8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-2-21

  1. 🙂 Got to enjoy many soccer games and one softball game with grands last weekend.

    😦 Wow the weeks go fast these days!

    🙂 The beauty of fall is amazing. What a Creator we have!

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  2. Enjoyed a good visit with my dad and stepmom.

    Enjoyed a good week without twenty here.

    Cleaned her room for her (at her request) in her absence.

    Listened to her trash it when she returned (while she was yelling that she did not deserve kindness)

    Cleaned her room again the next day when she was gone to speech therapy.

    Listened to her not trash her room, but play quietly with her crafting beads in her room.

    God is working on both of us.

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  3. Are you cooking them first? I love beets but they do not love me. I grow them because husband says he loves them, but he rarely eats them. So what is next for my poor garden of beets?


  4. 😦 Too hot for October (my car readout said it was 90 when I got home from church). I left all the windows open so it wouldn’t heat up too much out there in the driveway; I may need to make a run to the grocery store later today.

    😦 I missed a one-day women’s retreat I almost signed up for (but didn’t) yesterday at our sister church; the speaker, I didn’t learn until this morning, was Jamie Dean from WM. So sorry I missed that. 😦

    🙂 Both dogs greeted me as I came in the back gate.

    😦 But Cowboy’s looking weaker, so keeping an eye on him. What a hard season overall this has been in my world.

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  5. Yes, Mumsee, the big ones I put in a large roaster with water in the oven and then I had two large pots on the stove top. Then I peel them with gloves on while they’re still quite warm. Then I cut them up and put in bags.

    I still have a pail left to do and one more roaster of peeled beets to cut up. I don’t think I’ll need to plant a garden next year. Our freezers are absolutely full of produce.


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