were taken by the white traders, usually after being stolen from their own tribes by other blacks. Today, a lot of people of all races continue to be slaves. All part of the ugly that is our human state without God.

    It does not make it right, it just is. And if one can place one’s mind into the time of the event, it might not be seen as wrong or ugly or even out of the norm. Until we put it by the Bible.

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  17. Sin infects everything, and I think mumsee brings that to light well.

    And yes, God uses that all — but still holds those perpetrators fully responsible.

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  18. Nice, DJ, I needed that after cleaning twenty’s room for her weekly cleaning. It was especially ugly, especially her bathroom. Filled to the top with feces and paper towel and broke the chain on the flusher. But it is fixed. Husband helped. And she is not back to express her annoyance with me until Monday night. And so it goes. I took five. Thanks.

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  19. Glad it helped, mumsee. I love that cool jazz sound, mellow, melodic; it really does help one’s mood.

    I just made a list of all the dog meds — divided the page with a dog on each side, which meds are giving AM vs PM, which need food vs empty stomachs.

    I’ll have use those pill dividers to keep everything on track each week, day to day.

    It gets complicated.

    I’ve never had 2 aging dogs at the same time.

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  20. It may not make a difference to many, but the cell lines from the abortion are almost 50 years old, and are “one of the most commonly used cell lines in laboratories across the globe”. Many medications that we take for granted, and may even take regularly, were developed using that cell line.

    Several months ago, I read a piece from a respected Christian source that said that we can accept medications developed through this line as one way of God bringing good out of bad. Someone mentioned that the cell line could even have come from a miscarriage (which is referred to as a spontaneous abortion in medical parlance).



  21. Sunday morning here. I am sleeping better as my leg is gradually getting better. I feel like Chas in that I did mostly nothing yesterday. I’m sure that that is good for the leg. But I am also in a place where nothing is happening.

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  22. I did get to facetime with my youngest daughter yesterday. Her husband got on to report how well my oldest grandson is doing. School is finally in person and he is working at the coffee shop. So nice to hear a good report.
    Also the five year old read to me. I enjoyed it and want a copy of what he was readi

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  23. Jo, lockdown is so hard. I hope you all are out of it soon. And I hope the leg is better, too. Is this the leg that’s too short? Or too long? Bodies are so strange and unique.

    I’ve been going through piled up mail and other paper “junk,” mostly work-related (the big downside of working from home), that needed to be tossed. I have a big box of dog food to unpack and tear down next.

    And I still need to hit the market & Office Depot to pick up some printer paper.

    Poor Tess is hungry but I gave her a (new) pill about 30 minutes ago that requires no food for an hour. Cowboy got his morning portion of dog food w/assorted meds at 2:30 (pm) as he seriously slept in today. It was a good rest for his body, though, he’s walking much easier — for now.

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  24. Kim, nice pic!

    And I need your advice (or anyone else’s): Any tips on how to use my fireplace as I am wary of burning a real log until I can get it professionally cleaned and checked out?

    I tried some battery, remote control candles in a faux log thing I bought from Amazon a couple years ago and liked that. But the candles wouldn’t work the next year I tried them with the remote. Maybe you have to manually turn them off? There were quite a few in that log so I thought the remote would be a perfect way to enjoy “something” warm and pretty in the fireplace without too much hassle.

    I may eventually just go with a gas log, but not sure what’s involved in getting that set up.

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  25. We don’t have any fireplaces, although it looks like there may have been one at one time. Nightingale and I each have one of those pretend wood stoves in our living rooms. They work as heaters, but you can also have the “fire” on without the heat. On winter evenings, I like having the “fire” on, with the heat, too.

    The lights in the “fire” move in such a way to look like a fire “dancing” in the fireplace. I’m sure that some richer folks would think it is cheesy, but I like it.

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  26. Our internet is wonky today. My above post froze on me so all that I could do was post.
    Dj, hearing you talk of your errands is such a different world. I am with Chas, there is no where to go and nothing to do.

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  27. Here is the piece I was referring to above, written by Joe Carter, who was moderator of the WMB for a while. (HEK293T is the cell line mentioned in AJ’s link.)

    “Fetal tissue can be used in biomedical research for transplantation material and other purposes, though they are more often connected to the creation of “immortalized” cell lines. Immortalized cell lines are established by culturing fetal cells in such a way that they continue growing and multiplying in laboratory dishes indefinitely. Such cells can then be used for such activities as testing a drug’s ability to damage genetic material or to test the effects of specific viral infection.

    While immortalized cell lines began with fetal cells, they no longer contain fetal body parts, and no fetal tissue remains. No cells remain from the original fetal tissue, so they are not themselves “fetal cell.”

    HEK293T is a widely used immortalized cell line that was made from fetal tissue acquired in the Netherlands in the 1970s. The records pertaining to the origins of HEK293T were lost, so it is not known where the fetal tissue originated. However there are strong reasons to believe the tissue came from a miscarriage, and no compelling reason to believe it came from an elective abortion.”



  28. DJ, you could use some pretty, real logs and just loosely wrap/lump some wire twinkle lights – they come battery with a timer or plug in. Or a basket of pinecones with the same tiny lights.

    In other news, my first Christmas tree is up. Well, it never actually made it away after Christmas last year as it only has those tiny wire lights on it and was used for ambience in the living room. Anyway, I had a brainwave that it might fit nicely in the butter churn for a base. And it does.

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  29. It does feel cold tonight. I know it’s not really cold, cold like dog park cold, but definitely jacket weather. And I feel a little achy from the change. Miss Bosley has her head on my knee for a pillow and her warmth on my legs feels good.

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  30. Though my mental picture of Kim on a lawn chair with feet pulled up as Barney, or was it the cat, walked by with a snake.


  31. Kizzie my little sister and my Mom both have one of those fireplace heaters. They are lovely! It does appear to be real fire when they turn on that feature and it makes it feel so cozy. I contemplated getting one for our little sitting area in the living room 😊
    I love your ideas too Kare…those warm fairy lights would be perfect wrapped around some logs or just tucked in between logs…
    When we lived in town I would put a basket of pine cones with twinkle lights in my wood burning fireplace during the warmer months….

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  32. Great fireplace ideas, thank you! — I love twinkle lights (and always warm white, no cool white for me) and I have some strings always on hand.

    Pine cones, wood, pretty tiny lights. Fun ideas to play with.

    I’ve read of gas inserts in fireplaces — but I see that changing a wood-burning one to gas would cost about $3,000, so that option is out for now.

    I have a fire screen that’s a bit dense, so might look into more of a see-through grate …

    Cool ideas!

    And I like the ‘pretend’ wood stoves.

    I wandered out front at least, the dirt in the hanging flowers felt parched. I picked up some groceries and printer paper and ink.

    Now it’s baseball time. Score at the end of the 2nd inning is 1-1.

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  33. dj, Art turned on the Braves/Dodgers game right when the Dodgers scored a homerun so he immediately cut it off. He always feels he jinxes the Atlanta teams when be watches.


  34. Not long ago, I saw that someone had put one of the fake woodstoves inside their fireplace. 😀

    Caution, though: Those need to be plugged directly into a wall socket, not into a power strip or extension cord, as they draw a lot of electricity.

    The first year I had mine, I had it plugged into a power strip and I noticed that the power strip was quite hot. I thought there was something wrong with the strip itself. Very soon after that, I happened upon a warning about not plugging any kind of space heaters into them, and quickly unplugged the fake woodstove and re-plugged it into the wall socket, after unplugging something else. Now the power strip is fine.

    I was so grateful that I read that warning in time.

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  35. I may have mentioned last winter that I learned not to have the woodstove on while I vacuumed with my new vacuum cleaner. Apparently this vacuum cleaner draws more electricity than our old one did, so using it while the woodstove was on tripped a fuse (or whatever they’re called).

    At first when it happened, I thought that the power had just gone out, but then noticed that a light was still on. That clued me into what had just happened. So I went into the basement and found the fuse box, and found the right one to flip back to on. (Hubby or someone else had labelled them years ago, but with some of the labels, it is hard to figure out what they mean.)

    I also have to turn off the ac when I vacuum in the summer.


  36. The wiring in this house is crazy. The fuse I had to flip controls the outside wall and one inside wall of the living room (one wall does not have any outlets) as well as the adjoining wall of my bedroom. But the other wall in the living room is, I think, connected to the kitchen, and the rest of my bedroom is possibly connected to the adjoining entryway. Maybe.

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  37. Rewire can be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand. If you have aluminum wiring make plans to replace it. Insurance companies are starting to use it as a reason to charge more or cancel.

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  38. Good Morning again.
    DJ, usually I would recommend that you eventually convert your wood burning fireplace to gas, but you live in California. Many places are restricting the use of natural gas, so that most new construction no longer offers gas stoves. It would be a $3,000 expense that could be outlawed. Why bother? Instead, I would use it to decorate. I like the twinkle light idea that was suggested above. Don’t you have a rustic collection of baskets and bowls? I would do something like that. In the Spring/Summer decorate it with live plants/greenery and if the Autumn/Winter use pine cones, dried flowers, etc. You may even buy some battery candles and work those in using various heights of candlesticks.

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  39. Follow up to “The Wedding”. Mel was the most relaxed bride ever. She wore a gorgeously simple dress. The BEST innovation in wedding dresses now is that there are pockets in the seams!!!!!!
    I never spoke to the father of the bride. He avoided us. The stepmother was as we all expected. One of our “group” did go up to the Father of the Bride and kiss him on the cheek because that is just who she is. She had to “poke the crazy” and there was no controlling her. That earned her a tap on the shoulder from the new wife who accused her and her “coven” of trying to ruin her life. So now I have officially been accused of being part of a coven. The Godmother of the Bride (a Navy Wife) heard about it and came to the rest of us and told us it was time to go.
    One thing that was interesting is that strange things happened all day yesterday at the cottage and when the father of the bride danced with the bride to My Girl, every time the lyric “my girl” came up a STRONG wind blew off the bay. The godmother and I held each other around the waist and cried.

    Me? Well I did my own little things to have L at the wedding. I used one of her evening bags that I took after she died and one of her pashima wraps because it got quite cool last night, and since the wedding was a 4pm and the sun was still bright, I wore a pair of her sunglasses I had taken. Yesterday when I did the groomsmen’s breakfast I wore one of her necklaces. It was just little things that made me feel better.

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  40. Definite downturn last night. I had a fever through the night, lots of tossing and turning. About three, I decided to pull out the Vick’s for that trip down memory lane that usually soothes the nose a bit. Could not smell it at all. Not a whiff. O2 bouncing around between 85 and 88. I may go in to medical treatment today. For now, I shall take a nap before online church so I don’t fall asleep in church.

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  41. Kim, that deserves a story for compliation book of supernatural occurances at weddings. I once attended a second weddimg for a former house mate, and a powerful storm hit anx the power went off so the church went dark. I thought, “Oh, dear. This does not bode well.”


  42. Oh, Mumsee. I am sad to hear that. Will pray.

    It’s Sunday morning so I thought that it would be nice to try a cup of coffee. As I started to make it, I noticed I smelled the aroma from the bag but it did not stif up


  43. It did not stir up any feelings of wishing it was ready already. It was like smell without feelings, weird. Then I remembered that when I had shopped at Sprouts on the coffee aisle for the bar of chocolate (with my bad eyes I spent a lot of time looking for a brand of chocolate and finally had to ask for help), and I remembered that I had not a hint of the fragrance one usually gets when in the coffee section. Now in drinking the coffee this morning, I taste it a little but don’t feel the taste.

    And last night, I felt a tinge of soreness at the site of where I got that shot. I felt some aches elsewhere, too, from the cold weather coming in, but there was tenderness again at that shot site.

    I praise God in the sufferings that grow compassion in me for those who suffer similarily. God does not waste suffering.


  44. Has anyone seen the skinny Kim photo on Instagram? All her work this past year has paid off, but she must beware gusty winds so she won’t blow away. Time to celebrate with a trip to the islands! Thankful that Mr. P has worked to get his weight down, too♡

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  45. Janice – After your cataracts surgeries, did you get a new prescription for glasses? I can’t remember if you mentioned that or not. Although I had the surgeries, too, I still have to wear glasses, but my prescription is not as strong as it used to be.

    It makes me sad that you have had such trouble with your eyes. 😦

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  46. Kim, interesting point about natural gas being pushed by the wayside as quickly as possible out here now, too. I was focused mostly on the fact that wood-burning fireplaces are not permissible here now — no house can be built with one and older homes with such fireplaces are now under “no burn” restrictions that black out at least as many days as not during the year in which fireplaces can even be used. The big push in resent years was to transition to gas fireplaces.

    But that may not be so desirable now, either.

    We’ll have to figure out how to get warm by snuggling up in front of our twinkle lights.

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  47. I have a wood burning stove that I am planning to convert to propane next year. It will, hopefully keep the core of the house warm. I am not used to cold.

    Monday morning here. Do I have the energy to go to school??

    If our internet recovers today, I think I will order some Christmas gifts. They will just be surprised and get something early. I got the link for the badminton from Michelle that will go to three families. I plan on splurging on my oldest grandson. The report I got was that he is doing really well. I had talked about getting a stand up inflatable paddle board and it is time.

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  48. Facebook Live did not show our service until part way through the pastor’s sermon. I was told there is no other recording. Sad.

    Kizzie, after a long wait after my cataract surgeries to see if my vision would improve, I did get ‘bifocals.’ That was when I was able to get my driver’s license again. The bifocals only work as driving glasses for me. I had the two cataract surgeries and then another surgery on one eye. I have been to another doc over in another county who gave me drops to help with eye pressure. But nothing else could be done. I have not been back at all during Covid. I will try to go if I can get an appointment to a new doc outside of my state. There are new things happening in medicine along so who knows. It can’t hurt to get another opinion. I won’t go back to these docs. Another lady I know from Art’s church, a retired kindergaten or first grade teacher, had eye trouble for years after the higher priced more custom cataract surgery. I did not know my eye group did her surgery, too. I think she is totally blind now. Live and learn. Convenience is not always best.

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  49. Janice, a few years ago, my eye doc sent me to a specialist who poked a needle in my eye. It was supposed to deal with the potential pressure problem that can lead to blindness. It did not hurt at all.

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  50. We do not have a fireplace. My parents had one where my brother lives, and we had one where we lived in my growing up years. They were always messy and a hazard. Also, they were bad on the lungs at times. Of course I loved watching the fire in the fireplace, but it was never the same as watching the one at my grandmother’s where heating depended on the fireplace. That was a real fireplace instead of the more petite one we had at my childhood home.


  51. DJ, the contract is rather lengthy and would probably bring down the internet if I tried to put it up for you to read. Suffice to say, when you move to Winchester, I will come over and hold the rope and the hot chocolate while you climb around on the other side of the roof. No rope needed on my house. I just walk out the second story window in the garage and walk across the top to the chimney with my scrub brush. Take off the chimney cap and scrub it out, getting lots of soot all over me. The soot can make the roof slippery. Caution.

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  52. I am a big proponent of Christmas presents throughout the year. Presents are quickly lost in the chaos of Christmas but when they arrive unexpectedly in May for instance, they can be enjoyed for quite a while.

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  53. I have no idea what that is.
    I lost my post, but now I am at school and the internet is better.

    Yes, I agree about Christmas presents being early and to be enjoyed.
    No ideas for the youngest as they get so much

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  54. Mumsee–word around here is if your oxygen levels get below 90 you go to the ER.

    We took the oldest Adorable to the movies last night–first time at the movies in 2 years for me!

    He and I both had read a book about The Rescue–which is the story of the Thai soccer kids who got stuck in a cave in 2018. A riveting documentary that we all enjoyed–especially since it had a happy ending. 🙂

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  55. Scanned up and saw mumsee’s earlier (8:30 a.m.) post about not feeling well, I’d somehow missed that.. Did you check in with a doctor — any improvement?


  56. Yes, I am improved. No, I don’t have a doctor apparently. The guy I have been seeing for the past twenty two years turns out to be just I was just seeing him socially. I am guessing I don’t go to the doctor enough to earn money so I was dropped. Not by the doctor, he would be embarrassed to work for a company that would do such a thing. But he is the doctor for husband and all of my children in the area.

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  57. Back to the topic at hand. I have discovered that when your oxygen saturation gets low, a quick round of squats or jumping jacks or the like will quickly remedy it. Of course, you may have to keep at it every ten minutes but the idea is to keep the blood pumping and the oxygen moving to keep from shutting down your organs. Not a bad price to pay. If it is still a problem, I will probably go in tomorrow. Let’s just not mention to daughter that we did not go in today.

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  58. Yes, seeing a doctor socially (only) probably wouldn’t keep you in the official files for 20+ years.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, though.

    Dodgers in Atlanta with the Braves — Game 2, set to begin shortly.

    Art, are you watching? Fix him a nice snack, Janice, fluff up those pillows.

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  59. So funny. We have been watching NCIS. He flipped the channel to the game. It was tied. He said , “That’s not good.” I said, “Quick, switch it back!” So we are watching another NCIS rerun. “Run, Braves, RUN AS IN HOMERUN!

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