31 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-31-21

  1. Hopefully, the mass resignations will start soon…

    Or they can simply not comply, and sue later.


    “The Biden administration on July 29 stated that federal workers and contractors will have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or else wear masks, engage in social distancing, and submit to regular COVID-19 testing.”


  2. The deeper the investigations into election fraud, the more covid mandates will come from the government.

    A thorough forensic audit should be rather straightforward, and a great way for Dems to prove their “free, fair and conclusive” statement about the election. Or what are they hiding?


    “The top Republican in the Wisconsin Assembly said Friday that his office is expanding a probe into the 2020 presidential election, adding that more investigations are warranted.

    House Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, signed contracts with several retired law enforcement officials and a former judge, although two of three quit in recent days, he confirmed in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday.

    Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was designated by Vos as his “special counsel” to investigate fraud allegations.”

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  3. A good piece from World Magazine w/a Q&A format.

    Written by Charles Horton, M.D.
    WORLD’s medical correspondent. … A physician, he lives near Pittsburgh with his wife and four children.


    The problem with America’s Frontline Doctors
    Examining the questionable claims of an alternative medical organization

    Much of the reader mail WORLD has received critiquing our coverage of the COVID-19 vaccines has asked about or suggested we read reports by a group called America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). Supporters claim this group of doctors presents another side to the vaccine debate that is largely ignored by media and the government.

    To investigate the trustworthiness of the group’s ideas, I examined some of the points raised by AFLDS’ position paper on COVID-19 vaccines. I found a mix of truth and falsehood: The paper often twisted true statements to promote misleading ideas about vaccine safety. …


    The takeaway …

    People I know personally, including some who are high-risk themselves or who share a household with a high-risk individual, have skipped getting COVID-19 vaccines after hearing unfounded claims like those above. This disinformation, according to the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, is also amplified online by China and Russia. Their goal: to gain market share for their own products, both vaccines and philosophies. Their autocratic governments, by fostering tension and disagreement in the West, hope to portray democracy as chaotic and unreliable.

    We, as Christians, are called to be truth-tellers. This does not mean being undiplomatic or using the truth as a bludgeon. Still, the fact remains that, unlike at the beginning of the pandemic, we now have significant evidence and knowledge about the nature of the virus that has ravaged the world and about the vaccines that are helping the country reopen.

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  4. I’m sure federal employees will endure the shot(s) with the stoicism Olympic athletes are told to have.

    Its a vaccine — not one of your kidneys. Employers are allowed to test for drugs, ask for full medicals, require you to work when sick, ask for a host of vaccines and tests ie Hep B and TB and yet requiring a Covid vaccine is a step too far? Imagine a slaughter house not testing its workers for Hep B and not insisting on a Hep B vaccine….one bad accident and we’re all ingesting Hep B. Same for Covid — one worker with covid, the whole place gets covid. Lets take care of each other, get the proper vaccines.

    Election recounts and validation is essay — recount the votes by hand and this has been done already. As for audits, that’s an accounting term — and I don’t see any accountants here. I’m not sure why retried cops are considered good accountants or experts in voter recounts (explains why they quit I think). I’d think judges have experience but perhaps hire an accounting firm if you want absolute certainty.

    The Arizona “audit” with its security problems, broken chain of custody, improper procedures, damaged machines and votes and data sent to insecure locations out of state is probably not the model to emulate.

    You want to be sure — appoint three judges, have party and press observers and hire an accounting firm. But that would just confirm the current vote count so we have the above nonsense ….


  5. You know the world is in trouble when I start liking quotes from WORLD.

    There’s a lot of disinformation peddling and credential hawking on the internet. Some of it well intentioned and some by snake oil salesmen. The connection to China and Russia is tenuous but not the general spirit of the times — attempts to discredit the democratic process in western countries. This is done both internally — right wing parties in Europe, Trump (it was rigged, they cheated, etc) and externally by offering an alternative — Putin’s managed democracy for example. Watch RT and see how it seeds doubts and then presents Putin and Russia in a good light — very subtle but just enough to make people move away from traditional moderate positions.

    On both sides of the spectrum then we have parties suggesting traditional “liberal” democracy is dead (ie liberalism in its traditional European definition; Enlightenment, French Revolution and the American Constitution). The socialists are far more muted and moderate in their criticism only seeking to modify Anglo American liberalism with the Nordic model. However, on the right there’s been a complete challenge to liberalism in general — Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Russian all rejecting basic European Enlightenment and Anglo American liberalism.

    Going to Poland three years I was struck by its resemblance to Vichy France, Franco’s Spain and Mussolini’s Italy. Close cooperation with Catholic church, nationalism, tradition, etc. The EU prevents Poland from moving to a corporatism economic model or its move to neo-fascism would be complete.


  6. hwesseli: False analogy – once again, these are NOT vaccines. A traditional vaccine involves an injection either with a weakened form of the virus that you are protecting against or a similar virus. Either one can produce antibodies that remain in the system and fight the actual disease should you get it.

    These injections are entirely different. They are experimental genetic modification that injects you with mRNA, which is a partial strand of genetic code. That mRNA then enters your cells and orders the cells to construct a spike protein similar to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID). This spike protein then precipitates antibodies that can reduce your reaction to the virus if you get it. However, it does not prevent you from getting COVID, and it does not prevent you from spreading it to others.

    The spike protein remains with you indefinitely. In effect, you have modified your own genetic makeup to fight COVID, without actually gaining immunity and without reducing transmissibility.

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a vaccine is “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” Immunity, in turn, is defined as “protection from an infectious disease,” meaning that “If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.” But again, these injections do not prevent you from being infected or spreading the virus to others.

    Many people have woken up to these truths – don’t be surprised if even federal employees are not as stoic as you assume…


  7. Concerning the WORLD article, I don’t have enough time to be able to address all of the problems with Dr. Horton’s piece. Starting with the assertion that “[AFLDS] incorrect claims that [HCQ] is effective against COVID-19,” and there is “no benefit for patients who received it.”

    It is common knowledge that HCQ and Ivermectin, taken early in the illness, are very effective against the virus, as thousands of people can testify. Had these proven, safe, healthy treatments been used (and not censored by the biased media) from the very beginning, how many more thousands of lives would have been saved? How many people are now enduring long-term suffering and handicaps? Wouldn’t you want to go with a proven treatment over an unproven mRNA experimental shot?

    When India was using Ivermectin prophylactically for their healthcare professionals, they saw a 73% reduction in Covid cases the following month. It wasn’t until they started giving the experimental injections that the rates of Covid skyrocketed. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33592050/

    For the powers that be, it isn’t about science or saving lives – it’s about conformity and control, and corporate greed. Control is of course one of the essentials for communism and authoritarianism to take root. And when corporations put money ahead of human lives, it is just plain evil.

    Many of the commenters weren’t happy with Dr. Horton’s piece – they are worth reading…


  8. HRW – In my estimation, World is a pretty fair source. Yes, it is mostly conservative, but more on the moderate side of conservatism, and its writers often take a more apparently “liberal” stance on certain issues.

    I find it amusing to sometimes read in the letters to the editor section when one letter will complain that World’s coverage is too pro-whatever-matter and the next letter will be from someone complaining that its coverage is too anti-the-same-matter. That indicates to me that the writers try to take a balanced approach. For instance, the World editorial board came out against Trump in 2016, but were pretty fair to him during his presidency, although also criticizing him at times as well.

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  9. Tycbicus — I understand some people’s reluctance to the Pfizer vaccine for reasons you describe but the Johnson vaccine is a traditional vaccine. And again, we are long past the point in which medical freedom is a new line to draw — employers have always made requirements of their employees that infringed on medical choice; I got the vaccine simply because I knew it would be a requirement or at least make my employment easier plus I like to travel. No different from other vaccines, TB tests, and other requirements — we make compromises to accomplish our goals.

    Kizzie — When a news source/paper/magazine annoys people from both sides of an issue, they are probably doing something right or at least being fair. The “mainstream” media annoys both the left and right but in the end they are more reliable then other sources.

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  10. Remember this:
    The ‘vaccine’ was not made for Covid… Covid was made for the ‘vaccine’.

    Do not be deceived…


  11. “In my estimation, World is a pretty fair source. Yes, it is mostly conservative, but more on the moderate side of conservatism, and its writers often take a more apparently “liberal” stance on certain issues.”

    And therein lies the problem.

    You can’t claim the moniker of “conservatives” when you take the liberal, and establishment side on most issues. This is the case all too often with World, and it’s why I’m no longer a subscriber.

    They aren’t the solution to today’s media wasteland, but they are one of the causes.

    No thanks, I’ll skip it.


  12. Pile on….



  13. No offense here guys, but I’d take the AFLD’s word over these unqualified idiots any day.



  14. This is who World would have you believe?

    The experts….



  15. Follow the experts!

    How about….. No.


    Indeed it is.

    Sorry but they lost my trust when they politicized their jobs.


  16. Yep.



  17. WORLD attempts to present news with their particular version of a Christian worldview. Christianity (or their version) doesn’t always align with a particular secular political ideology — which is of course the point in presenting the news with Christian world view rather than “conservative” or “liberal”. Perhaps Christianity and conservatism aren’t the same thing?

    As for who to believe on Covid; I rather trust people who put years of schooling into studying viruses and diseases. The scientific approach is usually the right one because unlike political or religious approaches, science will change its ideas to match data or observations.

    The AMA is a pseudo union and lobbying group for doctors; always has been. I’m shocked that people are shocked its political. Gender is an identifier on birth certificates, you can remove it but we use it later in life just eye, skin and hair color as an identifier so it will have to be put on an ID sooner or later. To ignore gender is political and to assume gender is also political.


  18. Something to think about in the context of “vaccine passports.”


    “I have observed it many times: When freedom is stripped away, people behave in a way that they would not under a free environment. Mao killed millions of people, yet not one by his own hand. He murdered by command. Those who carried out his orders were normal people — normal, yet corrupted by the totalitarian state in which they lived.

    For me, the relationship between a totalitarian government and its citizens resembles that between a kidnapper and the kidnapped. Instead of trying to find a way out, the captured will often fall back on finding ways to please the kidnapper. It’s not a rational decision; it’s more instinctive, for the sake of survival. I think that’s why someone in my apartment complex turned in this couple.

    Freedom in America
    Americans cannot understand life like that. I had the opposite experience, though, when I first immigrated to the U.S. I was amazed by the amount of freedom Americans enjoyed. I could say I was dumbstruck by how Americans think and behave, but that would be an understatement. I’d been a bird confined in a cage; Americans were unrestrained like eagles soaring over open and unlimited spaces. It was incredible to see.

    I also noticed that Americans tended to leave others alone, respecting personal space and privacy. I now understand that only a free person is capable of respecting another’s freedom and dignity.

    Changing the Cultural Landscape of America
    Things have changed, though, since I first arrived 30 years ago. The U.S. is not the same place as then. Now our own CDC is considering vaccine passports. State governments are giving it serious consideration.

    This would drastically change the cultural landscape of America. Like a Hu Kou, a vaccine passport would act as a string in a puppeteer’s hand. If my experience in China is any guide, we would acquiesce to it, despite its being such a violation of our constitutional rights. And then we would be well on the way toward becoming puppets controlled by the puppeteer state, which could do whatsoever it wishes.

    Worse yet, tyrannical regimes turn normal people into tattle tale monsters. Sensing they’ve been “captured,” some people will undoubtedly try to accommodate the new environment by finding ways to gratify the predator.

    Revisiting those memories from the Cultural Revolution was painful. To relive that life would be infinitely more abhorrent.

    Don’t be a Puppet
    Vaccine passports will alter our national conscience of the United States. Like mushrooms appearing after the rain, many will volunteer to knock on our doors. Instead of freedom and human dignity, obedience, tattling to the state, and violations of human rights will define this once-great nation.

    I hope I’m wrong. But I’ve lived in both free and authoritarian societies. I don’t think my fears are unfounded.

    Don’t become a puppet. Cut the strings! Resist the new American Hu Kou. Say no to the vaccine passport.”


  19. “Perhaps Christianity and conservatism aren’t the same thing?”

    Exactly. There is much in conservatism (at least the “classic” kind) that aligns well with Christian principles, but not all of what we call conservatism is necessarily Christian.

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  20. The way I see vaccine passports is a means to make international travel easier. I don’t see it being used much in a domestic sense. Then again I carry a health care with a bar code….

    I’m always wary of immigrant interpretations of events in their new country. Their cultural basis of understanding can be do different — even my ex made observations that made me scratch my head, but she did it from her perspective of growing up in Poland. The Chinese gentlemen in the article linked above is interpretation the US from a Chinese perspective. But his experience in China is not a guide — it distorts his perspective. From an other perspective his observations seem wrong. For example, he cites the American sense of personal space and privacy (from a Chinese and European perspective it makes sense) yet from a Canadian perspective Americans have a smaller sense of personal space and less regard for privacy. (Vietnamese refugees in Canada in the 1970s thought Canadians at work were rude until they realizes they realized Cdns just don’t talk to each other let alone the new guy at work and arm’s length was the minimum distance)

    Given his perspective, alarm bells go off when he hears vaccine passport as his first thought is the internal passport almost every communist country required (my ex still has hers) but from my perspective I just see an addition to the current passport for international travel and in all likelihood vaccine info will be added to my health card for access by my doctor. Nothing really new and nothing to worry about. But I do understand his panic. What I don’t understand is people without that cultural baggage panicking over something so simple. Americans have had corporate world intrude in their personal lives for quite a long time — private health care, employer mandated physicals, random drug tests at work, etc I would think vaccine cards would be nothing new.

    Masks and vaccines work and have always worked — I’m not even going to argue that; its self-evident no matter how confusing the messaging has been. As for lockdowns, it depends on how they are carried out.


  21. As for World, I believe that the truth is not all on one side or another, and I respect that World’s reporters seem to think that way, too. Even so, most of their reporters certainly do lean conservative.

    Along with that, someone can lean mostly conservative but take a stance on an issue or two that seems more liberal. And vice versa. Then their fellow conservatives or liberals will accuse them of being on the other side for daring to not toe the party line. And here we are, with such strong partisan feelings and such a divide.

    But from what I have read, a majority of folks are actually more moderate, but the loud voices of the more partisan among us drown out their voices – or they are afraid to speak up, knowing they will be “attacked”, so they stay quiet.

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  22. Kizzie — my dad is a traditional Reformed Christian who tends to interpret political events from that perspective — the Republicans or Democrat party don’t match his views. Even 60-70 years after immigrating to Canada he misses the wide variety of political choices proportional representation gives the Netherlands and their explicit Christian parties who work in coalitions with both left and right wing parties. He generally voted Conservative until recently — he doesn’t like their disregard of the poor and the environment and has voted Green a number of times (more to help send a message since Green candidates rarely win; Greens in Canada are quite moderate compared to the US and Europe)

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  23. The failure to fall in line with your political “side” 100% of the time is a strength and shows independent thought. One of the reasons I don’t join the NDP is because I can’t fall in line as some thing you should in a political party.

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  24. Good journalists (traditionally) are trained to leave their politics at the door, to learn how to listen fairly to both sides and then to report both sides as fairly as possible. They trust their readers to make their own decisions when they have those facts presented as fairly as possible.

    Today’s journalism, both right and left, have embraced the “advocacy” model — reporters are to have a position and write their news reports based on that.

    It’s not doing readers any favor and only allows people to pick and choose what they “want” to believe. There’s a big warning in that.

    Editorial writing, of course, is designed to take a distinct point of view and make the arguments to support that.

    I find World to be very fair in their reporting and I ‘generally’ respect their editorial points of view.

    News consumers need to be much more savvy these days. We’re caught in a hair-on-fire environment, politically and journalistically. I, for one, choose to take a few steps back from that as I don’t see it as a wise or thoughtful course. The louder the screaming, the less truth gets through.

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  25. ps, regarding “I, for one, choose to take a few steps back from that” —

    That would be for my own mental and, more importantly, spiritual health. That comes first.

    I made the mistake of watching about two hours of CNN the other night about vaccinations and it was just a flame war of accusations flying against “white” people, red states and Christians.

    Fox commentators have their own pet screeds.

    Christians need to know when the temperature is rising in an unhealthy way, on both sides. Stay informed but seek out good sources, as well as you can.

    There’s a lot of plainly false information out there as well, which may be another topic.

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  26. Earlier, when I wrote that World’s “writers often take a more apparently ‘liberal’ stance on certain issues”, what I meant by “apparently ‘liberal’ ” was actually more moderate/centrist. But to those farther on the right, “moderate” can look like “liberal”, just as “moderate” can look like “conservative” to those further on the left.


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