Prayer Requests 9-27-21

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 52

Why do you boast of evil, you mighty hero?
    Why do you boast all day long,
    you who are a disgrace in the eyes of God?
You who practice deceit,
    your tongue plots destruction;
    it is like a sharpened razor.
You love evil rather than good,
    falsehood rather than speaking the truth.
You love every harmful word,
    you deceitful tongue!

Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin:
    He will snatch you up and pluck you from your tent;
    he will uproot you from the land of the living.
The righteous will see and fear;
    they will laugh at you, saying,
“Here now is the man
    who did not make God his stronghold
   but trusted in his great wealth
    and grew strong by destroying others!”

But I am like an olive tree
    flourishing in the house of God;
   I trust in God’s unfailing love
    for ever and ever.
For what you have done I will always praise you
    in the presence of your faithful people.
   And I will hope in your name,
    for your name is good.

5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-27-21

  1. There was a flash flood in a rural area last night. A ranch family was driving home when they got caught. Mom and dad were caught and washed down the arroyo, and found quickly. 6 year old boy was missing for more than an hour after parents found. Finally, he was found clinging to a tree branch, covered in mud. We were listening to all of this traffic on the scanner in the ED. What a sound of relief and joy when the searcher found the little boy!. Praising God that all were alive and well with only bumps and bruises.

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  2. RKessler, we get so much rain where I am that I forget how dangerous it can be in other areas of the country. Thank you for sharing that.

    I received a message last night from a “girl” I was in Rainbow with. I was a little uncharitable when I saw I had a FB message from her. She enjoys her role of delivering bad news. I was right. Another one of us that were in Rainbow Girls died from Covid. I went to her FB page and all I saw was her belief of all the conspiracy theories surrounding it. I refuse to be political about this but am dismayed that we have made it such a political issue.

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  3. So glad to hear the good news about the boy and his parents rk! There’s plenty of news good and bad but sometimes we need to be reminded of our reasons to rejoice with others.


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  4. Another incident of God knows the number of our days. So often, the search in those situations is not so much a rescue as a recovery. Praising God with this family.

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  5. Rejoicing that the young couple who I gave a reference for have been approved to be foster/adoptive parents. Our Bible study group lifted many prayers for them to have children which did not work out and then for this alternative. Still praying for God’s best answers, and praising for progress made toward the goal.

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