61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-30-21

  1. I am sure some of you saw out Guv nah on the news recently. This is the recap from the guy I went to school with.

    🚨 Office of Guvna Ivey 🚨
    Subject: Jabs & Ruhgrets
    Dearest Alabamyins:
    Ovah the past few days, we have seen a whirlwind of infamation directly uffectin’ our state. With all the attention brought on our state, I’m comin’ clean, Alabamyins.
    All the pressha of numbahs spikin’ has attracted not only citizens concuhned about their health, but the national news repoatahs are swarmin like hornets. Ya’ll know good & well I love regulah folk, but folks, I gotta play the role. If we evah gonna move from 49 or dead last, we gotta throw them lefty folks a bone every now and again. There was no malice intended tawards any Alabamyins. I do wish my righteous indignation was toned down a bit, but I think ya’ll was smellin’ what Meemaw was cookin.
    Because we promised no moah shut downs and mandatory maskin’ again, I’m gonna say it again, folks…go get ya shot. It don’t hurt and lessens your chance of hospitalization. I know summa you church folk are drivin the numbahs of non-jabbahs. CNN sayin’ it’s primarily suthun folks that can’t abide by the rules. It’s you Appalachia snake-handlahs in Cleburne and Calhoun Counties that won’t budge. You Highlands and SBC folks, ya’ll need to lead the way. Nevah mind this thang ain’t FDA approved. Go get ya shot, and if you get sick aftawuds, know that a boostah shot will probably be needed at some point. I have reached out to both athletic depahtments in Tuscaloosa and Awbun to see if they can incentivize this thing with any football tickets. I bet ya’ll would move then.
    Let get Alabama back to 48 or bettah.
    God Bless,

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  2. Kim,

    Your Guv is spouting nonsense, or is horribly misinformed.

    ” I know summa you church folk are drivin the numbahs of non-jabbahs. CNN sayin’ it’s primarily suthun folks that can’t abide by the rules.”

    “CDC: Blacks and Hispanics still least likely to be vaccinated”


    “Some of that data has turned out to tell a story that’s a bit different than the one you’re generally hearing on cable news, however. You’ve probably been told that “white Republican males” are the chief drivers of low vaccination rates, and they certainly show up in the mix. But the overall demographic data shows that whites, in general, are volunteering to be vaccinated at a far brisker pace than either Black or Hispanic citizens, though whites are lagging well behind Asians who are leading the pack. Overall in the United States, Asians lead with 62% being fully vaccinated. Whites are at 47%, Hispanics have reached 39 percent, and Blacks are still stuck at a 34 percent vaccination rate. (KFF.org)”



  3. Mornin’!
    I got the shot and now it is said the second should have been given 12 weeks later instead of 3…more effective don’t ya know?! And now we will need a booster…and don’t worry ya’ll will still need to mask up and stay home and be afraid…very afraid. But hey…the govment’s got ya covered!! Grrrrrr (sorry…I need one more cup of coffee to have a tad bit better outlook on the day!! 😂)

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  4. Good morning. Still undecided on the vax thing. My dad’s doc told him not to get it because he goes nowhere. I go nowhere but to my dad’s. But I have people who go everywhere.

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  5. Meanwhile, I have closed up the house in expectation of another scorcher. And off to spend some time outside in the cool of the morning.

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  6. (But seriously)



    Gov. Ivey writes op-ed against fake news, says unvaccinated people ‘are being lied to’

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In an op-ed published in the Washington Post Tuesday, Gov. Kay Ivey took a stance against those spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and encouraged those who remain unvaccinated to get the shot.

    Gov. Ivey reaffirms unvaccinated Alabamians are to blame for COVID-19 surge

    Ivey, who recently spoke about her frustration with Alabama’s low vaccination rate and the rising number of COVID-19 cases happening statewide, said that despite the polarization of the issue, the effectiveness of the vaccine is indisputable.

    “This vaccine works, and we need to start acting like it,” she wrote. “This is not political: It’s just common sense.”

    Ivey also said she felt one aspect of the skepticism some had regarding vaccines was due to the widespread misinformation surrounding them.

    “I believe those who are pushing fake news and conspiracy theories about this vaccine are reckless and causing great harm to people,” Ivey wrote. “The unvaccinated folks are being lied to, and that is just plum sad.”

    The Alabama governor credited former president Donald Trump with the development of the vaccine: “The good news is we have something that has proved helpful — safe and effective vaccines, which were developed in record time, and we can thank former president Donald Trump and all of those involved in Operation Warp Speed for making this medical miracle happen.”

    “Let me be crystal clear: The covid-19 vaccine is our best weapon against this disease, and I encourage everyone to take it,” she said. …


  7. Still waiting to decide on the vax, too. I am making my friend crazy with my waiting. At this point if I got it, I risk gettin ggv it on top of possible exposure and a mild case which could put me at risk of a dangerous situation. That happened to a person at my church with horrible results. I almost wrote harrible, a cross of harrowing and horrible.


  8. Mumsee – Your dad may not go anywhere, but he has people coming in and out of his house who do. If not going anywhere protected people, then our nursing homes would not have been so horribly affected.


  9. Kizzie, just going with what his doc said. He is ninety two, she is ninety eight, ninety nine next month. If they don’t want the jab, I am not pushing it. My brothers are both vaccinated as are two of their three workers.

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  10. I have heard that folks of advanced age might not be good candidates as their natural immune system already is, in many (or most?) cases, running on fumes. Vaccines need something to hook into so a working immune system will give the best outlooks.

    Kim, if Mr. P is vaccinated he shouldn’t have much to worry about personally — although yes, one can still pick this variant up and spread it to others so if there are other family members who aren’t vaccinated that could become a concern.

    Or is his concern more broad than that, just an overall concern that this signals yet another stretch living in pandemic mode? None of us are very happy about that, for sure.

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  11. That was me above at 2:05.

    My former church friend, now living in Colo., was advised by her doctor not to bother with the vaccine, though she wanted it (she’s a retired RN). She’s now around 90 and has had some recurrence of breast cancer recently; so she’s just having to be super careful. She has lots of family, kids, grandkids, in the area.

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  12. DJ – Yes, advanced age is one of the reasons to skip it. My comment was merely about that one point made by the doctor.


  13. I was all ready for the raspberry bars until I got to the oven at three fifty. No can do. And the oats are problematic for me. But other than that! I do eat my berries with plain yogurt and maple syrup!

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  14. Seaweed lab story will have to wait as I still have no idea what it all means (after trying to interview a USC biology professor who spoke with a very heavy East European accent and didn’t know how to translate the concept into ‘plain’ language for me and my readers).

    But found a cute baby seabird story to do instead, so it’s all good.

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  15. I’ll give Chas my mushrooms and I’ll take his onions.

    We’ll al have to fight over the sourdough pancakes with berries.


  16. Oh Janice I love the smell and sound of rain! Our skies are darkening and my weather app says it is drizzling outside…but it’s not…I am hoping this app isn’t mistaken about the rains that are supposedly headed our way!
    I like onions and mushrooms…I fry them up in butter and we put them on top of baked potatoes!
    And I like waffles and pancakes…perhaps too much!!

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  17. I made a batch of sourdough waffles the other day. Too many to eat at the time so I froze a lot. So I get out a frozen waffle, break it up, cover with frozen berries, go outside to do chores. Come back in, add some yogurt and top with maple syrup. And so, I am eating well and my sweet tooth is happy.


  18. I do the same thing with sourdough pancakes as far as freezing but because they generally have chocolate chips, I just eat them as cookies.


  19. Interesting, Janice, about the waiting. I don’t feel like I am waiting to decide on the vaccine. I have a strong sense that I should not get it. Just a conviction in my heart. I am not studying every article on it to decide.
    I am also realizing that this decision may constrain my life going forward. We will see.

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  20. Kizzie, it is already close to ninety in the house. No more heat is needed. I do not usually use the oven at all in the summer, because it is already warm enough and because I am generally outside. But it is so hot outside, I am spending more than the usual time inside today. Just came in from doing the chores and there is a hot dry wind and temps feel close to one hundred at six in the evening. But, as I do chores, I pray and was reminded that God has people living in lots of areas where this and much higher is the norm and they do okay. So I will be fine.

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  21. Jo, I am considering whether I have that same conviction or just waiting. Sometimes I think I am not supposed to get it, but I know me and I can be pretty stubborn, so if that is all it is, I need to get over myself.

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  22. Thanks, Mumsee. I really don’t feel like I made a decision, but I do strongly feel that I should not get the vaccine. Interesting who I find is also quietly not getting it.


  23. What is amazing to me is to feel this way after having so many other vaccines. I have had typhoid and yellow fever and lots of others.


  24. Mumsee, do you have any small electric cookware you could plug in and put on a porch, deck, etc? I have several things I could use outside if needed . . . crockpot, electric roaster, toaster oven.


  25. Yes, Janice, we have lots of things. Even, though DJ thoughtlessly refused to give me hers, husband bought me a toaster oven for Christmas. Crock pots, electric roasters, multipot, etc. But I am not much into cooking in the summer. Mike does most of the cooking and since they are gone, I am fine with my waffle. And mushrooms and onions for breakfast.

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  26. I haven’t had a toaster oven for a long time. Unless it’s maybe in the top cupboard.

    I wasn’t first in line for the vaccine, but pretty darn close. I had a conviction too, I suppose. lol

    No doubts. I think I’ve talked to too many medical people and was just grateful we were able to come up with something so quickly. To me, it was a godsend considering the situation.

    Will FDA approval make any difference to anyone? That’s expected to come through in the fall. Or is the government “stamp” now making even that too suspicious? Serious question, I’m really just trying to figure out some of the rationale.

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