29 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-18-21

  1. How’s that working out, you selling out your supposed values and principles for no more mean tweets?

    “Dear Republican Trump haters – What did you get for your trade?

    Trump’s good policies have been replaced by policies antithetical to prosperity, freedom and security”


    “A little less than a year ago, a significant number of independent and Republican voters decided to trade bad tweets for bad policy. Today, your Twitter feed is void of President Trump’s tweets. But the price was high.

    Gone are the good policies that drove the Trump economy and made the world a safer place. In their place are policies antithetical to prosperity, freedom and security.

    You traded energy efficiency for dependency on the Middle East. Whereas a year ago you enjoyed inexpensive gas, high paying energy jobs, and fewer incentives to entangle ourselves in Middle Eastern politics, today President Biden is begging OPEC to produce more oil. Apparently, his climate agenda can handle more oil production as long as Americans aren’t the ones profiting from it.

    You traded an energy pipeline out of Canada for a crime pipeline out of Mexico. Instead of creating jobs for skilled American workers, Biden is creating opportunities for cartels, traffickers and COVID-positive migrants. By the end of 2021, according to New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell, the number of undocumented and illegal migrants welcomed across our borders by the Biden administration will be equivalent to the population of her whole state – about 2 million people.

    Trump said no to federally funding abortion. You traded for Biden, who wants your taxes to pay for abortion, and your tax dollars are being sent around the world to fund abortion in other countries.

    You traded rising wages for rising prices. Inflation is up sharply – 5.4% from a year ago, swallowing any wage gains produced by a tight labor market. In just the first eight months of the new administration, we are all paying more for food, gas, housing and vehicles.

    With Democrats controlling the House, the Senate and the presidency, our national debt has exploded to more than $28 trillion. That’s enroute to an expected $40 trillion to $45 trillion within 10 years. In just seven months,

    Though President Trump was no fan of austerity, his spending priorities, tax reductions and approach to regulations at least drove economic growth and prosperity. Since Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., took control of the House purse strings three years ago, Democrat bills marketed as COVID relief or infrastructure are generally filled with bailouts and slush funds. We’re lucky if the percentages available to fulfill the bill’s purpose is above single digits.

    You traded safety and security for less safety and security. What happened in Afghanistan over the weekend will reverberate for decades to come. Allowing Islamic extremists to walk away with American assets and dispose of U.S. allies in the region will only embolden terrorists across the globe.

    Furthermore, the one and only spending priority Democrats have shown a willingness to cut is security. Their spending legislation cuts military spending by nearly $400 billion over the next 10 years.

    Their immigration agenda demands dramatic reductions in border security and deportations. Their rhetoric demands defunding the police, releasing criminals without bail, reducing felonies to misdemeanors, and electing prosecutors who refuse to charge those who commit crimes. They have no solution to the crime problem that continues to get worse under their watch.

    You traded fairness for a George Orwell version of equality. Under the new administration, there are two systems of justice. Protesters on the left can set buildings ablaze, vandalize them and shoplift with impunity. Protesters on the right will be branded, surveilled and prosecuted as domestic terrorists. ”


    He nails it. This is why some of us are still pissed off and have an attitude. And we’re sick of being lectured by the idiots that fell for this. You did this, not us.

    Now own that @#%$%!


  2. Buyers remorse. 🙂

    At least some are coming around.

    “Biden approval hits new low after sharp weekend drop”


    “Allahpundit wrote about two polls this morning that showed that respondents, including Democrats, weren’t thrilled with Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan exit. This afternoon/evening there’s another poll out from Reuters which shows Biden’s approval has hit a new low for his 7-months in office.

    The national opinion poll, conducted on Monday, found that 46% of American adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, the lowest recorded in weekly polls that started when Biden took office in January.

    It is also down from the 53% who felt the same way in a similar Reuters/Ipsos poll that ran on Friday.

    That’s a 7-point drop in three days. No wonder the White House is in an panic and sending Joe back to the basement Camp David. It also helps explain why his media allies are so desperately pleading for their fellow reporters to give him a break. Unless they can turn this around fast, it’s going to stick and Biden could spend months climbing out of this hole.”


  3. Biden’s America.

    Enjoy the suck.

    CONTENT WARNING!!!! for violent content!

    If you’re squeamish, skip the video.


  4. Glad they are not charging the couple, that is a change from the new normal. And delighted they are charging the long time felons though it probably won’t amount to anything.


  5. Make no mistake Mumsee, they all spend like drunken sailors, Trump included. He increased the debt 7T in 4 years. 4.1T of that was pandemic relief.

    Biden is showing him to be a rank amateur however running up 2T in pandemic relief, which you could argue was justified, and his proposed budget would add another 7T, as well as 4T in already proposed and passed spending…..

    Keep in mind this is 3 months old too.


    “Inflation has seen its largest increase in decades even as President Biden pushes another $4 trillion in spending at a time of historic U.S. federal debt.

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday reported that the core Consumer Price Index increased 0.8 percent in April, meaning that it has now increased 4.2 percent over the last 12 months, which is the highest increase since 2008.

    For several segments of the economy, one has to go back even further to find a comparable increase.

    The index for all items excluding food and energy rose 0.9 percent in April, which was the highest monthly increase since 1982. The index for used cars and trucks rose 10 percent in April, which was the largest since statistics began being record in 1953.

    These numbers come at a time when the U.S. debt level has eclipsed 100 percent of the gross domestic product for the first time since World War II. The government authorized about $4.1 trillion in spending in 2020 to fight the coronavirus and the economic effects of lockdowns.

    Then Biden followed up with an additional $1.9 trillion upon taking office. And now, he’s pushing for another $4 trillion in spending. If passed, the government will have enacted $10 trillion in new spending in a little over a year.”


  6. This didn’t have to be this way.



  7. This is heartbreaking, and it didn’t need to happen this way. We’ve allowed nearly a million foreign invaders to violate our laws and illegally enter the US and our govt flies them all over the US, but Biden couldn’t find visas and transport for these folks who’ve aided us for 20+yrs. He’s had 7 months to prepare even if you buy the lie that he had to leave on the Trump timeline. He’s been an abject failure, and these folks are paying the price.


  8. Shame on Joe Biden.



  9. Repugnant is a good description of Rubin’s “work”.



  10. Face. Palm.

    Same reporter too.


  11. An abject failure.


  12. ———-


  13. ———-


  14. Distraction time again… they must distract from this disaster of an administration.

    So if you are “fully vaccinated,” you aren’t actually “fully vaccinated”?!

    They give you the very injection that makes it all worse, then lie by insisting that it’s the solution to the problem. Whatever happened to “follow the science”? The science dictates that you protect and isolate those who are weak and vulnerable – not the entire world!

    Get ready for more ‘variants’…


    “The United States will begin widely distributing COVID-19 booster shots next month and will recommend them for most Americans who received the vaccine, according to several top federal health officials.

    A joint statement from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky, National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and acting Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Janet Woodcock said people will need boosters starting eight months after they received their second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

    Those who got the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine will likely need boosters as well, they said, although more data is needed before making a formal recommendation. The J&J shot uses a more traditional adenovirus mechanism, whereas the Pfizer and Moderna shots use mRNA technology.”


  15. I am so sad for those women and children, and for the men. This is so horrible. And I know, it happens all over the world to different levels. It is sin. And we can pray. But I really want God to just intervene and remove them all in a horrible way, letting the people have their lives back. But His thoughts are not my thoughts and I know He has a better plan. May many come to Christ through this horror, and may God be glorified.

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  16. “Distraction time again… they must distract from this disaster of an administration.”

    Indeed. I noticed earlier tonight that Fox is covering the debacle in depth. MSDNC and CNN are talking about Republicans stealing voting rights and talking to Fauci respectively during the 5 o’clock hour. No mention of Afghanistan. No mention of trapped Americans. No mention of the atrocities already happening to women including forced marriages and cutting off fingers. Surprising especially from noted feminista Joy Reid who was one of the anchors not covering what’s happening.

    Our media is broken.


  17. Meanwhile…..


    But look over here at those dastardly Republicans instead……


  18. I bash him plenty because he’s usually wrong, so when he gets it right, I’ll acknowledge it.


  19. Indeed…..



  20. Getting tired of it?

    Let’s hope so. 🙂



  21. I’ve had CNN on for about an hour now, all Afghanistan — and not very flattering to Biden or what this situation has brought about. Just to be fair, it’s hard to compare news coverage in a specific time slot which, depending on the station, will be different. (Currently on Fox is the often silly-toned Waters World.)


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