59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-21-22

  1. Good morning, Wanderers! Where do you plan to wander today? What will you wonder about as you wander?

    Time for me to go into the world of Acts andcwonder a bit on that.

    I saw on last night’s comments that Kim thinks there are discrepancies in the movie Sweet Home Alabama but she thinks it is a cute movie. We enjoyed watching it again.

    The nice lady newscaster mentioned watching Yellowstone. Do any of you watch it? It sounds good. It was mentioned because a Professional Bull Riders event is here for two days.

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  2. DJ,

    Grooming Fluffy is really easy. She eats Royal Canin dry and wet and her fur is soft like a baby seal. 🙂

    She’s water proof too. According to the vet, she’s got Norwegian Forest Cat in her.


    You’ll see her twin(s) in the video.

    The brush just slides thru mostly. It’s done wonders for her coat since we’ve brought her home. They eat the sensitive digestion food, as both Fluffy and Gemma have stomach issues. I highly recommend it.

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  3. Good morning! I have finally completed my long work run. I worked 4 shifts, cooked all day on friday, travelled across the state with food I had made and we had my mom’s funeral. Then I have worked another 5 shifts. I am pooped.

    I am off to the store to pick up the list Miguel sent, pick up feed, then take 3 grands home to help with new kids we have. I have 4 days off, then work 8 shifts, finishing with 3 weeks off in February.

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  4. I am busy today. I am playing Princess. Actually I have always wanted to be the Supreme Queen of the Universe, but alas, no one will indulge me in that endeavor.
    I will be getting my hair done at 11. I want to wear it up, perhaps in a French Twist. I will let the stylist determine. At 2:15 I will be getting my make-up done…just because it is fun and I want to look nice tonight. We are having our annual awards ceremony. I will be handing the agents their awards and I will be presenting the Culture Award to a very deserving agent, then I will say a few words about our Team Leader. I will be describing an asking of a Leader, and after each description I will say his name and say that he has that quality. Then I will end it with a little inside the office humor of “We are lucky to have you…
    Because of the weather and the threat of the roads icing and that it will be late when everything is over, I will be spending the night in P’cola tonight and I may have to show property tomorrow in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. I am determined to make as much as I can this year too so that I can pay off all debt except the car and the house.

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  5. I watched an episode of Yellowstone, but I don’t want to have to subscribe to watch more. There are a lot of streaming services now, and to watch all the shows I like, I’d be paying more than if I signed up for cable. So, I’ll continue watching what I can for free and put up with the ads.

    Speaking of free, here are the weekly comics. The cartoonists must be on vacation, because there aren’t many new ones this week.

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  6. Morning all…morning Chas! I shall be joining you in a bowl of Cheerios soon. I watched an old episode of Andy Griffith last night which featured an actress Cheerio Meredith. I had never heard of someone naming a child Cheerio but it seemed fitting for this charming actress.

    I am watching the skies to determine when to make my run to town and then for dropping off food at our friend’s home. Cloudy and cool but the forecasts are all over the place concerning snow, when it gets here and how much!

    Husband is off to climb the trail and will be caretaking Barr Camp for the next 4 days. He will probably be seeing more snow than me!

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  7. I have no plans to go out and about and hope that doesn’t change. rkessler made me tired just reading all of that! I am pretty sure we are lucky others did not indulge our desire to be Queen. At least, I was. Now I am old enough to know better. 😉 I hope you will be safe in your travels, Kim. That black ice is terrible. I am sorry for the couple I know who is down on Tybee Island during all the cold. Not the best time to flee the cold here to only run into down south.

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  8. Those cats look and sound like just about every cat I have ever known. They are pretty but aren’t all cats? They are friendly except when they aren’t, but aren’t all cats? They like to hunt, but don’t all cats?

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  9. We’ve decided to brush our outside (shop) cat a few times this winter. He usually ends up with horrible matting on his back near the tail and even on his tail by spring. Seems easier to just grab him and give him a quick brush once a month or so. He loves it, so it’s easy.

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  10. Don’t you have to be able to catch the cat before you can brush him/her?

    (We only have had short-haired cats).

    Another interesting fact is that in our long, long marriage and 14 moves, we’ve only had three cats. They just seem to live forever (16 years, 21 years, now 4 years). I grew up getting a new cat every year.

    (But then, they weren’t pampered, never saw a vet, and probably were hit by cars–who knows? Mom always said they ran away).

    Our three have lived in the lap of, changing, luxury by comparision.

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  11. They definitely remind me of the Maine Coon, “barn,” cats, mentioned also in that video.

    I remember many years ago interviewing someone who had one that was being entered into a cat show, I’d never heard of them before that. Cats were cats, except for Siamese cats which my mom said were snooty.

    Annie Oakley is a black-and-white American shorthair — or just a cat — who wound up running with a bad feral crowd at our LA County animal shelter. A cat rescue friend volunteered there and at the time I was in need of a good mouser.

    Annie worked out well, which is an understatement. 🙂

    I’m thinking that sustained and perpetuated “pure” cat breed lines aren’t as common as dog breeds are — cats being cats and all.

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  12. Does Fluffy go outdoors? Does she have an indoor cat tree?

    Annie enjoys going out, but nowadays sticks almost always to just the backyard. In the early years, she’d be sitting out on the front steps waiting to greet me when I got home from work. But she was never a big wanderer.

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  13. I have started watching “Yellowstone” after hearing so much about it, I’m maybe halfway through the first season. Still trying to get all the characters and family relationships straight!


  14. It’s certainly grittier than the kinder, gentler “Heartland,” but if you like horses and wide open spaces — and Kevin Costner, of course, who doesn’t? — might be worth checking in on it.

    I’m enjoying it, but am not hooked (yet) — seems like a show you need to stick with, though, as it’s very layered and nuanced in the storylines. But it certainly has received stellar reviews and seems quite popular. (Now in its 4th season, I believe.)

    I’m also curious about 1883, which is the new “prequel” to “Yellowstone.”

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  15. I was just watching a you tube on blood pressure. What pops up but an ad for The Chosen. I have never seen one before. Who has been stalking me on here???

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  16. mumsee, kind of creepy, isn’t it? If we type it, they know it — and have an ad for it.

    Annie had to have outdoor access as (A) I got her to work as a mouser (spell check wants to change that to “monster”); and (B) with 2 dogs and a swinging doggie door, there was really no way to lock her inside without bifurcating the whole house which just way too complicated and not really very workable for animals or me.

    She learned how to use that doggie door very quickly, by the way.


    My very with-it vet — who’s married to a vet — told me their 2 cats go out, he said one of them keeps the neighborhood pretty rodent-free. While there certainly are dangers out there, I think it’s also a quality of life for cats who have been used to being outdoors before we get them. And the vet said there were studies showing cancer rates among indoor-only cats were higher, but I never really read up on that and this has been several years ago.

    As with everything, there are always trade-offs and one size doesn’t fit all.

    Growing up, all our cats were indoor-outdoor, of course. But yes, cars and coyotes and stray dogs can pose risks. But I also think indoor-outdoor cats are quite savvy. I always feel bad hearing about an indoor cat who gets out, they seem to get rather lost quickly. And cats are pretty good at “slipping” out.


  17. I no longer see it as cruel to keep a cat indoors. It pained me at first to do that to Miss Bosley. She still sneaks out on the carport almost daily. I rattle the car door and she runs back in. It is like a rattle toy game for her and an annoyance for me.

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  18. I do not think it is cruel to keep a cat indoors. I just don’t want one in my house. I like my cats, just fine. They are lounging on the covered front porch as we speak. They greeted me as I came in from my walk.

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  19. Signs of growth would be present if you are truly in the faith. If there is no desire to get to know God better, whether by attending church, bible study and/or prayer, you probably are not in the faith. If your thoughts, words or actions never change to be more like Christ’s, you probably are not in the faith. If you have no true sorrow over sin, you probably are not in the faith. We all grow at different rates. We can slow that rate with our own action or inaction to some extent. If there is absolutely no growth, though, or desire for it, I would question being in the faith. These things can be done in a rote manner, however, too, and that is probably what Paul is referring to. The Israelites all marched together, but not all were Abraham’s children with circumcised hearts. I would suppose it is the same in the church. Sobering thought there and good warning from Paul.

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  20. Good afternoon everyone.
    LindaS says you are complaining because I only showed up once.
    But I already told you everything going on around here
    That’s it. That’s good
    We don’t want an happening at this stage in life.

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  21. Chas must have been waiting to be on my time zone. Not much happening here either.

    But some one I do not know wants to see the neighbors house that has been for sale for two years. But there is a visiting doctor there, but we worked it out.

    When I went to the teen centre hamburger night last night, the family in front of me in line also wanted to see the house. So I will ask if we can show it twice today.

    I have been praying that it will sell and the doctor staying there is good friends with the owners who also wants it to sell.

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  22. Whine whine whine…yep…that’s some of us wanderers!! I won’t name names though 🙃 It is good when you check in Chas… ❤️

    Snowing here and cold. I dropped off the food to our friend and left a text telling him that it was on the porch. Now I am home snug as a bug and going nowhere. Husband sent photos to me of the cabin…it’s snowing up there and no one is climbing Pikes Peak today so he is very much alone…but enjoying it immensely…

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  23. I whine about the weather here — which typically only ranges some 20 degrees one way or the other.

    It’s too hot! It’s too cold! — Goldilocks.

    Today actually feels just right. 63 degrees and sunny.

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  24. I liked what you said about spiritual growth, Kathaleena. So true. That is what concerns me about my friend, Karen. She is listening to the Phillip Yancey memoir since yesterday and liking it a lot. I am glad it is keeping her attention. I look forward to hear her thoughts when she is finished. I wonder if her husband might listen since he is a retired psychiatrist and it contains much he could analyze in the book.

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  25. I need to make pizza real soon. I got a start on dinner and made slaw. They were out of the wonderful tender organic cabbage so I got what they had. It is not nearly as tasty; it’s tougher and rather tasteless, but I redeem it with flavors of mayo, olive oil vinagrette, celery serd, black pepper and tumeric and it tastes pretty good afterall.

    I put in an order for some office supplies this afternoon with 14 minutes left to order for delivery today. I can not believe I can get it with less than half a day’s notice with Prime during these pandemic days. Count me impressed! But it is where we live. There are some advantages.

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  26. Husband just texted that 10 inches of snow has fallen up on the mountain. I am thinking those four hikers who made reservations for the bunkhouse tomorrow night just might not make it!


  27. Years ago, I read one particular reason for keeping cats inside that stuck with me. The vet writing the piece said that many cruel people are drawn to torturing cats, and he had seen the results of it.

    Of course, I realize that even so, it is probably pretty rare. But that little tidbit of info horrified me.

    Some animal shelters will not allow adoption of black cats around Halloween for that kind of reason. So sad.

    My Rudy is a fluffy black cat, and so sweet. Angel is a tortoiseshell cat, which is mostly black. She’s a sweetie, too. Both of them are so beautiful.

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  28. We had a skiff of snow yesterday. Cold weather, 20s or so. Of course, we had another goat to kid. Trey and the grands are doing a great job caring for them. I was hoping they would wait till February when I am off, but that is how it goes.

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  29. Re: natural immunity. I am a big believer, as I touch, swab, and perform all other nursing care on very sick covid patients, daily. I test weekly. Always negative. I am diligent to wear my PPE properly at work. I wear my mask into walmart. Not so much worried about covid there as flu or norovirus.

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  30. The real end game: Pandemics don’t last forever. 🙂

    While this may not be “THE END,” we’re getting there. Even a 6-month reprieve before the next immune-resistant variant comes along would be something.

    God willing.

    Because only God knows.



    Is COVID retreating in the U.S.? Data paints encouraging scenario
    Maria Caspani
    Fri, January 21, 2022, 4:06 AM·4 min read
    By Maria Caspani

    NEW YORK (Reuters) -New coronavirus cases are falling in parts of the United States hit hardest by the fast-spreading Omicron variant, according to a Reuters analysis of public health data, offering an early indication the virus might once again be in retreat.

    COVID-19 infections have decreased in 19 states plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, an analysis of the past week through Thursday compared with the prior week showed.

    In the Northeast, which saw some of the highest case loads during the latest surge, infections are down 40% week-over-week.

    “Certainly it bodes well for us in terms of the trajectory of Omicron,” said Wafaa El-Sadr, a professor of epidemiology and medicine at Columbia University in New York City.

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  31. I believe natural immunity has kept Mrs L and me from getting severe cases of COVID. or the variants. Neither of us are vaxxed, and we don’t wear masks unless required to (at the community college). We trust the Lord will take care of us.

    I believe all of us should do what we do based on faith, not fear. Take the vaccine, wear a mask, or don’t, just do it in faith.

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  32. Goof Morning Wanderers. Where is everyone? I was out way past my bedtime last night. I didn’t sleep very well in this hotel room but I didn’t have to drive home at 10:30pm either so for that I am thankful and it was less than 5 minutes from the event venue.
    The theme was An Evening with the Tsars. Yeah, well, here in the Sunshine State it sort of felt like Russia. We have indoor heaters and fire pits. It’s more of a warehouse space that gets decorated for events. It turned out to be a great night.
    I even got to dance. I was very impressed that my 24 year old agent was able to really dance and lead. He kept asking how I learned to dance. ” My dad taught me. I can’t dance with short men and if you can lead I can follow”. I asked him the same question. He is getting married and he and his fiancée are taking dance lessons. Then one of my gay men agents grabbed me to dance.
    I was able to give two of the speeches. I ALWAYS give the Culture Award and last night I also talked about what a True Leader does for our ring leader.
    My gift last night was a Gucci Belt. It is black leather with a gold buckle and they had my initials stamped on the inside. I never thought I would be “that person” but I sure do like it and luckily can wear it today when I venture out from my hotel and show property on the way home.

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  33. Good morning, all. I have been occupied. First, reading in Galatians, then off to feeding children, my bike and elliptical, back to feeding a twenty and two new goat kids needed some iodine on their cords. Dictated more hay be put into the shelter for their comfort and their mom to eat. Then breakfast for husband. Soon, we will start school for the day. We do Saturday as they take Friday off for speech and shopping.

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