49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-9-21

  1. I am behind on my Bible study for the group this morning so I have to hit the Book! That does not sound quite so nice as when it meant getting into a pile of textbooks for school, hitting the books. With the Bible I need to say instead I will Hug the Book♡

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  2. Morning!
    It is a sun shiny start to our day and a warm one to boot! We were sitting here having our coffee and we spied a coyote walking down the drive of our neighbor across the road. He’s up to no good I tell ya!

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  3. So you’ll re-type it, right?

    Hey, I looked up something on that Blue Cross class action lawsuit — apparently we’d get about enough money to pay for dinner out for two (or less than that), not enough to redo the kitchen. So hardly worth the effort, I’d say. I received a second email about it yesterday so decided to do a little research.

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  4. This cracked me up. On a local Facebook back someone asked, “Does anyone know why these crop dusters fly so low’? My answer was “Just a wild guess, but maybe it’s so they can dust the crops”. I was one of the nicer commenters.

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  5. Kim- I am amazed at the number of less-than-intelligent comments made on FB. I thought we were a more educated society, but evidently the intelligence drained out of brains when school ended.

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  6. Good morning again.
    I have been to the opthamologist (eye doctor). Everything is ok, I guss. I just don’t see as well now.
    Otherwise, everything is ok.
    I think

    You folks need to remember that you are reading a 91 (almost) year old man. He is losing it.
    No kidding. It ain’t funny.

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  7. We will have been married 64 years today.
    You can’t celebrate an anniversary alone.
    I am proud of the results of this union. We have been immensely blessed.

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  8. My car is smarter than I am. Now my phone and car have conspired against me. They lock my phone when I am driving and “do not disturb me”. In the car is when I say “Hey Siri, call…” because it is the only time I don’t have 12 other distractions. In the car I can only drive and talk. I am going to have a wreck unlocking my phone and telling it I’m not driving.

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  9. If you like snowflakes, you have to see this image. The photographer took about 40 photos of each snowflake (a process called image stacking that makes sure every part is in complete focus) and then hours editing in photoshop, and then he took hundreds of his photos and put them together with their sizes relative to each other.

    "The Snowflake" - Up for Auction as NFT

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  10. I can celebrate an anniversary alone! I did it for more than half of the first ten years I was married.

    So! Happy anniversary to a great guy who married a terrific woman and put together a joyous life (most of the time!) Congratulations on a marriage that produced a wonderful man who, in turn, married a delightful woman and had lovely, marvelous, charming, beautiful daughters.

    And what came of that? Adorable grandchildren, terrific sons-in-law, more people to live and care for him and keep him entertained.

    It also gave a life to a little girl born in China with only one hand.

    Honestly, I’m weeping now.

    From that marriage a rough, raw young man went to seminary, to college, and helped map a landing on the moon.

    He taught Sunday school because of that partnership, and thus ministered to many people.

    That marriage, 64 years ago today produced SO MUCH FRUIT for the Kingdom of God, that while Elvera is up there lounging around and laughing with Jesus, her bridegroom remains chained to the earth to provide insight, understand, and wisdom to a fellowship of other believers.

    Most importantly, the result of that marriage–to both Elvera and Jesus–is a man who prays.

    I give him Oswald Chambers’ commendation for his work on behalf of the Kingdom of God: “prayer is the greater work.”

    He may be sitting at a computer in North Carolina, but his ministry, literally, goes around the world every single day.

    I’m celebrating that marriage right now in my California family room.


    Thanks be to God for Elvera and Charlie.

    Happy anniversary.

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  11. Whatever you do, do NOT give the washing machine nor the dishwasher the password to the car and the phone.

    NOTHING good could possibly come of that marriage, er, really, hook up.

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  12. Kim and Michelle, and that is why I refuse to even talk to my phone, much less buy a smart appliance. When I buy a device, I expect it to do what I want it to do. I do not want it doing what its binary codes think it should be doing.

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  13. Michelle”
    I do not know how to thank you for your post.
    I did not realize that anyone remembered so much of previous posts.
    One thing I hope everyone gahers:
    ‘I have been immensely blessed.

    We only had one, a son.
    He married Linda and they have three daughters.
    And, as Michelle said, we have been blessed. And Mary (great GD) went to China to add to her family.
    As for me? I have, on the other side, a father, mother, brother and wife waiting for me. I hope to see them soon.

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  14. 📣 As temporary “in-charge”, I grant Chas the Fellowship of the Blog scepter today in honor of his 64th anniversary.

    (Wait, did MiM give AJ a scepter like he did for Lynn?)

    Just in case, the scepter is virtual crown: 👑

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  15. Happy anniversary Chas.

    Just back from the opening of a homeless shelter, now I have to race to get that story started and get Cowboy the vet by 11:30. I also had issues with my phone + the car connection, I wonder if it’s the update that just came through on my phone? Weird.

    It’s no wonder we all aren’t getting into mass accidents trying to manage all this mobile tech.

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  16. Thanx again Michelle. But I went back to read the post and am puzzled about how you know the Chinese girl doesn’t have a functioning left arm.

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  17. You know, when the real is tending the flock, he does not come on here and start dictating what we can talk about and what we can’t. Nor does he give special privilege to one, completing ignoring the other one of equal value who did a terrific job in keeping things running.

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  18. And does every leader do things exactly the same way? If that were the case, then Pres. Biden would be like Pres. Washington. Perhaps that would be better in many ways.

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  19. Well, folks, I feel like the “odd man out” here. I cannot bring myself to say “Happy Anniversary” to anyone I know who has lost a spouse. For me personally, our anniversary is the saddest day of the year, moreso than any holiday.

    But I do agree with commemorating the marriage and all the fruit that came from it, and being grateful to God for all of that.

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  20. Morning all. I can see that you all are up and lively this day.
    Celebrate today, Chas, all of the many years that God gave you with your love.

    In other news, it took three months, but my federal refund is in my bank today.

    Still other news, I am not making this up, God is so good. The latest is that we may be taking a helicopter to the dentist appointment!! Okay, top that. We won’t go for two weeks, but I am already excited. A three hour drive that would challenge anyone, versus a 15 minute helicopter flight. I love helicopters.
    And who would be excited to go to the dentist??

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  21. Thanx everyone.
    It has been a normal day, went to the ophthalmologist, otherwise nothing has happened.
    I remembered her. But I do that every day.
    I’ve said before: I know there is no marriage in heaven, but I hope we know each other.

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  22. Adding to the grip of tears flowing upon reading your post Michelle…lovely just lovely…. ♥️ blessed was the day Chas and Elvera wed. 🔔

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  23. Thanks again for the well wishes and memorials. I will just repeat I said something some time ago.

    When I first saw her, I wrote her name in my Bible.
    I was holding her hand when she died.

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  24. I have flown a helicopter off of Santa Monica. Well, Aunt Betty (who you all know as the 38th rated woman helicopter pilot, and the first woman to fly solo across the Pacific successfully) had a flight school with Uncle Chuck known as the Santa Monica Flyers Flight and Ground School. She took us for a flight to watch whales and while we were up, allowed me to hold the control. I was probably six or seven at the time. No dramamine needed but that was the time I learned you were not supposed to say “bomb” at the airport.

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  25. Kizzie, I cannot see how it could. We all have different life experiences and we are all celebrating a beautiful love. Yes, it is sorrowful. And you, especially would be aware of that. But we have all experienced the separation of death, though not so intimately. We, including you, are celebrating the gift of Chas and Elvera that God has blessed us with. Different names, different aspects, but celebrating our God’s tremendous love for us, expressed in marriage and family and friendship.

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  26. Kizzie, I understood what you meant. I have not lost a spouse, but I’ve seen my mom widowed twice, two of my siblings widowed, and my husband as a widower. But these losses and yours were also mostly quite early ones (two in their forties, one fifites, one sixties, and just one, my mom’s second husband, in his eighties). It isn’t a “happy” anniversary for Chas. But he also did have many decades of life with his beloved, and we all know it won’t be too many days or months or years before he goes ahead too. He won’t have several decades “alone.” The later-in-life grief is no less real but it is less shocking, less “out of place” in this fallen world.

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