Our Daily Thread 8-17-21

Good Morning!

Today is this young fella’s birthday!

image0 (1)


Today is also Kevin B. and his his wife’s anniversary. 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?


43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-17-21

  1. Happy anniversary Kevin & wife.
    You have to admit, I got a pretty one.. She was also the sweetest woman in the world (TSWITW).
    She was a bllessing to me and to many others.

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  2. It’s also D2’s birthday. She’s 34 today.

    My new avatar is of me with my youngest granddaughter. She has been shy around me but let me hold her for a long time a couple of weeks ago, so I had to get a self shot.

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  3. Happy birthday, Chas! You are such an inspiration to me. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year.

    Happy anniversary to Kevin and his wife.

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  4. Good morning. A beautiful day here. Supposed to get up to sixty three but is already sixty four so we will see how that works out.

    Happy birthday, Chas. What Jo said on yesterday’s thread.

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  5. Happy Birthday, Chas!

    Happy Anniversary, Kevin and Mrs. B!
    (I know her name, since we met, but I don’t know if you want it mentioned on here. 🙂 )

    Happy Birthday to Peter’s D2!

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  6. Happy Birthday to Chas (I love that photo, too)! And happy anniversary to Kevin & Mrs. B.

    Shy granddaughter of Peter’s — I remember being really shy around my grandfather when I was little. She’s a cutie.

    I’ve recovered from a busy running-around day at work yesterday. Had to hit two schools, one at 7:30 a.m. and the other — in central LA so a bit of a drive — at 11 where LA school district leaders were all gathered to answer questions at the district’s only all-girls “academy.” It was the first day of school throughout our region on Monday.

    I felt so wiped out by the end of the day that I took an hourlong nap after I was off the clock. I’m feeling much better today.

    I talked to my one friend from church who tested positive for Covid (she had the vaccine in Feb/March). Her quarantine period in the house is over with (she had to wear a mask and prepare meals using gloves to protect her husband — also vaccinated but he could be more at risk if he wound up with Covid); but she said she’s now battling some serious fatigue which is quite alien to her (she’s very active, a former airline attendant). She had a call in to her GP to see if there was something she could prescribe.

    Meanwhile it looks like the delta cases are beginning to level off in California.

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  7. Yesterday, as we were off loading the last of the hay from the field into the hay barn, two days from twenty decided it was a fine day to throw eggs at us as we worked. She found a nest of partially hatched turkeys. And so it continues. We are, as mentioned, actively looking for a placement for her.

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  8. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Chas! I am so thankful you are here to lisen to us chatter and voice our concerns and joys. Your wisdom enriches our lives. So glad to know the blessing God gave to you through bringing you and Elvera together. Such a precious love story that continues eternally!💕💟❤

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  9. Happy Tuesday…this is the day our Chas was born and we are incredibly blessed to celebrate our Lord’s precious gift of him!! Happy Birthday Chas…we are thankful for YOU!! 🎂 (and that is a favorite photo of you and TSWITW)
    And a most Happy Anniversary to Kevin and his bride!! ♥️ 🔔
    Peter your granddaughter is adorable!
    Air quality is awful around here so I am trying to stay indoors…didn’t sleep much last night and finally gave up at 2:30 am…had two cups of coffee…fell back to sleep on the sofa around 7…sleep for a half hour… 😴

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  10. Chas is awesome. And quite the sharp dresser back in the day, based on that photo. Look at that sharp crease in those slacks and the color coordination.


    We’re going on water restrictions soon (but voluntary I believe).

    Hustling to get a port cargo update story in today.


    I’m feeling VERY fatigued lately but remembered that the pharmacist told me on Friday that the 2nd Shingles shot I was getting that day could cause that reaction. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but in the past couple days I feel just unusually tired with no energy.


  11. I just wish I was as good as some of you seem to think>
    But I appreciate all of you.
    Chuck and his faily came over. Brought cookies and some other gooodies. And left.
    Not blaming them, they have things to do..
    But I always have you.

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  12. Blessings on Kevin and his bride for a great anniversary. Those vows from long ago, “in sickness and in health” have a new depth of meaning in a pandemic. Celebrate and stay well!
    Evergreen love!

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  13. A few months (I think it was) after Hubby died, I received a check in the mail. The return address on the envelope said “Heaven”. 🙂 I still have no idea who sent it.

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  14. Another anonymous gift was given to me more recently. Our old friend MakeItMan (Jim) had posted on Facebook about the “comfort birds” he was making. They are little carved birds that vary in size, but are about three inches long – some a bit more, some a bit less. The birds have a simple shape, with no etching or design on them, and were sanded and polished to the point of being incredibly smooth.

    They are meant to be held in the hand, as a means of comfort.

    I had wanted one, but the price was a little steep for me (but well worth the price he was asking). Jim really wanted me to have one in honor of Hubby, so he offered me one at a lower price. (At first he was going to let me have it for only the cost of shipping, but I wanted to pay him something for his work.)

    When my comfort bird arrived, I was surprised to find two of them in the box, with a note saying that a mutual friend wanted me to have a companion bird to the first one. How sweet!

    Those two birds are on the end-table right next to me. They are beautiful.

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  15. Ugh. I’ve gotten myself involved in a Facebook “discussion” that I should probably have left alone. Some people think that Christians in America want to be a Christian version of the Taliban.

    To one of my comments, which was serious, not humorous, someone reacted with the laughing emoji. That is so rude and dismissive. I was tempted to point that out, but thought better of it. Trying to take the high road.

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  16. Yes, KIzzie, I have learned there is no point in a discussion there with either of the people those discussions involved. I sometimes make sure they don’t even see certain posts. No big deal, however. I just pray for them and let them think what they like. Jesus never kept pursuing the people who thought they knew everything and didn’t need him.

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  17. That is a lovely couple! Happy birthday!

    Happy anniversary, Kevin!

    Happy birthday to your daughter, Peter. Your granddaughter is darling. Such enjoyment!

    Lots of evacuations for the fire, including a dog-sled business. I was impressed with all the fellow dog sled people came immediately to get some of the many dogs and help out in that situation. We are still in the extreme conditions. Praying for rain again.

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  18. Kathaleena, nice to hear about the dog folks coming together and being proactive. Stay safe, that’s got to be unnerving.

    I spent an hour watering out front and 30 minutes watering in back, so everything’s well doused, including Charlie Brown who’s getting quite tall. As long as the water police don’t come looking for me.

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