65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-28-16

  1. Yes it is Chas. 🙂

    It’s a 2016 Kia Soul. I love it. We got a great deal because the 2017 model just came out. Plus 0%, tons of options we didn’t pay for, and free oil changes, state inspections, and some others, all for the life of the car, It was a great deal.

    We’ve needed a second one since last year at this time when my Camry was totaled. Cheryl and I are pretty happy with it, both love it in fact. It’s so much easier to get in and out of than the Rio we have now, has plenty of room, rides nice, and is very comfortable. I need that. 🙂

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  2. I guessed that was AJ’s before reading his post because I thought I recognized his yard.
    Hyundai (the same company as Kia) is a client of ours and I learned a lot about them this year. When they first came to the U.S., by their own admission, their cars were junk. However, they’ve seriously upped their game and are now considered to be quite good and have a great warranty. Congrats!

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  3. Linda,

    They’ve gotten much better is right, and have one of the best warranties out there. The “08 Kia Rio we already have has 184,000 miles, with no major repair bills except for normal maintenance. 🙂

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  4. I like the car, AJ. I’ve had my Forte for four years and it has been great.

    Chas, Georgia Tech gets all the credit.

    I just work a half day today. Then it is moving day. Old house is sold, new (smaller) one is not fully built, so after 35 years it is back to apt living for 3-4 months. I met one of the new neighbors yesterday – a really nice guy.

    It is times like these that I am reminded how good my wife is as an organizer. If she were in charge, Mosul and Aleppo would have already fallen.

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  5. I think the Kia is cute. I have a friend who works at a Kia dealership so of course he is biased, but when I told him I would be looking for a new vehicle he said the Kia’s have some of the best ratings out there. I think the Soul falls into the category of “so ugly, it’s cute”. Mr. P had one as a rental a couple of years ago and it was a fun car to drive. Congratulations AJ. I hope you have many happy miles together.

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  6. The name “Jimmy Rodgers” always makes me think of the old Blue Yodeler who started country music. Like the Carter Family did for country. As I said before, neither were very talented as talent goes. But they were first and only for a while. Country and Western owes them. Like guitar finger pickers owe Merle Travis.

    I have noticed through the years that those polls, like our football poll, are rigged so that only smart people win them.

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  7. Cute car. And so clean and shiny! Is it black?

    A dog could fit into the back of it. And hang his head out the window …

    I’m up early, it was still dark out — 2-minute shower taken in the Psycho bathroom by lantern light (scary) as I need to hit the road early (in about 40 minutes) to get Tess up to her vet’s, which is a good 30- to 40-minute drive, probably longer, in rush-hour Monday morning traffic.

    But I went to bed early so had a long night’s sleep — in one of my dreams I was driving north with the dogs for a “snow day” but I realized we’d passed by our destination and were almost up to Monterey. So we got a motel room and there was a real SHOWER with beautiful white tile everywhere, fluffy towels and an array of soaps and shampoos from which to choose … Heaven.

    So then I got up to face stepping into my plastic-encased Psycho shower … It won’t be forever.

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  8. Looks a lot like the one that son and his friend put racing stripes on, with duct tape. You might try that. Or not. Daughter was not amused, but then, son was not amused when she totaled his car. It is home now. The crop duster guy drove up with him to get it. Son drove daughter’s car up, which she had left here in exchange for his car for her trip. She met them at my brother’s house and then asked for a ride home or to church. Son told her nope, she needed to drive her car. Wise boy.

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  9. Mumsee, just because your life is not normal doesn’t mean you are abnormal.
    I imagine that it’s difficult living all the time with people who have unusual problems.

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  10. It has its challenges but it is what I was made to do so it works. Just a tad overwhelming when I take my eyes off of Him and look around me. Which happens way too often.

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  11. I am left handed. I have somehow I have hurt my right wrist. Do you know how much I do with my right hand? I hold the coffee pot in my right hand to pour into my cup. I squeeze the toothpaste with my right hand. I use a can opener with my right hand….the list goes on and on and on….

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  12. Mumsee, one thing that impressed me about you was how you were able to act normal and sane when everything around you seemed crazy. Your utter normality (is that a word?) was like a beacon. So sorry that fifteen year old is going through all this psychosis. I remember her enthusiasm and her fragility so vividly.

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  13. Mumsee – Just this morning on Facebook, my cousin-in-law shared a thing that said. . .

    “The older I get, the more I understand that it is OKAY to live a life others do not understand.”

    That resonated with me, because I have a kind of different life than a lot of people around me. (I can’t drive anymore, I don’t work outside the home, & except for church, I don’t get out much – but that’s all okay with me.) But I know that this is the life God has given me, & He always seems to bring me someone to take care of – first my own girls, then my MIL, then my own mom, & now Little Guy. (And of course, I take care of my husband, too, in many ways.)

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  14. Kim – My mom was left-handed, & she, too, used her right hand for many things.

    Many left-handers write with their hand poised above the words they are writing, but Mom taught herself to write in the same way a right-hander does, with her hand below the words. She had very pretty handwriting, too.

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  15. I am right-handed, and discovered how much I needed to adjust when I had a frozen left shoulder last year.

    Good apinun, everyone. I like that word, too, Jo — it has a nice ring to it. Glad to be able to use it right now, even if it isn’t apinun for all of you at the moment. 😉

    New car! Nice. We have a lot of last-century Volvos around here, and a smattering of various other makes and models.

    Driver’s test tomorrow for 3rd Arrow in one of those Volvos.

    1st Arrow was home for the weekend and went back last night. 2nd Arrow came home yesterday and will leave tomorrow. The two of them got to share a few hours together yesterday at my brother and sister-in-law’s house for my extended family’s Thanksgiving gathering.

    More on that in the next post…

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  16. …but before that, I see a bunch of comments came in while I was typing. Mumsee, I of course haven’t met you, but from what I see of you here, and from the reports of those who have met you reveal, the Lord is doing wondrous things through your faithfulness to His calling with the children He’s given you. We all falter at times, and are tempted to take our eyes off Him in times of trial and challenge, but your willingness to walk with Him through the long haul is a tremendous encouragement to this mom, I can say with certainty.

    Thank you.

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  17. Thanks michelle ! Sending the blueprints … ?

    I now have an old (historic) toilet, a new toilet, boxes & boxes of tiles and a brand new bathtub on my patio. It gets worse before it gets better, I keep telling myself.

    Tess’ ear owie seems to look like a “hot spot” gone bad, infected, so we have some topical steroid cream & pain meds — and the proverbial cone — along with the antibiotics she’s already taking.

    I was sitting in the vet’s office when my cell rang — it was the delivery guy with the bathtub saying he was sitting outside my house … They were supposed to provide me with a “window” for delivery in advance, which of course they didn’t, so I called my neighbor who was able to sign for it and show them where to put it in the back.

    Sometimes everything happens at once.

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  18. Kizzie, my third grade teacher made us all learn to write cursive with a REAL fountain pen. She worked with me until I could do it. My handwriting, while not as neat anymore, does not look like a lefty wrote it. I have always been multi handed. It’s why I never could really play a lot of sports—I catch and throw with the same hand—and the truth is I wasn’t any good anyway and didn’t care to get better. I golf right handed, bat right handed, etc. I can even use a fork or spoon in my right hand…I’ve just gotten lazy about it. When it comes to a lot of things I do it with one hand until that arm is tired and then switch to the other. 😉

    I have all sorts of bathroom fixtures and such coming up on my FB feed.

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  19. I am reminded just how strongly right-handed I am whenever I have a case of tendinitis, or some other ache, in my right elbow or shoulder & can’t use that arm.

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  20. Donna,

    “Cute car. And so clean and shiny! Is it black?”

    Yes it is. I probably should have gone with the grey now that I think about it. I’m now forced to admit that I have a black Soul, and I love it. What does that say about me? 😯

    And no, it doesn’t need a dog, or said dog’s hair. All it needs now is a cargo net for the back, a Dart Vader plate for the front, and a black and gold US Army decal for the back.


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  21. OK, I’m back. Now to my comment about the extended-family Thanksgiving gathering yesterday (and adding, boy how I wish I could send my nephew to Mike & Mumsee for training for a while)…

    We had a nice time visiting yesterday — the older adults mostly stayed upstairs, and the younger generation mostly downstairs. Occasionally we’d hear some of eruptions of laughter from below, and a few times the loud voice of the nephew who I told you about before who couldn’t stop banging on my piano the last time we had a family gathering, but mostly, yesterday, things seemed to be pretty controlled. And the times the loud boy came upstairs, he actually seemed pretty quiet most of the time, and more self-controlled than I’d seen him before. His dad was more interactive with him, too, when the child was upstairs, reminding him when he’d head toward something that was off-limits that he shouldn’t go there.

    I was pretty impressed.

    I found out later, though, that there was a lot of trouble with him downstairs. (His dad spent hardly any time down there supervising him, and the other cousins were left to once again deal with him on their own when the boy was causing trouble — which we adults couldn’t hear when he was in the corner of the basement where the electronic piano was.)

    The boy refused to stay away from the keyboard, despite numerous warnings to stay off it. He’d turn it up to maximum volume and strike the keys again and again. My niece who plays it the most said he must have gone to it about 9 or 10 times before she finally went to unplug the instrument.

    Which of course was his cue to wriggle behind the instrument and stand it was on, plug it back in, and go at the keyboard again.

    Except when he went behind it, he knocked it off the stand, and the keyboard crashed to the floor.

    At which time my other niece (aforementioned niece’s sister) turned it back on to make sure it still worked. Fortunately it did, and it sounds like the boy was better after that about not going near the instrument.

    So what at first seemed like improvement in the boy’s behavior really was only a temporary thing. He still does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, no matter what anyone else says.

    In other news, on a similar note, probably about the time all of that was happening downstairs (with boy’s dad upstairs and before boy’s mom’s arrival [she had to work and missed the early part of the gathering], there were several of us older adults upstairs, and I was telling about an experience I’d had once when I was teaching school. One particular student who frequently got in trouble at school had not behaved in my classroom one day. After I gave him a warning to stop whatever disruptive behavior he was exhibiting that day, which he failed to heed, I gave him a detention, which he would serve after school the next day.

    Teachers assigning detention were required to call the parents to let them know of the detention and why it was given.

    Well, I called the mom of this student after school, and she proceeded to tell me, “_____ has ADD. Do you have any knowledge of ADD? He can’t be expected to remember what he is told… You need to research this,” blah, blah, blah and etc. ad nauseum.

    And THEN… I almost laughed out loud when she told me, “And besides, he told me he wasn’t doing what you accused him of.”

    He can’t remember a direction he was given 10 minutes prior, but he can remember with perfect accuracy how an entire incident unfolded hours ago?!

    [I should have told her she should do some research to see if there is such a thing as selective ADD.] 😛

    Anyway, I got done telling that story, and my brother-in-law, father of loud boy who does as he pleases, said, “I should tell _____ [his wife, mother of boy] that.”

    And I thought, wow, there’s the problem. (One of them.) Sister is on the defensive when her son is unruly at school. In her mind, the problem is not with her son, but with the teacher’s lack of knowledge, understanding, whatever. She went so far as to call a meeting with the principal one time that I know of (and took my parents along!) to rail on the school for calling her at work to come pick up her son after an incident they couldn’t safely deal with.

    It is such a sad tragedy that that boy receives no unpleasant consequences from his parents as he sets his own willful course contrary to other adults’ expectations, and especially that his behavior is defended by his “poor baby” mother. 😦

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  22. Nightingale is enjoying working at the nursing home, & has a handful of “favorites”. One has a child-like joy that makes her a joy to be around. Another is a firecracker of a woman, blunt & a bit sarcastic, but funny.

    Being the pretty young woman she is, Nightingale gets plenty of remarks from the men.

    There are also a couple or so younger people who are there because of having certain disabilities. Very sad.


  23. AJ has gone to the dark side. He admits to having a black Soul.

    Personally, I find the car ugly, but it’s growing on me as many as I see around here.


  24. In other news, we’re not hosting Christmas for my side of the family, like I’d thought about offering yesterday when we were together. (Someone else volunteered first, and anyway, this way all my Midwest siblings and I will have hosted exactly one time this year by year’s end.) So I won’t need to pull out that blue and turquoise non-Christmasy piano cover after all. 😉

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  25. Peter, the days of beautiful cars have long gone. When I watch old films, especially from the 1930s and see the sleek lines of the cars, I realize how far we have fallen 🙂 Not that I really care about how a car looks, so long as it works, but I have an odd but persistent fancy that the front grills of cars communicates the character of the driver. I think it has something to do with my type of synesthesia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordinal_linguistic_personification), but the reaction is involuntary and the perception is there before I realize it.


  26. Oh it’s finally quiet at my house!!! (Except for the sound of the washer….sheets, sheets and more sheets….and towels…..then quilts, then mattress covers….then clothes!) I have had constant company for a week and a half….and last night we hosted dinner here for fourteen in our small group from church (we had a visitor from Sierra Leone…what a blessing to hear this young man express a hungry heart for our Lord and for others to know Him…….a missionary coming to the USA to minister to the lost and to encourage us……)
    Very snazzy looking car you have there AJ…thankful for the Lord’s blessing!!

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  27. Roscuro!!!!! I think I have that! My Uncle M looks just the front end of a Buick Electra 225.
    I also made up the stories to go with the numbers 1-10. I have always been able to see faces or other objects in clouds, paneling, etc. To me houses have faces. I didn’t know there was a name for it. You have solved so many of my mysteries for me.

    Uncle M


  28. Kim – There is also the human tendency to see faces or human figures in inanimate objects, which is why people see Jesus or Mary in their grilled cheese sandwiches, or angels in the clouds.

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  29. Roscuro, all the cars now have the teardrop design (Yes, Aj’s does for the kind of car it is.).
    The appearance is limited because they are designed for fuel economy. People don[t realize that, adjusted for inflation, gasoline prices are lower than they have ever been since the 1950’s. Back when gasoline was $0.35/gal and my salary was $0.80/hr.
    Chuck bought gasoline in SC for $1.87/gal last Saturday.


  30. AJ – You mentioned thinking maybe you should have gotten the car in grey. Hubby, who, as you know, drives a lot for a living, says that grey & silver cars tend to almost disappear in shadowy areas. So he is not fond of grey or silver cars.

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  31. I used to drive a big red truck and people pulled out in front of me. Now I drive a white Volvo. I have been told that white is the safest color car. People still pull out in front of me.


  32. Kim, I have very definite personality and gender associations with words and numbers, but I also tend to perceive inanimate objects as having personality and gender. It is like a very faint noise in the back of my perception, not enough for it to alter my sense of what is real, but enough to inform my impressions of what I do and don’t like. My mother does not have the personality and gender associations with words and numbers, but she does perceive inanimate objects as having personality the way I do. My youngest sibling also does. And all of us tend to see faces in patterns and wood grains. But we didn’t find out that we shared those perceptions until youngest and I were young adults. You see, we didn’t realize that other people didn’t see the world in the same way we did. It wasn’t until my cousin who sees colours when she hears sounds or reads words (my cousin also didn’t realize that other people didn’t have what she had) was identified as having colour-grapheme synesthesia, that we began to research synesthesia and to realize that we had an actual difference in perception.

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  33. I am still thinking about nativity scenes. That is because I decorate the window to the church media center. I used my tree ornaments that are small nativity scenes (three or four) between some white sheer ribbon, the books on display, and glitter snowflakes. Since my church does the Living Nativity, the display seems appropriate from that standpoint. The scenes are not what I think of as childish or cute. I don’t have a budget for the media center so I use what I have. I am seriously considering what has been said, both pro and con about nativities. I don’t think I heard it clarified if doing the Living Nativity drama is considered okay since it is not making an image, but is doing a representation of the story with people in costumes.

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  34. The Jeep Liberty I bought was the last model year (’07) they made the “cute” rounded style Jeeps — still boxy, but the headlights look like big, round doe-eyes. 🙂 The Jeep grille never changes, it’s the 8 (?) vertical bars.

    I’m not fond of many of the larger Jeeps now, they’ve evolved into too much of a bubble-back mini-van look.

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  35. Chas, yes, fuel efficiency had a lot to do with the change in the look of cars. You can see that in the drastic change between the cars of the 1970s and the cars of the 1980s. The oil embargo of 1979 happened between them. My father had a bunch of old National Geographics from the late 60s to early 80s, which I would read growing up, and I remember being fascinated by an article on the Lowriders, which were long cars that were lowered and souped-up. They seemed to be a subset of the Hot Rod phenomena. My father, before settling down and getting married, used to do drag racing – according to some who hung around with him then, he had something of a reputation, though he relates his memories in a very low-key way – and remembers cars which were altered to ride down the track on the two back wheels displaying painted and lighted undercarriages. My male peers (and some females too) would talk cars a lot in the college and career group, but they didn’t soup up their machines the way my father’s generation did. My father often says that nobody will bother to restore the new cars because the metal is too thin and the new frames are welded to the body, while in the old cars, the metal is thick and the body was bolted to the frame, allowing individual panels to be replaced.

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  36. As Phos says, They don’t make them like they used to.
    However, we get lots more miles out of them. I used to have to change oil in my ’50 Chevvy every 1000 miles. (supposed to, I didn’t.) That was before oil filters. Can you believe that?
    It’s true. (That was driving around. We wouldn’t change oil after a long trip just because we went 1000 miles.) i.e. I would drive from Holyoke, Mass. to Charleston, SC and back without changing oil. But I checked it every time I filled up.


  37. Cheryl, I put 120,000 miles on that Chevvy. And was proud of it. And it was a piece of junk when I sold it for $50.00. A guy bought it because he said his wife didn’t want him working on their family car.


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