Our Daily Thread 10-30-14

Good Morning!

Today’s header photo is quite possibly the coolest bird I’ve ever seen. I looked over the side of a bridge and there he was, hunting at the edge of the lake about 10 feet away. I took a bunch of pics and he never moved. Here are a few more.

disney 2014 042disney 2014 038

Click the pics for a larger view.


On this day in 1831 escaped slave Nat Turner was apprehended in Southampton County, VA, several weeks after leading the bloodiest slave uprising in American history.  

In 1938 Orson Welles’ “The War of the Worlds” aired on CBS radio.  

In 1943 a declaration was signed by the Governments of the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and China called for an early establishment of an international organization to maintain peace and security. 

And in 1993 Martin Fettman, America’s first veterinarian in space, performed the world’s first animal dissections in space, while aboard the space shuttle Columbia. 


Quote of the Day

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

John Adams


 Today is Bryan Goggin’s birthday.

And it’s Grace Slick’s too. I can’t help it. It’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever I hear her name.

Now good luck trying to get it out of your head. 😯


Anyone have a QoD?

43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-30-14

  1. Morning Aj. so nice to have you back. Have you figured out what kind of a bird that is? Quite extraordinary and enjoys fishing as much as you do, as you said.

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  2. Good morning, Chas & Aj. Good evening, Jo.

    Aj: Somehow I got my hands on a copy of the book “Go Ask Alice” as an impressionable 12 year old. I remember reading it surreptitiously in my room. It was a bizarre introduction to the world of drugs. I had an older brother who had quite a problem with various illegal substances, becoming a cocaine dealer for many years. Fortunately, he’s been sober now for over 25 years. I remember being scandalized by Alice’s adventures.


  3. While many of you are dealing with winter weather, it’s been 85 here all week–Beeca-Boo and her friend went swimming a couple of days ago. This morning, we’re down to 59, but it’s supposed to reach 80 by this afternoon.


  4. AJ, that bird looks other worldly! Did you go by the Space Center while in Florida and take a rocket ride to get that picture?

    Glad you are back home. Also glad you had a good vacation!

    we are suppose to go on that World dinner cruise this evening. It is always good to be with those folks. I was not sure if we would get to go, but it is time to get packing my overnight bag.

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  5. Janice, I just rake them off the lawn and around the azaleas. I don’t have taken down the trees that are within falling distance to the house.


  6. Good Morning All. November is shaping up to be a very busy month for Mr P and me. Saturday one of my agents is getting married. Tuesday will will do our Eastern Shore Division Thanksgiving Lunch and meeting, Wednesday we will repeat it at the Coastal Division. Friday I have to attend a Realtor meeting in New Orleans. The 15th we have a Mardi Gras Ball to attend. It is a small one. The 26th we have a debutante ball. That is Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and last night a friend send me a message asking if we would like tickets to see Navy play the USA Jaguars.
    Then of course we will slide into December. It is good to be busy and social. Oh, and I decided to get my fanny back in the gym this week. So far I have been every day. Monday was geriatric yoga–those old broads kicked my behind 😉 Tuesday was just the elliptical. Last night was Pure Barre…I thought my legs were going to collapse on the way to the parking lot.
    I asked Mr P if he could see a difference yet (ha ha)…He said I look just like a Victoria’s Secret model.

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  7. I hadn’t heard Whit Rabbit before, but the discussion between Mumsee & Cheryl had me go back and listen to it.
    I wish I hadn’t It’s still on but will soon be off.
    It’s off now. 🙂

    I also learned that I don’t like Jefferson Airplane. I prefer Boeing.

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  8. That bird almost looks fake. I could well imagine someone carving and painting one. Beautiful bird. I never cease to be amazed by all the variety in nature.


  9. I’ve heard White Rabbit a lot, being of that generation. 🙂 It was part of the teen-age soundtrack to life in the late ’60s.

    I knew Cheryl would know what kind of bird that was, it is cool looking. Good to have you back AJ, hope you had a nice break. You’re so good to keep the blog going even when you’re on vacation … 🙂 We love you.

    Busy week for me, 3 stories yesterday and another couple on tap to write today (I’ve been swept into covering a school controversy — since we don’t currently have an ed reporter — and it’s one of those fast-moving things with new developments emerging daily right now).

    On top of all of that I’m supposed to turn in 2 Zamperini stories by early next week (Monday maybe?) for the Rose Parade magazine we’re publishing. I honestly don’t know when I’ll have time to do all of that. 😦

    It’s getting colder, especially at night, here, too; I almost used the car heater for the first time this season the other night coming home late from work, but I resisted. And the forecasters say we are expecting rain — more than sprinkles this time — overnight from Friday into Saturday. Yay.

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  10. I’ve discovered the source of my problem.
    I see in this week’s World that computers can be controlled by brain waves.
    By brain and hard drive aren’t using the same language.

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  11. Cheryl – Thanks for replying to my question last night.

    On the matter of nighttime wetting, I had a friend whose oldest daughter could not seem to avoid wetting the bed at night, even at six years old. Either a wise friend or pediatrician advised my friend that the problem was probably psychological. The stress that K was feeling about wetting the bed could also be causing her to do it.

    So, my friend bought small-size Depends to put K in at night. With the stress relieved, K soon stopped wetting at night.


  12. The Real, at least you didn’t play Jefferson Starships “We Built This City with Rock and Roll 😉 😛 I actually enjoy “White Rabbit” once in a while, as I find it darkly humorous.

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  13. Karen, why wouldn’t it be possible that some of them would work? God put a lot of natural remedies into his creation. Aspirin is from the roots of willow trees. Ginger can help an upset stomach or a headache. Some herbs or beverages can aid libido; some can repress it. And so forth. Yeah, that’s a lot of quackery out there. But personally I’d rather suck on a mint for a mildly upset stomach than take a Pepto tablet, and my husband and one daughter like ginger tea when they aren’t feeling well.

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  14. I was going to say some dogs eat grass when their stomach is upset. (Some dogs, like Misten, eat it just because they like it.) Pregnant elephants are said to seek out a particular tree to eat it when they are ready to give birth. And pregnant women may crave pickles and ice cream when they need salt and dairy. Natural foods and herbs can be helpful–but they can also be neutral or dangerous.

    Caffeine can help relieve a headache; but if we rely on daily coffee, going without it can bring on a headache. Wine can soothe the stomach, but too much of it can be a bad idea medically and in other ways.


  15. Kim, all your plans sound great for an extrovert! As an introvert, they sound overwhelming to me. I would enjoy them as a fly on the wall, but participation in all would be rough.


  16. Kim,

    Some of that sounds like fun. 🙂

    And I’m sure Paul is pleased to be seeing Navy and U of SA. That’s the part that sounds fun. 🙂

    The balls and formals… meh, either way…. I’ve been told I do clean up well, and I do look good in a tux…. 😆

    But pretty can be sooo much work. You ladies know what I’m talking about. 🙂


  17. AJ, All of the football games I saw when I was in college were Navy v someone else. I came home and my college diploma is from the University of South Alabama. I am ashamed to admit that I cried my way out of there. They didn’t want to accept some of my credits from Maryland and then as I would get close to graduating they would change the rules and add more classes I had to take. I used to joke that they had a live one with a checkbook and were going to keep me as long as they could.
    I had a much easier time when I went to Springhill College–The Jesuit College of the South.

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  18. I loaned my lighter to the mighty hunters and forgot to tell daughter to bank the fire properly last night so I had to start it with flint and steel. It makes a nice start. The fire is burning brightly. I told her she could use my flint and steel next so it will be interesting to see if she banks the fire tonight.

    no, the real, I don’t. What are you talking about?

    We have had many bedwetters and several of them were on meds for it. I think the meds cause it because we took them off the meds, they stopped the bedwetting. Ok, in reality, living in a peaceful home made quite a difference. Once they realized they were safe, that stopped.

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  19. I know a bed wetter older than six. She is an extremely deep sleeper. Her parents gave up the battle and used larger pull-ups. She gets very embarrassed and was happy to hear she was not alone in doing it. I am sure it will end at some point.

    Karen, I agree about the homeopathic drugs. I have no problem with all kinds of natural remedies or medicines. That is not what homeopathy is mainly about, however.


  20. Family lore is that my ex sister in law was a bedwetter. They were at the chiropractor’s office and something was said about it. He said he bet she was out of joint and that one leg was looking longer than the other. He gave her an adjustment and evened out her legs and she never wet the bed again.

    I distinctly remember the last time I wet the bed. I was in second grade and my mother was trying to wake me up for school. I was dreaming that I was a dog and when the dog lifted his leg …. well let’s just say I woke up then and my mother put me in the shower. (She was terrified of water and was afraid if she ever let me take a tub bath I would drown.


  21. As reported inThe Washington Times
    A bumper sticker seen in Washington:
    “On advice of counsel, this sticker contains no message”

    😉 Wise advice.:.


  22. One of my agents just came in. She just got back from seeing her son before he heads to Liberia. The Army’s uniforms are worn out, they have to buy their own mosquito netting and insect repellent. None of it is tax deductible because they are not going into a war zone. They also are not receiving hazard pay.
    She had to put her adult handicapped son in the hospital this morning with pneumonia. Obviously she is upset.


  23. I am in Charleston. It was a very nice dinner cruise. The next World will be covering Ebola. Marvin Olasky spoke about the Hope Awards. When asked about concerns he mentioned the creep of evolution into Christian churches and how that takes away from the dignity of people being made in God’s image.

    I am really tired. The weather was beautiful for the trip and dinner cruise. But THE Drive Was Quite Stressful Because We Got Lost Around Augusta. This Smartphone is acting stupid right now adding capital letters where I don’t put them. And if that seems bad, well, Miss GPS is a lot worse with her detours and scenic routes through little towns in SC. We were running very late. We did not get to go by our hotel. I had time to grab a blanket from the trunk and then change into my dressier clothes in the car under the blanket. I am not in flexible enough shape to make that happen easily. It seemed rather crazy, but at least we made it to the cruise right before they left.

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  24. I am right here, Cheryl — can’t you see me? 😉

    Finally caught up with the thread. I only had time for the prayer thread this morning, then had a very busy (and great) day.

    Second Arrow was home, hubby had the day off, and First Arrow was done with work and school by late afternoon, so there were eight of us around the dinner table tonight. Loved it! 🙂

    All of us (except 1st Arrow, who was gone during that time) did a big clean-up around the outside of our house today. Looks great now, and felt great working outside on a coolish day like today. Teamwork as a family is so invigorating and refreshing!

    My prospective piano student and his dad came for the interview I set up with them. Things appear to have gone quite well, and I do believe the boy will enroll. The dad was very positive and encouraging, and his son quite enthusiastic in wanting to show me what he already knew how to do at the piano when I invited him to do so.

    AJ, it is nice to have you back. And, as someone else said, thank you for keeping the blog going during your vacation. We appreciate that!

    Ann, I read Go Ask Alice, too, as a teenager, I believe. Very intense. I reread it one time as an adult, and it was so heartbreaking.

    Time to go through a pile of emails now… Have a good night (day), all. 🙂


  25. I was at school doing parent-teacher conferences. Most of the parents just want a your-child-is-a-model-student pat on the back. Most of the parents whose children are a problem either academically or in behavior don’t bother showing up.


  26. Oh, and I kind of liked “White Rabbit” when it was popular. I guess because it was different. I’ll have to listen to it again and see if I still like it.


  27. I’m home! One more long work day and it’ll be the weekend …

    I’ve had some strange dreams, but I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed I was a dog. 😉


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