52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-21

  1. You are doing a good job so far Jo.
    I see on v where people are out of jobs because they don’t want to go to work.
    That means nothing is getting done nowhere.
    I’m just sitting here doing nothing beause nothing is all I can do.
    No kidding. Making up the bed this morning was a taski.
    Off to breakfast

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  2. Good morning! First night that we have not been super busy in the ED. I might be able to stop for a few minutes and catch up on what yall have been doing. Have a great day.

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  3. Good morning, all, except Jo. Good night, Jo!

    I realize I am waking up tired. I wish I felt refreshed. Coffee will wake me up. No question about that, but I wish for feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep sense of well being. I will stumble onward toward the coffee pot.

    Thanks to dj, I shall try to remember to spell recumbent with an ‘e.’ Where is spell check when I need it?

    Yesterday in making a list of clothing items, spell check or the other gremlin auto
    (in)correct insisted in changing the word jeans into Jean’s. It just did it again!!! When I write the word roses it changes that to Rose’s. It did that change again, too. It’s so frustrating and such a time waster.


  4. Good morning, rk. Glad you have hit the praise button for a few moments of rest.

    I wrote pause but phone preferred praise so I left it.

    I wrote but, but it showed up as bug.
    I wrote as but it showed up as at.
    Finally one sentence right.

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  5. I have been to the coast twice in two months yet I did not see the beach once. For a normal person I would think, how can that be? I have a short jaunt to Florida next month, but alas, it is smack dab in the middle of the state. Beaches, beaches everywhere yet not one to be seen!


  6. OK, I think I am caught up now.

    Janice, canning is easy and quite satisfying. It is one of those things where you can actually see and enjoy the results of your labor. To open the cabinet and see all the gleaming jars of good stuff, and know that you put that up. Just get a Ball Blue Book and follow the directions.

    I saw a question a few days ago about being removed from active rolls in church. If you are a member of a mainline denomination, the apportionment (sort a tax you pay to the main group) is based on the active member roll. If you are active, the thought is that you are tithing. I know the criteria we had in the denomination I previously attended was that if you had not been to church or contributed in any way for 3 consecutive years, unless you were a student or in the military, you would be moved to the inactive roll. The apportionment taxes can be onerous to small congregations without a lot of monetary resources.

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  7. I haven’t been to an coastal beach since our trip to Florida 6 years ago. I don’t miss the sand that gets into everything, but watching the waves roll in is relaxing.

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  8. Good Morning Everyone. Mr. P is is a fizz. The key to his truck is missing and he can’t find one of his prescription medications. He thinks it is no coincidence that we were gone yesterday and both disappeared. The key had disappeared before we left, so we had to take MeeMaw. He couldn’t find his medicine last night. He went over to ask the neighbor if she had a Ring Doorbell and if she saw anything. Obviously she does have one, because she wasn’t at home and called me because she saw him at her front door. She said her doorbell had not recorded anyone near our house yesterday.
    Just think how much Gladys Kravitz would have enjoyed a Ring Doorbell!!!!!
    Anyone he is hopping mad about it and is going to get to the bottom of it.

    We went down to Fort Morgan yesterday. It is where the Battle of Mobile Bay took place,.between Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines. “Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead”. It is also where we spread my father’s ashes. I sat and looked out on the water thinking about how much time I had spent over my life in that water. My dad liked to go to Dauphin Island and fish. He threw a cast net and caught mullet. Yesterday the mullet were jumping and I just sat and watched them. Back then, there were no cell phones. Daddy and I would go to Dauphin Island to fish and late afternoon the Sheriff’s Deputy would come by and say, “Jimmy, your wife called. It’s time for you and Kim to go home”. There were also two porpoises swimming and jumping. We were there about 2 hours and someone (me) got a little sunburned. Part of the time, I just closed my eyes and listened to the waves lapping up on the shore.



    I have eaten more than my fair share of mullet in my life. They are best fried. Don’t ever try them smoked. They are disgusting. Fried, they are really good.

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  9. Thank you, rk, on the info about church membership rolls. That completely explains it since our pastor is very business and money minded. Now I completely understand. I have wondered if Art and I happen to be of like mind to find a church that we could again attend together, during the visiting and looking time should I have myself placed on the inactive roll? I would want to give monetarily to the churches we visit. Just trying to sort things out. I am not too happy with my churches outreaches at the moment and not feeling inclined to pour money into things that have previously shown themselves ineffective at disciple making which is the stated goal of my church.

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  10. Our church does not seem to have anything to drop membership. I am not a member, but husband is. When they have a business meeting, it is difficult to get a quorum.

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  11. Our church does not force membership, but you are not supposed to vote if you are not a member. That was not held to in the last election and I am concerned. I don’t think the church will last too much longer and have been praying about that for quite awhile. We were at our daughter’s church this week which is what we usually do when visiting on a Sunday. The giving can be difficult to work out when things are not well with a church.

    We attended six soccer games and part of one. We were watching four sibling grands at those games. Then on our way home we were able to catch the last softball game for our eldest granddaughter. Since we seldom get to see them play (and haven’t at all since Covid) We really enjoyed the weekend. I dressed in layers and it was a wise decision. We even had a couple of blankets for the colder times. Then I could take off as needed to be comfortable. It was a beautiful weekend to be out and about.

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  12. Our congregational business meetings are held once a year, around January-February, after the Sunday worship. It’s stressed for attendance and as far as I know we’ve always gotten a quorum (though the meetings trail on for some time so many only attend for the first hour or so, being there for roll call).

    I went to sleep early (for me, 10:30) last night and feel better this morning. I was up a couple times to let Cowboy out (12:30 and 2:30 as I recall), then at the 6 a.m. door-opening for his highness (why is it still dark now at that hour? I know, because it’s fall) I went ahead and left it open, figuring it’d be light soon enough and I could get another 1-2 hours of uninterrupted sleep that way.

    Now that the extra money isn’t being provided on unemployment benefits, I’m not sure how people can just so easily afford to be “out of work” voluntarily, especially if they’re single and their own sole support. But a lot of the places that need workers — restaurants, stores, etc. — wouldn’t pay high wages, either, so maybe it’s a wash.

    I love the sound of waves crashing on the shore at night. I’ve never lived close enough to hear that regularly, but when I’ve stayed right on the ocean it’s been such a peaceful sound. My dad told me years ago it was the one thing he loved about the beach. The rest of it, especially “the sand in your shoes” (But dad, why would you wear shoes on the beach? grumble, grumble he’d reply) he hated.

    We did go out as a family to the beach at night on occasion to roast hot dogs and marshmallows during my early teen years. Sometimes it would be during times when we’d get that fluorescent surf condition out here where the breaking waves would glow green.

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  13. I remember a wonderful day at the beach, at Hilton Head, while in college. It was a perfect blind date for me meeting my roommate’s boyfriend’s college (Georgia Tech) roommate. We had giant truck inner tubes which we used for riding waves. Later inCV the afternoon, my roommate, Becky, an art major, dug holes in the sand to pour wax to make candles that turned out beautifully. The guys had brought what was needed to dig a pit in the sand and use stones on which to balance a grill for cooking steaks. When I think back on that day, it was Hallmark worthy. My roommate and I had even gotten patterns and fabric and made our two piece bathing suits for the occasion. Hilton Head was close enough to Georgia Southern so we could get back to the dorm before midnight.

    That was the beginning of a very long boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that lasted about ten years. My roommate and her boyfriend got married and later divorced having had no children. My boyfriend ended up moving to TX during the oil boom. I went out once to Houston to see him. I thought he might ask me to marry him. I would not settle, as so many others did, for a live together relationship. That was the major end although I continued to hear from him as he traveled the world. I once got a postcard from Paris. Our families had grown close and after his mom died of pancreatic cancer and his dad lived alone, my brother happened to work in that town and ended up sharing the house with the father until he died. My whole family, except for me, attended the funeral. Once done, I was done. No going back.


  14. It is a beautiful September day here as well. I hope the clouds stay away for a few more hours and maybe see some Northern Lights. But meantime, I have enjoyed a couple of walks, some time in the garden, doing lots of laundry for twenty year old who is staying at the home of one of her workers and we are cleaning her room. So far, I have finished four loads of laundry and have about four to go. She has a lot of clothes and keeps them strewn around her floor. And complains about not having any clothes. She also took a couple of duffle bags for her vacation.

    But it is a beautiful day!

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  15. It is a beautiful day here, so much so, that I just finished mowing the lawn. Yay! I still have to dump the mulch from the grass catcher. I am all sweaty but not out of breath.

    I think that my brother will at some point be available to put together the exercise bike for Art’s attempt to follow doctor’s orders and get some exercise.

    The story I told earlier about the blind date at the beach was a story of innocent college kids having fun at the beach. We probably had a quick first kiss back by the entrance to the dorm. These were the days before colleges went crazy with open dorms and mixed genders in the same dorm.
    Obviously, the ending was nothing memorable about that day. But as far as blind dates and time at the beach are concerned, it could not have been more perfect.

    Now I long to go to the beach for spiritual reasons, to draw close to God in a natural setting to be in awe of His creation, and to feel the power in the wind and waves at the beach. I have no sense of pining for the BC days. But I suppose I am glad I can remember what a fine day that was.


  16. I don’t think that I have to worry here about what I will see on the beach. Here you are not supposed to show your thighs. So you wear very long shorts with your swimsuit. Quite modest.

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  17. It is a lovely hot day here, too. Very unseasonable, but I am NOT complaining. We haven’t even had frost yet and some years we’ve already had some snow.

    I am struggling to find stuff to do here at work. Since we don’t know if we’ll be able to run our school programs in the winter and the spring, I am twiddling my thumbs. This is the time of year I am usually getting those booking forms and deposits in. I’ve deleted all old unnecessary emails as well as gone through my whole computer and deleted old out-dated, no longer needed documents, etc. Sigh. Tomorrow I will probably start going through the filing cabinet and figuring out what we can toss and what we should keep. I’ve also gone through and shredded 2013 & 2014 (except for permanent records).

    At home, it should be a lovely evening to take down and put away the pool. I’m hoping husband will have a great start on that before I get home though.

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  18. In Greece, you were supposed to be respectful especially on the beaches by the monastaries. But those Germans and Norse people….This was their getaway to warmer climes and they were going to enjoy! Not at all concerned about body shape. Kind of freeing I would suppose.

    Now on the French Riviera, it was important to have the correct physique to go sans suit. I stayed up on the boardwalk and did not venture down to where the masses were swarming. Took a nice climb up a cliff to a beautiful veiw of the sea. But on the Greek islands, it was fun to go to the beach and enjoy the warm water and sea life with families playing and enjoying.

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  19. Cheryl is on vacation this week. So I may post a bit later than usual in the morning, or the night before. Depends what’s happening the next day.

    You’ve been warned. πŸ™‚

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  20. I love the beach and the ocean and the waves and the gulls. If I did not live in the ideal place, I would find something on the Oregon coast or Washington coast or Maine coast. Not in a city. Preferably, something overlooking crashing waves at the base of a cliff, safely out of its reach but enjoying lots of rain. Maybe a path down to the water for the tide pools.

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  21. My husband would go with me, he loves the ocean. Which is why we ended up on Okinawa, besides God said so. He wanted an island in the Pacific, I wanted Asia.

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  22. Oh, the Sisterhood of the Knees.

    We have cliffs overlooking the ocean, with trails down to the tide pools. Back when life was safer and there wasn’t so much crime, folks would go out there to sleep during heat waves.

    Just back from Walgreens where I got “boosted.” I was surprised when I saw that my 2nd shot was in late February, I was thinking March, didn’t realize I’d gotten in that early.

    Access now is much easier. There was a young father there — with his pregnant wife and a small boy — who was getting his first Covid vaccine.

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  23. Living on an island sounds intriguing, something romantic about that idea for most of us.

    There’s a new show coming out this fall, La Brea, about a giant sink hole opening up and people falling in to find themselves in a primeval era. (This is the area in LA where the tar pits formed and trapped dinosaurs, leaving remains to be excavated and put on display in our day.)

    We love our shows and movies about sink holes and earthquakes and other assorted disasters. And even some about pandemics.

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  24. … Although dinosaurs weren’t really among the fossils found, though I do think they’re the stars of the new show.

    ~ Among the prehistoric species associated with the La Brea Tar Pits are Pleistocene mammoths, dire wolves, short-faced bears, American lions, ground sloths, and, the state fossil of California, the saber-toothed cat (Smilodon fatalis).

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  25. The other thing I always loved about the beach was breathing the salty air. When younger I said I needed time at the beach at least once a year to get my sinuses and cleaned out. Then I finally learned I could use a Neti pot, pouring salty water in one nostril and letting it drain from the other.


  26. Someone’s looking into re-creating the woolly mammoth, it might solve global warming or something; but that could be a mistake, others have noted.


    Why we should resurrect the woolly mammoth

    A biotech startup has received $15 million in funding to genetically recreate woolly mammoths and rewild them in Siberia.



  27. I’m ready. Maybe we should have a blog trip??
    Friends are leaving on Friday so I am writing notes to send.
    However with the new lockdowns they are not sure if they will be able to leave.
    Uncertain times.


  28. What to write on a card to a family of six when the daddy is battling ALS? He is in the hospital now, but hopes to come home again


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